The most popular OpenStreetMap editing application

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The most popular OpenStreetMap editing application
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OpenStreetMap is known for its openness, scale and diverse community. There are almost half a million editors, most using one of three desktop editing applications: iD, JOSM or Potlatch 2. This year, a challenger appeared. MAPS.ME is an open-source multiplatform application for using OpenStreetMap offline on phones and tablets. It's extremely popular, second only to pre-installed mapping apps. With this application we are bringing the power of open maps to millions of users, and now starting to direct that flow the other way: giving millions of casual users a tool for updating the map. In this talk Ilya will share a history of adding editing features to the app, some statistics and how this change has affected OpenStreetMap, both the map and the community. How bad is it when a horde of newbies comes ruining your map?
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he so the next 1 of the months
do talk about Open Street Map things editing we
are higher ones are I'm going to talk about some of my favorite things like OpenStreetMap and energy needs and all possible future and the invisible and that's the work and the what of I
am really afraid to ask who knows about it and in some audiences so just a couple of sensory systems movement and have to devote the whole talk to this painting was used of solvent is a map is defined by the 3 traits and it's a global map it can be edited by anyone and is published under the open license and the state is defined everything that is a part of of sigma and that's I think good most of you have ever used to is data some
plants and found it to be bit too good it has can someone samples of interest and what I'm interested in how all the data what be so
submit about how that map here is made although there some
sources to data 1st of all it's interior so you just fire up and it just operators are and start the game building some roles and and that of course is now so it's survey interesting our task of so you know Click on and then it's a 3 when you really have to go to see what you felt was you know and uh I'd argue that in most populated places have this task is the almost done what of buildings have been already traced and almost all world so you have to it should stand up from a chair and go outside and and the things that I'm not going to let injury like addresses like our shops and restaurants and of science and so on so you
get your camera and device it's just on 16 get a
smartphone and then go outside and make Ford also recalled best traces and there's some more experienced users they can breed brings
working this so so small pieces from map on the issue of the role of missing roles and the barriers and so on and by the end of the world if you have a lot of models trace and feuding working that process and you get to your computer and of event the interesting thing that you got all that to your computer uploaded histories sent scan papers and then fired up disk operators and the opening up when many features speech to know which text is and will start to editing on our findings suggest that you midfoot also saw it so it is very hard to process and not many people are actually doing that but must consider this is the best way to is talk of student because you get a lot of data and the well
obviously is not not this process is not enough to gets a hold on the map and other places that to look like this just wrote to reverse traced from select images so we need more people just make things just don't look at the statistics and depending on the points of interests and addresses and getting people is not in the task not only all posted map is interested in because of the big companies have started to
understand so that's using their own members where all of the car fleet is not enough to get a map of the world so they also have turned to crawl admitting and I want to go me as what some companies have already this and
it's features to 1 of the applications and started to incentive to device leprosy of people to map to contribute and it works really well so basically you have opposite map loses perfect potential members and commercial companies again there are parts
of really being in the these matters so how do we talk about how do we explain that opposite that is the project that they need to participate in of so if you do
best 2011 3 developers from so I got tired of making obligations are always requiring Internet to show maps so they article posted and data downloaded it's the processed and made an offline offline for
a while and good and would and there it was promoted fast so it can do searching and bookmarks sold they looked at it this assume that it's pretty good and decided that we have so these are very real rival will go much and that's called matching
it was called sir reasonably them of the soul relate to this idea and went to invest also if it's like a assured him that it has served thousand users but repetition that it'll be you spoken utterance Google Maps and investors design there the light of the idea so they have had almost no money for this but that they keep working of the applications that will better and better and the influence of users because it was fast and the quite simple and it's really 1 offline yeah so so it was bought by the Russian company and it's turned out to be even better than before because now it's completely free and you can devote more features 1 developers yeah so 1st is usually you trade them but at the end of the application is becoming more and more popular in so now now it's not around the gene million installed and around 10 million monthly active users so which lasted just 1 person uses the map and prior to all the way from members the and
this is how it looks like now he said the stock version you can build it so that the court is so called but also you can just take a break and see something on the screen so it is not fancy 3 D building sends the points interest interesting so on so we have a regular domestication yeah and each of those users the data only from OpenStreetMap everything you seen except some models which have taken from looking at come but everything else is taken from overseas map so basically about their company has built their business on the open data and innovative for that so it would be nice to contribute something back and what what can convey contributes 0 % code it is well known
it's pretty obvious they could contribute to the is race so
enable the way and it certainly is tied to the maps
so for every 1 of these 10 million users could just click a button and the end points of interest like shall or different onto map of the world and it is lot like her open our streets is about the best of in our state of the art MIL was medications and the well we will push to this change and we expected that a lot of people would check of gradient to the because of the bottom is right there on the screen
and and the 1st mass Figure 10 thousand data which is maybe not much compared to male
but in considering opposite map in the hole gets around 20 to 30 thousand data some its presence of there are some of the
graphs that you can see that we almost doubled the amount of freedom to interpret prior months and
responsible for around 10 thousand active contributors for some months but it's
which brittle but interesting thing is that the spread of what matters because we assume that the classical just operators is you can see that almost all active members leaving Europe and United States it would also in Asian countries in this leads and the maps then we empower everyone even from Asia and Africa to improve their man say this can extend India Algeria around and so and then these goes along so we actually brought the opposite updating to Due to the whole world and the better that yeah
and we're slowly crawling to be the most popular is the quality of our about so it's in the number of users because the number of free this of course just operators still better and
the main of members from notice that's not in itself a variant of perfect there some issues some of these theories have already fixed and some new very introduced like duplicate the work place names but we're still working its so despite sort of someone comes in it's tho it's works pretty well and the maps gives better cereal
like to experiment was 18 like this 1 that power poles but remember this coincides transmitted the prominent on the map right
and that maps me I think this is just the 1st step in the process of changing the entire course to because the thing is
dissipators will be in the minority and in time because OSI most people I actually buy laptops by Anderson and it was because they don't need to them but mostly because of smartphones and tablets are cumbersome pretty smart and you have to move from you to the set and 2 games from Europe consoles sold very few people feel the need to buy just so to get people to map you have to provide them reason with applications for smartphones and match the the 1st budget and British oral that's all of apps but some of us have heard will follow and I think will be down through from maps and this will allow millions of people to and it's the map lots of thousands of like now but nearly everyone could fire some applications and the change of the men I think Commissioner of the millions of users will you notice vision button and change something so and of course the
road map not only points of interest and addresses these are needed but that's not a lot of opportunities they also meant for parking spaces and science what also sold there will be a lot of applications and i is could have map everything and it with the help of computer vision on the neural networks and such which have been experimented on right now the task of entering the roles of for tracing the satellite images will be offloaded to algorithms for instance basically so all that's left is to use the cops
and millions of members we use of that the opposite map will stop equaling the community because it was a flower them into members now say that all the signal is the community so you can lose map and coming to restore it in a few miles but if you lose a community of an opposite map will cease to be and that will simply still being true because the current community will become just of elite few all people so it is the opposite and the majority of users so and maybe you want to know there is a signal but they will bring bring the most it and the most so local knowledge and points of interest and all of them are the opposite of its will into small communities and and the number of people of the long tail who is the map and to deal with that of the community as it is now written professional tools and right now opposite that we don't have any professional tools to and when it's on the map to clean it up to a data it's and we will have to watch somebody some commercial company made I will have to produce these for example there is no way to resort to some it's like a little bit some attempts and skating tools but they often fail and so the work very the media and what you can't find any vandalism right now you for example you can find these
16 on the map it so went on and what is so for 3 months so well with relation to also version systems OpenStreetMap and we really that that can deal with these with these new
laws where Prosopis at will call continued to be the best man in despite commercial and opportunities so also going more of the world is the most used lived in
case so this research which part of as
far as I understood the need mobile tool and now supports writings points of interest data but what about the many things geometries of the insights that that will will be having a geometric readings mobile tools he will act as as they send a and has millions of users so if we give them a complex set tools for creating geometries for it in relational so then he it's quite possible that the map of broken in just couple of hours so we decided to work make change as simple as possible so annotators can be easily reverted work and monitor so we're with decided to work on that and new points just nodes and to edit the existing text and this is all of in this 1 of the following users of the the not all of you will know about reporting tools for use in medicine that is the future to and there was some notes on written in object so you can report that the oldest Videodrome and so on so you know that there are some the new year someone OK thank you and everyday user of maps me and probably the best offline and online publication for OpenStreetMap for for many years since I'm of the much with times but my question is kind of an object you want and some people don't use Google Maps because it's kind of scary American FBI related components collecting obligations so it's not these are not American ones so it's better in the sense but the other hand so I don't know and how can you ensure that since the location data logical like this so really can't in good place well 1st of all the source code is published on the top so you can inspect it and to units we don't store correctness anywhere and it's a user something that is in principle problem we cannot verify that the binary essentially actually from source exemplary sourced from its wild animal when the topic is the work of the security of energy you can go very deep and find something that sort logically for you but well I work with the cold and the more I haven't seen any reporting tools also for selection obligation collecting features from well is great but it and the it for and offline so you can cut off all communications for all of you for and it will still get all of the features selected including candidate competence and rooting and everything but maybe solution could be that I can download it from the top and compile myself on the contrary to the the course will not just for them I think it says it says shall present when users contributes to them and have it which is then use the name of that from the OpenStreetMap but area where that uses the respect just registered with their own account so that an appropriate to sort of the full use of the standard for the station formal statement so we brought like 50 thousand new users to OpenStreetMap using standard form and of course the here from where we related e-mail so you can contact in November the negative this is due to the lack of those 1 those durable consider graph on like text on all legal loophole full financial independence like of sponsors was initiative years ago about saying that uh the robot aggression company sold the money's educational and that the act didn't becoming in worse no need to fear has no answer will promotional things so it's still as wouldn't have so I guess the question is what's the business model of the company you will use the money can you know and he has a language you know this other that and business model if you use a unless you might have noticed that some of the goal it's got volcanoes competence it and this was some controversy regarding the change resources and data was basically you can now alright search a database so for 900 thousand looking the talk hotels complete offline and see the rating and price rate and when you look at total from education when we get a small if you need to feed forward so this is the start of business model but of course there will be more integration is other services like and arrest all things it 1 no I I just think of it as it would be good to improve the mass media have found it in their communities and so what if you have some any plan for the community standard for data and denied I quite get the question of what should have you when I use whose treatment of always recommend also you and they always knew some information for me to meet him about that make us some information for on your well anybody and so I will try to answer 2 questions that I think 1 of these asked so 1st let's has much so you can leave some information for yourself like were staying variable and if the question was about asking users to edit the map of them this feature is in the work so in some of the things that to ask users will likely use over show to the or canopies typing open also with it will extend to accentuates visitors to you have to come up with the to thank you for the presentation the doing using to improve student will um and ancient and put it into a prohibition on using improves intelligibility is good it will also signage to you and you see the US you'll use onto the debates some moderate outdated sciences lot currently in our their plans want to being made fun of universe so some other companies doing that like members of my books and provide them with information for improving our approach and maybe play in science but today I mentioned that and OK thank you information