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From a Knitting Podcast to a Geospatial Meetup. Building community to share your passion.

Video in TIB AV-Portal: From a Knitting Podcast to a Geospatial Meetup. Building community to share your passion.

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From a Knitting Podcast to a Geospatial Meetup. Building community to share your passion.
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Community can be a place for learning, sharing, and commiserating. You cannot deny the importance of face to face communications, so how do you find people in your area to talk about geospatial? This session will focus on the challenge of building community around geospatial technology and the lessons learned from podcasting to running events including ignites, camps, and day conferences. Boston has a large and strong technology sector within its businesses, government, and universities and yet, it is sometimes hard to see where geospatial fits into this community. This session is for people looking to start a meetup and people who are new to the community and interested in how to find community in their area.
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hi everybody has a going up yes excellent optimized you and from from a company called Applied geographic at GEO in Boston and
I convince them to send me here so I could talk about community and this is also that that
I I I find that this topic of community and
building community is actually a very very large 1 and I don't think I can do it enough justice in 20 minutes so my talk is going to go pretty quickly and then hopefully people of specific questions the things I can help out from and then I'll start using to what questions or issues you have you're having with your communities and see if I can make any suggestions from the things experience so far and you know hopefully we can learn something together and so yeah I know about level up that again if you would like to know if you have a computer open or web are a phone your mother wanted to go over this whole presentation is that linked to from DOS that link actually stolen from Sarah somewhere she I saw that presentation she didn't up those brilliant new . link neural for all your stuff who goes from leverage so my
name is you know it sounds like Peredo it's not Guido stomach-churning clear on that my professional career has been doing a geospatial technologies for about 10 years or so currently as analysts apply geographic and I'm also the coach here for the fast the Boston 2017 and also the founder of a local media group called Avagio that gets together monthly sort of right now with the with the preparation for the phosphor due 2017 I've been putting my attention other places shockingly so it's nearly every other month January and but I wanted to let you know you know so that's what I do professional Inc but an occupation I also I started in knitting yield a while ago come and I like to idea had admitting podcast and that these things all beat up to this phosphor G ending up in Boston actually you case realized knitting crocheting that is what that directly led to foster g in Boston and right now I I did start a podcast for my own pockets for Boston for geospatial boss for G on NXT I hope to do in the next year share with everybody what the story is of trying to get a false for GE off the ground with you know weekly or biweekly updates of what could need bamboozled doing and what kinds of things were thinking about and hopefully we'll get some feedback to the community and I make the event better that way so the reason I like to
do the community work is because I want to go to these events I'd love coming to events like this meeting people about my fear place to be is actually not here or even in the seats I for a place to be is in the hallway and that makes me very happy is to spend time meeting people in the hallway and having conversations about what people are doing and what you things I had to be learning things I can be sharing you know that whole interaction is just exciting for me and level up so a while
ago I was playing warcraft world war craft theory of the types that I was spending whole
weekends playing world war Warcraft and I realized that planes video game that is based on the premise that you will learn things from used by spending time learning things in my learning I mean hunting random animals or collecting rocks from different places you would eventually level up and you know that was great and I realize 0 but I'm playing this video game all week and I am now not leveled up in my actual life at all so I realize that and I took up knitting instead think I know that's what everybody does after world war craft and I'm sure so I took up knitting and I found this community of people who are making out crafting things and building something that is tactile and everybody to see so it's really exciting because I spent all this time in the by professional career doing this stuff that nobody will really see because I don't do matter actually do data and data clean-up and nobody really wants to know that I figured out how to do 1 line Python statement that will filter all sorts of information but without having to do 0 if then statement it's very exciting for me but for a lot of other people they really don't care but they seem wearing a happily you had how did you do that and you know that I really enjoyed the tactile part of that and so this led to the being part of communities of people who said that together and and that led me to being a podcaster and starting to share my world of my view of the world with thousands of people actually across the world who would chime in and let me know about what they were doing as well and so there was a lot of fun and that led to me going to an uncovers well podcasting called pod GM and as it turns out unconferences 1 where you are and that this term is is now no longer the the current talk term but I'll use anyways you are a rock star when you got on on conference you have the ability to share things with other people much like a regular conference I'm except that you don't actually have to like you would have time just show up you say 0 I I know about this and people are asking about its well we just put on the schedule not ensure that it was very empowering events for me and I don't do a lot of other UN conferences and found that this community of people who were also creators not needing craters but concentrators or other types where was really empowering inorganic to the point where I was like you know maybe I should do something else so I started a guild and so this is a common cut regular logo but I was president for 4 years and now they've been around for almost 8 years and I'm pretty excited because I have nothing to do with anymore but I get to go to the events like I said that's how I really want to do so that yield eventually WID thinking you know I really need to do something more my own professional community size hard running these are spatially events that November have been to and ignite
event there also the presentation the picture could just was gets it wrong I know I'm sitting around but anyway this a really nice it correctly Japanese on attached I think it so the this is 5 presentation and you have 20 slides you have 15 seconds per slide to tell a story and it's really wonderful I experienced events you actually do it once twice and you sort of get over the fact that the slides of discussion moved here be talking in nearly something you will pop up and you have no control over it's wonderful because but it like to focus on the story and let's learn about presenting your actual point forces presenting the details to think a lot of you will get really stuck on the details so anyhow I started running these events the spatial indictments once we had enough people coming to these events and they were if I especially in Boston we get between 100 to 200 people show up time and it's not all just spatial talks and the people who show up are not all just people who were interested in spatial technology there the larger tech you're like 0 there's an event in lot of fun and you know it's 5 is a 5 minute presentation so it's not too much with investment and alright with that so I continue level up and some Member pointing out so we started work graph as leveling up I've now level that through the fiber part of my my love my game and now in in the spatial part of my game and this is what led to the immensely running a little conference starting a group called Avagio which is meetup group and then events that led to the convent I've had to date conferences and in connection with location tech toward so there you go yes and it and those are really great events and so were and this is the logo while 1 incarnation of Avagio and had really multiple names it's really hard to explain I'll tell you over beer and boat and that all his ballot
to foster G so now I fully leveled up into an international conference and it's a little freaky and scary and wonderful so next year out of Michael Turner is in the back of and 1 i bosses and I are will be cheering and then working with a group of Committee of folks who will represent academia commercial business open source community excetera but were just really pumped about it and so we're here part of the reason I'm here is actually let people know that it's happening in Boston next year and you should come and I'll show you fish and stuff and if you win at bingo and of you have bingo cards and there's a lot of cool Boston related prizes so just let you know so
the challenge of the challenges as I see it today from from my perspective because everybody sees different challenges is
adoption and this is I was leave applying a conference earlier this year and we had snowed was the keynote speaker and he was by this is talk he's just saying that in order for leverage or free and open source projects to be really use and so to to make an impact you have to have adoption people have to use this and that means the next year I mean and also opens up to you guys next to you need to bring 3 other people to you to the conference like you need to continue bringing people in bringing people in onboarding has lost a term for this but basically that of the current is Austin we just need more people in more users because of we of users only have need and these things go you know keep
going getting bigger so I'm sorry say we're not spatial start without special we are spatial not special thing that I got away from the when not special and I I I bring this up as an adoption issue because really we are part of a larger technology community and I think there was at 1 point this idea that geospatial or GIS as I the original version was like the special bubble of people who do the special things related to making and related to analysis but I don't think that that works in more and I think that as really has only and bot GIS the word or the letters and and good for them as you asses geospatial we're part of a larger you know creative people who do web things we do database things and we don't limit ourselves to just this little bubble that that tells us you know just geospatial from information systems which are not even sure that is anymore really geospatial so we're a 1st class citizen and all other databases as geospatial not as information systems you know and the great thing about not being special is actually that were not alone anymore right so we're not we before use things like POS stress and post posteriors that means that we can also talk to people who were doing things with sequel and then can they can tell us things that make our data and our process and everything else go faster we don't have to keep inventing new tools that because they the other tools that exist that help us along the way to get where we wanna get to so long with geospatial it was very interesting GIS and particle special bubble where we only need to know half of the select statement that's over now so I wanna share and hoping out of if you to the organizers of what the make up of the group is to do that you is a show of hands can use raise a hand if you actually do some organizing you're town there are on using also so he's 1 share with you some lessons learned from from my experience so far and then like I said about how we is I little but I want you to look at 7 minutes I so I had over quickly through this and then seriously web allotted to have a 5 minute conversation with people the room OK so the biggest
important thing is consistency community fries with consistency so if you have a local group that you're trying to get together and try to make sure you get together every month or every 2 months just whatever it is make it consists of people know what's coming and the same is true the communications setting evil monthly to such people know that you're alive and that the community is alive and people feel comfortable that they trust the community because it's consistent and then finally collaboration don't do alone I do alone a lot and that's just the wrong way to do it find other people who will help you with your your projects in communities to keep them going and being consistent because so it's a headache if you try to do it all by yourself I just saw this great presentation from state of the map US in Seattle it was about by Bethany relaxation to map time persistent maritime about how you know without other people this time would have gone nowhere on so here the different types of events that I have thrown so I have some specific us are events and groups that work with the work done so I some specific suggestions and
I'll just go through the quickly so they ignite and the funniest thing PPM is go right to the bottom here PBS so if you using you know people Microsoft PowerPoint which it's not that bad I don't think anyways on that all you have to do is change from ppt the PPS and suddenly it's it's no longer uh editable presentation it's now just a presentation that will start running for you and that's easy so much time and energy because everybody looks for the FI but in an hour have people don't know if but is and it's all it's all these drama that nobody needs if you're running at night events where you only have 5 minutes just to the PPS variance so you can see the other ones my slides up online trying through quickly made up the cause they have seen about or the coolest they have seen other people's lives is making sure that there's always a fight Introduction to the group for even if you know already in the room by doing that against the consistency thing letting people know what you're sort of mission statement is and what you're up to N Y that people should continue to come to the group I think that was really a really good thing and camps unconferences this 1 really it's about empowering your community you need to get everybody to be comfortable with the wiki and start building a conference schedule on speech between later if you want more actual details about the speech the stuff and the day
conferences are you'll notice is that the in between this and perhaps because these are much bigger events you really need to build the team to the area people were super excited about it that the 5 minutes sign so
it's a variant here but here are the things that you should be thinking about space e-mail survey program and skip that who had but finally
don't forget to have fun and I think a lot of you will get very 10 so that like they're like is programmed in the fund is gonna work half the time some of the events and i've put on don't work the way I wanted them to but they're still really good time and people have a great time and learn something so that's all I was actually going forward to the fact that you know things went over or you know I only have 2 minutes left that was OK and then for the bingo players others very quickly to decrease the thing cast was the thing you notice the thing upload here's the thing as the thing is sir isaac thing interesting is being being ISO 19 1 that 39 is being I heart Oracle by our XML power Haji about how sequel I heard cargo DVD I heard I hot whiskey that's actually very true I got CVS pharmacies and I are big data and because big data don't over this expression I love it so much being there like that of the effects of sex in high school everybody's talking about it but so few people actually know what it is but you were
listening now it's my turn and I I I will look for 2 years and questions and getting some conversation going in these 3 minutes i have left the thank so did you get you know I know you're waiting for possible and have a copy of a history there I called so many
questions the thought serve alright let's full yes please thank could is always on how would you you talked about adoption but specific strategies to increase adoption may be particularly for women in our community right so I have so coming from living community have very weird relationship with the the gender Tobias question I very much empowering but at any rate for especially for women that was alleged start with adoption period right so that the real issue is show people get them over that 1st come that's really what comes down to if you just sit there was major show them how to open up huge and how to do something that they were there really was no more than not you know would do some very basic mapping or even 100 dB which and love teachings carry believes it's 5 minutes and suddenly you have a map on the web so that really goes a long way as soon as you will realize it's not such a huge role that goes a very long way to getting adoption and and then the other thing is bringing people into the group might bring people circumferences major there that everybody knows that the constant happening and especially you know encourage you should be encouraged people minorities women all all folks who feel it may feel that they're not being included you should let them know yes you are included and we need your voices because you make our community better by sharing a voice that helps people did you actually mean condition can could have I'm item at previous deserving careers apparently that is that is the way that that you s a 7 parts of the world right they get the right if I could get nice yes yes I'm interested in your space e-mail survey program that some which 1 yeah space you may serve a program but the reality adding in this system you know you know about space mean and the best spaces for meetups so right there finding public spaces being so spaces from hotels very expensive not worthy of finding public spaces I I I'm very fortunate to live Boston we have like 20 universities right there and universities tend to have departments that have something to do with geospatial or and this is actually the the 1 big trick is just think about the other people who don't know the geospatial so there are people who are their companies with IT departments of their companies with projects that they could be using geospatial from finance to insurance and those people have all office basis as well and you know maybe may only be a 1 off that only user once but at least you have a chance to sort of get them included in this is part of the IEEE adoption is you start at the blowing people know that yet it's really not that hard and it will add value to your business any other questions the excellent and so that I could share all that with you and thank you for coming out and have every day