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NextGIS Mobile - mobile GIS alternative
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NextGIS Mobile is an open-source SDK for developing mobile applications and a reference mobile GIS application. It is also accompanied by a set of tools for building custom forms and transfering data between mobile and other software. It was first presented at FOSS4G 2015 and after a year of development undergone considerable changes and improvement. We will review improvements of SDK and application and talk about development based on libraries it provides, case studies and challenges.
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but that all were but 1 of the session
will go on the mall was this sector and we have tools presentations the first one is the next is small while from maximum luminance and you need to you but it's because I was like OK and so on and broad has K and after that wonderful from the group of all way data binding the moment applications with yet 20 minutes 5 minutes questions that Governments bring the and 1 should is a lot of it is higher in same just a quick show of hands school heard of for our mobile application all right so I can just say everything that has anything to do with it use the I'm going to give you an overview observations and I'm going to say something but I'm not I'm not going to list all the all the functions because there so there are just too many are so that stick to some some use cases samples like technological and and that altricial that you might
find really so nature so while this is a Our and applications all written job it's it's only for an Android its primary purchasers our data visualization collection anything it's it's 1 a lot of open-source needless to say so you can find a new job the only thing to everything the results of such applications in there are already few talks about different application on which are sort of insane field and it will be really interesting to see to know you know what you guys think about
how they compare our we actually need not just developing this particular application we are trying to develop a fool integrated platform things with visits also of course that server that Julie
the server side of the trying to make it in an integrated way so that every piece of this platform also what each other and enable tool further centered around in box this is this kind important for us but but but this application
also can be used really by itself so there's no pressure for you to
use any other pieces of infrastructure for whatever most was of functional on so there have been a few particular things that actually make it different from whole suitable far as area on like she would be related of geospatial applications that are out there and I'm going to just listed some of them the first one is it's this idea tolerance working with multiple layers so indeed there is a lot of this talk about like don't make applications that have many layers right but the but in practice we do have to really always like finest ourselves institutional every doing of multiple layers they're working on at you from working for example collecting Tiger data I do need tiger tracks and once the highways buildings and you know it whatever forest loss layers so I I do need multiple layers are in this work our our petition handles are quite well I think and the it does ends up the complexity in terms of how you renders sinks of another thing is it it can understands all kinds of what most the kinds geometries so it can
work with points lines polygons and also multiple multifeatures so moment to answer multiple as well
as is a sort of important we really try to make it as easy think as close to your actual GIS possible and you you can work is this your data and this is not a design application for some data which is like preparing for you in advance and then used it for navigation something this is the this application we get your some some data from your Europe like mean GIS and and put it on your on your mobile always unprepared the carrier of course there's a lot of things you might want to do is that you data to to put it on
mobile also also quite important for us to speak ever since that can be edited it is is editable in this application we don't get addresses but we do have functionality to already to edit vectors in all type of geometries and also do some checking for topological errors that while they're so that it's it's pretty advanced you can also create layers right in the application of and and set up the of the data structure
and and things like that but I'm going to give you a few example human-like examples illustrating some particular we I think my features of this application the 1st 1 is a is a convenient entry so of
course we have some data on all mobile you expect it to be be able to edit that in Canada geometries of other attributes further that you really easy 1 is like open your data table and start feeling of millions right this is this OK it works it will it will do your job but what if you have an unskilled Sevarius in the field that need to be so far to help right to to enter data correctly to to a
lot of people in this uation where you have lots of fun data that you
need to clean up afterward so we have a companion to this application score called building and form bill there is actually a it's an application that this religion built for for your formal for your mobile that renders it exactly the way you see it on on this it's a it's a best of applications on and you have basically 1 of the case cases who worked on is it is a advertising companies that is checking the billboards since they are up there and they're sort of created this survey form which is like I would say the battery at least all of bit better than just the least of our fields right and you can also at all photos and and and this just this also the possible to serve extract from your
application after so that that's very far typical
case for us it's a collaborative mapping and database
integration and as I said it's already quite advanced
into instant terms of like what you can edit these geometry so in in this example for example we can see that there is of like our doughnut shaped polygon so the pollen with some advanced
features but just just a square so the collaborative data collection workflow looks like this so 1st you define structure what it feels well adapted at to type they are yoplait Leopold this due to the database to create a layer of this structure can be empty and can be proceeded with some data then it says it is this is later from multiple devices From these are mobile applications start collecting the data the data gets sink synchronized and available on all other devices for all years of the same time well here
if you would get when it gets us sort of connected 1 and one-sided gets connected with our other us that we are developing this called edges that common and this is a place where you can actually so you data structures so 1st thing right to get it back connected to get it back and and inside sort of mapping stuff and and have it in your database and in a way that it's
paperless like 1 and some people as another thing we've been working quite a bit and this is
like a new feature of the of this 2 . 4 release of we've got should just few well that's not this is such a working with additional maps are map sources so it intersects example is like the reworking his Russian can sciences some project that is collecting data and do they do have like I informed but they also want to want to have like specific very special based methods they work on because they are in some remote areas they need know it it doesn't in all of them but they need some some special rendering stuff and institute here's
where another thing that we developed come in on come in handy this is locally that services you might if you're working this 2 jails are you might have lost seen it into Giants is that this is a
catalog was API now and in you can publish some some service that you have somewhere so these guys for example the scopal Polytopal maps and this is service and this is published right and you can and you can I like and search for something and then
open all find it and and like and 1 could get it in your GIS right so it so if we see it as something quite new and there is no more like loading ladies and finding some data so working seriously that's
really pretty handy so that there is this new feature in that's just mobile but it it's called we that something we call services so you collect the same API you are you say I want satellite in our I want something else and then it least through the use of services building it out and then you can have different different and stuff in in your mobile without result viewing these files actually write only dealing services and and here's just some examples is net surfers something polls put music and and this is something where where you have multiple services related assistance Strobel data only labels some scale but should backdrop or whatever so this all of the
so another thing these guys are really interested in working offline as I said are if you work
if you work with this vector
data already think so it is it is possible so you will have to be aligned to give thanks so closely related to get synchronized as it's you you coming back to your offices and it sink it good thing but
I'm gonna show you a couple examples of working of language like this rest our to let's say you have a full project already set up and everything is in it right and then you have multiple layers of multiple or multiple styles for each layer for different scales things like that right so we do have some some some point in the school q tiles and you if you are working to jay as you are lot because you can have you can say q tiles rendered into some some cash format and that is can be uploaded to the to the more to the mobile and here you have whole all projects sort a pre-rendered for you to use all went when your offline field somewhere is so this is that is are guys from like some protected area naturally there is no internet there and so they're using it this way the zinc and
other features of working off line is caching right so you can have you have your service connected and then you can catch it on for selected zoom levels to get to download the work of 1 right
and the final slide the final cases discussed the
applications of nation's mobiles not just and application it's it's something as you can so it consists of a few of parts and the pure developers might be I'm looking for something like this each part has a different rebel in on GitHub so that lasted parts map with what they view so what are the main parties is map with and this is where all the classes are a force of force storage map itself all kinds utilities network and and things like that but then there is a URI which was sold the data classes with 4 dollars and forms and and finally everything you see on the on the on the mobile and in the in application itself is called GIS at right so this is the main Minneapolis is actually sort of a wrapper around was assuming libraries and then and using these letters
you can do of what we can do a brilliant I think so so we just just to do so if few quite a few of the examples the reading for example working in this company called Compulink and this building this of fiber optics rules throughout the country and they need the solutions are in the field where people would would register every hole they made the like a checking for all kinds of infrastructure is useful for building pipelines and and they are using a custom version of of our nation's mobile to to actually make it happen because it's most most feature already there and for them it's mostly really doing that so that the front end of the of the applications are has
example is the what we're working with this illegal logging workforce violation stuff with WWF and and also they're like cultivate complex forms for counting trees in in the in the forests and different different and stuff it's already out there and helping
protect forests so few slides about future plans we are in the process of switching from pure Java indicates plus plus they also building of a new the application ontology 2 in it will hopefully bring us all kinds of things like access to LRs hundreds of formats that you will be able to upload their also in processes of it's already sort of operational but it's not in the in the in the trunk yet correlates is enshrined the problem and the application of optimizing the rendering open using open GL yes and brain also quite quite quite nice so we have like multiple 1 thousand times faster learning compared to the current solution hopefully this will also give us more flexibility in terms of working a lot this version of the application because they will have little use of the the same rendering engine engine and the same library the library where some somewhat future plans that work developing improved came driver to support all these different kinds of services and and also it all symbol some but the cash management are there will be a talk tomorrow about something called should this is the build system that is used for building GSM RGS our components US library somewhat various sorts of is also used to build like cross-platform cut cross-platform and what our Android application new future what will actually be built we use libraries well and there's nothing that you're trying to do is including sending data to mobile results show like having too little actually shuffled files around the that is please tried let us know what would serve would he think and here is a link like this official link you can find it and you have to combine will play on let us here thank you
questions the question when I want you to do use of all you it was a lot more 1 the current version doesn't is in a number of so when you add it of of these 1 of 1 of the slides and sexual shows when you added you have access to 1 of 2 holes notes so you can actually particularly old as well but maybe do not have have something to add enough gravity wins this mapping is planned for next question here because g down so In the past these from from what the question how we use all these features that you the it was stored and when you put it back so that the due date of latent demand independent in mobile applications it's not even a star like that the base it's not special that that the bases it was a movement 1 must also be managers marked in the next version that we will use girth not only judicature boxes maybe a special like that of the now the genetics is preferable and then in the more in this obligation has several ways are called this the propagation you can export those duties and was similar the center of of the error as the gap in the generally it's like export-import format is due Jason the other questions how many people knew about this view of you will be dominated from by the beginning of movement from some