Development of national spatial information sharing system using the FOSS4G and CKAN, Drupal

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Development of national spatial information sharing system using the FOSS4G and CKAN, Drupal

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Development of national spatial information sharing system using the FOSS4G and CKAN, Drupal
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The Japanese government has begun to create and execute a plan to take advantage of the combined spatial information and ICT technology. From 2014 the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has developed the G-space platform for circulating to collect spatial information of the public and private sectors. I have participated in the development to use the FOSS4G in this system. The G-Space platform of Japanese Goverment is based on data catalog system configured with CKAN and Drupal. We improved spatial information data preview feature in CKAN. We created additional data processing functions for the space-based resources in the CKAN. We did a feature extension for space resources of the selected in CKAN to be displayed using LeafLet . Also we use the GeoServer + PostGIS as a back-end to provide spatial information. Even if the use request to this system becomes much, as can be supported by clustering the back-end system. I'm going to the explanation how we had used the FOSS4G in this system.
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Jefferson coffee no yes and today we are going to have a presentation from the village of our young man he is a senior scientist images special laboratory have the error off I shall she cooperation and today he will be presenting so please after I finished down please open up the floor for questions and he will do his best in in speaking English and he may need some assistance from time to time as well so we can the patient with us so thank you very much to hello there my name is your
which Claremont afterimage above and and the sodium I'm not too good the speaker and the hearing the English and untimely death to the always digit people the 100 0 this fossil association to a bunch of mambo and they're very forceful day especially to put in terms that a group of carrying the meaning do is this association will be upon a member words under the working that communicating in Japan and the working that analyzing compression in 2 doesn't set down
sucking the accounts the Open Data chapter contact chapter and Z and
many companies and governments has and published both the
data was even that and of any of the side of the French and German term this sphere and the adult Canada to call Terry under the door you care unit
that can go down and say that it's a very order on the famous and as it has been using glass satisfied using the C down to the of many of the dataset and metadata easy going on we can think of such a method that directly onto the array of metadata and you resources resource liaison of who did databases or dignified under there is out of not only especially information that not but also in many other parts the data and we that this is the it takes student . pdf that that was about to come off by the the divided it up and do it in the United Kingdom 11th this use of government site 0 if we zoom in on the data is a special of the of strong the In decides that we can such a did not all of the drawing all marked and do this is you know the status quo government's side of the we decide to new
ways of using the come to in this society we can sites you but because it weighs a special extensional under door all of the onset of a special the data and all that map the Government of the
jackpot also began to
make it as such as did this besides using this sequence and did not do you want to be but this is the desired geospatial also also a dual space shuttle but also at the Institute for suicidal the only spatial did decide to Dutch Japanese government has no more if endangerment government sites have to be a stationary that but we counted on the the city such as little of all array of metadata text of that does that prove may grew this that and you know how to use these that for much work but we need to need some was was spatially that but to see it ones I'm not
and it with the government is promoting have presented to you to professional or with the state especially when we're still in power always open and this that and the departments in Japan government the promotion the In this is
the that this is tip of it to
Japanese governments the predictive budget to 2007 Robert 2013 to just as under 20 and or a pixel is defined as many people tend to understand the this the only he he he has the ability to understand
and overview over the
pressure the government around 2 and all organization to all but the elite by creating of foundational system with the fundamental system almost spatially information under construction of the of the 1st derivative into bed strong system and improves 0 these zillions of use of the here in agriculture and forestry and efficiency and have to be this is a local effect the quantity to expand the existing approaches to that use specially measured piccolo 0 abroad but that that is that the policies of Governments is a branch of all about 2 especially momentum from moved by 2 sides onto us a beginning and the use that talk by this branch of upper this about is and where a marked is control rhetoric download runs over this session and of creating the foundations system of especially in the middle of the Japanese Government 2014 to that to that amount of 50 and 15 on ministerial being implemented in time and there are fears and all communications and Japanese governments has developed to assist them the G space about the home of the sparsity of perhaps the it means that usurpation this is different the surface so of such that site of the and and
under this through that could predict the heads of the disease group Gibbs's exist in room and prevent the work and the National erased it all the way home a shown the communications the community and this is basically Stuart Hall or the we don't go the government and that's that's the that's the ease of the private company and the beacon become commonly because a company and the University of Tokyo his who independence best and I did some work although creating a new kind of its ability to use especially in which a lot in common all over open source software industry and that this is 2 year high I worked to the industry in the using the how to use their force for the for for that system
founded DCI under the Ministry and Ministry of around the infrastructure and the transport is preparing meal for and operational but the system the rest of it to you as a user with development for all the things that stand with work prototype and the CEO of DC preparing the operation of the system as the CEO problem you mean home at preparing the full potential of statement and I did that this is the group although association for a promotional infrastructure geospatial information distribution will make what's appropriate so problems of the system and I'm also a member of the and I worked for a publishing with the system would be that ICT the to know
and this is a 1 of the words the law and the group of parts all of these assistance and of course it will that this is the
system configuration and maybe you can understand and in front of and it's a patch and its seat using seeker and they're using to repair the puzzle is the content monuments mental famous content management system and the secret he's like uh to uh cut the rules about and the bucket and its own the use of our maybe you know 1 of the famous 1st full season uh renderings and models the distributing the of the oldest cities you for much data and the sort of AIDS in the other settings you fly that the text and in this case is sort of surprising to a query for spatial extension and those using the postal address care and the possibilities and maybe you know and to seek out the a interface to good error on what was yeah this is of course was funded the system is not the same as that of the body going bind to all of the all of the system that has a much more down the using reflect the that this is a publisher's them up for
using Seagull Seagull as data comparable there was the guy is over but what are the reading Open source data portal but the 1 on the UK government use of years as states government or or any other many of good government all over Europe using that the system but 1 of the correlated here again extensions from some of the spatial data has been implemented in sequence of exactly mimic the last seat directed because it's because it is the extensional extensive spatial on the going it to the homes you you have to regulated due to go exist and that you all and not be as much of the photos of the the the describe the local author of the moon is made each other extensions of function and seagoing existence spatial oral has come to make em not to say that the see kind of about 2 of the space did that especially the dog MIT and do you have implemented so you going use it's especially if you can such to the that it done using less the area was how much time so and to gags at that you'll be you if you can make a lot of flow as a function of their friends if you use it as a set of values this opens up a bit of space and the did the resource is he got to the make up a pair of users as well as a way of doing that and or not under a crank the handle famous do as good a picture of the Ivory using of them in the areas such as comments about that but the bit that hung well and if I could comma severity divided that that the to that you if you use a comma separated by the data the encourage it back and putting it in a bit of AC got bounded macrame views of head with then again this spread it's did up here in our 1 and not the and student is the best but is a you they're using the hunger how slow base map but of all 4 of them the about but as she can exist to GOP all undergraduate here they provide a lot of time maps as a basis this month but this is all approved that systems over
function is that we have extended is the here and improvement the proof preview functional always spatial resources the and parameters of the spatial data processing functional is using good they're all the people from seeking and the improvement is all over the world went up to Obama displaying were selected to the Pro spatial results in the the on the movement of the ability to patches application by selecting the spirit that the product was a product companies and the societal it could has the latest looked only at government did not but there also the private company data such as the productive under the there ability to and if the of people using the site the proof we want to Dubai as such a data from a company Z they can find to us as that of did all but the gist of a private companies that that if you that they want to use is the that that that due to the must pay but but how do that the indicator get such data the introduce DC side you are able to
reveal functional over spatial data the the get back to you about Deborah Amos reviewed that resident data had to pretty financial that you will be you and all word order or the spatial Seagate is it's spatial about that allele has many but and movie for welfare weight the spread of such a preview of the spring only way that we all erect positions is not to say that the do drawings and the added benefit the doubt that case it came later on this yields a song on the that uh Cameroon but and uses so a famous sees to a memory is a bit of a market for he says he and substitute in that is the XML Homer to and the British and do all the time what I did that and uses GSI geospatial of issues to the statistical maps Japanese government provided to and about the data not as background back and next to the implementation of
of a suspicion that processing functional using the who there'll uploads and this is the 2 is effects of that kind of processing and above all of the it then the case that the parameter people to this spread
and even when just over the spatial data how to use a user selective spatial resources in the car
and the but is the current so that the disease and the spread we can use to sort the processing method and specify the problem and the therefore of processing and the executive but if we we can all get really critical get executive processes but some of it data now it the good data using the processing that we have a have must have a very the time the waiting so that is not a good to fly using such as a web application so all the people who so to it will start to think that it is a cute and the tendency can government and do the story there is evident invoked Web Repubric directory 30 over the set this way of process is all the background of better bets processing and the 2nd is result the URL by him made to the user and the using there open vessel the you on your and the data the trees the fly there are no longer so the sum of any area the to use as extended in extreme commanded about US in soul the user is waiting for these are 2 the
good reason to talk about the results using the uh the e-mail and the next the improvement is over the Web up to over displaying selected the prior to the order of space in the city and this is a little this braille was a little map uh Hebrew British when we are using a regret and and this is the this is uh this
spread over the city government's economic datasets with the displaying and maybe you you have only to know this Japanese is the 1st and of the this will yeah Adam up so of true that there is a resource that has a lot of Muppet addable bang onto another political
resources has notable have met by the so called data type of the thing do so some of that the title carry out of them up but there
is a local the wt to demand so we can't the middle of the standard model of maps clicker Adam up and it's an open and they might not be not people
OK and so and made is
out of the keyhole to just publication by a set of things especially that proved to is a private companies summing over the private company in Japan have sorry observed spatial data such as a satellite images has the power to ADR fall to make the measurement the debate that cannot begin to remove the and so the the point is always a mobile phone log this already and you can find them the other side and the ego is omega ProcessApplication said and this is the bill was such as to select
where you want and do not make a I don't how and they got a student major you can on the future problems we're
working on the drawings of public Oboler system pose a problem but the CIA are November and it is also a variety use painted over the private sector in the stem and we're trying to the improvement of procurement 0 display all we observe that the body has very by that but he's because with the type the end of the day come about object to this community and I want to really lead to the talk about accuses and can is a wonderful program toward the the sea camera in the killed the
I think you is all abilities and the induced fit well using the DC
depriving drunk used to seek out and direct to the connecting the kinds of concepts and
we can using less sick that they're using
accusing of Q. This is the directory all as saying you this is an excellent through in order to use such a by victory puts 30 both sides secure
why you up patterns of whether any
questions can right I don't filter of each end user or can get formant spatial data is a file or some service for something goes from your system the performance of former to go going on didn't want to download from Saddam you know this is the kind of view any format to kill you put on the download of all divided and then we can provide a lot of printing little food using the if you want to know about the government has doubled this kid might do this on a time as the title the and will sees it so long we extend about 2 4 people who want to number you want to do is the law did you see come from the induced over until 7 0 of devil's sick can have the right of Figure have you of fragments of being is well-funded outcome of the of the overall model to flow from a system of Ontario are there some other ancestry so we put this in december and that this is destroying the friday of some of city and do this view and of those who are not doing fine I use it but don't premise is able to find this is uh uh with the Sybase web services and to the unobserved and so we can we then the key to to
move to cook on my we do on was the
and finally the treaties dataset and removing the dataset to have to
yeah so 100 results on the this is the devil and this also
on pyrazoles sold well 1 bit that's at the heart of several of the total bit by the some of that there is a fire some of that there is a strong push and using less the Jews up onto the booster gonna have a has a gender MIT results of the light and not to the EU do some the the others had but the rule of the source of the Greek overloading many a kind of all the data a analysis can start a serious you hit him 1 more questions so it's uh and right with the files file storage due
services storage was generous donors AJW storage not common active use something change you need loaded it's not very rare common storage for each data yet and also to their own other and run in and and on the other hand country to the and more money management this summer because is the data is heavily we than the middle of the 1800 s with changes but if both of them so some of them remained problem on other side no but maybe the sometimes happens in the structure of the narratives but I think it was this document and with the story of a lot of good that's using the behaviors of some sort privilege yeah if hi how many additional questions no this is this the high will ask you in English here that operate in the 2nd of begin ministry low for dinner i m of i mean a provider of the data and unlike a company and I want to put my data into this platform what should I do our OK all this this of and you of the put picture is you want to put you edit that in the system and to carry Monday this site but under the so in but it is not to ultimate resistance you can not amenable to much coregistration so that you a message to the reader managers and if the value of the sync up OK and you have a good amount of also of this all so you you can resist the you that here thank you very much you cheat and you you will see