ZOO-Project 1.6.0: News about the Open WPS Platform

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ZOO-Project 1.6.0: News about the Open WPS Platform
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ZOO-Project is an Open Source Implementation of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS), it was released under a MIT/X-11 style license and is currently in incubation at OSGeo. It provides a WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to easily create and chain WPS Web services. This talk give a brief overview of the platform and summarize new capabilities and enhancement available in the 1.6.0 release. A brief introduction to WPS and a summary of the Open Source project history with its direct link with FOSS4G will be presented. Then an overview of the ZOO-Project will serve to introduce new functionalities and concepts available in the 1.6.0 release and highlight their interrests for applications developpers and users. Various use of OSGeo softwares, such as GDAL, GEOS, PostGIS, pgRouting, GRASS, OTB, SAGA, as WPS services through the ZOO-Project will be presented. The ZOO-Client, will be presented to show how it can be easily used to create automatically dynamic HTML forms to interact with WPS services. The ongoing developments and future innovations will be then presented.
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well OK now young of torque
from general direction GWP assigned and such a way that thank you for coming here today to present to you to speak about project and to give you some news
about of new implementation we may in fact that we have to good school what we did not only in 2015 because it was a very active year for the 1st 4 floors of Jupiter and then made a mistake between forceful geons of object it is because the initial goal of the project was to become some kind of software based on top of 1 its receptor in fact so 1st I mean probably follows a slide showing to you so 1st a project is an MIT excels licenser implementation of WPS we're working on it since the user ID belonging to Southern Night in kept on this there was the 1st font is and we are thinking that we always as well as you are pointing many amazing software but for every software you have to learn how to use this tool on you so I can use this tool and you are forced to love this forms a command line so we think yourself maybe we can put something on top of this library to make it the more abstract and more easy to interact with so all those this is where the europeans came they get this argument homozygous at university attendance that maybe this was this was an and testing in style now because it themselves o issue because well understood clearly that we have to pass a parameter we have to know a little bit of matter that the information about the application itself for being able to understand the software so we encountered in 2008 they say I stink and I and then we got 1st consider doing is a forceful gene into cells Night and as you probably the case on the previous version of the link of most except this year are linked was 1st so when we say 1st frontier and it can be for for dimensionality of all even forceful G your what like it was a case falls 1 that favors so all your much is a theory question number simply following so you where 4 soldiers opening so you look is that we have I noise you know plant was still projection incubation since 2004 and well on most assistant was the information I got 2 years back by Funcom member which was almost of time so it is also a picture about who has the Tiber so as you can see in on this picture we came in the Barcelona always so many
prompted people from Japan where things that blessings as a teacher you have complement ambitions of shift and then verify because when you have banker
and the glass which are in the world which we paintings as a project shift initially in get also idea she'll look and in Q which is really useful and just to Q guys are my children
which can feed which was able to fit in only 1 shot so you have a list of all this is I I suppose that you know only many names and seen
here is that we already have few some scattered inside like think of argument is that there is so the we have commuter so this is a community is a community of developers so that was a new reason newcomer which came 1 year ago or year 1 year have which is the traumatic which is very active on the windows support I'm pretty sure so that you know all plenty of those names for instance under which is ideally actually know noise you like it you'll have a picture of the PSC meeting which abandoned everybody the members of the street just in front of the union of 3 amazing new so will make this procedure in fact we got the few sponsor wants the beginning of a project that will enable them because they have to pay every couple of years so after sometimes they're left but still we have acknowledged that knowledge but maybe even better than money putting money in the software why because already there you might also sees the pointing clearer people which are to walk from specific projects using the output technology and we have is a new newer so institutes on led by which is the university from as you can see of sources of Chinese School of Technology Fund in China subsistence countries along the level at the level at the leader of the Geomagic by and from the industrial will my which was originally lead barrier methods that learn of so obviously Osaka City University which was at the very beginning so you can participate obviously you know energy but you know the mailing list as wavelet project I assume reflecting on which approach you can contribute to a linguistic but this is very easy anybody can help us to at the mall on which support you can implement very easily the new WBS service you can also contribute to the condition and do so in the constellation of condition both which she brought in Donnelly and there as a translation of the documentation itself as being done using
effects so I made some short history about the project and no I want to tell you what is the project about 10 1000 different components which make it very new to make it walking so you have the WPS so what should I use 2 grams of which is a CGI precision application in fact you can even on it from the command line so what will go deep in this kind of talk later on if you want you have going feudalism services that we will see that we have lot of violence and this is already available in our day by means of basic services as any other WPS API which relate Ju implement your services by using JavaScript and by chaining is a serious with each chosen but uh you may say that all the WPS is already giving user can vary the toolchain services together so I would say yes it's give users capability but still you cannot know exactly what is a process which fell in chain if you're using a new user likes XML quest so by using the last week that yeah you liable to and logics inside the training which I think makes a lot of sense as a newcomer is the WPS which was to be which was developed during the public and 1 do you want them projects and which is uh WPS flailed that you can embed in your web application to easily communicate and interact with the WPS-LDA even if there are many using it for those the project by
soldiers in Canada is supporting already WPS wondered you know your and WPS to digital version it is running on a of news markers etc. so windows and that it was implemented in the way we did that isn't condition is see it was because knows you as you wander we notice that some children are attending journalists or right in in and we don't want to force anybody to implement something which is already walking so because the use of software I think it's is the idea of open source software so you can learn a lot from the use of city space services so it means that you can implement your service in of superspace so for instance we there it is that would you have to adjust to words of the dead their market of our problem that translates as a series very easy easily who you have also the photon with support for because we got the 1 with the magician which gives us a photon count and wanted to make it planning on the website of WP service so we did with the support we also observe jobless report which was amongst the central circuits springs but to so just outside it is during the summer but we have also the pitch where I and I am aware that create landmark is working actively shortly on this spot specific and we also the Bellman where Jacobian which Beethoven just skip this so
what the modes of capabilities and in the we have obviously is the capability of a
WPS-LDA but we have added a few smart things like that much of output that says that for any services which is the which is already as an output as you graphing that but then you don't have to write 1 line of code inside your service cut to automatically produce the time WMS WFS of the reduces the Birmingham's that that that you timing and this is I think 1 of the best example of this is not meant the application might mean he's were what some based on logic see which services and 99 . 9 % based on project and here we have a learning a process which is able to compute not the shortest paths but the safest us for bicycle it but you just want to point and then you it go shot sparse by using the city the Bayesian watching library so what is interesting is that you'll be so we 1 1 times the processes established to compute the shot the spots and we have a WMS which can be displayed on the map and so we can use WFS in to display this detailed information about the past what does a 1000 name of that what is the name of the state how long you have to work with this tape and stuff like that and the time we have using the same WFS quest is to create this uh Paul file innovation along surpassed in fact are those of the body is also getting back so that that and send it back to 1 of the process to others innovation model that we simply have asking the seller to user gets feature requests it means that we are using also fails to this digitally quest was a WFS that and then we can compute it is obvious as the the cell itself created so that they can look at as a cell so when use and this gives you requested is faster than if you have to get back to that and send it back once again resource since WPS 1 that's the that's direction is the gets some kind of gets that request initially as in WPS wondered you know that will get status request did not exist we decided to create the seventies which is about to provides the exact same capability Zanzibar get prison they get that users get giving to you so all of fully in WPS when we get the capacity to to define that as a percentage of complete shouldn't of funding the creation of service of owning service and also a specific message this where you gonna define you can show in your web applications of learning about which are not stupidity going down and going up but which is the the following is statutes of the service and we did
that obviously in WPS 1 the oldest of action seduced
by the esteemed compliant because there also more than we expected rewards so as I told you earlier we have some kind of zoo services so boring should in fact the not in 2015 on and you what you have to know is that he has a project we have separated the MIT that the information from the source code itself this would develop can do is work out walk and people which should just want to write down the middle that that can do it on site and also when you when we are requesting from capability of this great processes where we don't have to load inducing inciting them only recently learned matter that the configuration file which simply it and they don't and so you may think that the implementing a service is complicated but still it is not we are simply using a some kind of that the structure to pass from C to a new song which and to get back on this mentally inside the gamma so it is a simple in world so this where you will have always free parameter is main configuration file the inputs of users in the output and as you can see it is not difficult to access the value of an attribute of an input parameter and it is very easy also to sets for the user as output is value so you just have to said there is a value output value you may have obviously more complex service almost well almost on only 1 output and then you have to simply return to enforce this again and if if you've so it's fair that only succeeded and in this case of there no distance so I think we can say that we keep it simple to so I said earlier that we have lost the final and in fact we have moles and Taiwan but we have let's say all odds are good that utilities which you are probably aware became a function and you are also aware that the argued that energy where mixing with each other and natural way out of the out of this this is also so we have some ideas against services but at that time when we have only together and give them services I have to admit that we have to walk still I mean we have to write code of that gives the code from the dead and we implement things would change the way we are passing input from the way we are defining output and stuff like that but the freely who went to a stage where we are using already existing processing and you it's like doing yourself into remote-sensing so all from just from my point of view it is it's a bit different because it is there is no way catalog all reason is you of the middle that the information that you can extract from class j years but still it is not a video you don't you cannot Capello inside the cluster yes but a stool amazing a processing engine you have the ability to ask what is the service is really what does the service is available what does the inputs they are expecting what does the output and what does exactly doing so there we have those would I was this would give as don't you already we can add new objects inside the shell here are some examples of what we can do what we can do the mapping tool but just can't shut is amendment wonder dual of action so you on the
classification of the cost of a majority of the kinds of case and that do we have simply speaking in creating died out of this is another way of sort of some kind of not some kind of of a joyful
online which is also using the chains of already existing towards old you have to then we have newcomer which is individual clients so of Atlanta they produce is something that you can use from your mobile application of forming a web application to interact with WPS so it was implemented by during the public and the project itself and it is based on Aug complete but all and special but they think nobody cares that much of the technology so if you have an example of technology names so you have an example of the of the of the client integration in the public and when the project well you can see on the right hand side of the data and name of fairly silly season of the when you press 1 button you will
have the form which you will appear allegiance give user capability to process this is another understandable station which is available online which is based on a
2nd so as a producer you can learn anything Egidius application we can really do and you we put online a few examples and if you if you are going to be more if you choose the image png Zenit it would actually the thematic areas use lots of hot stuff so those of that that would spread which is the web services this is the same devastation always achieving you have to know that this demonstration with the using of awful toolbox is available Latino as your life 10 fossils this is almost always on was a simplified elevation for inside mapping to the dual which is another sample of and integration is mapping tool joyful and also last 1 the user interface changes need to be and this is the manager of development of then
we're so often 2nd next WPS to integrate the processing inside the couple in a and so you have you may I have some c can be set up which we'll show you what that pattern formation of OJ is that specific area and then we have the sequence x WPS which is cataloging know all about about which is comparing processes it means that forms the catalog in Uganda and processes and get bags of is injected inside the equations a catalog incisor catalog automatically published during inside the same component as you can see it so you have so it's the same get get produces a list of all available services when you present use but only of input and you will that define what is it the best or what is it that the source I want to use to understand then we're so what outages the WPS pretty we would like to move return back to was originally built up with present for the accepted but still we need a tool have something to play with mapping tend to play with the relevant services of the and there in health project so hopefully we created recently published its on undercover so you can think of 0 1 of the new thing is that so we are using continuous and their relation follow Windows platform we are using a video and trade tool Deployment produce new version when no 1 could this provision this year since the is always you know we have to select the solution and they 0 1 was the 1 was the borrower stool generally use your Papazian on makes services basins Israel this thing but finally we stuff just by the readings of due to library so position support it was not really used in the past we had to make some modifications in sizes of can itself and we can know that fossils which are well modes of basic vector operation which are relevant as a service and which are based on a larger library we did exactly the same but using the due to and language so this was a public owned a project I was speaking about which make sources of projects
caliber and so on and so forth but I think you just have to test it on your this is a madman polyphase sparked about what z I would like to to rules you next year in other in fact the signature of 1 was sites that I would like you to come to the Boston phosphogen because I am I am pretty sure if you're well understood in in your mind you come out this conference you will you have enjoyed so please come or some mixture exchange must and also I would like to mention McMansion that's also your than people in even international people out there in the we will organize in amount of money as the next Force up so I hope I can see User always my company IGN as teacher thank you very much Mister portable from your
have we show that we have time for a couple questions if anyone has any I think the presentation was not clear however if just think representation is always have to remarks the first one I was looking to to all students in the original source to the nucleus futures studies and there'll be down finally so they will be able to accept a pull request and we are going to contribute to true because this was there 1st to reduce because we know that the rest of the respective of when we integrate 2nd the output for what was to study new forms of caduceus begins so we cannot see real output is is the time it takes the files to for example so we simply implemented a stupid table display of different and also we did some modification to make certain things could request not wanting synchronously because as we introduce when you have been that because the set that you have to send this as chairman and fortunately so you'll send it and then you wait for the phone and you in it for us in college so we implement everything to make it simply on the condition that it was a question maybe that in fact it was a query which came from this is used to do a project in the underlying knowledge should be citing somebody besides that were widened and you should know the in fact that is still in there which is a research center and false in fact where ICT in Montpellier and they were asking for the temperature to under requests inquiry into use being that like a some guy from good that you measuring 278 and then to get back because as we go to to be is composite of something that that is in the cell so even in the middle of the fortification this so complex things and at the end of and sensitive markers transducers there's no control you work of processes and what used to authorize stress little images of 1 single example file which is if you will excuse me this sort the yes and so you can find it in the G. search 1 who actually introduced to rescue which is basically if frustration was someone that gives it to resolve things here is an example of how to implement it's only when you feel good good infected using is a sort of give a talk which was based as initially and so it was only is this hypothesis of something like this and it was ultimate vision change uh maybe it was not clear would have to be so again just is that you don't have to write what kind of code to get on supplication available so when we say doing this conference that we are building the bridges I think you understood that the project is very very interested in building bridges between every project it is our 1st goal in life and in fact the the 5 minutes uh just with written as you plan to do with the largest distance of those the the beginning the chapter not not no plan not instructions from the user request no I'm just wondering into jersey processing projects which is also trying to yes in fact if you want me to speak about this as a processing engines encouraging yeah I'm thinking do something similar true layer and I wanted yeah mm so I was wondering if I gave you learn from them and commitment from you maybe an hour maybe they just she switched as that 1 from I want so processing engine we're using it as a project as its content like we were discussing with dominant enough that they did not just time which things and that after this discussion then you miss things that that there is no more module anymore to develop linkages OK because that they most specialization to you about what should be and so JS on the form of a statement from where created dynamically so if you think twice and you'll no believes that the inside the is running inside the core of the js then it means that from the display processor can extract on information and belief that you I like the WPS client is doing in fact then it means that they will want to be any development for which a bishop of plot of support of using it to make money during Lunar develop software so maybe it's a 1 seems to know but still I think we can really facilitates the walk by and the reading as a project inside the answers to yeah so it is I think the princess's parking should learn from all sorts of things but for most of you really should integrate is actually interface to the years so that the content of this is that it's not only locally but optimal also remove him what he said right which was in fact his initial regardless of where where where countries because we than it initially to and the rate of this CD can inside modular that's where the ways of some of the things so for so long thank and thank you very much