GeoMapFish 2 - Ready for the Future

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GeoMapFish 2 - Ready for the Future
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GeoMapFish is an open source WebGIS platform developed in close collaboration with a large user group. The second version offers a modern UI based on AngularJS. OpenLayers 3 and an OGC architecture allow to use different cartographic engines. Highly integrated platform, large features scope, fine grained security, reporting engine, top performances and excellent quality of service are characteristics of the solution. In this talk we’ll present the technical aspects of the platform and its modular architecture.
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ch so on less presentation
is another geospatial library humor fish and we have here even well well presented this in this thank you thank you and so welcome to this talk I will present you the Duma feature open-source Web GIS application uh so that the
the the open source application you can find it on github 7 from that side of both
open-source published and just to introduce myself i'm in many individual I want for can't again but I can't campground open-source company that was started in
2001 so what and 15 years old now we always have to subtract it ends of the integrator this means we contributes heavily into this door open source of 2 we use we are nearly nearly 70 employees and we cover free countries France with this somebody uh sits along these lines and and will return and Germany was an indication in Munich and so du medication so we use Jim fish has a Web GIS
application for us dream up which is a rich web GIS application got tons of gist feature relating to a tumor patient and 1 of the the day the distinction of of dramatic it's that it's a community-driven um
application is not that can to camp or summer editor that decides how it will be it's a discussion with the community the users communicate and we decide to get our how this from the application we evolved and 1 of the Fundación is that we use of OGC stand out so that it isn't of interoperable so I said there is a dramatic community we have to sure 2 times the user groups meeting here
and the goal of this community is to ensure the sustainable development of the leading open-source would yes and this means that we have to target and multiple aspects of 1st we need to promote an inclusive dialog between users and developers
to decide to run not the features of the would use with the function of it's an open source community so we will need to protect that additional decision making is made on the consensus anyway it's not the kind of dictatorship it's consensual decision how it will improve and also as we have seen a yesterday and assessing sustainability talks about open source software we need to target also fair funding and so we need to with the community uh ensure that we have regular resources resources stream for the maintenance of the project and also for the future development and and therefore we target a broad contribution that is written to the user group so that the level of contribution is kept market as he was possible and as they the crunch aggression our freebase is no 1 is there is no monitoring you can be in the user group and not contribute financially it's not
mandatory but in the overall order this community function as is and 6 2001 2011 uh we could develop 2 major version of tumor feature 1 base and you and was granted based on another Jess and 7 minor version with all this time new functionalities so there how is the user community and uh beyond that it's different it's a public sector rights private organizations and they all have in common the goal to provide to the provision so due data so that the the public engineer and all the guys can do geospatial analysis on onward and all this community they need a Web jails for this so we have haven't tones uh so select regions in Switzerland we have
communities or groups of communities and we have
cities using the software we have engineer
of pieces we have facility
management also like you'll airport all at the EPFL in Lausanne and 1 of the interesting thing is that this
this collaboration between different kind of users make that a requirement that design of different there the expect the specification design on this and ensure that the result is a practical and it's usability it's practice-oriented because we take care of all these requirements and of course we have a broader collaboration as we use openly for example in June this collaborate then also with national agencies in developing openly us for example and so on what are then subtracted your concept that we have you medication so the In this would GSN faster we we target we want to relate this to inject it shows current we don't want to have to consider Figure and the the word in multiple places so with all operatic nice is that we use 1 cartographic engine and week we reconfigure into stratigraphical engine the queries the legend so everything this configuration in them and map services and P or G CD is sent to the client so order mark this configuration 1 point it's in the back and and case user could use several judges could use 7 you would also can read the reuse the Confero configuration you've done on Europe's onion distal jails for the several parts then in each word yes there is a search to so you can search for the time in the search for places that and here our basic ideas we have 1 full text search to table imposed and ordered by you but in this table will be accessible and if we such so it's very easy to handle the search and then we provided an administration graphical user interface to a defined structure of the tree to constitute the security the In this with is different kind of users who wish to me that it's an application of it but this application needs to be configurable each 1 has should have a choice about the layout how it would look like and to achieve a deactivate functionalities 2 and hence the application with his own features and he'll our architecture is very I I would say it's a major because fellows to enhance the application without forking the basic common uh source code so you don't get to form and this makes up the based on our are kind of easy the I said there is a security of proxy and so you can also restrict access to some of layers of features or attributes with do reject
so this is a table of order future the geographic and yeast JS features that have been implemented that to see that it's a broader uh we have a broad perimeter and yet
picture as I said we have was restricted we can use different petrographic engines like here we use the audition non-Soviet functionalized use of about 7 could December and uh the dual application it's base of a in item and the front-end with OpenLayers and angular the gist so how does it to plant look
like this is version 1 we are about to release version 2 so this is version 1 you have a classical that uh what yes user interfaces and of course
we use a w MTS times for the background data so we so for example a slide the fellows to change up to adjust your positive between uh different players we
have a team or organization that make it easy for no so no no expense person to access to some specific preconfigure rated maps we for example here is to make data our boys are so this kind of information Of course there is a legend laeatory or this this things about the Web GIS they are implemented that we think this is a kind of monitoring features in neurogenesis uh we have a dynamically gender so this means once you have come to Europe and you were not you what service that we humans we're effects you also get to get Cajun graphics a dynamic with the legend that takes care of the children of so each time if should future the future type appear at the sentence of the Legion we look
at the data itself and we do have a different kind of queries so you can create their point of and then back so WMS or WFS
query and better results in a pop up all the same point
of view of area and better results in agreed with is that the data are structured in different that tables are counting Galileo origin and we do have a search has
said everything is contributed in the was questioned for
text such that the balance and here you can have the results and I of groups in different topics like 0 communes address different point of interest of everything In the same more morning auto-completion motors and there this works well you can but also in a lot of data in the Endesa uh and dividend search for addresses search for biosensors just for anything you can draw their red light to some red landing on the on the map with the following
clients political and of and change the color change the size of the but some takes on it that you can print the wisdom
of the spring component and we chose to use selected to so to adjust to rotate the the the the bonding box for the printed and you get i is there PNG or PDF files in there in the current version we using medication of fish print and we use just the report this means you can also decided not the access to on that of the data that would be in your database or in your in your environment so you can generate proper uh reports like this
can be used to examples if for example not around has that we use it also addressed reports about
streetwalker authorization kitchen into D costs in the industry to uh and there is a lot of possibilities and he just an example of the security once you and you can get eyes and anymore you can log in on once you are you on the meaning you have for example access to
more data sets here example of
also and alleviation provided an or you
can do is complex queries in exports also based on the WFS queries that as
we have also customers in the facility management area like the kitchen of his and other new we have a flow slider this means you can adjust the under we decided on which floor you want to display good demand and of
course in version 1 we have a mobile layout that use the same configuration that ELOs adjudication and uh so it's a some of by complaint it's multilingual
uh and I we have the graphical user interface to configure Australia laeatory security you have any and all edits adjudicated interface where you can control points Sampling gun during against not on on delaying
and on the underlaying into but FSS layer so you can uh also access to some pre-defined values in your drugs in your list so some keys are pursuable for for the the the possible values of some students also for example data and so they switch widgets those tools American Academy of it there is a eroding engine with OpenStreetMap rotting and
um this this web GSS also provide an API like
a degree mapping API this ensure that you can once you build you would just so you can also be the API integrate 1802 and content management system so that the the value of your Walker of your data is that is higher because it can be used not only in the what GIS but also in a partner websites then you can customize it you have to simplify data or you have standard Europe and as an example here different OGC service was integrated into the geometric so that was due geometrician now
I would like to present in short that what created the new version Memphis to uh it's about to be released or actually it's early days as a mass on the master branch of do undercover but we we are about to to have the 1st to beta target saying diversion is completed now we are in the quality insurance phase so what's the difference we would like we wanted to target at that time the universal application or responsive so social runs everywhere we just 1 conveys an and so also that part of the did you take you use of openly 3 which is much more powerful than the openness to so we use open history and another GSA struck and in order to breed that uh um a modular and uh software we we design and in the middle of the NGO which is a library combining openly as an ingredient digestion into Directive so you have a functional modules you can URI very easily like Durex competence but based on open listening to and the server side so it's an update of the general which 1 so there is no major changes on the server side if you have what data you have configured in German which 1 they're still a configured right to configure it for German fish to so we use of what you see above protocol on the map protocol in some cases like for 18 48 we Azerbaijan by violent uh framework uh like Canada and we use the closure compiler in advance model which that the JavaScript part is very very well optimized and as this itself and you just have programming effort we also have a lot of countries and regions the country's integration test so that we can ensure that good quality so I would
like just to focus on and you before going on during 2 because it has this provides uh atom components and is also those 2 the synergies between different kind of application for example we have but then Jill is used in Indianapolis but it's also using JUnit work it can be used in order wedges application the components it settles to build your wages not not starting from scratch so at the library structured was with different called directive and then countries and still Dumont fish we added the gym at the at the gym of his countries in NGO sometimes the core confidence if we just have a quick
look at it that you you see that the functional part of too much the and you library it's already kind of a lot of a lot of work has been done with quantitative contributors and you have so everything here we said for example if you go in the source code you see the directive and here already order good that that that making made that make it easy then to be would jest so something like about the layout treated created the pulp up a profile of what this kind of information is already pretty and uh combining between openly as an angular and so intimate fish we use this bad add more countries observe and other and more directed and she goal in examples are here for each direct you have an example and goods for example to do profiler said Professor achieving here for profit example that you have for a charity if you have an example that I here you can see it's there is not the layout and it would be done and integration but but still the functionality to have a dynamic link between your profile to display the provider and the map is already implemented so you can use it intimate fish we use it like this but it also can be used in an order wedges application based on listening the so this is
the new layout it is a slightly and a new version from the previous 1 because this design in collaboration with how we assess and 1 of the focus was we didn't want it to get to get to to use them in in this process so it's slightly updated but not to it's not the time different layouts so the users are OK so we have been able to do this and this
step we have a tablet you um and and a
smartphone you I so with the same code base and to different page Kim and give we can target this distri kind of devices and and then the new implementation of all the features we had the uh with new features like drag and drop because the new friend lots of the node is in the tree we have the time slider and um to feature on w mistimed time for example uh the search of greedy distribution is also quarter is there
to print is no there so so implement it's also implemented major and
red lining up with a new feature in this case that we had measure and redlining intimate fish 1 and now it's the same features when you draw when you draw point you get close to the coordinate when you draw a line you will also get the distance so all this measure that lighting is now 1 2
innovation and doubt refines there was there and it's
not of data that with
action on the features its day or so so a lot of everything has been migrated and it's about to be released as a beta version but you can also already checked examples online and once we have done this to do that 1 version we added previews we cesium with walk on a more tighter integration risk you just ever and I guess we also try to integrate these jokers studies by uh have special that infrastructure so if you
want more information to go and you move it at all to go and get and done this was because it there you have you find demonstration online links of online with Jessica you can visit us on at or below 4 and if you want to practice we are hiring so just conditions and different without
thank you and welcome thank you for your entire questions this is because
during the French and isolated by your this the 1st 1 by 1 volumes of others in a lot of people or yes yes so you have use and roads and you can say for example this case ruled uh he access display this perimeter we in this layer and some antidepressant monitor rural access for example the simulator but under the paramater for example we use this in case we have multiple so very surveying the officers working to get exactly they breed 1 would gesture they have 1 phrase and can canister linear and then each each of their client has its own has his own login and then it's the only ways the bonding the polygon of the municipality for example yeah my questions yes you the if you want to and all of so we don't have ideas question necessarily the question do we have plans to combine the 2 to agree to and the 2 are there other the facilities of combining enough to handle players so that attitude you medication at this stage there is no current plan to go to uh to migrate to link to and then we have a roadmap result uses the user I have found that the this version of tumor tissue we singular 1 and now they need they need the time to migrate application and have also their plugin so and it's a collaboration and as long as there is no major technical technological improvements wizard which a benefit for the user so I guess will stay on this version so that it's uh it's we have a kind of a return on investment about this technology meant migration and about openly as free and include outdoor to we have a customer was started such a project to bring that to use these these 2 library to get so to block In the why why did we choose angular so which wasn't there so we we we are using and and there there was this need of a responsive web map and this uh I guess nearly 2 or 3 in 2 years ago to free as ago and so at this stage of uh essentially didn't provided the so this this environment for responsive so universal this and that time so we looked at what was existing in a response in the response will warm the undecided angular I think replicated choice anymore so thank you very much for work in this session this is the last presentation 2 of them and let me me