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Deegree Enterprise - Open Source to get a grip on complex spatial data infrastructure demands

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Deegree Enterprise - Open Source to get a grip on complex spatial data infrastructure demands

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Deegree Enterprise - Open Source to get a grip on complex spatial data infrastructure demands
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deegree surely is one of the most mature OSGeo projects. Its OGC web services are comprehensive and some of them even are reference implementations. When it comes to building spatial data infrastructures like INSPIRE you need a little bit more than spatial data and services. You need a whole infrastructure capable to meet high performance goals and 24x7 availability, which has to comply to strict Service Level Agreements. In short: you need a comprehensive software stack containing tools for service and data management along with metadata and user management tools for publishing spatial data in a trusted and secure environment are needed along with appropriate monitoring tools to assure the infrastructures availability. The deegree community project did not provide this functionality yet and that was why two German companies grit and lat/lon joined forces to build the “deegree Enterprise Edition”. deegree Enterprise Edition contains all the tools mentioned above. Further on it includes appropriate contracts offering software maintenance and professional support. These contracts offer the same support and performance as maintenance contracts for proprietary software do and fully meet the requirements of the maintenance contracts used in the German Public Sector. Nevertheless deegree Enterprise Edition is still open source. But it is open source with guaranteed SLAs. Such it offers an opportunity to all organisations under INSPIRE obligations to professionally operate INSPIRE. The presentation shows: the motivation to build deegree Enterprise how the deegree Enterprise Edition differs from the community edition how the business model is working
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yeah good morning everybody I hope you have
a great evening yesterday and so now we have to the presentations the first one is a new business model for degree 3 enterprises and plus us what it's about the OK good morning everybody everyone is fine good I needed hidden technician for just a 2nd cool in the OK before we before I actually who is actually using degree or in inside spatial data infrastructure for example it's OK who was planning to use degree for inspire for example OK and this someone looking for professional support for agree not yet OK but we will see OK the then let's go my name is chosen the better alignment TMC measure of the degree open source community project and also alignment part of the that teams which was the company who started the degree Austria project for quite a while ago my partner and this holds that he is not present today unfortunately Due to private reasons so I will take the technical part for the Austria project and also for the enterprise
project but today it's getting
hotter really I just thought it was 32 degrees cells have
people from the US so not Fahrenheit so it's getting hot and this is the only slide with degree it is here in that context correctly spelled you see the letter E 3 times and that's just for me I made a right it's degree cells you but when I know continue to talk about degree and
particularly about degree enterprise to notice
it's spelled with 2 E's we laughter the letter E and and therefore we put Enterprise Edition additional 3 more at into a product and if you I don't know if you can see that put a little bit that I saw in the enterprise you know to to have a cooling effect in that we don't overheat at the beginning so
let's have a look on the degree community project and degree Enterprise edition so that's part of my short talk I will 1st give you a short introduction and overview of the host your project degree what is the current state of what we have we achieved um in the last years then I will give you an overview what is the difference between the open source project the community project and our service offering degree enterprise and what services are related to true degree Enterprise Edition 1st some information
about agree if you're not familiar with degree it's a you know steel project since 2 thousand and 10 thousand terms we start at the years before it was in nineteen ninety nine in that we when the OGC 1st published the these simple features specification that we started the project at that time at the University of Bonn under the name of simple features for the Java which was later than college joggles so it has a long long history that project
and 2 during the time of efforts have gotten into the area supporting the OGC specification as
good as possible and currently the OGC ref awarded the compliance batch shows that degree is compliant and that's the current version of its degree 3 . 4 it's compliant to all relevant standards which are needed to implement inspired so that's 1 of the components for the use its download service and also we do have a component which is this year's w implementation which you will need for sharing metadata so a discovery service this is
up to date and we have I would say kind of a little bit of prior knowledge to be the only open source reference implementation which is fulfilling all of those standards and currently we are involved in OGC Testbed 12 and at the end of that we will have the WFS 2 . 0 implementing all conformance class which is quite interesting for you during the last year we made some efforts to move the degree project more to the community because it was closely linked to the new company
lat long which was good for the beginning but I thought all we thought that it's time to move it's more to the community so last year we made some major efforts to move the degree due mainly to the OCU Foundation and the EU server running the IT infrastructure needed to build software which is needed for the developers is now was funded by the
German chapter of was you the 1st gives the floor thanks to all and foster gives the FAO and those for making that possible I think that was a great great step for the project some numbers about degrees since we
also moved that's already 2 years ago J. amazing things happened we have told me today today's
59 Fox of degree and for is very important for a sustainable open source community we do favor for that's very important and as you see there are at least subject up a lot of people's thinking what will I put a star on it seems to be interesting I'm and watching the project what's happening that's good and we do have on the platform since we moved to jitter 19 all contributions 119 different people and that's not only the company like long they have people around the world we even don't know who this data to contribute to a degree I think that's really big a big step forward if you want to know more about agreed on on jitter please wizard of a site there and if you have followed Twitter In the recent days there was a code sprints on Monday and Tuesday all excited even on Sunday and during that code sprints uh we have released the new version 3 4 . 2 release candidate choose which and I think even that are amazing numbers is
implementing 13 new features for example the native integration of the almost your project G to excess rested for example all we do have fluorescent data and now an interface to access Oracle rest directly from the database we have 97 improvements enhancement of all ready
existing features which has been improved and now we you do reach more compliance was related mostly to the post you another to the OGC standards for w and even open source software has box you know that the compared to their words and 3 . 3 we fixed 144 box which makes the quite of lot pull requests we have emerged during the last year and with them the 3 line we started to use very challenging or interesting technology we use stalker for testing and I really encourage everyone of you to have a look and you can go to Dr. I download the image and immediately within let's say 6 seconds you can start running a degree so you don't have to install the Java runtime environment at Tomcat what logical whatever you just download start docket it runs everything and we had a workshop on Monday showing how to set up a inspired download services based on degree on darker and I will publish that as well so you can have a look at how we did
finally how about the community we're still looking for support we have 4 labeled issues on to top where we do need support where we can 2 mostly we hoping for a test as I said go to Dr. noted get a driving input your data and then give us feedback and if you find we need tests and this is well there's some documentation but even there we do need more documentation out every features really properly documented so if you're a technical writer too can contribute take the
web service handbook and in terms give us feedback if it's clear and in the and of course we're looking for software developers a software developer present here you're Invited every 1 of to join us you only need to counter to top and then you can start contributing and I come to a very interesting point about funding we also do labor issues and you type where we need funding and that finding indicates that we're looking for companies and public authorities or you individuals and to find further software development or any activity on the and as you know they're are not so many people perhaps tool would like to give some money funding for just fixing about keeping the maintenance of the project at a constant level and that was the reason why we said OK we have to think how to evolve the project more but to have a constant revenue and so that we we can ensure that on the long term the degree software is stable and up to date and this is why we started the project called degree enterprise degree enterprise is the product were worship off the degree community project that's the main point behind and the product
means that it has a clear service offering it's going and that there no reliable partners behind it which to some support for that product and the service offering is about setting up spatial data infrastructure we do have to offer which I call the degree enterprise a service that's quite simple you give us the data for all data providers and we do all the rest we do the hosting we put the data and to ensure that even inspire regulations for all the availability of fulfilled so it's not Europe part of the work itself and then we do have some degree enterprises and application where you can take over all the data management and we only take care about the infrastructure that's the meaning true offerings In general the functionality compared to degree community edition is extended will give
only a short overview
about that so we do have an extension of the software and of course we do support but fixes and to ensure that the content or delivery of back fixes to our customers and along we support our customers with professional services the
main area and the extensions are a new complete set of web applications which and so that you can manage everything without having good except if you ever have run degree you know there are some areas where you need access on the terminal that's not needed anymore that which totally ready for running in data centers which is our target group customer and those data centers they don't like to give data administrative access to the operating system to have a short overview of the components
within-degree enterprise you noticed that on the Web them more components so it's a completely replacement of the existing degree consul and so allows the configuration of all those components and perhaps you also notice that degree enterprise contains an an Atom feed support that's also not part currently of the community for data storage we do have support for different databases and that's why
I think for now you know for that so what's the difference between the community project and the enterprise project well 1st of all the good new are even degree enterprise there's no license fee it's still an open source license lgpl 2 . 0 it's degree and be we stick to that but if you want to have a professional services and want have all service offering then you have to sign contracts with without um come and currently we're focusing more beyond the German market it's based on the framework which some of you might already know it's 34 BUT put out which is vary in their common for
German public authorities
who had the idea to set it up for that project it was 2 companies which made the degree consortium and that's the company and like 1 those of the company's already did a lot of work on degree and they're providing professional service already and running because the spatial data infrastructure with a German if your interesting in joining the degree of
consolidation we do have an open partnering models so you're invited will of course looking for partners outside of Germany currently we are focusing on the German market but if you are interested in we are open for that we already have a partner for the year operation the hosting that's for you to a technology solutions they do have status and assume Germany and they are guaranteed the high
performance requirements
even for then 1 important thing I would like to point out is degree enterprise comes with a very clear definition of the operation environment as said that targeting data centers provide us and we do will give a clear list of equation for operating system for the database management system for the Java runtime environment or even for the web applications of it's clearly defined and you have if you want to have a degree in depressed wanting to fulfill those conditions if not we cannot guarantee of service offerings so the important thing is everything which is already open source is a package by by us so you don't have to take care if you're right in taking the right show the runtime environment the right JDBC driver whatever everyday technical part is already done by us and if you say OK good I get degree enterprise
running online environment we do support you even during installation all during execution often SCI based on degree enterprise we do you provide level support hotline and dedicated contact persons who support you for operational issues or even on the data related to if you if the services are not fulfilling the requirements on the long term we are going to work some extent degree enterprise in mostly in the area for the administrative components and we will take care more for the year's system hardening of all components so that it fulfills for example here for Germany that's the BSC certificate so it's a 1st class citizen within data centers which is a demanding requests from 1 day doesn't have provided if you want to upset to like more information about degree enterprise please visit our
website it's degree enterprise outcome and the for all those who like to read German there's a white paper available and I invite you to work to serve to the website and if you do have a question there contact persons please send us an e-mail OK that's my products and to thank you for your attention the thank you just time
for questions and so sometimes just an observation so you see you people have to pay for fixing bugs people have to pay for making improvements hobo saying if you want an improvement you have to pay for release fixing 1 however packaged together things that need to be fixed what do you think about that kind of idea well maybe may be interesting to think about that well the idea is in the community project we say well we put everything on line when I when we label it with funding welcome for example we a waiting for someone coming up OK I pay that just that simple but fixed or whatever enhancement the IDB behind degree enterprises that the user community is using exactly the same product and we bring all those requirements aligned in line so it's not about I do have a very special back here and I would like to have that 1 fixed it's that we do get money from our users and we take that moment money and of course we're talking to the people we know where boxes but then we take care of that we align all those requirements but fixes software maintenance further enhancements and then delivered for all our customers 1 version which all of them are using so that we have at the end only 1 binary of degree enterprise under the maintenance for all installations and that's the value behind degree enterprise but of course I take that as an idea 1st we can cannot it as before the beginning of a lot of questions no I have a question in the whole where you pass was involved in the process said that's a view of the degree consortium to this decision well the why did we start degree enterprise it was that the the company's commitment and like 1 we do have customers and they were asking good question and um that was how they get involved in the the demands for degree enterprise to have 1 solution or 1 technical solutions for all of those customers was actually coming from the customer himself so we we listen to the customer we talk to them and then we said OK I think we have to come up with a solution which is the thing that offering and it's the the interesting part is that we have a full stack solution so the operation this included um the these services are included and so very important is that it has a legal framework along and that every piece was part of our it's a talks to the customers finally that makes them degree price K when this question the and as you said in your presentation that the do 3 projects is be coming in moving more toward more always due projective I translated in that terms and less and let alone the project and what of things you think that the ways you can do to help that process the yeah well that's how to answer within seconds or minutes I even have to think about it but of course I know that there are in Italy outreach activities and supported by always G I think that would be a long 1 parts that some of the story um furthermore I think I it's more cultural thing that we are open as you community in general for commercial offerings based on open source most your project and I think that's 1 1st step in we have to go to work to make them as a community to say OK it's good to have a list you open source projects with a strong open source license but it's also very important to have for those those you projects which the major part within STI fall spite that this will only work when we do have a strong companies behind them unfortunately that's reality and I think we have to be open for that term encourage even companies public authorities to join that initiative OK thank you thank you just