A New Vision for OSGeo

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A New Vision for OSGeo
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The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is undergoing a period of change. For the tenth anniversary of the foundation the board is embracing this change with a new vision, mission statement and goals. This talk introduces this new direction for the foundation, and explores details of 2016 strategic plan. This talk is of particular importance to foundation projects, community participants and our sponsors. Attend this talk if you are interested in what OSGeo does in the FOSS4G community and where we are heading next.
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duty list but do you use the way to the user I certainly single yeah it's your voice for that that from the center of the error this would be like yeah this would be the of 10 20 minutes this because the if you like about that's not quite the vision for a you I wanted to convey uh so this is an interesting talk and i in a recent final addition to the US steel board like the longtime member of both like a charter member and also just a member of the developer community on and for whatever reason I've also well I really enjoy onboarding new projects and so I've taken on a role analyst you as chair of the incubation committee but it was certainly a new experience stepping up last year and and taking part in the Austrian border I have used you board met profit for a face-to-face meeting last January In this talk is a little bit of a response to that experience and new vision for Austria so little
bit about me I would have already told you everything on this slide except to thank my employer promise for allowing me to be here with you today In this talk was originally done
with that women was another board member and from the education side of our Organization she said is not here so have to like improvise for parts just
a little bit of a background on our you it's the open source geospatial foundation I was formed in 2006 it's loosely based on like the Apache model because we think Apache is amazing uh 1 thing that's really come out of their host was a really strong focus on like users and community and how it works it kind of works like most organizations there's officers as president there's a Treasury there's a secretary and and there's a board of directors and the board of directors can do 1 thing and 1 thing only make decisions and that's often alarming because we would really like the board members to do something we always choose a volunteer organization the doing belongs to everyone in this room this is where I have an awkward silence stare you down um in terms of how our money works was to is sponsored based um and initially here in 2006 that allowed was due to provide a single employee who actually at that time could do things the 2nd batch her life cycle in Austria was that in 2013 the organization had to restructure so it had to adjust for the reality of less sponsorship of the organization for a kind of initially started with a lot of funding from an organization called Autodesk when they got more comfortable with open source and stepped back when we actually had a pause in our financing we actually had a let or director I think it was gold on and we and she also had a pause in sponsorship we had a little bit of a we couldn't quite figure out how to interact with the IRS apparently that's a common thing that that people have difficulty interacting with In particular were sure we were a not for profit or everywhere nonprofit uh and so while we were unsure we didn't take on any new sponsor should money so how that functions same thing with offices Borden directors but now we went to a strictly kind of volunteers based approach and we focused on being a low capital organization so we want to keep the doors open even if no money was coming in and now in kind of the 3rd phase of OA still and that's where we're starting to always trying to do a few things it was chosen at 10 years old the last year we got some kind of great but harsh and blind feedback from our membership the other thing that's a change here is we actually have really healthy fine answers but we don't really have the volunteers in place to make use of those resources so how this works now is about our president treasurer and secretary without a board of directors and we're really focusing on have volunteer led initiatives so you have something you want done stick up your hand put in your time and if we can back you with any kind of resources or money the board is in position to do so so the sponsorship is going to be there to enable us to me be excellence so here's the
challenge the always you is really transparent and that means when we have have well the means discuss that goes to 0 . org or mailing list occasionally has rather harsh brutal honest feedback in particular in 2015 there was we were cited for having a lack of leadership and so a couple things that we went through here were reading the objectives on the Austria website according to progress and many of the objectives there could be measured so you can actually Telepolis students making progress and other things we just simply out of date so always Stewart was initially wanting to host projects and run it ESPN and nowadays all our projects 1 of the young get half the other thing is our volunteers have shown an interest in pursuing all of our goals so initially we want to do more work with open data but are volunteers tend to be and going with organizations such as OpenStreetMap to to fulfill those I deals with number of
leaders are Frank warden was our at national and the present on of Christy from Germany here and just McKenna
In January we had a face-to-face meeting and we really needed to find a new leadership as Jeff McKenna step down we also really wanted to revise that mission and objectives and to define some new kind of aspirational objectives to and help us for the next 10 years the idea was to set up these goals these long-term Goals and then have yearly measurable strategic plans so here's the board I'm hiding in the back that's kind of a nice place to be here's where
we'd like to take a list here for the next 10 years the
main vision here the revised vision statement is we really want to empower everyone with open source geospatial I really like this is as an idea because you know maps making things better the Organization mission is to foster global adoption of open source geospatial technology by being an inclusive Software Foundation devoted to an open vote philosophy and part Pesatori community-driven development that was a really long sentence I'm glad I made it to the end of it there is a lot to uh to unpack here as the key things that I focus on is that it is a software foundation it is built up around our projects and we do really do have an open outward and an open outlook on life and just to go to your aspirational objectives here we revise these to match what the foundation does today and more importantly where we wanna go tomorrow so these are not intended to be measured if you could measure them were doing them wrong receiving the measurable strategic things are from year to year annual so firstly here is we want to provide resources for a foundation projects we no longer want offer like as or issue trackers although affect their projects need those words totally willing to do so but we do want to enable our projects with code sprints and whatever else we can do so infrastructure you were really not upset people wanna go to a a software for like it had legal advice well we can go and collaborate with free from Free Software Foundation or the Eclipse Foundation and were willing to build those bridges to help out inherits an external objective here is we really wanna foster the use of Open Source Geospatial Foundation because this is really what I must in this community is all about there's lots of opportunities to make the world better and better open source software our tool to do so is an interesting 1 what we do want to encourage interoperability and what we're actually willing to broaden their scope we wanna encourage interoperability using open and community standards as we still have a very nice strong formal relationship with the OGC that provides a lot of our can industry standards of but we also really happy with working with standards like you Jason that bit less formal and we also have developed some of our own standards just on our own and events like this often inverted feather sessions and to that end we want to really ensure interoperability between our foundation projects so it's kind of embarrassing if like you just couldn't talk to GeoServer I mean if there's anything that we can do is an organization to help our project get along we want to do so now this is something is a little bit hard to accomplish with volunteers because volunteers continued funding to both be working at the same time so we expect to go after things like this with back with codes sprints and so on had to that end we've had 1 of our great success stories here the OSG alive project happens here once a twice a year depending on the conference schedule and that's really good for keeping our projects honest making sure they are in a state that can be released in terms of q way we really do want ask a project to be of high quality it's kind of embarrassing when they don't work at the lowest you incubation process is really very pessimistic so we really do focus on on quality during the incubation process we ask the projects have like some key way somewhere and a set release procedure now we do need a new approach here we wanna focus on innovation it's here's an external objective we really want to champion and the use of open source and more importantly at least from my perspective is actually people participating and playing with us and it's very easy to encourage someone to to use open source software they get that immediate benefit it's a harder and faster in fact to invite them in both to be willing to accept them into your organization but also and also encouraging them to take part and we're doing a lot of this at the academic level using 1 of our initiatives called for all and it's showing some amazing progress so this is the part where when would normally speak another 1 we want work on is we want to enable communication and cooperation among scholars cost you a community using a lot of that happened here this week at the icebreaker last name and so forth and but yet we really have so many great ideas that don't call don't code alone join to we actually this 1 here is a really important 1 this is how we as an organization reach out and cause some damage to the world so we really want to champion and community building through the horizontal local chapters and you can really see that take root here in Europe which a little bit less successful approach in North America and then we also want to reach out to like vertical industry segments so or NGO was or so on and for that approach for reaching out and setting up like and agreements with like-minded organizations to that those 2 approaches and a grassroots with local chapters and then level reaching out to other organizations and then this kind of key strategy and here's an interesting 1 we want to be a welcoming inclusive and organization at all levels and this can be really tricky because we went into the issue of diversity can I actually ask all the men in the room to stand up this is you can I ask all the white man to raise their hands can I ask you to think about your organization that sent you here and imagine someone who doesn't look like you and how you can invite them to be with us next year thank you I did warning about the audience participation him here's another fun 1 we see so many people that gives so much to our organization and we really can't thank them enough I want us to take every opportunity to reward them from being amazing and making all this happen and helping them out is the most sincere form of thinking OK I'm kind of done with all these high level things have you guys holding up no one's made a break for it that's that a good idea of strategic plan to work through
uh strategic plan started with money this time out now we divided this up a little bit according to well traditional budget categories of some things like our system had been committee keeping the lights on the website running and represent a continual kind operation on budget but so the things like planning in events and these are things that we get to be strategic with all in total we made a budget here for 75 thousand US dollars and that's 50 thousand dollars more than last year and I'll let you in on a secret are volunteers are not succeeding in spending this money and today there are errors this year's budget available an IRA and we don't have the capacity as a volunteer organization
to make good on that but in terms restituted plan we set our 4 strategic objectives for the year and we also decided to evaluate and our strategic objectives in terms of 12 different industry verticals to kind of see where each idea would fit would address users or this would address our relationships with other organizations and we reached out to our membership radius so here's our
objectives we really wanted to showcase excellence in our community to really promote and encourage everyone is taking part and we really wanted to reach out to external partners so we've been making lots of relationships especially in the education sphere and with other organizations we would actually like to be proactive and start the ball rolling with groups which we like and the other 1 is we would like to help foster emission angle so these are things like can well just promoting the ideals of being open and the other 1 is we want focus on empowering our communities in extending their reach um his legal
systems we look out for here's how it when we issued a formal to oversteer discussed it was a fairly extensive form and we did get some feedback maybe 20 people provided feedback so this did not work at all later in the annual general meeting that will have a break down kind of feedback we got it was fairly interesting so what's next what's next is we're going to reach out to the committees and see what they would like to accomplish so rather than our membership the committees of already fold already shown us that these are people that want to do something and they were going to remind them that there is an operational budget available and dead if they got any initiatives they'd like to take on that meet up with our strategic goals there now we're certainly in position to help them now this is already showing signs mixes success the sysadmin committee and I actually put together time and materials contract and this allows cost you to pay for the day-to-day running of our our websites and so on so we're not strictly relying on volunteer and the goodness of your heart kind of things the other 1 is the tools PMC was able to get such as secure some legal counsel have to talk about FIL patters because that's so exciting I am that GeoTools project officer it was exciting uh just in terms of progress and for leadership we rather than lean on 1 president and bring them out we got thinkers are present with 2 vice-presidents what's
interesting is these people are split up around the world which helps alleviate some of the travel
burden we have a new deal for sponsorship as with the discount for prior sponsors and a discount for people or organisations from low and low to middle class income economies and here's what
sponsorship looks like this year 1 crucial change here is that there were considering all of the sponsorship dollars that an organization puts forth Sergio cat in particular is really good about sponsoring lots of little local events and lots of code sprints and this allowed us to recognize all they they do for our community rather than just their sponsorship to the foundation we also the New deal for
projects to to try and help be inclusive so the incubation process is that well it's a fairly big ask because we demand a lot of our projects and were introducing idea of an was still community project where we really just focus on the basics that a project is open source but it has some of the ability for people to participate in that it has like an open community because of the New Deal for providers it's taking shape we really wanna go through our service providers and recognize those who are taking on responsibility in our community the core contributors and also experience providers that show that they can take their customers money and actually make a band be of benefit to the project so projects that have successfully and requests and added value to the community a New Deal for
education we restructured our relationship with the geo for all initiatives so there now a regular Austria community and they've got representatives from each 1 of the educational institutions for external organizations we continue to reach out and you got that level kind of board-to-board relationship with different verticals due for all
those that that our education reaches I said they been very successful adding a number of labs around the world In for
internal relationships we continue to have a realist projects and projects in incubation our local chapters which is how we reach out around the world 3 years for I new
vision for a steel please join the future volunteer with still today any questions a leave
outside of the it's way more fun various ways regarding their relationship to the border and so
they get the new vision of the asking what are what do you so this as the sort of you hear the word dissolving that there were dissolving the ones that are inactive so the Committee hasn't had a meeting in the last year and hasn't bothered to send an update to the annual general meeting they probably won't last week and so the idea that how you strengths along with the balls and the and most of all the you so the trick is is that the board members only have the ability to vote and decide they don't have the ability to take action as a board member that said some of our board members are parachuting into the different committees so I for example join marketing committee because I wanna set up that sponsorship story and reward those who are taking part in the community so just as an example and we also have some board members in the UN Committee and so on so you might see the same individuals taking part but they won't be doing so as a board member OK so they can be good community leaders and go and get the job done but they won't be doing so in a capacity is important the board's decision committee doing any other questions that so is there any known terrorist you interview for communities that I really don't care if you did very much job of 5 thousand in a year and you should go to the code sprint there's lots of like resting go laying and lots of mobile staff but we are not limited to our our programming community and is larger than the lowest yield and the there's no discrimination by language were here to have have fun and and they did nothing yet the goal is to year that's amazing for something all excellent question the I'm a little bit less surprised because in the open source developer community we actually have pretty terrible diversity always do doing a little bit better than some software communities but yeah being a bit more balanced in terms of diversity is really going to be a long-term challenge for us and the open source the wider open source industry thank you for the of the use of and of all I said no no I was not so I'm supposed to echo your question for those listening at home in your question is now gone on to have a very long interesting which they're gonna miss out on it amounted to uh grad students are amazing and we want them involved in our projects and you correct I've been really brutal when they we assign new memorandums of understanding with educational institutions to say no it's not good enough to use our software we want you to teach students how to take part so if it's not a sustainable relationship why would we sign on a piece of paper with you what we're doing is I'm trying to make sure that any educational at and material also includes information about how the projects are where they are and how to take part so what's going to be a long term kind of initiative now that said we are growing up a new crop of developers that have started life in an open source environment and so I I hope that the students will also bring something to the table in the this and certainly this so yep so Google Summer of Code is also the Facebook Open Academy there's a number of sources for our findings for happy grad students the use of this yet this is more of a discussion and less of the questions so I can't relate to people at home OK maybe we can have a beer later I would like to suggest here OK any other questions arose of my all my questions are answered