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MapServer Status Report


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I could often and everybody well
considered the afternoon session 1 London-sentence skull sharing this these 3 talks and so without further ado of lots of hundreds of some developers from absolutely Thomas sometimes everyone thank you for coming by means of this talk is going
to be about the status report about the that's what's been happening in the past in the past couple of years before that are given short term overview of the of project statistics and then go over some the main new features we introduce without really 7 . 0 released last year and then some insights about what's coming in for the next major version and then and then it'll take over them and they give us an overview of the existing client applications gravitate around that and helps you to do other things in text editing that funds so just a brief history for context getting rather old so 1994 was that there both of which have and in the years after that so that when you want people coming to come to the projects 25 Frank but the 1st official release was in 1997 Paul joined in that it was just supporting 2001 and so there was the 1st user conferences in the beginning of the 2000 and then In 2006 in on the creation of always due itself and so was 1 of the founding projects a we've been present in all the major force that that's what happened since 2006 we
also made up of the development team to print for 1 week once every year and so we went to Toronto New York and the last 1 was in Paris in this winter and when the banning phases for the next 1 to happen in 2017
4 molar Reason 3rd history we had the previous major reason 2011 some intermediate releases of once every 1 or 2 years depending on the on the speed of development of last major release was questions have an old and so in July last year and since then we have the maintenance releases at the beginning of this year and I'm not going to consume concerning the statistics of the project so it's 212 lines of code and 13 thousand commits roughly 120 contributions in total mating is the which to try to a thousand 800 people for the use this which is use and and for the people the list which is more whether architecture discussions go on the muscle was directed by international peers see we currently have 14 members on its and 9 people from the US and Canada and the 1st people from in Europe but the major developments and changes go through honesty processes and the wheel up to 106 universities last 1 was a couple of months ago statistics for for the past years of the current activity is 250 connects with contributions coming from 30 people just a reminder we compliance and we actually certified for that must 1 . 3 and WCS to 2 . 0 division 2 . 0 is actually the sum as the reference implementation for the OTC I suspect thing but we could be the only affects 2 . 0 certified just the search engine to get the ball rolling the process so last year we released all maybe something like a year later than we would have wanted to that happens so a major new features and net 711 1 support for you to we have support for 2 2 . 0 wfsc support for heat maps styling and on the edge of a steep candidates are generated from the and then the big over all of the filtering happening in the syntax used to filter and to a geometric structure filtering and those the addition of related all compositing and bending modes of other lists prominent stuff although the restructuring of the text and by Prime supports all the the languages of the world remove the ancient here and there that that labels worked on encoding using different the encoded data sources inside the same file and those workers becoming the to put a complaint the refers to point 0 I won't talk much about it because I don't know much about it but basically here we support WFS 2 . 0 and then we should be certified
JavaScript's Yeats is supporting JavaScript language to create complex file on the on basically through JavaScript code analyzing each feature attributes and on the treating styles on the fly before that the attributes of usability very complex symbology the between was we
work on attributes and geometry filtering as previously used for most of you have 1st requested maps of pulled in all of the data for the given bounding box and then do the filtering on its own and I know those filters where applicable and pushed up to the underlying database right and so the amount of data transferred between those and it's much less important and speeds up the previous queries quite a lot it's also somewhat simpler to use because you all the filtering is done with service syntax and translated to posters Oracle Spatial on the fly was added support for heat maps and so it's a vector thrust the processing vector input source and rest outputs quite considerable depending on the color space you want to interpolate and the scaling of the data you want to use whole each feature is weighted using the expressions and supporting so for seamless finding of of need that just a
couple of examples of the same data sets with different so filtering we imperative we have a
layer blending and composite animals so this very useful for people doing the whole shading in applying rosters on top of the fact that they can here's an example where the shaded roster is applied with a multiplier effects which is so much you much nicer the default composite and modes
but the text the ring we rely on the half was library which is has become the de-facto libraries for handling international text the image shows you basically the the steps happening for and the rat Arabic examples of the 1st line is is the set of characters coming in 1 by 1 and in the US in the mic for for the right to left parts of the Arabic text and then the actual shaving which as you see drastically transformed what the text from the like about this to the individual places lists that I use inside of its we also have the ability to specify finally which finds you want to be using for for each language is that still no real fonts out there covering all the languages of the world so allowing you to mix those that came with
also quite a nice performance improvements so those and it's the time taken by the label cash to do the clustering labels for a given that so the new speeds look notice the log scale so where the new version is at 1 2nd with older 1 was thousand seconds you should be using that many labels on about but it's nice to have anyway and so
this is an example of another complex scripts for Tibetan
no features coming for the upcoming 7 to release we don't have energy units and the 1st 1 is choosing positions for labels on them I don't know hold you see it on the screen here and the left 1 is the previous versions you see if you place the labels on shop rolled corners you end up with overlapping characters and and all labels that wouldn't be rendered because they have to watch overlap on them so intuitively trying to detect where the shops those sub-angles find to offset the label so those those places for character breaks in the text for myself since you also can support will support linear filters and basically agrarian shadows so here you see that there's a in the global inside the inside the reverse would raring effect on the and that shows you see also around the around the buildings with Mr. Khadr taking the original shape Rory at applying some opacity to it's a translation to it could also be used to other the other things to apply color adjustments on the fly to a given given layer to go to a black-and-white output for us for example so I was told exploring the the possibilities of what additional filters could be added to that so as to the available for the finding we
also want to support vector times we have an initial implementation it's so that's not integrated into the master branch of the models for the not limited to xyz addressing and look a top projection will reusing the WFS interface to access those files from the i which allows you to do stuff like the remaining attributes selecting which lazy ones with skip this so we have a few
open issues that said that cell waiting for search engines to want to want fund all develop on the takeover so never give each premenstrual that's not supported with the new world PHP 7 reduces the 2 tile driver needs a bit of lot to become completely integrated with the sufficient consideration options we'd like to have the just 58 secessionists upgrading for the new releases of the but there's also been work happening on the documentation side and and so with a few years ago we don't actually have switch the translations of Overton Transifex for for crowdsourced translation of the matter it's an ongoing ongoing tasks and the In this course print in Paris last winter we had a team of much of the users who took over the task of modernizing the mass tutoring and we were previously using we set up continuous integration so for quality assessment so long each committee's tested would the the arrested 2000 Functional tests we have under Linux and Windows and so on and then we had a big closing become tickets thanks to the final so this winter with over 700 issues that were closed in just a few hours very efficient so we decided to to close the case that didn't have that and inequality from more than 1 year for each other in the issue tracker so chose books going back to 2001 to whom to win but no 1 has the word the microphone so that handles taking us apart it is my my deprecated so I'm going to talk about 2 common questions that we've heard that we've heard over the years from users and that will and here the first one is that is what the request for having a list of service providers and having a place where service providers can actually lose themselves so that's something that we have address this year there's a new service provider page has been added to the website uh there's 3 categories of providers core contributors that's the people who are members of the PVC or could actually have commit right so those are the people who can actually integrate your stuff into the software but then there's also contributors were active people many of you are in the room were able to support other users in the use of maps of so you could be listed there she wants and then there's and other service providers section which is a place where companies could list themselves as they provide a complementary product as long as it's open source and its related to maximum so if you want to add yourself we made it so that you have to prove that you are kind of technical so redox he 116 instructions are there if you can make sense of it you may not fit in the provider's
another question that we're often is well where the you are the way that those map files and I'm tired of using a text editor for editing of files so that's going the question that came up over and over over the years and I mean there's a dual it's
called the I argmax of forests of infective been around for ever and everybody's got their own flavor of it and if they both were tested so what's the problem right well if you look at such a good thing that maps every didn't come with the dual because there's actually when i prepared this there's about a dozen products open source products and I'm not even talking about non open-source ones that are built on top of maps are built around that's a and actually make your life easier in using the software so much of remains the core engine that renders the map for those products but then they help you do your job so let's go over them relatively quickly because I think I have like 5 minutes left this implies that the 75 so I'm not
going to succeed is tricky to map file editors but also include that because there is a gray area between application frameworks and I find it there's there's a gray zone in between so I've included some of them that are not strict enough I that there is in
the list and since it's a list and the list is likely to miss some important players were important items so don't blame me don't flaming if I missed your favorite product just go to the wiki and this information is small and long so that you don't really know what to do with you can list yourself if you have an open source product that's not listed already
so the first one and they're listed by the winner for this and I started with the ones that artificially was your project so Joe was is built on top of maps of our uh it's a framework for building applications it's bits in each image of a script on the client side and PHP using pitch side uh so that's the first one it's it's it's really a framework for building applications and it's it's built on top of maps are this project is not
necessarily about the thing map files that it actually provides a web processing services on top of maps of restricted implements the Web Processing Service Pack provide services API is a bunch of operators so if you need that Web Processing Service that's a good 1 to look at Chrome at
probably will lose my personal price for simplicity it's a bit of HTML and JavaScript you that you just download you define open in your web browser and you're going nothing to install open your map files and gives you a your account view of the objects in your map and then you click on them and gives you a dialog to set the parameters so it's as simple as it gets you x
this 1 is a bit like zoo which implements a web processing service implements the ERF observations standards for WCS and the VMS on top of maps of our so if you need inspiring that kind of stuff the fund would be 1 person to talk about that make the Cocteau
implements the character was CSS Standard uh and it's a converter to turn the courtesy assessed into a maximum of 5 and that configurations it does that come with that you we beyond the data so that the way Oliver calls it because the BY week so it's bring you on it but it does provide a view work and I saw delivers plantation it's actually quite interesting the courtesy assess it's a good mechanism for sliding there's another 1 called
file generator I don't know too much about it it was listed by its developer on the website uh it's listed as still being under development but it's also providing mechanisms for reading and editing of files map manager is is a desktop application that runs on Windows that allows you to uh where it provides you with a wig environment for editing your maps and your changes the is a cloud
based service at initially which has been released open-source recently so it provides a bunch of a it's it's more than just enough that there it's actually a complete application development framework I believe it is built on top of this project as well uh so you could have a look if you want a complete application development and remnant including building maps stride you I use another option for editing map files it's really is that the the the map view on this on 1 side in Europe the metadata on 1 side and the men view on the other side similar to make car to which has the car to CSS method for styling described as another syntax which is called ascribe syntax uh it's those of you have seen courtesy assess pride is kind of the same mechanisms in same concepts variables and automated scalable uh management but we know more massive syntax it's opposable describes index and the maximum price index uh then there's 2 export plug-ins 1 ng sick so a plug-in if you're using if you use a user RGB signals and export plug-in you can use to uh ship tradition your project in the maps are
insane which you just it's called the maps exported look for it in the list of plug-ins I was told that it requires maps before installing so it's not necessarily easy to install but once you install it is in the work well to take your Judas projects and uh to be then a with maps of our soul that that that is so we've gone over 11 products that can help you in your work with maps of so there are some due so
that's it for my quick walk through of those products so we want to keep some time to of interaction we have several of the developers of those products that I just mentioned in the room because I suspected that some of you may have questions like does this product really do that it's time to ask if you wanna ask questions to Thomas about the developments time for that 2 or bring up concerns ideas the aim is yeah is
on it like a question regarding the Vector class support you shortly mentioned by you adhering to any standards regarding the child so like bottom-up books standards
what kind of some by using from is the market for it but it's not about books like the specification except that it's it's more than just the what Michael projection
and you also provide the styling based on something you have
configured with the maximum of the view that there is no study
that Office of the State is postal and then it's up to you apply it to the state and the
house the window support maps are I believe miss for degree but it has been upgraded recently because it was like the Hilbert uh sold under the rule
Jeff mechanized the guy was maintaining must for them you some of the right person to answer about it you might know more about the use of and there is also a you're going to use so do bills in number of the status has deals with there were some as part of with fuel the OK because they're the ones you for w bills that amateur how accurate those ones are and Mike is providing some doctors for those warrants in using doctors are being listed on the Donald major doctors dish you work with the test you for making sure there is that things might think you that those rights also automated hills I therefore the releases all for it can
get they legal change building on the of observer and global and maybe other side time for 1 more quick question no OK thanks very much so that was another technology thank you very any plans on supporting the WFS the intersection with tiny the transition so tiny as does the transactional the ethnicity but it's some people complain that it's not exactly like the full it doesn't full support every everything at about 5 supports but our answer to previous the question has been to integrate with time you have just a few years ago because that would require too much changes in the core the quartermaster is really optimize for rendering and of the FSC is going both ways and it's not necessarily you it it would be technically possible but that's not the ideal thing to do you don't have the greatest thank you contrast thank you you
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Title MapServer Status Report
Title of Series FOSS4G Bonn 2016
Part Number 75
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Author Bonfort, Thomas
Morissette, Daniel
Meißl, Stephan
Lime, Stephen
Contributors Thomas Bonfort (Terriscope)
Daniel Morissette (Mapgears)
Stephan Meißl (EOX IT Services GmbH)
Stephen Lime (MnIT Services at DNR)
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DOI 10.5446/20414
Publisher FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Release Date 2016
Language English

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Subject Area Information technology
Abstract 2015 was a big year for the MapServer project with the release of the 7.0 major version. This presentation highlights the new features included in this version, like WFS 2.0 for Inspire, UTFGrids, or heatmaps, as well as a recap of the main features added in recent releases. It further shows the current and future directions of the project and discusses contribution opportunities for interested developers and users. After the status report of the MapServer project there will be the opportunity for users to interact with members of the MapServer project team in an open question/answer session. Don’t miss this chance to meet and chat face-to-face with members of the MapServer project team!
Keywords Terriscope
EOX IT Services GmbH
MnIT Services at DNR

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