The OGC's Standards Process and the Role of Reference Implementations

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The OGC's Standards Process and the Role of Reference Implementations

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The OGC's Standards Process and the Role of Reference Implementations
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This presentation focuses on the role of reference implementations for the OGC standards process and gives an insight in the related OGC Compliance Program. OGC Standards are developed in the OGC Standards Program and follow rules and guidlines that have been set by the OGC's members. Before an OGC standard is adopted by the OGC membership, a public review period is required where non-members can also contribute. Increasingly, some standards working groups also decide to work more openly in the public (like the GeoPackage work group did) to be more inclusive. OGC interface standards also come with reference implementations. The OGC rules state that these have to be "free and publicly available for testing". Some well known OSGeo projects like GeoServer, MapServer, deegree and others are reference implementations of OGC standards. A Reference Implementation is a -> fully functional, licensed copy of a tested, branded software that has passed the test for an associated conformance class in a version of an Implementation Standard and that -> is free and publicly available for testing via a web service or download.
Keywords Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
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0 hello good morning on the Thursday for a year you probably have another session before it is 1 will this is my 1st uh so here it is always a good thing when you look at the program is carried kind of puzzle when how and to do organization make the put did then different presentations said together while this 1 is is clearly around the OGC standards so we had this morning we have tree and presentations about OGC related to the center to the first one is that enough a long history in in OGC and having no need to introduce you to the like thank you now welcome everyone to the session and there are many methods as I was for OTC and I'm OGC's representatives in Europe so binary questions and a broader coast figure that suggests that have that 1 and so what we're doing I do a 1st step more theoretical introduction and then we go practical with do and I have to to say so
compliance assessments my colleague use them all and and so here's our compliance person and a provided most of the
input for my slides so
just 1 slide about the OGC what do we do believe that is our members as they develop open standards and associated centers spread best practices and the old she CSI entire organization we want to serve for or as a global forum for the communication and collaboration of users and software developers so scientists and in the geospatial domain and what we're also doing we provide an age I'll and innovative development we achieve you bring people together so they can test the software if this they can
against a real world scenario they can use the standards and the data and then this all goes back into the various working groups and the information is shared and so that we try to improve their
over 520 5 member organizations worldwide and and we have the internet portal for the members and that's need that 7 pass and users and our members have developed more than 60 standards most of all many of them are also ISO standards because 1 aspect we're doing because collaborate and with a lot of fun other standards organizations or general organizations in the domain also with the with you but today I want to talk
about the compliance testing
and the compliance programs deal so X was developed with various activities and the most where will be the key topic is of course it oversees the compliance tested them to activities with the standards working groups and software developers to improve the testing tools and in the test of the standards and until the Compliance Program and person and was
then 1 he is managing the process for certification of software products and what does this means I will try to explain in the next
few slides why do we need to reference implementations and so standards their software on the people might want to look at at things you need more information about you know that's the standard really does his job and so there
are 3 ideas or there's a process 1st of all we need to validate implementations but that is we tested and proved that the software does what it's is it what it has to do with according to the the definitions in the standard then we need a validated for this that's a machine that test the software the dust what that pass the 2 of them at the top of the testing and then we need implementations to verify that that the test makes sense and this is an iterative process but at 1 point that we stop that so we had said that the
1st 4 G C is Central European and a central Central Europe Central and Eastern Europe 2014 and there was a benchmark session that was in Bremen on the WPS ends of the results so you can see at the various projects that are implementing the WPS standard designed and as assigned individuals from the community to participate in this benchmark and you see a judge noise mentioned he is here and find out of 5 to and they have abused their so if you want to learn more details about you can visit these people and that of our approach people and stuff like this is really important and really valuable cold GC because we get feedback on the standards and but it's also very valuable us you for the open source software communities so that we
need to have a valid data that's test and then tests and tools that run the test so before we can go to those certification in program world to the certification of the stuff that we have to test and they have to define a test and check if the
test is right so there are various and testing tools and there's tools communities and support the use steam engine and as you can see on the managing the get tab so it's open source software they're called contribute to and the 2nd 1 is service from what is he has contributed the most code but there are more people that that participate to to the code of the test engine then we have a public forum for support and of course our and communicate the communities up Aurora communication and facilities the idea is that if you want to see what that has done as you can download the software and the code from Qatar but you can also go directly to the OTC that side and so you don't have to stored locally on your computer and once the test has been approved and is fixed then and then you want to call for OTC certification you have to do this on the OTC that's and that's a service that we on the ones that it's service but if you want to have no she sees certificate you have to do it on the web site but it's transparent it's open source so you can also download the source code well anybody can run
the test and see if it's the does the work correctly so what this means not only members of the OTC can do that but also non-members and you register
and then you'll you don't have to install it on your computer you can just use the OTC that this is there's
a selection of test we have various tests not only 1 we have I don't know how many again exactly and so you'll you'll select which
standards so you will you want to test and then you know the test suite you enter a lot of some some additional information and then you can start the new test sessions and that
she mentions will provide
various windows where you will can select options so it's very step by step it's nothing it's not rocket science you know it's nothing complicated and the test guides you through a step by step through the entire process ends up then there comes a result
and you can see that they have tested their WM as 1 1 1 1 1 test suites and they have a tool processes and that failed and if you you can click here on and the view details to see the why this
failed and then you can identify is the test not mature enough to we have to work on the test so we're still in the face of testing the test for the standard or you can see if the software and is not correct and and then of course you would provide feedback to the listener that the group so they can of course you know improve the the the test or you can look if it's in your software we have various
types of tests and the encodings like sensory Ramallah KML GML MIT and attending some Alan then servers there are many tests all there and by the way all this you can read this in more detail on the OTC website there's a non-compliance test side and we have 1 of client has for a WMS 1 . 3 the
so now we have identified we have well we have tested and
validated the test and have an identification number test is takes security mature enough and now we need implementations to verify that the test makes sense but that's very we
have a we have a process in OGC's so if you say OK the testis mature enough and we go through a formal process in the OTC and but I don't go through all the total and the details here but the members they well they the proof that the tests
OK and once it's approved by the members we can go for the
next step and started with the reference implementations and here
another example the catalog services so standards we have to reference implementation that's and p
way w and I saw angular such as is here and maybe later in the question answering suddenly because he has implemented the reference implementation with the group for the catalog service and and their attitude you put the service another reference implementation and the reference implementation for an OTC standard has to be freely and
publicly available for testing we have that service or download so this is a precondition this really has to to to be like that
OK so How can you was now the test I once it has been approved and is a in the bay the process a test for a special standard and well if you if your software developer and you can you can get what
she sees certified and we certified the implementation then you get a bed a monad which tests you have to hit proof which test you have taken and you can use this for your that currently we have
805 51 implementations and 203 compliant products this means that therefore than 851 implementation that same year implementing a special standard but they have not taken the compliance test and 203 products has taken the compliance test that they can use the rule and say OK we're OGC compliant and there might be some analogies with the and always cheering inter-patient process but there which is the processes so this is a very is purely technical yes I can you
hear from up OK some for
some it's OK this a little weird we have implemented it's around we don't want to do it to the very detailed and there the to
be said that also if you take the certification and you want to use the log would you have to pay a license fee for that so suffering might be 100 per cent implementing the standard but if you say OK I don't want to pay the the future for that and then you don't go for this certification on and so for you for users but you know if you if you if you want to so that your
implementation really works you can you can take the test and then you can use that for marketing material for 10 seconds OK see I have run the test on the OTC websites and so this might help you to get more business and to have well that would be a step ahead of some of your competitors and for for and for it might be
also interesting if they're looking for software and and don't know exactly how it's after should I take they can go on the old she see that side and find the entire list of implementing products and certified products so if you want uh as we if you if you need for your
architecture as but the special standard and 1 to years after please now and have a look on our website because they you can find and a lot of information a lot of products that are implementing or even have been certified as OGC compliant and
for implementers it's also interesting you know if you have little you can say I want to see compliant and there is no doubt that yourself does not
implemented understand so it's very straightforward it can promote it in your products on your website said that the marketing part of the work of well and here
this is kind of a summary how it works again actually it's more or less we do not to take the test that approved test now that is secure that a certain amount to a it take the test you gold through this set of food through the entire process and then it comes if if there's no fail coming back you can say OK I want to go the next step I and to some more data so OTC stock that's needed park in this case so this we we we take all the details and then we we give you the
OGC compliance and you can use that so very very
very very important and conformance equals compliance equals passing the test the license fees you cannot say here that you conformant from compliance if you have not that which she certificate of acidification and noble
and please don't because that makes the job easier because if you say you're compliance have not passed the test I have to call you if your based in Europe and then we have to go and have versus again so yeah uh I would give area that the efficiency of visited the hundreds if not you still can say you implement old she sees that it's good that's a list of
available tests so you
can go through that and that's the plans for 10 expected test that come out in 2016 and then
for those who wore have to do in 10 years after published tenders we have developed a guide a white paper for a
and for the for the and comply guide for subject position White papers so if you
want if you have to write a tender and you're looking for the right correct language then you can find it on that side so that was the tear theoretical background and I would like to hand over to do from that land because she is working very closely with some wisdom the that to handle and from that long and currently in the working together with that wasn't currently as part of the project has that took part of what has become of initiative the following beyond the meaning of
data we have this to 0 reference implementation
and at all there that wasn't a give you a short introduction of the security set of looking at lot no my main areas of growth of course focus on the deceased and lots of money and we also developed the degrees of freedom which was in the UK providing which sees like w mystery of as his
w the resources basis they also a member of the society the approach is that the new the only thing you might participate in the time it takes for the technical leader of the W WFS and the use test suites did
here as it is EQS stems from the executable tests suite and so on someone's reporting about compared to 1 of those testsuites I'm taking a look at and try to solve for the 2 that if you that lies and of course also maintaining those that have sweets it it just a slide of what they want to see this but I mean initiative is shown some general
response also the document their needs and creative projects out of that that participants can apply for those projects the only 1 we are 1 of those of participants the 2nd don't know we own genome commanding the use case which was defined by the sponsor and of course the response also his money for that the 1 that we're doing the implementation of of the down for example the participants own implement existing OGC standards of now develop new prototypes known a younger soldiers you test the clue them the ends the end of the year get
project of has the 12th that be developed we 1st was 0 a reference implementation in the main with all the main objective is is that that thought implementation should be complied with funding from core conformance classes and you can see a list there known and as you can see them really advanced feature their effects on the future of building managed to start variances as to implemented here at the moment yeah and then the project is finished we pass all those conformance classes the that's also corresponding project with which advances that we have 2
0 test suite and there's also part of of this but if that is the kind of initiative that this project is the same on just concentrates on the same conformance classes but not the reference implementation is created by the corresponding a test suite the soul of the process of implementing the reference implementations yeah has a a lot of communication and
the only coordination the 3rd so alone know the the other participant as that advancing the tests we them we can announce on plementation test and limitations of this this is improvements of the and the and of course this leads to a lot of communication between us through them all to redevelop on integration tests along with those occupy the and all of those tests concentrate on the degree of 1st was 0 specification won't have the also this has already set for the main part of the discussion with other members and we have cast questions like OK if the specification part of the specification lowered to better ways of implementing a new feature so sometimes
it's in in the specification is not clear enough that everyone knows social protest look like an to the reference implementation of course you can have the last slide then of course we also detect but single test suite and among we're report that consists of 2 leads to a better quality of the test suite was only to 1 of the bad had things some so under any
questions from the audience final and in this tokenism there is some special conditions for compliance you're OpenThesaurus and the reference implementation because the fees between something 16 11 thousand euros an award was I think you did the piracy is w implementation can you say something on this yeah so for his w we give the reference recommendation following the coupled with 3 a version of the standard so In our case that we have to pay any fees for that uh because we all we were also involved in the process of testing the test suite so it was like we were implementing the standard but also the test suite was in the process of being implemented so uh we were following the versions and every time that that the version of the test was released we were also testing the version ingested and we would be we were able to find the problems issues bugs in both the CI tests and our software so and also this is important when you have to reference implementation because if there is a conflict between those 2 implementations then we it's it's that is the test will not be specific to 1 reference in them because there are some aspects that that 1 has states were thinking decision and having to reference implementations is very very important so they have more ancestors had uh but uh yeah in the require any fees from from 0 . 2 because it was a of research project it was released actually the day that LDC released the final version of the standard we released the same day because we were at the slide that thing so uh before has this crosses the plate takes longer to to release the standard so we were waiting when the standard is going to be the release of release actually the sorted so yeah but it was very very important for us to be able to work with the society to to be able to to comply with the ceremony and the things you we have room for my 1 more question centers of money so as a software developer I really appreciate the work here just as a developer and all like to read the documents but what I do know is deserving development and this allows me to do does revenue velopment again just in and do about to do a bit of development and test against this and n and notice that works so very thanks for your work also and the next speaker will also talk about adjusting it his resignation so all of the various lines of thank you very much and I think the you topic and we can only have have you not like the this but light into that and I and thanks for the