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Bait and don't switch: Using FOSS4G to attract bright young talent

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Bait and don't switch: Using FOSS4G to attract bright young talent

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Bait and don't switch: Using FOSS4G to attract bright young talent
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In Norway, the demand for technical talent in our field far outstrips the supply, so when you want to recruit the best, you have to sink your teeth in them at an early stage. Since 2010, Norkart has run a summer internship program where we assign students projects with a lot of freedom in how to reach their goals, and encourage them to explore new technologies. Unsurprisingly, this often means a lot of Open Source software! Some projects end up as writeoffs, some have modest returns, and one has even made a 1000% return on investment... This talk aims to show how the program has recruited good talent, enchanced our image, and given us new impulses that have changed our corporate culture and led to an expansion of our market offerings.
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ch and thanks for coming and he is
a welcome sort it probably not this would come Robert Gordon from Dr. from will but less about the scholarship program that they were on the market since 2010 Thank you to thanks to states you always have to realize that might have some
prestigious competitors there's another room the and the tone was a slightly scary name for a but I hope will see the light at the end of my time with them here so that I will tell you about the summer jobs programs we remember that and how we use of the source in for those of you who were here before that follows from this fall you probably know that about have a where and when he was from the last half of the so this about basically work what was that I cannot hear you know just not always the use of proprietary software from the for the but those things that we were a lot more than that and we made some big changes over the last few years and the term in office is leading the charge that really what on open data and open source but I also think that the summer jobs program with learning it contributes to that change so this is an actual quote from the and the sum of reservations that myself my friend gave back in 2008 and you know the question was where the prosody Norway had the organism Germany 1 I still thought that man out and 900 was the future of smartphones and very few people in England but we knew that much about this in open source of course really care about it there's no would not have been doing prices after 30 years and was in fine thank you very much and some adult process was quite as hot as well basically I had 2 years at the university and I sent an unsolicited
application and you have a summer job was my my friends basically just talk to them under the common and they the Chancellor and you high was on more just given and then just you know get on with which the user clicks I worked on by those program that converted Ipeirotis I used to actually my friend working on I have to sort of our data in both yes so you know it was finally we had a reservation so the forward Gambia little educating and possibly whereas the same and then so this year not so much a problem that we need educated and fast at the ending position some people have to be sent out to get more chairs for the meeting because too many people show up the air and on my friend I was finished at university in 2012 Mobile Hybrid apart and since then always so close to the summer jobs program because I like to have them so have to and now we have an actual process with job adverts interviews mentors follow-ups so this year I was helping to coordinate mind students into the office locations with a two-day gathering of start and 1 thank of wrecking skies constants of the entire company at the end this from the case some major projects are 1st and foremost learning experiences and you have to treat them as the because the way time new ideas make prototypes and get to know people and if the result is a parallel type of fossils on near finished projects again if the result is proved that that approach just doesn't work also great because they have to fight for research in Timor-Leste spent big project with full-time employees and then find doesn't work and no what what you to gain knowledge and fresh impulses from bright minds I can be quite different to tireless to interviews that something that's not moment where you started WordPress as said that the companies are also match in and they based and considering hire anybody they carry them to work on a public forum for a few weeks and then they see how that turns out before they decide on am and so this is the 2nd major factor in our summer job In many ways this summer jobs actually 6 weeks long interview where we're considering you for potential positions 2 years from now this after all the cost of 1 summer job project is almost nothing compared the cost of hiring someone who's and work out so different passed by working out would follow with value you with interest to university and if we have an opening on the time gathering all that but if you go to work somewhere else I don't know the data you know remember you are really Santa then you can the area laughter because both ways it was because you know students get no loss when there are lots of the when we've had both ways I mean some students know jump on the offer once we and that set of tags no thanks the myself working for you but I think I want something bigger corporate modify their uh I myself I mean I would want something cognitive on some of the Lord no big global telecom company they had a lot more swanky offices but not quite the same personal touch eigenvector either way but you decide you like it or not and whether we decide we like the 1 everybody's aware when you get to each other is makes costly mistakes and so classes you get out of a lot of the women money which is nice have also students and Norway's biggest and my totally unbiased opinion as a former student best interesting for a technical sciences that they required to have 12 weeks of work experience before they can write a must uses the 6 those weeks have to to be the most of the relevant to and we can also offer work with them on the basis if they exploring something lines right answer and so the formalities are taking care of you know that's not really important for me personally I felt when I have a summer job the island more during those 6 weeks during the whole semester at university more about what it's like to actually work for a living more about my craft as a programmer and a lot more about leaving OGC standards documents there was also I I generally think of some assumed have a lot of fun when they spend the week the weights working and learning and not having exams at the end so let's talk about the kind of projects that make that text semantics you try do things what is on on the 2 main idea out 1 that they have to be achievable within the time frame which is typically 6 weeks and the 2nd is that they have to be independent of other projects 1st they only have 6 weeks of some sort of you know has this yellow 1 isn't quite as obvious but it's quite simply that you can't do any work in some project that any other serious projects will depend on because sometimes some projects just don't worry about it if like I have to just way and and the other on the other side the reason for this summer jobs projects have depends on other factors getting stuff done because it's the sum of the Bravo listings and slowly nobody knows who's responsible what when that person's away when he during a summer job you have to be at work independently without waiting for others so the best summary projects are held time or single use applications you know shortens we find purpose here we have a lot of success the 2nd 1 kind of you know 1 time and turning tasks that need like I did with the emotions and and you know it's don't time to stand against and that time polishing the projects making nice and better rather than trying to put moment against us with evidence of an identity as an show you all know from experience projects expand fill the available time so I've never experienced summer students not having any of you and in the last week so you might be thinking that sounds like a lot of work to manage students or for the summer however needed because since projects are designed to be both independent and expendable we can give the students a lot of freedom how they do it now the government to get gold project and sometimes we give them a few guidelines about how was done but as a generative started was the son and this goes back to to the time of the year because letting them succeed or fail on their own terms is a strong indication of the highest mark and they get things done how will they were as in future that I would be standing here talking to you about this and if all the last act as an extended interview but we've got a very good start have summer job projects of 2 years many like-minded we were working and running asleep or to actually and see how this false suggesting works and 2 years after that was only in billion times a year the most accurate the posterior much as user and I'm proxy so it was expressed and a few years after I asked the students use prototype web based version of and I'm IOS that we have for municipal markets and they the evolution that maps about the most is used by we now almost half of the original status over 200 regional studies using that much that every day and In 1 1 more ambitious some projects which was only was also talking about during install when Norwegian could data was over we think set group of students working on that in cooperation with local newspaper and they produce a exact form for integrating that data into the local newspapers internet sites basically whose ball walked for how much and everybody goes that and also in this case the local papers and
we want we were the 1st to market with idea so we actually sold quite bit by the likelihood of this nation we have about exactly how much we go got back and for the region where we spent on like this summer students under the marketing and some of the things that 10 back so it always bit like venture capital you know you have lots of projects some the the work of some of them I know OK and some of those you know payoffs the factory and allow you to spend more money on projects what also myself is that effect this is that it gives us something to boast about and obviously I'm here now but you about this but it is also also the last in talking about my work uh putting the region datasets into my and I was doing that largely also the back the work of some students in and basically I to plus 2 follows an again I did say that we use some students uh it now we we we've got about about we think it's good PR for us so we next but we think we've done but you know another way of knowing that on something else that's when competitors started suspiciously similar things and the projects with 10 times on investment I was talking about have native 1 right predators came out with because that was so functionally similar that I would just we don't fast if you article we probably would have had some of the most but we also have a this results in the group without a job of it were a summer internship which I have to say mine lost some job adverts writing living in and and that also can completely cat with promises that candidates will be allowed to leave that fosters and speaking of these technologies mean why isn't there are some problems and that using large amounts of weapons software especially using all I additional suffers suits I just you know proprietary and the masses to sometimes you know the goal is explicitly explored is acknowledged and then you know they don't work but mainly it's just because our students have lot freedom we this is the goal of ontologies you figure out how to achieve this and then it is because the universe was less is what gets and the results in it gets them results in the in the short time span have the negotiating was on proprietary software package probably takes like 3 weeks sometimes and I have this summer's also he wants to spend money on some projects apart from within but most of them in never even consider anything that is in the open source because the very idea is alien to them as I as it is too many of you in this room and that back to some of the things that some mention sort how about I mean how this transition going how have all these projects open source and vector and many of as I said it's helped us make some good hires and not all of those good hires have been if you've been in the summer jobs program some of them are people who where interest in open source and you know it heard we had started turning about around 2 hours of so and they talk to people who have been to the subject much of the it's I don't work for us and and that there have been forced to change even further also this this culture shift is that it's not just know a few things I mean we regard possibly response cost you know and the where we we start using open-source tools when we know that the best to set of nodes by things and I'd say that is also helps us with new revenue streams as ensembles talking about it and this concert was written region Armenia automated measure geographic service which was developed and published in open my colleagues my colleague doctor is talking in the fireplace and like all about project with government which is also the entirely openly and published as open source and the saying I was company in 2000 and that was pretty untenable like and do anything like that I find
our cities you should do it you have been reading and hearing just sort of want to students on the environment and what are the probability that a fraction of the earliest you've done the right the freedom to do what they want as a summer job was that the students it's good for the company and it can really good for your you have to take my word for it mean like this but we do actually have to be this summer job students from coming up conference that and then here because the organizing committee has its own summary for a student job to and so I'd like to to applaud the falsity organizing Committee for it and the foresight provided up and if you want to you want to talk to me a lot of them there 1 right and that kind of thing and you know this them finding and then we can go about this so thank you for your attention things for
diastolic for his presentation as we To have 5 minutes for questions so is there any questions in the room think because yes it said Greg from such Manion culminating now what how do you deal with the failures because of course there will be failures there always are with with with anyone so how do you deal with is how do you make sure that people don't go back to press good good but the end all the levels of fast um the death this is always on the all sorts of things and also world's work at poker yeah yeah models it's not like they're failing have to live like it's really bad product that may I think really only had more or less successful technical projects it's just that it's not the commercial success and and so then I mean under the student deemed there it's a daily you comp then doesn't come back they don't care if it's a commercial success not solvents from that for this but that's didn't care if it's not the Solomon it's not on the small commercial side it that that's it's not the best to successful of yeah no you like like I said that part is working on the center that it's we feel that it did in general and no you work with or environmental environment and we didn't know it's fair it's it's it's a fair thing you know it's just so that you don't have say we don't think do we don't think that this is an initiative of loss the future something that women often nowadays then we get all of this is the space of time and things I don't think anybody goes on the rest the that yeah you talked a lot about hiring students and everything will be fine but in my opinions about hiring the right to students you have any words on that 1 yeah when we do this had this yeah we have 9 students last year we have many students but I think we had when the something that situation and the thing is that and as I'm sure you're aware I feel is actually not so the art of tremendous amount of students in all with the right skill set you know and I have my university that we have made it to you for graduate so how it's been years we've basically hired every student but there is um and has also been years and basically you know given officer of the student body is and this was this is something I I I I think I know more about that in the absence of actin saying and talking with mean part of it is simply the the competitive edges it's not just that we're evaluating students to see if they're good enough for us itself where marketing ourselves 2 students say hey we're good enough for you and here the I mean that is where the company and the people that work in the US I say uh we we don't have the absolute highest salaries in business because that's know basically anything that's the Lord has like you have a solid as you know we we just after the convinced people that were nice this work and the best way of doing that is having people work for us and then they can get what about the it just a question on on the mentoring as you said they come in the summer when people away some just wondering at the actively taught things are the
expected to pick it up on their own well here we have some where we have I mean yet the mentors all I basically the the mentors I've taken from space on the whole it has to have so and then there won't be on holiday more than 2 of those 6 weeks so that they be available and we we we give them I mean now we spent 2 days at the start of the sum of the period because that's not the case and the we gather located at the main office 1 full day of propaganda of you know how they discover years and this is how you uh do you time sheets and this has come to use violence that they would take about 1 9 1 1 and next thing we have to hold a full of of it it's the company-wide DAS come in turn compensate finally all of the on so they get they are not to be part as well so as we do with that at the end of the about but I was sliding as like his best this is particularly true when it when I was finally when I was from if the idea assume the new have thing about company from the fact that it's somehow contributed population that has this which is why when I got my hand on a summer job program I decided to push for probably that thought 1 % we have time for 1 more question you 1 discussion would be uh did you have to do is to the that access to what Montoro like every day or do you like you go them get organized at all or in 10 ask questions and to anyone at any time yes definitely that's airing Sunday quoted recording company value for us is that can generate available questions of I mean that some students know the so you know they're there they can pass a mentor and a mentor implemented as an element has the task and by thank you thank you very much select with high-quality audience they do the group