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geOrchestra SDI - Project Status Report
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geOrchestra is the free, modular and secure Spatial Data Infrastructure software born in 2009 to meet the requirements of the INSPIRE directive in Europe. It is built on top of the latest stable versions of GeoServer and GeoNetwork. In this talk we will briefly present the geOrchestra SDI, before going through the major contributions during the previous year, to answer the following questions: * how the project moved from tainted to generic artifacts (war files, debian packages, docker images) * how to deploy a geOrchestra SDI instance in 10 minutes * how to build your robust, high performance and high availability SDI in the clouds
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a thanks for attending my and also on the best
front-end camp and I'm going to speak about this is a project status report about the jokers tries to put so if we start 1st of all about can't can't can't can't companies specialize in dual business IT it's in its spread 3 countries right now I should have been by science because we have more than just simply is it's more wasn't it's more than 60 young near 7 we like in R&D support training and implementation project management and that about 20 Primages pressure engineer at can't can't perform there to stand there no I'm a member of the Georgia strap PSC most of fossils read also something from crazy and in France and the 1 I have free time I'm also contributing to OpenStreetMap so 1st question what is known as the probably ordinal witnessed as is but as a
quick reminder on that as the is based on the services it provides services mainly or undressed API is uh around the around the special that instructional are many client applications which the problem is you make requests to this is services the things that I often ships with several of his her client applications which recorded modules so in
my talk is divided into 2 parts 1st part what is your among about what is the put is the project status so 1st of all a jockstrap is an open source project of course so I won't be speaking to you so it's hosted bonds and URL you can see uh as a classical references projects it doesn't want to continuous integration and that's consistent with the green badge or so I could could and that to um under that we doing reuses stable reduces every 6 months from the readers is supported for 1 year uh Texas so this is a quick analysis of such orchestra project uh made by component of the uh which produces this analysis based on the on on the code uh no it's so it's a statistics contribute to his code base with all sources history we started in 2009 and it's maintained by a large development very large development in with table a year over year increments which is a good day had such plans for the project
so we do have many predictions Prediction instances of right no here I show in France uh but also uh those are spread around the world instance nearly 10 instances and religion along this little Swanson's toward uh this is instances are
very diverse as a community of movements of roses points represent French regions also represent uh of instances in the 1st mora Research Institute Seoul National Research Institute Institute
uh been of projects there is a large diverse in fact i've community which is that every year uh for her and events as a term we organize which is conceptually grounded there it was the last 1 in and stress ball and so when I was it was a previous ones exist it was bold or in France and so people come from very diverse 6 trophic status of tributes ictal private sector companies uh or so a research as I said so in
core your from a client-side point of view of course what you see from the outside is 0 Jesus of those analysis instincts for inspired compatibility uh and and that was standing on the children's of giants here because we're on combining the Board of Jews civil drew attention to units for the following stoned also possesses here from a software architectural point of view uh we haven't application artists were which is good security purposes it on there is a user session at roots we quests to Medusa according to rights and also logs of crests so that we can get analytics literally on what's going on and what objects from widgets falls the end use of something someone with external to the uh uh uh as the I want institutional support permitted academic you island which is provided by GeoNetwork so also several viewed the world from the most suitable to the most advanced 1 uh was the 1st to 1 system but an intermediate 1 residing on and 1 of the 1st 1 is responsive it's easy to use it to recruit response to simple use cases such as I want my variables to be uh all my context made aware of context to be easily viewable insurer between what was people even in the mobile phone on my friends and the most advanced 1 is for future of uh OGC if you were and also it it'll which relies on WFS transaction and also module is the extractor application of the which motto is OGC this is not and you find out so many people are still do not have CABG to to consumer OGC services and false and it's itself a practical way of accessing due we also have a similar to that of application for those who do not want to other journal for QI which is of a simple and says that when you click for objects striving strict rules we have the consortium are to be able to manager users groups on roads and as I said Analytics Application which of course display statistics on OGC services you address we use it well documented is a process of managing both applications into water only 1 so why would you to endure construct 1st because the main advantage stage is that's your you you get nearly for free a single sign-on for your services as the review WMS that's we do this with their just reputation once people are over the user can access all of the services with the same rights um the torso as easy-to-use web-based tools I said to manage the use of Bayes arms are a plenty of modules on extensions think of geofence for instance differences integrated struck with your friends tribe 0 2 2 2 miniature which data on which the geographic parameter your use of consider uh since we already took care of justifying the use of security products application by the newborn modules inside job destroys really isn't because it's just a matter of reading request headers and we also talked about the lot of care of streamlining installation process as we see later on when it's really easy to install so this is part 2 of my
talk what happened to Georgia's trust since less chosen so that the presentation and the with the point was also doing
uh so with this year which focused and generate artifacts didn't packages war uh qualifies on also we use to of you on packages falls as 1 of the interesting uh we accepted the deployment of the mission were based and and so on that we're so focused on doctrine and production which was the new item but it's really matched it for us as a company uh and we also have greater Dual Core service providers from just about to 5 to do that a time difference from 2 to 3 and Unit for causal from 2 to 4 so major grades for the tests so the reader is uh so I'm going to use to to to we released so that means and several problems but there are so many in just about as a result of pre previously just to name a few words of course performance so as it was when it was better at Stanford students are really is into oscillations in honest there is the nation's uh good better on that we or so of the prediction already WPS science to adjust to the 2 9 and also styling in rendering improvements this come comes from suggests several communities and this is a great truly great great job uh 1 major but such was really annoying all customers that was that following inducible 5 WMS 1 . 3 which is a week right from the part efficient to solve rosters and native projection so but was fixed in between and that's a good thing we so we're through integrated geophysicists freely in and you're just wrong and as a switch to musicians really those 2 of them as there was previously an integrated the interface into to you UID into adjustable which is much better for customers no more objectivity interface and that was funded by all customers to the roots on the result ruled the lines of difference and new ideas and that administration what what 1 and then strike told can delegate uh and I mean rights on that workstation a workspace and restricted in the interests of as well you were you would you manage your you you sold your major also very practical as far as the management a very practical future uh also gendered truck 2 to 3 so on main improvements and of course you which could compute around based on modern technologies uh to name a few opinions and you so on a number of calls uh and automata that digital metadata validation tour of sources integrated you as an institution that to go wizard generate artifacts previously we're building tainted was tainted artifacts which was not uh good for distributing judges from because it was not to be combined time for new customers on new new new installations uh so there wasn't greater focus on having a agenda rich walls that could be distributed source should you instances generic walls and if you set up a system property cordial that that do we to the same term messages so that idea each whereby then reads its configuration from the that I 0 had started and and this is a good good good you could considering the number of modules in job stressors was really a huge world and so we now have to distributed template that idea that people can download under uh and use was generic was with distributed didn't but edges which contain both the war files and their associated that probably zeros and agreeing with whilst as I said we could also focused what and deployment automation was honest about you can see the recipe is determined by the count of mean so there are 4 steps right now for really easy steps it if you want to install George tried in individual missions uh this can also be near classical or machine that does not have to give the but if you installed for instance boxes of provider or vibrant as the convention command line interface to filter bucks and instability across a repository going to it and justify grant I'm done in 15 minutes yeah you get to of the traditional the running joke strong which is princes and if you just sort of uh over several such from 2 using prediction single several just modify 1 file into the directory was very on the root account to the mission fragment upon it's very different 12 him so this should well for our simpler deployments were among the missions but it matches already several use cases so as I said we're focused on generating Dr. images in a previous attempts now there's patent months ago uh we started there was Dr. Fry's which from generate where where maps from the continuous integration and no more interestingly we aren't doing it with you taking advantage of the documents produced which was written by 25 uh no images of this directly from the source code which is nice of because it proposes to see region sitting in the unprecedented on prediction this cases uh which is so sorry is more texts but from poorer accessing the presentation later maybe 0 2 2 2 trying to get to a glimpse of the consists a society what other possibilities right now to extend your distraught so depending on your goal is uh there are several ways mountains subjects were 1st year can use doctor composition which by default cause of images from the doctor of uh which can also use it to images such to reduce the budget set using the source code and of course there is an answer but a playbook that I mentioned the right now uh or so is shown to customize architectural you can uh uh which was generated didn't is of uh which simply unpacks the warfighter input some of of the 5 systems and you have to assume regions a file from your tomcat instances of to all animals on petition stations similar to the 1 finding so again it can get very complex deployments was this uh um and finally uh as I said building from the sources or was possible on the course as is the most flexible solution because it arose of the client side of rights which are or was a nice focused terms which belong to replace the 1st was all use cases so all of do we do and prediction that can to camp uh so the source code of just present public repository as a configuration is evident on private repository in detail and we have an intolerance horizon basement Jenkins who this from the source on the confidence images of pushed to private repositories and the corruptible uncertain and we've got 2 rancher will greatly boost images on prediction instances are so steps which else told us to remind yourselves what we trying to automate this a little and we have collection instances of contributed French cloud provider record over ashfalls of sure you you you will know and OK I didn't mention
ritualists uh branches of some Clinton also orchestration tour such we are using to manage containers with images that it's open source software on them a really nice it turns out
that there was a stronger safer environments for instance is aware of 1 environment there are a customer under test the devil prediction production environment In each environment's you cannot register 1 or more sometimes is used the and why what's nice is that is that uh rancher uh spreads on as a containers across this is a very liberal most wonderful 1 goes to goes down and then it'll damage occurred in a real are indicates container running continous to the remaining of so this is really um by default cultural for minutes taxes taxes so you you might think of a stature as a decoder composition which is a career in a coherent uh uh a group of the doctor images which uh major and and petition um for instance you see that by default you get to realistic so much of is to such stacked and and so on and so on the last line and we developed a severance tax form during to strong uh just try to to be used to to stress
we use sewage in although to deploy a prediction based on so we we have to choose between the stack and to pizza while several of them we can is stacked in area and we consider and under his on this you right if I extends the joke is trust that you is the contains as a containers which are running and you can see is the application names Joseph GeoNetwork extractor and so on that or is this arose
as source so look who's the residual stress stack as a graph uh name we are unsure a real presence in full quizzes and green light green lines between the continents and which is a central part that is played by the Security proxy it took to contain
uh so as a conclusion and what we're up to as a company's we are going to show you migrating all customer predictions to to do right now because it serves many of the programs we had before a it we will also taking advantage of the on primitives coreference text for blogs on matrix management some insights 1 also still investigating a high availability and performance questions who is a doctor this new paradigm brought by the DOE current invention uh residues so as a community-driven projects where 1 notices of process of trying to have a prosperous year uh it's really important as a project on attracts more contributors rituals um from a development perspective we had these users and rules uh and no we are hedging groups and so that we can match as a stream of items to a G up to the same items in Jerusalem which were the which arose through 12 multiple for rights management for instance the use of roads groups have lost users belong to groups on uses the optimal Ross as a result uh swings process of defining a new responses to the module's you advanced you work with the community as we're where we're trying to to defend this uh and and or sold this year we sold z the advent of some more industry-specific modules such as good as that away from 0 it's targeted as the French can but um it uh it corresponds to a this from all customers 12 more and more specific applications uh taking advantage of so as a single sign-on brought by Jill history ones that is and thanks for attending I'm ready for questions question and all of didn't end there higher resolution dying in that this is a service-oriented included the question and intended highways edition contained series 10 that there
are these you in ways of Princeton WMS
the natural log Gates finds and not just an objection otherwise wouldn't it takes advantage of Joseph forces the more questions but maybe it helps us to myself then yeah we already use geometric and we use GeoServer as some OK what's that the edit etched why would why should we switch critical needs means
minhash were set up and how did you manage your your users on our did you
have a single assignment did you have a single site and it's just function that know where
that's the main point of George Strait it's is your task regarding this point could but all questions can say or injury and you you have not done that well I want to attend the speaker again this week go and you for dinner with that is
that the data are much smaller