Hosting vector tile maps on your own server

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Hosting vector tile maps on your own server
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Custom styled map of the whole world served from your server? Easy! This talk shows examples of practical use of the vector tiles downloaded from the OSM2VectorTiles project or other tiles in MVT format. A new open-source project called TileServer GL is going to be presented. This project serves JSON map styles into web applications powered by MapBox GL JS library as well as into native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. The same style can be rendered on server side (with the OpenGL acceleration) into good old raster tiles to ensure compatibility and portability. Maps can be opened in various viewers such as Leaflet, OpenLayers, QGIS or ArcGIS. Alternatively it is possible to use a tileserver powered by Mapnik to render the raster tiles out of vector tiles and existing CartoCSS styles made in MapBox Studio Classic. Other approaches for independent hosting and using of vector tiles are going to be presented as well.
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the but so we considered around
the actual to the last 1 the presentation and assessment of the documentation before the final keynote and upon words so that it is again 0 actually it's quite seemed less after this short break with that with that we have and then I'm going to talk about some serving your own but the tiles on your server so enjoy good afternoon everybody out of the air
from the Swiss company called and technologies and so you're facing a problem that my question on their titles and there are no tiles freely available on the world so we started to work on projects for for developing fast basements and was director tiles project was a student project it is done in cooperation with us and we did the 2nd part for the hosting so even leading into how difficult task can be hosted and so on it's in fact possible to host and even like without server at all we can just on dendrimers on history and use them but this talk will speak show some of them all oracle show several new open-source projects and some feature presence then dynamically so so so that would be a reason why we started to work on this project is that we wanted to have maps hosted on our server based on the primary from on OpenStreetMap data about so this is applicable to any any data are entered into into tiles was on their own and control it was custom can feel and so with this single style which is available across all different platforms so making 1 style which you can use some of that for printing in the native mobile application and even offline so it's a pleasure for me
to to announce a new open-sourced reject called pass over G which is annexed server of and so it has 2 parts of it so it was designed addicted to center for tiles and everything what you need to get it was elected tiles to to have a fast you but it also renders the vector tasks thrusters put all the clients and for datasets using the books GL native rendering engine so so even on the server runs the same implementation of the customization and so for the maps looks exactly even if they are burned into and your Japan files the up OK
so as to what exactly does do thus basically it uses the vector tasks to to sort stop maps so we can have multiple maps with different look and feel from the single vector task and now it's time for a short
demonstration so to try to do
better Regio least ways to download do that pass from wasn't the as you can download planet which is around 54 gigabytes or in this case we don't know just
just and extract off of bone which is 35 megabytes and then you can go to the DOS over that due need help was and
just by just by copying the
single look at command you can download the completely prepared the image and and that it as in other methods
to do a and B and the could it was shown in the previous talk and environment to the cook amount of it automatically find and the DOS and for the and then
into the browser you can go to the local host you that is the list of the stars and the default viewer automatically and the density of desert of just support which is in this in this case so it's serving nice vector task this interesting features uh but there's also
the alternative you can
directly open the rest of so look almost identical because it's it's 1st arrived and the server using the the voltage you make this which is designed to provide almost identical to us as the just
version and there's also over there are also links to available services such as partnered so all this is
possible obviously thanks to doing open source components it uses especially in the biology of native which is used for the rest position so huge thank you to the the books and and to the open source community because this would be possible without them the and it
it allows us to create a 100 per cent open source project which is fully independent and stand alone without any external dependencies and it seems that the task can also be brought to a small it doesn't require any much infrastructure so so you can easily opposed the server and regular virtual
private or even on the laptop
in completely affine alignment
however the main features of the vessel it's serving due limited analysis including all the stars in the sense but also on during the rest of house as a fallback In a standard that's why is it starts with partition and and the devil yes and you can even you can't even combined with the task used with the rest of us to create hybrid maps with labels and with the features it also contains several statements and points because in the back and they're are the open source projects great open source project from a from a box and we also using the geology since styles for for designing and the max and min books so has really some some open designs which people can customize for their for their purposes legally open source components also released under a BSD license and and the edges just stars they have seen before and other talk so it's an alternative to the traditional Esuli your corpus CSS styles for styling metadata Mary cleverly designed and is open specification could have chilling find here and it's in fact pretty easy to form a new editing there
are open source features available out there but where on the on the right side we just see the chasen and on the left side of review of map so you can edit the Jason and immediately see the changes and so on of course the best
editors from a from a books but this is not open source to use this editor you have to upload the data to to the members hosting which is their business model it and so then you can style the data the only double Data platform still because the Jason's are open their they are usable
every afterwords does so the geologist and styles for for studying the GLU needles or additional assets like forms and icons which appears on the maps they are preprocessed for displaying faster on the on the maps into a format which is designed for fast displaying on 1 of the jails German GL carts fact this is part of the state is also open source so an Arabic Thankyou demand books that you can you can get a blade buildable its utility turning to that found to diphones into into the format which means and sprites 0 utility open source for training SVG files to icons into into sprites for direct using in the and styles but the server GL includes ready-to-use assets so you can start with something and start to vertical neural maps improved the improved the look and style changes adjusted for
you but the forms are a bit of issue especially if you if you are looking for an overall like forms netbooks books is licensing REL formed from Microsoft and leveraging on 1 of the changing the mobile phones which are free forms from Google into this format and managing them together and it's now aveilable on the on the could happen to this repository so infected can quite easily create global man was all the characters place in Japanese Chinese Arabic and Hebrew and and other languages so do
that the task can can be easily viewed in several applications such as in book the book was geologists or most 3 and and so there are no immediate from about applications you can actually
downloaded this application now and try it and you can even download the task but but today it seems there's rest all that you can easily use the
task in many existing software without about support such skew Jonas where the debris and yes support you
can you can easily produce high-quality arrested images from static maps and point uh just by specific specifying the government center
and some of indeed you or you can even overlay and just by adding some some parameters to Europe and this is so this is actually great for for this plans that they can reduce on the that if you need to visualize some some or something the all the body mentioned
endpoints including the dance also support hi DPI DPI rendering so so you can easily the suffix to the URL to produce printed the task which you can use for for many different scenarios so couple of advanced users on some for details GL which are not obvious part of data divided uses that you believe in the regenerate the vector tiles into and details and drop it to the full there but there is conflict file document it is a complete manual very can do much more advanced things 1 of them is so this loading the files from an external server so you can have a dynamically generated files so created by GeoServer Ahmed server and combine these with other resources like pre-rendered tiles hosted on Amazon history or the vector tell some of them can be hosted on Amazon history or under a cloud storage is and that thus originally stable to be just just a component which is rendering it on the server side so that the print-ready outputs the tiles or whatever you need as a roster output from the fact that that this this are also or or a typical use and is in fact the printing of a hybrid meant for example like a satellite map from Google this style of memories he labels overlaid over aerial photos and and so this this into like PNG dialysis usable everywhere or printing outputs if you have the data and if you on the style yourself well the but the whole steak is in fact the whole my book state is designed around the teacher files but but it's usable for the custom coordinate systems share find was degree for cutting the tiles which comes from the data you can assign different different coordinate system for the data of a processes and so then it creates creates tiles which are in different gone in system result 3 projecting this this including usage of a native mobile applications for for example or or over the complete stack and an
example of of such users so this page where we have created 2 tiles from the output from the official Open Data in Switzerland and you see that the orginal coordinates of a shape files downloaded from from the this is government was a precision of 2 centimeters for for the data which are created a so you can use it for cadastral that or or any other application that you need some take without transformation not lost any position on the data itself there is a
great way like it's possible it's important thing about Sergio as a component which which fits into a stick of other components that so you can you can hide behind that proxy for example and have WMS on the whole file server GL have WMD yes or no can also broke away so it's an open-source block which have to combine was this to have
something which is some production ready infect the biggest advantage of passive jealous that fully scalable especially if the vector tiles are distributed together with the software so if you have any thousand the same day that you can just multiply that from machine or set up scalar to launch more machines in case the traffic is increased and you handled many more visitors quite easily because there are no external dependencies on like both cases or there is no central point which would be so the point of failure each machine is able to render the whole world quite easily and this gives you power to to scale the idea of providing the images with transverse took from micro-services again for pointing in the different components for the production deployment and so it's even possible to learning it's quite is it was quite easy to install the software natively sent the and so if you are not in favor of broker you can just just to use your own deployments create essentially on simple but there are puppets and another deployment tools which you can use this to quite easily the dual is designed to run behind that of that server powerful ones that like genetics where you can about different security restriction based on IP addresses you can set HTTP yes you can you can do and sort of but like the restriction to the today maps which you serve us all of this is done somewhere else and also the geosensor before it's a complement each other to fit was under open-source components together and so they're important bodies sketching so so the passage of doesn't contain any annotation is the raw enduring tools and you should set it up together with other men proxy or or other tools to to have high performance that it's pretty fast when the rendering but still if people are visiting repetitively with the same values you should not render it again and again and again that is if the some of the tightest popular so it
would be very glad to to help you if you want so was with the applications 2 this tool or in your case so on your talk on your data on your deployment arise just just go to the to the faster orbits side we hope other people will start to use this project and the community start to grow so that our our motivation creating this was really solving for problem think internal problem the company of having a basement which we can use in our products internally and so we decided to make it this way so that other people can benefit from this and we hope that the community to take over and so improve the to Fatah and it gets light so so the main reason why we are presenting it here and writing made these decisions due to open source of this is that the hope that will grow itself and other people use it once more think think you ought to go to my books for for everything what what is open source it's pretty amazing for us it was in fact quite easy just to just to make the glue in between the and and creates creates this sort of 2 and I I really hope that the guy's so what will all benefit from from this and it'll benefit only if the tools are in use and the programmers are contributing back to what my boxes using internally so there are there are back benefits for in form of local request and contribution to the cold so that they have to bear everybody over extended to because because new functionalities Piaget so that it was a pleasure for me to do talk
about this and present approach if I hope you like it and
false integer thanks which very much
would you sorry about that we did for you presentation so are there any questions as here on them here and probably somewhere else so I I think he was like fast food and the head of the work service without a graphical art and the norm to nothing that we are actually using the virtual frame buffer In the intended has Fokker houses
performance did you do any benchmarks not yet but we are planning to do to actually make sure that there is this and you implant concern is when there are difficult to field effect on we have some we have some applications so on the this like pre-production phase and it runs pretty well so just tried to the fair and so in fact because there is that the rendering is quite hot
transferring the data into graphic art and then so you need to have
very powerful graphic that you benefited from the server to to benefit from the graphic art itself otherwise it just fall back to the software and rendering and
the transfer of the data are not there anymore so it's pretty simply performance if you deploy just almost software result so surrendering result in a graphical model on a server and a degrees doing this so so just by running the upper it'll run everywhere without caring about drivers but this is that that's that's is supposed to be done and Muslim GPU machines but also it's so it's easier to to deploy and on hardware fixed configuration and human performance so that something what is on our own text OK the
hypothesis of cell of in the
meantime raising cancer but that might change is it possible tool for the client to send in an styling for the rendering on the
reverse time so that you can apply different rendering up In this site will if you're using
client-side rendering and then you have to style in the client anywhere on the server side rendering in this moment we have the adjacency starting from the server and for the purpose of crashing of the rest surrendering and it's quite highly optimized for serving files which doesn't change that much of but that's that's 1 of the features which we would be very glad to accept for requests if if you have to use case the of goal for its ends and the gladly review the code and and include this function end so it's not in there yet thank you chaotic and
questions in meantime because again pretty well in time but if there
are no more questions suggest that we start our final coffee break before the final keynote that's a lot of finals sorry about that and will think you'll be all of the pieces of the the and