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MapMint 2.0: a new version of the 100% service-oriented GIS platform

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MapMint 2.0: a new version of the 100% service-oriented GIS platform
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MapMint is an comprehensive manager for publishing webmapping applications. It is a robust open source geospatial platform allowing the user to organize, edit, process and publish spatial data to the Internet. MapMint includes a complete administration tool for MapServer and a simple user interfaces to create mapfiles visually. Its use does not require any coding and most of the mapfile parameters are supported, so the user can fully focus on the map features and not on its source code. The latter is generated using various WPS requests which are using the user’s data and settings as input. MapMint is based on the extensive use of OGC standards and automates WMS, WFS, WMT-S and WPS. Most of the MapMint core functions are run through WPS requests which are calling general or geospatial web services (vector and raster operations, mapfiles creation, spatial analysis, queries and much more). MapMint server-side is built on top of ZOO-Project, MapServer and GDAL and its numerous WPS services are mainly written in Python and JavaScript. MapMint client-side is based on OpenLayers, Jquery, ZOO-Client and Bootstrap and provides user-friendly interfaces to create, publish and view maps. MapMint architecture and main features will be introduced in this presentation, and its modules (dashboard, data, maps and apps) will be described with an emphasis on the OGC standards and OSGeo software they are using. Some short case studies and examples will finally illustrate some of the the key functionalities.
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to OK everyone 1
2nd the technique is still being configured you slide so much over the video team is already satisfied so that me shortly introduce you to measurements he's a very well known in the phosphor G scene and he will talk about Matt meant is see beautiful over all of their and he can start as soon
as he's ready I will give him another minute that OK so have fun good morning everybody solely from technique that I am in to present to you a mapping products which is a very very innovative product have
doable agenda fact they can do my talking even without any slides in fact mapping 28 city it's very it we are working on for 4 years now of 5 they can never remember exactly but it is because we the platform 1 and but also on the basis of services so everything is a service so we implemented this summer WPS silver named there's a project and on top of this is a project we believe that this platform
and name that up and and we are using also some out and also which is the web services like WMS as WCS WFS but mainly
WPS when I say that
everything is based on WPS it not a job I mean even a Web user interface is a simple that the output of an executive request so it is a defining circuit requesting WP so the idea is the initial idea was to makes use of whatever to do is map set without writing to have to write any alignment of means in size about 5 so we try to build the business but for based mainly on the WP and the way it is
used in many ways your
software like maps overloaded Algeria and openly of so openly and is mainly used to follow the web client and also the administration interface not is obviously is JS engine used to puberty issue application but also to you with that to spreads among schools found out of is the services and we are using also the that energy but not from command line of from PHP of from an exemption of something complicated we keep control of policing so we integrated you that tools that you are used and you have commonly used on come on line we are using them directly using WPS the so a mapping to have obviously to found by the pubic but that everybody can access
so they can access to yield is on the right hand side and on the left hand side you have the million users was a again interface to access the administration user interface so far of users to a statement interface of coming out of the body piercings circuit requests soul 1st we splits the so more back
of the administration interface in module and the 1st model when you arrive on the administration interface a Dutch bomb model which give you an overview of fuel shown this the In fact you probably noticed that the user interfaces in French on slides but in fact as we are using a WPS you probably already know that WPS is supporting in natural language is right so you can request that would appear so we have to give you an answer influential in English and Japanese by minorities we have on this with language it means that as the national fire coming out of and execute quest of WPS it means that you can also translate of the user interface automatic and like your messages of support and stuff like that so if you have a number of you if your that the system because we are dealing with that the stars and that the sources is this exact same way that get that is doing so we have that the stores like a directorial batteries stuff like that and then that the sources are simply bezeq Phys like ship 5 of the fire or something interjectory and solely so that that they were stuff like that so that sounds a certain pattern if you have a list of available not send you a few information about the 1st support technician there's a maps aggression and get because you may have some specific tall but depending on the reaction to user is using so bitterly ever to know and that's what is aggression is using you also the to do is symbols so symbolic can come out of teacher of can also be simple geology fires stuff like that and you under all this management in this and in this introduction this way when you will build your mark and gradually you can use a similar is in the same way we are using it IGN therefore it is called for especially found system but we don't want the user to of the full release of the political and the hygienist the because that so we decided to add this 1 what is to define your following this as this way you watched him and finally will have only the this unless you off commonly using for this user interface to kind of song that the users and invoked because we are dealing with previous edge tool access but the star and that the sources 1 of the we did not want anything we simply use the Unix the conversion so we are using is the delighted that executes pleaded on that the stars in a seminal such auditing was you objectively underlying underlying excel in existence then you have also on the left-hand side what regards parameter this is the spot there are specific for the main administrator on it as a super administrative because we have super-ministry tolerance upon the administrator the well obviously as I just think of administration giving give the user the capability to modify its as part and also to create new user and stuff like that so those volatile infected graph corresponding exactly it was a main configuration file social projects of the WPS engine behind the scenes in fact what it is also interesting so it to come back about this configuration find is that you are probably aware that OWS OGC
Services of sharing a lot
of me that there between each other let's say have applied information and you don't ification information which is the same on was the same for all WPS WMS WCS and WFS that is why when you said that during the user information for your WPS ever it will be automatically also integrated inside emitted that the fall WMS WFS and the reduced this way we input once you meet that up and middle that there were displayed on a loser possest so then after you review years at that time what is the source of the the modules is using it that energy of
some kind of get at him for you get for mainly and that you have so on the left hand side of the subject of of what is she which oversees all that there is and then on the right-hand side you observe commodity to display that the sources really bad in the at stock then abuse the foliage you can post says that that that you can watch it afterward you it does holes later on it and then simple oscillates is but 1 of them always using WP you can also preview that that using so much so on June and you can also manage as you can see the although that gold to access so that the store and also so that the source is an individually so it's a simple vector that that but obviously if you have a customer that value we observe that there should be jackhammer displayed in classes at the so yeah let's say that you can do is you but you can also import as you are using larger afterward year-on-year liable to that the star which is at the base it's also mean obviously that you can but and the great inside that that is insight buzz JS you will fight or stuff like that really easily and the same in the theory of some meanings that you can extract 1 that there isn't greater ship 5 and even insertion for of using a ship 5 you can honestly like you do in use when you use afterward jail URI exactly the same capabilities so once you are finished with you at dealing with your data and you all q is your letter you want to produce sentence
and you can go into manager in
fact you can check even the most money won that the source and then opened or examined in that the system even for the processing and past many many option you can do with it but if you have a simple overview of on the left hand side you observe the artist in the z which we've becomes religion that's in and then in the middle of the year you know a property of video so that's a on the 1st page you would have exhibited at the information to feel then you will have a look and feel of the table which should be displayed in the end user students populations the appropriate is then if you have capability to steal style to define style for you you can use any kind of unique on continues cost things that and we're using other to make a discretization of values so you can even use discretization you also have a duty to define the size and stuff like that you also to final public which is named the model in French where you decide that we will when the user is putting his nose over all features on the where JS final application that you with provisions in to display smaller window when put these metals over future also anything on future to have a window of opening on you can obviously it also opens up about 2 or more information on which you have to choose to do the classification and then for each class is which appear as a but if you can press 1 class and define specific added was information as you can see it falls those which are from India always maps it is a commonly used just syntax but this is still our automatically-generated obligation itself so the waffles in user is very very but obviously for Ising guarantees to is that all the time but obviously you can also do
this exact same thing with the rest of the time I think later on
we have some of the some of the sequential displaying so most of the time anyway as in you a publication interface so the projection interfaces interface well you would define while my map have to be displayed 1 thousand a year which would be activated got different when the user with 5 on the map application which is but it's a different extent pose potentially is a maximum response expand should be excreted that's the face that then you have also the best linear so you have a list of so efficient Besley analysts like OpenStreetMap Gujarat history this right and that of man and my books so that was the best way out of it is that what you have to so is that any time you have pubishing web application clause boundary will also be used time period meaning so that you can build deputy is it you all the best that's why things about the earliest reversal of 30 stuff on the projectivity but you have already made so you can use your automated as the best linear for your web application this then you have the services that you want to activate so as the services can be fined stands a good amplified to let the user aboard line on the map and displays the innovation 5 is and when he's on the Jaguar he can move on the diagrams his exact to value and sees a point moving in on his mother you have also the capability to requests to search for inside the the you many capabilities in fact I cannot even remember of the source as they so so many in fact were even so watching capability so you can define as what is the you want that's what and you can learn these you watching the services web services by using this application provisions this application so in fact we have some of the sample applications so this is a web graph but you probably can't see of
community is is that we are using unable to stop no in mapping to so obviously this user interface I show you walk also in the exact same way inside the phone iPod of things that except for the administration user interface to others that war option for the administration interface bit of to use on a private to students screen beginning of tool of course administration difference in fact it is it was not that there but it is nice to see this example because here you can see that you can define also timeline indeed some kind of timeline that you can have as many classification as you want for a really and you can define them for all the times if all time series for instance if you have multiple colonic and decided to classifying 1 column so this is my step number 1 also the time of the year and then you create a new class you give it give it a name and you would do well the of classification and then you will have to step and when you look at your map your map you interference that will allow the automatic adding and a map with display and challenges in uh the and then on the same stringent infection also the division for 5 and when I put my mosaic and appointed displayed on the map indirect on-site it's a project made by some users of mapping which is displaying a forests and on each of the dual you can obviously clique by using a WMS get future request so this is the same exact same application when you have these things that map in your
on your formal your iPhone on always platform and I think what was a good 18 this user interfaces that we simply use the the and emotional member theory we don't have any we are only free time right and it comes last fall
because we can add and stuff like that and here we have 1 more because we added the map inside the problem this way you can easily switch to have
access to have access to all of the menu you have on the left-hand side is interface so obviously when you are dealing with J
is that light is great to have a usual advancing I mean it is nice to others that actually found sit quietly and sometime you don't that so we had been used for a long time ago from 4 years ago FOCS University in Kyoto social if sound and but we integrated inside new user interface just to make it the units will serve to use but to of services of the word appear service is indeed never change we did not have to implement anything since the beginning we simply create a new user interfaces so there is also the capacity to create indicator so indicating the indicate on what you do is defined edited directly digitally their Italy's differed on due to is you can define your last year of the police and then you can the cost is also that there always excesses it's fight in the Excel file you can cause you just have to decide what physical and I want to join with my Italy what is occurring in that they don't want to use to join and you can the joint yeah you can notice of soliciting being excel file you may have more than 1 pages so you know of the list of the pages available in you can decide which 1 you want to use so this is if you know as it does indicate though user interface so I passed a
bit fast but once you have cost you know that you can defend spies to displays them on the map
you can also defines the ways that they but will be displayed to the end user and also suggest commonly botching because magnetism integrating LibreOffice to 1 as the sky which we defined as a sum and to produce those
spaghettified Ottoman final oddity file or don't find so if you if you know that there is a uh Jack harmony of the PDF file preview which is a simple PNG 5 so all rings in the
past few months we're so added 2 new modules the facilities of government and around which to which makes you ever to puberty to the to some specific group of users capabilities to publish something about and the capabilities of to see what is inside the above 2 it is about but also for some specific administrator to see the full installation of the modification when I the fully story I means that even if somebody is only moving in 1 in a mountain at about you can still find it in we also added and also a last module which is uh so what we could do in Boston to do 2 make so user ever and the great insight that the base so must appealing so that's an exotic excel 5 so you have many that you can say on the 1st page and you want to rule and there exists inside of that the base so you just have created a simple user interface to choose what is you at attribute and what is your and then is that the time and you can define what is it that what is the name of and stuff like that so if being fast so the mapping source code is available on github there's a for
documentation is not worried about unfortunately it's a little bit and new only in French by now the English translation is ongoing but not still various available but still you can use me on your nobody but using zones about instead so you can easily be very easy to instantiated on your own on computer exist if you're using the general will tools distribution that's the sinking of the few
yes thank you maximum talk and just in time so we have time for questions many no
questions but I have a couple of questions so just to fill up the time probably so I'm not sure can you tell me is it annoys you project already met mental do you plan on making it 1 unfortunately mapping cannot be analyzed your project because it is not community based it's open source but not community-based amazing was results right place to 1 incubator for this kind of software and fortunately OK so more questions from the audience now that we know that we had as 1 OK just a 2nd and I want to just go out there which state down to use for Baker 2 of the Center for this Christians of operation working we're using commonly OpenStreetMap but we only used also to integrate some of was only 12 inside the OpenStreetMap for instance we Walkerdine mobiles and as a as a bicycle wheel which were not there yet available on OpenStreetMap so we believe that the WBS service to join the 2 men together and then to integrate them inside mapping so we can also use the IG and that the set of stuff like that anything which is aligned can be can be used to we substituting magic I think there was 1 more question over there is that correct this is the last unfortunately I think we can take if it's not sure try to make this hold on not sure whether you were whether I missed it but what kind of editing cap abilities to you offer in terms of data editing these additional 1 last month and we will a tool but WFS but we implement the the you know why so using WPS we embed the WFS inside WPS but the mapping to I spoke only about 2 tables and we are more focused known attributes Dublin geometries and so OK short question short answer was thanks uh when you say it's not community-based human you don't accept progress this will was appreciate law have put requests will be we'll accept them on there is 1 issue is having in the community coming but the uh by at least there is no much contribution expects except the project-based contribution maybe they pay the people involved in some project on but you cannot consider this as a community right now and fortunately z also some of research which are walking mapping contact and finds it it was a gay which falls on insurgents fit so maybe there is some kind of community of art history and in each the community yeah thanks again everybody great of great questions