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OL3-Cesium: 3D for OpenLayers
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OL3-Cesium is a Javascript library for adding a 3D globe to OpenLayers applications. Concretely, a globe is created and synchronized using raster and vector data from the 2D map. This is done without plugin thanks to WebGL. This talk is a general presentation of Cesium and OL3-Cesium. We will compare OpenLayers and Cesium and demonstrate how a 2D map can be enhanced with 3D. Current stand and work in progress will be discussed, both in Cesium and Ol3-Cesium. This talk is for anyone interested in 3D with OpenLayers 3. Come to this talk if you are interested in new ways of presenting and interacting with your map.
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welcome everyone to the treaty tracts of this conference where we we see a lot of impressive feature and also and perceive the itself from our of video cards a it's like being kept this so this track
uh 40 conference like a dessert or just make sure that we wake up at the after the guidance because this will be also so stay tuned for the whole the the whole black but to cover also would be regret our 1st presenters Guillaume uh from can get will talk to us about the integration of the cesium library will be open OpenLayers uh some library that we all know about John and all and
in the parable you and and what we see it is young and 1st a bit about me I am not fan of software engineer came together and the main developer of or young man of his manager and contributor open and free and cesium then you can find him and he does the hello on the bottom of the connection there is believed to be seen in the slides and things can so be had enough of this event that share his 1st all look to the characteristics of open free and the characteristic of the template receive at different and what what what if it's hidden and In some showcases we want to for that now it's it's a good time to to do well in the end you ought to be that the picture of of what we we want to do so that everyone
knows about open history of the world is flat so and this is some open stream of now and it's just that and some some of them rattles layers on top of each other so there is at the bottom of some some some OpenStreetMap and then over a and what is nice
about the various and argue that it supports many projections and so you have that down the but when you are looking out and then you have a rotation you can rotate so what you're seeing something you see that there are actually all examples but I under on the on the screen of the same resolution and this is quite important and indifference leave free and it's a flexible library these really Internet history and we obtain demise and the goal is to have a decent graphics wondering but that really the what is that really an
not all the so for suggesting the want is a realistic 3 scene and then we have a different point in the universe
and in uh unfortunately only supposed to a few predictions on the market on and on that so that's the program and the reference is an ellipsoid is the GPS uh it's going um it brings a new dimension that is found in mention at least young and that consist of like during Asturian on top of this and so it you can have models in its mission of triangles with textures and you can cast the light in the shadows those but new features compared to what you can do it into the rendering is the based the web you know and the 3rd the customer renderer randomized and it was only 10 forces in the sixties need so there are challenges an you have we have a lot of 2 D data and then from the left to the vector and we want 20 these 3 vector of of of voting for 3 and the answer C. we we do it for you it will know about and and the but it is shown that in the face of the terrain and then it will it will be a student all that up on the duress and it's complicated because actually during his as many reservations medieval over many them rather than chance at any time you move inside the them change so every time you need to do to and just as the victory the joint so this is just east west approach taken for find and the nature of that walk around and the 2 year after only it's nice again Draper on and but the less when the the stock is very steep and away the that is to do that and you are missing something and it acoustic and consumer at the boundaries with a possible reason because you want laughter you want building maybe you want bridges you want to other the trees and to be realistic and it can be but instead of the user walking programs about having a freely time and this is something that is progress but something I walking and you so the present invitation from gated ungated there 11 yesterday um so 1 problem is that it's it's a lot of it is it it it it it a lot of resources because it was good to go to the border with have so you are always the 1 and the fact that when under the presence of the UN it is that of the FIL so this is just the programs and what is the coefficient is the library to have both most operators rate and the American League each or and synchronized and the goal is to write the logic of application on new ones and that is used in for today in near and fall from the in the for the bias in the finally once in the in the in barrier format and it just translated to free that is so the Committee for like you will receive all whether all pattern but all of that we don't have to know and you can share our clear improvements with the community is quite important and then in the the easiest way to collapse free on to you what do you do operators for indeed because well operator application anyone reading the injustice to you this project and what to do about you can have it In fact you can have something to do with it will period and you can switch freely something and come back and then that's good but interesting possibility that it brings so literally that office again with Britain brings the dimension to your mother to watch what and to do with your application so now that to 2
of the rules about the real applications better are in prediction non proliferation now so the 1st 1 is the collusion trust Logan and it's and and the condition about out or you can again the and I to to move by the uh excitedly and the nineties so year only those small let you see the bigger so
uh yeah OK so here we are interested in this a it's about you are a uh they tonight you all points yeah you have to rest the clustering invisible things it's better you have a restaurant um by dies hero inserting the tracks but in the and you want to have the so if we could to French we have same it is our goal so we can see that we have lines on the during even
long and is not supported by a few but really we have an enduring and we have there is the size of the rest of that object and the 2 and we have some as we have means the clustering and the clustering of the liberties but you can maybe that is no more at the end there given that current my the and and I was
in my what here and OK so we
we can see and well
so this is computed with the with the and and so you to get that you have the is the thing and that it's really and means something different and for these kind of application that is out the earth and we even wanting it's we have something the patterns so
the promise of additional we have a custom trend is feasible uh during various retail and you see it but actually the rest of the that have different projection with 2 sets of arrested 1 is used in the budget for billions it because by that and we have a long life uh sent forces you end up in this we can we can evolve into the environment we don't notice that these 2 different sets and so we have you have vector clustering in instead of arresting clustering like we had into the but I'm just saying functionality that differently free and so it's optimized for diffuser and that means that we have to do it and you see that there are that it it there was some slowly and as a as a time that are far from the viewer or are we uh which we used 100 so that we can handle a lot of users and then we have something to do weights and now I don't want to edit the consumed every resource and there is nothing to do with them so we have these 2 you can you can draw the the content and form of 1 and tools finals expressions of and yes there is the work of 1 finds interest for any of these applications to walking running is simply to and to put the the line in the we freely coordinates and this to be out of the box is broad to free needed to move into the employer so In order for its feeding forwarding with coffee and you have dimension and its use by the so that the more I already did and there
is someone that is those who and it was presented by gibberish yesterday and here you can see it's a simple even volunteering and it's as if it's under ever to exist into and already and it is said about the quality of the what where the western and colligative energy it ends in that in in the small we're told a web falls inside the little part will end up in is a small river but you can see the thing to do with the information I think it bring something so for that you I mean what we want to that uh the application road traffic into the and then is at the request of the use of a queen bring uh 3 that we will only download cesium suggestive when the you on something and then we will instantiate were freedom of 1 is so the goal is to minimize the atom Fernandez to deliver it to the people that we need that we need the Ministry of Science and later we can see now there are some work tool to integrates freely type and in buildings and bridges in the duodenum and only the assume and for these 2 worlds that you in the it was restricted you make an avalanche and when and they the if that is the thing that takes and the later that's right into the in open data and it would come from this in some way to to get it to him in a free and there is a different process that a difficult thing then in in the library that you can provide your house and and the these you can for example have arrested into the but if you want to lecturer earlier in the and each we do this for you you can number of different edge-detection here can you can you think of this and that is the credit inside the library instead of having to to maintain complex what I like about 31 million years many things as innovated Weaver new way of interacting with the data that you are in for you on the lawn thousand view and you can even be on the jury and I think it's quite a quite a nice as a user perspective and citing and we do the demo later so so this is a
stressful holiday again and it's about the trade off sometimes I should be doing can quality and performance and so we say that we and we use data clustering for free time and the reason is that the qualities much better do you have the same boards are part of that is you can easily create uh is this quantity and just some duties and is instead of millions of rest to generate and so forth from old that I think is quite the board to to to add and the issue of a million that citizens so it's a bit more involved so in this case is that you wind up with quality and you will we've performance you will question and went and is nice but sometimes is not the case and here we have the following so we see is that is it is important for me is that it's the choice of the application you don't have to do this in the better and you may want to do is prove to save memory because if you want if you don't use the father and the ridges thing you would have simple effect and cooperate with except that affects only of the distance and you don't you leave it there is no need for these so it's quite interesting to read you the quaking these case and you improved performance and things like that that out here
so I need to know I would the
general OK so now this
is a due in and we already and going like we
develop a new which and the if I think you know I by into and what I'd like to these events you have these little In the big man and you you can that you can put it somewhere where you want to do the hiking and very well
uh what would I see that if I go to the to this
and then and then OK now you are the ones that doesn't contain uh let's turn that had left and care rights as
many as it with and with I can
trade with fact that with the and in now I think it is being
something different than what we used to I don't know what we can really do it and in the same what can we do with this we we can do it but since it's here and everyone i think about what you can do with this the an OK
so then as we sure that
was the idea for the future and then I will show a bit more about in international and is an amendment the anything that's in news so under desk in we use always the from the needs the energy there is something that you want to have for me in the German and can develop with and you can therefore come to us and ask for for part you vote for so we I should some work around about line on Duane about using 3 D coordinates with reasonable but in some time it's not worry what will the unit is the pretty well what you want and incision there is called the of that are a bit like behind that use it that it is in which the images by the pixels on the screen so this wall on you and so we could imagine it uh somewhat run using this and he's actually of these insights as you walk around for from Boston so I think it should be a great tool to have this sort of thing all it is young I showed about the freedom that talkers during using an external project but I created so there is a link inside the site and in but now I think it's in the right to edit interested in all of the situation so that the the mechanism and is it because of the vector and it's generated so that you are you are using it operated which if it's running on the server and you pre-generated or some and then and then you can consume and that maybe in some application including grant methods In January generated but the client that's easy it's consumed support to the entry and here we wish to against the rest of that I want to be in 1 0 2 0 so use our vector that are to me and we just didn't have dialog funding to do these operators free supports the plants of the projections and that's quite nice we say that we you need to to have 2 2 different datasets and because of the limitation of the prediction and 1 this feature from open free and end the client side the the reproduction client site so I think it would be really great and initial but there was also some of the some experimental out they consumption should find the Sun but even in 2 D and an extra degrees of freedom so uh maybe when he won buildings and you don't want to of water and because it's expensive in it would be great to have some something walking out of the books about x trading things from 2 OK so before
the science I want to to show so this is a massive view is is similar to what I showed you life so you whether the trade you want to to to to to be on the mundane and
you can also imagine that in the later half of his life and want to the security and just database man and you put it in the house and and every individual you are inside the house and it's like looking at for the for the window and what you see from here and so here you you see there is a move the part of the roof and we are as we have seen from I think it's interesting in that 1 fact it can do do a thing like this and it it's a bit
about the projects of the project is on the tablets an opening project and then and there there are in contact with Internet and their since last year in the field the project exists for change form country is already and this and we have a 14 contributor was that of candidates the things going on so thank you for your attention and Thank you and if you are a Christian and that you're right this thank
you very much yes we have time for 2 quick questions about just over a small hints of this 3 D it was very useful for us to where are moving to new flat we're looking for a flat and now we have children so it's very important for the full-form from my wife or the
work in the log in to to to be able to move around and that's very important to have good through the use of you will follow where instances business questions and thankful that you're much uh other questions did you
have a variety in cycle about 3 times I'll give you the time so often this is in the investigation of effect it can find it on the on the website of
the and and he's complex thing so you know you need to to the and the document that is shown in the of things but in fact it is parade marginally in the with the factory reworking this to you so but here it's usually infinite time periods in the newly this feasibility that and have that we have for the time being but you can see it on the replay of of the present the patient and you know we're it is to pretend it's each winter indirect and yes I think it's it's important for the future of the German to mean everything we want to have a pretty the question was great will take your image you