Open data and the 'power of the crowd'

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Open data and the 'power of the crowd'

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Open data and the 'power of the crowd'
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Open data is becoming more and more available, but is mostly designed as a one-way street. Data will flow from the governments to the data users, but the information flow from users to the government is either overlooked or ill-constructed. In the case of the Dutch geographical key registries (BGT/BRT/BAG) the ambition is to get both data flows right, by embracing concepts as volunteered geographic information (VGI) and user-centred scrum development. This talk will show the 'improve the map'-application which is developed by the Dutch Cadastre, including its concepts and theories behind it, its current looks and experiences and its bright future. The application is created entirely from opensource components. Moreover, more Dutch open geodatasets are currently interested in using the application which will bring data providers and data users closer together. Our ambition is that every open dataset deserves its easy-to-use feedback application which is open to everyone. And with everyone we really mean everyone: even primary school kids will help us to keep our maps of good quality.
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good afternoon Kowloon Tong held Wednesday good when stock today off with the session for crowdsourcing and our 1st speaker today is just job joins us from the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is currently the on project under of the map the mapping that system on and also is in tandem working on his PhD assortativity is this correct and from the Dutch Ministry of Confucian environment and will only was it to also consider 3 the things behind it because that there Dutch datasets I will explain a little about that context and because of its to be boring so uh I don't mind at all but the world to make the public governments more efficient there are several key registrations and then there's a respect stations like I did very lifting something that's into and also some key stations which are Avagio components which are afforded the cadets trace of OpenOffice on Reddit and where's your house where she relies on land rights but also that addresses and that the 2 topographical curation nations will the Ministry is 1 of the the the world to of those which fail because they have to be in good quality uh but also the fun part this is that the all are Open Data except from a small part of the disobeys above good from map and and how Bukhari partial stuff as open data um of interesting thing is that there are centrally organized curious stations with 1 of the data provided but also work as several with citizens this and decentralized system which many local governments professors and stuff and that's where all was well going data right and the open that i've
unfair I think it's a really really good thing that there is also some flaws in its and Montreal is this what this straight line uh as you can see this is how it's an incentive of the government was set up on the left uh and companies will use its will make products and services of it and this is fairly so use those products and services and it works and which with the money generated its prospects of the Texas and this will give the government more money to spend on my products a diverse from economic perspective and not really good from quality perspective as as you can see is that the several government offices and putting all the data on the Web companies for users makes it measure but and give it to 0 to the user so that that works and users will give feedback to to to the companies on the those products but it won't give feedback to the governments and uh and that's not their fault but this is the fault of the Government's itself because they don't facilitators they only put on so my my goal is not only to to to make them more interaction with so we data to improve the policy of the Government of data
must to to make more interaction with its and not only between and variance and governments companies and governments also between Governments itself costs and are incurred by open datasets you can also see that there and there aren't really consistent to this and Open
Data genesis and as I see so will make more use in developer-friendly make more consistent and but that also make a more open for interaction feedback and this is where my talks about about feedback another fine
thing and analysis of this is legally and when there is is is a law which states and that for every q station should be an open feedback system there are even by law you 1st and that identifies all governments have to use the data of a curious tradition and when they adopt the quality they have to report uh another funny thing is is there isn't any punishment a control so there's a lot about duration was really any any anyone was seeing that they are really doing is and at the time of the feedback reports is also really disappointing what you can I ask why well I show you were 1 of the the feedback systems of of the addresses so you have to fill in the
holes and this this and this and that and they have to to so in a lot of stuff so it's like this is very real critic and also we have note objected deeds there will sit at the data provide so we have to know which municipalities create creating the data at it wasn't
that thing was really works especially if a loss of of of feedback so I want to know what this dubious he this is one of topographical Q iterations and making and the the pilots and the pine into an area of structure so not only governments that tools to look into the paper from could give feedback on Adorno formalities so noble critic shares and the and also is to use a very accessible and normally they get them until 20 reports every year sometimes done sometimes 20 when they're lucky and in this system they got and 2 months of piloting a little more than 3 on it so models usually has so that was the
lessons learned from that so well it's this and maybe a bit silly but it wasn't really in the mind of the government's when you want to have the back yes also make it feel very easy for everyone and especially when you have open data it should be easy for everyone because you don't know all you should add up to a dozen don't know where you're irrefutable come from 3 years to make it accessible and user-friendly and so for knowledge about the restoration we really to business and we created the new system and was sort particles that to to make use friendly and and and and you can use those lessons learned told you the 1 question could be right and used a system of of the purity and which was already a successful 1 thing it was proprietary and we would use it for a day the the decentralized to accuse changes so far on this data providers should work with this so you can't say use RGS online and now and then and then you can think of all the big reports so we made their own hopes for system had was created by the dust dust and and and all of those little but also I think as key component was assisted the project approach so use crime development and sure if it says some of them think it says a lot for some some of the really understand it but 1 of the key concepts of and it's also job is is to make a standard solver do it's a small packages that will go formidable fiber products so that we did in we made the simplest and easiest thing to use and without any any buttons and stuff like that and we also try to improve the free of 3 sprinters calls and and make it better or 1st release on 16th of view as you can see well it said so it's now
around 2 months of uh is so important scientists falls I will show it so I will not talk too long about it but this uh this openness was really a key thing so so when you sent in the form I showed you earlier uh you don't know what will happen when if you don't know if they will improve map board didn't approve that's a so there's no no response you can't see what's happening and uh he also conceive of what's about and present a during forest so there's no you can't really trust the system so and they would to be this system wasn't very important thing was that you can track and trace your feedback and it's it's almost very revolutionary that this revolution of government
and also go through this quickly but how does it work
very system and simple so that many of the user who posts system putting on a map it's in system will record that says present database and push it through to another key field of system is and that's just under the shadow the the is still a scanner can give up there is it feedback to the and reports and so and this and the back to the system of semantically so users can read it and they also get a modification of this in the status of the system yields a C. 4 4 letters on the that size PDA OK the standard Dutch national and we are planning to to connected at so you can also used to do reports session service the this is how'd now
looks like a normal agent to its in and them so now we are here
as you can see there are lots of points uh well this is what's happened in 2 months time so the over 900 reports in there so we're even broke the records which also geometry and then but still that's that's pretty cool and I didn't expect that at the end of of the old because of of all of you get on that of those 1 month I'm very lucky that there is a huge success at this difficult
see have some I will go to a point uh in the
Netherlands where I know duration mistake it's
it's University in any thing and what you if you notice there is a
node in the the the that is disgrace and there is also a year and agree bars on this because this is only for days for the logical data sets so it's only visible minority at a scale of 1 and that's 5 thousand so that's that's as saying and so we are in the middle of the billing is for the other topographical that sets which will use this execute the same interfaces and web sites and should be a already and visible on the condition of for the logical we have to zoom in and I will I
node and analysis of course very famous for its cycling paths but this I think that this is close now so a lot so that
the municipality there that's the 2nd this is gone and will do it in and that of course because otherwise he he doesn't understand so here so this is in 3 words so that's all people have to type in the minimum amount to serve 5 chair but of the words and will do the job mostly uh again putting your mothers who even that this and so obligatory to do but I always say want to do it as soon as you well know maybe hadn't this means this wasn't a class so I just have to push system but
and I see a little market here you can open the market and there was a so I
told William what I talked about was that of the psychopaths that's is gone well that's so that's all simple as that as well which you this 1 well at the
the immiscibility volume and that provide a modest academic could that McCain e-mail as and what's the the the
the government will get their data on system system is is a list of reports and they can update it and when the updated they also the
updates will be in a message so I also get an e-mail from what what what out
there was them into the whole at the
center also use success from the early days and you can see that the numbers scrambles but so that's that's the funny uh but so that the whole of the photons are about uh it's around 2 thousand this is this is a graph and then the others will get 5 10 a day on database still get some feedback so that's the really prices and you can now that's of synonymous about so we can we can see from from from from here addresses that students are really individuals governments and companies but also of treatment users are really using a tool to improve the map it's too soon to say something about the quality of their feet Mary ports because their governments have 6 months to react on 1 so this this and this this city that is also in law and and that's lot to conceive from from the governments we're doing digital goes is is that law large parts can be improved but also this idea of decline and and the pilots it is other key registration but at this because all other solar PV people are this is so easily that's easy that's been made to test a new standard that you also aware of all accidentally make reports so that's this may be a something to to the ball with some from learning effects have and come up and it had to do will do in a few to it is is that there occasionally for sentence for all stability illustrations uh and also we will improve user-friendliness because what which is solid scenario that assuming neck and consequents type in research and books and then also consider a lot and a better picture of stuff like that that that's the source is kind of pheromones make 1st make a diva easy and then we improve things sister by what and also an interesting and also a lot of the loss of all of them demands for it an API so that developers can can connect to it and also use it's to put directly reports and that because that's really use then is that you don't have to go to a to a website but go directly making a report and overall long-term goal is to make it the more generic more flexible so that in that animal and Time and Free Open Data usually provide counterpart to put itself in its and will get the feedback system and knowledge spin-off
said this is also quite cool is school cryoprotectants from from the Dutch destined started this uh for and noted that deeds this about is that the value of customers another speaker laughing you actually will also show up uh but the frequent come anymore and and is there the fun thing is is that so that they go to primary schools and and give them an objective to to look at all of the police say stuff like that so the data school In the case of group but those on the map and not and that of the goals are at the of course to to make them usage you information make them more aware of their local environment but also to get is really interested in to see you wasn't but thought and how they can use the data to work to improve their tube graphical product goes on landfall of crowdsourcing is an is mostly that this system for example so if we should see year of the map she did the cities are very good quality of a to go to to less densely populated areas to quality can can be much less than that because there are less people will pass by an enemy forces things and make it better so but there also 1 of the things that when we read activates cooking school gets to it is to him improve improving that they also have better national conference and also in low and the new source which which will go on for years for improvements which is so that is also quite fine and local thing is is that there are like religion but to the kids realize that the merger course better than doing only making much better uh tool if you want to test the year of the decays yourself you can go to Europe also puts the euro for us acceptance environments beneath this so data can putting your tests messages and stuff like that so you learned to be involve willing local governments in the islands and that for the rest of will thank you for your attention and I am curious if there are any Christians and in discussion the thank
you to receive any of that the fact criticism that it's dangerous to let the crowd provide perspective and they're still give myself I think size of him and he received a criticism that it's dangerous to let the crowd provide data where the crowd provide perspective on the government's data what yeah loving for progression and that's that's is something i didn't started with but a right we achieved all of this is actually because I did my master's thesis and I have to have to that this is that the governments are against branches that they are so they are conservative they don't want to use it and everything is dangerous but actually did the reaches did prove that there are all the nodes very that's a that's a dataset while we we should use it directly but there were a lot so there there was very feasible 1 and then uh I also as questions and and the this is putting directly objects on the map of that that that it involves a set of the dishes like this that they really wanted to to have and they were really waiting for it's for for a foreign government auctions to developments for so I think there still perhaps is a group of former the government organizations all don't realize a concept but I think there was little of acceptance of yes yes thanks a lot some 2 questions actually the body to make use of some open or not open standards only if implementation yeah yeah I'm not and developers so I ask if the the the uh and the opening of the component parts but there no it's it's in scenario components of the the the communication fear REST API is there uh that they consist of habitat fire the front entrance OpenLayers angular and stuff but I mean standards on the whole the feedback is being handled OK now there's no did you didn't use any sense of it now so that's Self or standards a wishes Of course numerous textbooks in Annex II governments which have and the other 1 of them will the sum feedback provider of the see this and get the visibility on hallways feedback is being handled using the system yeah here here's a few if if you show that the application there are several the correlation
so the you can see here there are shuffle low-cost
status of the of of reports so it's with its visible units approved them with the yellow new and this 1 so in
a way which is the if you can
see there are some so declined like this 1 and so more a green like this 1 again all read also readers the people and you can also this is also a learning effect that that's way see a dishonest wrong was wrong
about of the nation and put it so that says that this all open and transparent type
of I was wondering how long will you keep up the markers had if there's about 20 thousand uh and feedback moments as well at what time will you stop the show that's a good question uh initially the father of rome maybe when we are lucky hundreds reports of the year month so then after 6 months we can clean up the belief that the mass and then but now we are at it will say that there are so many markers so now we are thinking well maybe a monster or like and putting a maximum amount that early always showed that the the the open ones but then the the close on sorted declined last you can then be computed with him that I think month phospho-histone more questions that