OpenDEM Generator: combining open access Digital Elevation Models into a homogenized DEM

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: OpenDEM Generator: combining open access Digital Elevation Models into a homogenized DEM

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OpenDEM Generator: combining open access Digital Elevation Models into a homogenized DEM
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thank you for coming here follows this presentation this afternoon made by a look at it OK because of the was alignment which
was also helped by because Mr. and it will present to you a little busier opened and generate all way to do it was the 1st printing of the the so those are the likeliest that I like you are going to have
you how reality and it keep I'm now looking at different it's in in the mock his head Istituto private institute in thinking about God digits in a date and time and he notices center and that we can do the February we had the JS group G S and a sensor group and now we have and magically with another group we are looking for the next and and I'm going to this is as simple as that I tested before it was working what is a joke so there I need summer it again I a solution again about 5 meters pool printed maps that you can see on the wars in the end of the conference that will not where that this mappability and the idea that that to print it was over by the different region in the north of Italy and of course the DTM from the different regions was opened it up but the with the with different solution and with the different than the pressure system so the problem is different solution so I have to manage and then and changes from the solution of using there was a student is at the 5 meters the solution and 1 8 2 was at the meeting different directions systems in Italy in each region provided that we 2 different production systems they have time to the standardized and the but not all the region are already they're going along with the new operation system different formats summarizing the cardinality now if I let alone with them and the final product could be really big so or if I have to share maybe with someone else could be a problem like different Ojeda by their OK noted in the speed is faster and faster but you need time and so on so the solution was to provide the tools that everybody could do they produce your work so you can download the data process and get their this is is open and engineering it said by 2 little will with the some API and they're also at the a command line tool tool passes through the API so I Use of already told you that it is by and that it uses 2 different open soft graph through their by Augusta API and a descriptor library and you got so these are the 2 required the software running out and provide last summer by the library that are not in the standard library so you have to download but there is written everything that the requirements and the this is out I implement so there is a configuration file to restore all the information I will show you so it is difficult to the configuration file we have a generic but when you have to
set a name for their final output some information about the pis decoding and the solution that you want as output and we need to hook here this isn't an option because it and I open could be optional but the right now it says had acquired the shape file with the data borders of field different regions and then after that are usually you why there so we needed some information about the class what is added by the divine of graphs and the not kind of location is of some information at various would there is out of the information so the for but the health dealt with and license also because if we you want to provide as an open source of open data we can notice that the license to and after that is the least of region that are interested for each originally here you have the block
where is the name of dual world the where you can find the data they have a solution envisaged appears you code there are some useful information needs to collect and collecting because some time and they provide the a lot of data for the single origin for example the individual today provided around the 2 wanted the ends at 5 for each municipality and so you have you could say yes this as to collect download the file and also a range of numbers usually they provide with the number of so a Randolph number well the software tools and the and the license so for the former to fit the profile or not sometime a providers a WGS so you can set that is a double just to now it could be in the locality in your local machine so you can see I have already downloaded the candidates there and there it is shaped flight a and the value for that region the column could be an optional because then we have already indigenous but sometimes I will show you the example of the theory that you need to work also in different columns so it could be used and is is there a few does the replicate for all the region that the so they're open that means that to and that is is like a key of other softer than you did you have a 1st step a toward and after of subprocess and their option and so on and that is opened and the lower the lower than the parties departs the configuration files and after some information like if you have to download the shape file right now is the requirement but not in the future and if you don't set out to the area in the configuration file you can set the data and look the bodies to see if something is going wrong same form for the process and there are only required the is the part to the configuration file and here that the same options as before there is only 1 more day it In the colon decoded got as a set to deliver right so is going to all the right to the data if you already was at the same and that's it and you can say no I don't want to live active but you have to be sure that done nothing more or less in the membership of the so an example that day what they used so we have 4 different
regions to honor the region came day embodier young and 2 of provinces the window and what's and there you can see that there is a wide region that there has been left my background because it they provide with the help of 0 and then it's not to be so this is a bit our area
and then we had to use the the they have enough problems from the Italian border so we again used a column of trajan for in 1 and then embodier but after we have to move to regional level for the province of trento and it was found this 2 the so the 1st step is to mask the data because
there a free use this data for every summer garbage as output and using the shape file we can go up to this is he is he
has this some problems for example here you can see that there are some black right now I didn't fall under a solution yet the decoder was taken by an idiot off modules and about the Marcus by hand using the justice few region begins to automatically in that make it automatically not that I know it we didn't find the yet this solution because they the you it was to clamp all the pieces with the same value and after that moved the value 0 for the big and a company but you don't know how many camped could you could you could have and then some stuff like that the of after that we match both
making some of the same thing over and interpolation for the data for example for T montanum idea that they have to be I I get there there's always a solution then came optimal and and then boots on and think that it was a fundamental solution already but we have some trouble because of course the data not
to feeding the US we have some double on on the board you can see there is wide data here no value and so
we have to make some magic stuff and then what they did there
are still some problems you can see here because when I must data into proteins and the bond that it was not really good as the TM and so we see that the sum that new value I'm a working
on that so the idea is to mask the region around the the border and make some interpolation again not trying to see with the bimodal removed data and here we have to face to the world problem so the idea in spoke with some people about these and there was
some common questions so before you did it that I already offers wide and user Nash had the problem the main problem I really the show is not it was this because if I
measure l before the last but that the boundary of not really
good you get the new value I a checkered data bit but the think it is not possible yet to injured on national or something like that the group here is OK so it was a good idea to make something new and both the problem
and that 0 so that solution you can Saturday the pieces of solution and you don't matter but it didn't know what to do with is decoded user that I could do looking the code of course but it takes time instead of glasso really know you can't quite well and I know what is the pull you over the interpreted mid to use it and so on this 2nd question and say 0 code so I can now use SIFT and imagine my that my DTM over and the fixed they're they're error not I'm sorry it is not good for that is to match different region to about but maybe he could look and attested by John only tested with 2 different area and but in the future it could destitute this summer already exist the GMM putting over some out of that and see what happens and that if he doesn't it could be implemented in the future I've alkane this there is another problem that that you cannot see the digital and in the light but if we come back you can see the future and analyze it said in my computer and it was working quite well the knife is that what you like so the plan is to find lot if you have any idea please let me know then make a little bit before the commendation and the put new data inside the vessel over new input data and then like relied on of closed contour line to create a DDT and also from other datasets and the In the future plans to the user the 1st version OK the code is already online in Gita lovebirds national coordinators lush opened and genetic that there is no link because it uses T all working but then I will put to really is something that by the end of this year because in the next month I will be it'd be easier and there it's my game at all so I haven't already much time to work on and that's the idea it was really really fast food for the next speaker then and they should have any questions other than the other 2 at a time over the order of the early the answer these the I noticed the PSG of their government
support for what objects from the general the PSG codes yes because it uses G and the gospel if you said it is she couldn't be the other the in years of Christians is you you mentioned about the arrows and have some statistics so some insights of a whole for inference and surgery have their services on those is it's like many of the many areas where or it's more of a little as long as you don't know I didn't hear someone told me it is that there are some minor and that there are some problems high much and I don't have any the I was wondering our was specific to damage was and I guess you could be applied to was a kind of datasets so is there anything really need them specifically in terms of processing that and and I don't think so but they did it was for them so I bacteria and going to maybe could I should work with the quantitative Morales and some additional about this resampling stuff so the real problem is if you have 2 adjacent innovation models which were produced by different authorities it maybe that even the pixels into not match except for the size but not even a single corner would match so what to do at this point and what we implemented I mean it's a matter of thinking to do that optionally or not but you could even though . 3 Sampling in this passage and then dual theory and obligation on top of these overlaying tool point clouds this is some strategy to overcome this problem to get some more small with content and other common to this black corner in in the 1st map from 20 you know this is also due to be disputed area so let's say to adjacent provinces that digitized is a bit more of the adjacent province into their own map and vise versa and sometimes probably just leave out something so at this point it becomes a kind of random problem and we just don't quite know how to handle that so probably we need 3 this interest at this spot where you can say OK this thing belongs here and the thing belongs there so we didn't come up with any deeper learning solution to it but for the time being it is something you have to look into it yourself