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Challenges of indoor mapping formats

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Challenges of indoor mapping formats

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Challenges of indoor mapping formats
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New data formats for mapping the indoor spaces of buildings have been appearing lately - the shift from Autocad files to BIM systems and the adoption of OGC IndoorGML should mean a better standardization of the data. The reality from the trenches is somehow more grim - indoor mapping data is still in silos, hasn't seen any big breakthroughs in creating and editing, and most of the challenges remain. Sometimes a format or specification covers a very specific and non-general use case, and sometimes the generality of a format incurs in a great overhead for every simple use case. Sometimes new concepts are really old concepts from a different industry but with a new name. This talk will review what's good, what's bad and what's ugly with indoor mapping.
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cold so this is challenges in mapping formats uh basically working in Norwegian company called me is what we do our interacts so this this December rumblings what what I think of the form from and then talk about games and would develop this feeling and will stay the if you are like 30 years old you have played this game it was quite control skills especially in Germany because it was the 1st thing ever to feature Nazi soldiers in those bands and and only that's still true but I'm not here to talk about the theme of the game and 2 lines here to the boat in and the technology of the game is gaining was not the 1st to feature great tracing which is uh something that goes back to 1 year before and that about 3 dB says there was actually a 1st person shooter first-person should ever and that 1 of the 1st implementation of the 1st but 1 of the 1st implementations of recasting so if you look at the data model for these game this is the 1 in was in is just the 64 by
64 bit there's 64 which is of cell Rastas at you know what roster it's and you know you can do Mapes maps with rosters this was actually a rational map on the recasting technique if you know it consists in clude casting a ray from the I discussed array history direction and you measure how long until that Grey hit a wall and the point where it hits all wall defines did texture then you're going to use for diabetic align injury mainstream and this easy to and meet later in a couple years later 94 there was this game which is right so the triad these gaining implemented and the 1st elevation techniques as he if you look at this crucial closely you will see in some of these platforms are more limited than others so the data format is just the same roster but with more items with an elevation and next is
due to hand them to so what is common in the years later 1983 and 1985 respectively these were a beach and jump in the terminology of the 1st person shooter games they had a ground incineration you can have stairs you can have high ceilings low ceilings you have had to have lifts uh Fulton enemies in their shapes as you can see in the in the video that completely regular
before it was all square and placement greed so the format will 0 no yes so the deformity is actually a vectorial it's a vectors and this is all a screenshot of a variable it's for this is the kind of features that were used but can they not really but what different user-friendly this is 1 of the most uh recent ones which helps a lot more when it is uh in doing the data format is vertices 1st thing you do join birds is wind Langdon then those plaintiffs are speaking to and you sectors of securities a set of clothes greens off line therefore of cited that's it you know and you make the rings with lines you then you make the rings with sites and then and now with France and then splits those sectors and subsectors that the algorithm gain from doing was something called binary space partitioning when you that the doom up there with and that was started growing and growing season lines which the where it's depleting the space if you have something like a sector with that an another uh sector that only with whole that women with that with and will start splitting lines and we make subsector some portals between those subsectors and that these will be insanely fast this is the etymology transverse these BSP tree for this energy so much faster than the recasting it here you will see a backtracking algorithm in action did that with him will blow up by depth the search will render walls we go back to the start node and will keep rendering that the 1st and do all the same hasn't rendered with the recasting you should be doing a much less efficient search this set the OK then comes and you click on a couple years later you and was also quite a leap in technology it uh it was the 1st thing where you could look up and down I'm not counting destined to be included hands without it nearest you go public and sectors and you could modify the game map on the slide if you have a look at this video closely you have not use the elevator view it the sector and it's moving across and the BSP tree of what is going to render is being modified as the sectors move around so whenever you destroyed some center in scenery actually modify the tree there is the war was intact you link to render it and you will get to search what is going to be rendered behind the wall because the wall is there and that the between there's not into the but w civil war it was not a very big improvement about the depth of it added something which was interesting to note which is voxels objects in games or not sprites face the the camera office in the eyes of the user were actually objects and you could run around and would take different shapes if you notice the admin demarcating Islam but that did not to use a subset example voxels being used to improve the few things over the years you defending that not a lot it was not set to be shipped in unintelligible terms then came the beta sheet which was quake of from 1986 I guess so you know this or a quick to quit was the 1st SPS to have a true 3 D not just 2 1 2 1 5 3 all the games that up to a point where 2 . 5 it's said good noting that this is completely 3 and not business sectors and you can just see that at the top of the region the bulk of the beach at the same time from the same camera this was not possible introducing this quite a leap in technology it also uses um it's also uses BSB but not with lines but with planes is the space of to the space uh of the game rare pre uh calculate some data from the entry complaint and instead of drawing sectors dewdrop convex polyhedra which are solid and then the game makes the negative space that you can walk in red the and this is how it looks right you draw the blue and red states and the other is in the text which is inside and outside and makes uh file with only things said data and complete this keeps the outside this is the this is being done with DSP technology since since thinking has left from 18 this was uh evolution and not in technology but in the story telling great is the the freezing do not have Emmanuel explaining why what the game's about that game itself gave you the whole environment of why you winding these featured most textures
in the form of that goes and a lot of by finding a I do so quite being was braced for the past find out with sensing pairs games that begin is just full astray the Jews in life actually place to be this AI nodes around and the algorithm runs in the BSP with him to check for in the inside outside and also made this connectivity graph and you can see how a human sized object or entity can traverse some of the nodes so that it doesn't look uh group good in the image but here and there is a red line uh which is between these 2 notes that is so that means that a human cannot travel between those lines OK this quite good it's still not perfect AI because you have to you have to hit it it was a very good improvement put it in the we are here to talk about something serious right not focused on the WG in 1982 this was a data format created by Autodesk for of that inspiratory needs to the and it has the this is called a but only so the thing that automated and Autodesk made by candidates is created the excess in the same year and it said the itself is a data interchange format that's way that the the x of letters there is and specification available little the rights to the 3 of them but he doesn't support all the features that the delta G 2 parts so it's kind of OK we get this for free you can do this is to spatially can make your virus through the format but the goods that we want to keep for ourselves to right now the leverage scores are the utilities which can read the WG and Camara to something else might be badly they don't support a full range of things that you can do not that the tend to crashes did into not struggled information so it's not really good and it says he's not useful because it's only for export and all the got does not explore everything has spurred the specs also it has quite a few problems when you look at them when you look at the typical alter that data the plan you see a lot of lines that don't make any sense in this example I concede the floor is like in lines which bends meaning which makes me think it's it important for and the walls are in squares which makes me think they are like partially tiles there are people for scales and there are a lot of things that don't make any sense at all uh these performance tend to have a series of problems where you confidence they have a lot of lines of them make any sense they just for making the map beautiful and readable it's like here in OpenStreetMap this is mapping from Brenda on or in this case mapping creating technical entities so the pressure in the map understands map at the leaders have not semantic in order that you can do to make layers like boss walls of pressure points and lauded during it's a trap but a lot of time you and you end up with something like that and when need something that it's 30 late years like that and you have to guess which 1 of that has the door doors and maybe they had the layer which has the doors has also chairs for some reason otherwise but this happens with with DXF it's also as you have seen these rendering of buildings where you see a new building being built and that people marketing them have these beautiful fake photographs of them they're beautiful did I get it they're not really useful they they cannot to convey any information about load-bearing they cannot convey a lot of information about the volume they don't have any data that really makes them useful for anything else than making a pretty photograph on a marketing brochure then a couple years later you have this explosion of Building Information Modelling itself or which is pretty cool right it uh it by some semantic meaning 2 things all the building you actually have some very explicit features for power or some various plea explicit features for water or heating or there things which can have any sensors on the on them uh lake light sensors set a matrix and source of open or closed or 6 address the median problem we've been formats is that each vendor of mean has a different concept of reality so each member of mean
we'll model and healing in a very different way some some sunbeams on Carol Doris some other beings only Carol Dawson beams don't care multilinear features because they handle points to beings handle everything through the and it's a mess of completing Jewish they cannot make anything embattle and a of years ago there we have these in general themes craziness complete craziness um and but have time yes everything perfectly
actually so I really
recommend what if you can if you
1 of these people who will come from Twitter and has a sense of
humor and during testing the
Internet of Things a really really really recommend you follow the inflow of ships this will give you a very good insights on why of shape is nothing but area what we say in Spain and they are just selling smoke in danger of things is not work of today we don't need a bluetooth connected to the rest no matter what they say to me OK and the problem with interface is it's not compatible with anybody else all the vendors if you read all these articles you will learn that danger of things things they are there to make you depend on 1 vendor they're not going to make the device compatible with anything else if the company holds all you that the thermostat decides to block the same affect the fact you cannot use the thermostat within itself
so if you're trying to make any use of this things on the Internet of Things with Building Information Modeling I ICT to you good luck OK have a
few comfortable years later on
this so SED-ML this is an evolution of GML he defines things like level of detail uh and materials for their building walls and rolled defines seating ties and that stuff later we
get in the gym out a couple years ago this is an evolution of CDM which defines more materials more furniture room types it also defines the indoor and outdoor space it also defines room connectivity it also defines routine paths with by finding hints he defines a lot a lot a lot of things now I'm going to make a puff place who can guess worked for a company which actually that's In the amounts of data are clients are people with building on buildings and who want maps of buildings who can guess the number of people that ask my company about in the gym I see if you're there and this year there and still there and you are right there are a serial people in the world asking for new museum which stands me to think that the state the current state of interactive informants is like this data are absolutely wonderful handling in the spaces that's absolutely wonderful is what they have been doing for 20 years but obviously they are very good at making competitions with them they're very good at making pathfinding with them and disability checks with them and all this kind of of things with it if you're trying to do is to get as the inside amounts building game algorithms is the way to go if you want to actually build a building you have to use the the all the actors in the world are using also got the Internet whether we like it or not right as well as the rest of the world in GAS not in the 1st 3 G used as I can that's used automatic that's it with obviously notable exceptions that a lot of people this use that and you cannot it's very very hard go to an architect and say give me something that that is not set that file if you want to sell stuff which is going through Internet Gopher being absolutely is make sure that your stuff is not compatible with anyone else and if you want to be if you want to try and be good at everything and the let everything using in the so that's all thank you yeah so I I don't think we have a microphone and later we must sit and look at it that way formal of them and we have about T half minutes for questions and this and we have any questions with think the In the end the conclusion was rather than those of Dr. outlook
seemed like that would you have any any bright outlook this and who would dare you think in a couple of because 2014 is like yesterday on some of the might not be that much time to run to become more and the standard it could be anything future the voice was like the timing of it right I'm I'm not optimistic about this we have really need I really have my company and it's not right so that's I don't see any initialization easy solutions right elbow and have also so and in the original and the there it it's very technical but all in in the future we will have more and more of this if you have build building in the western world that is to there is an important thing you have new building in the western world with transplanted nearly half of the file so How can we face what are the finest not serving the purpose that that's what you have there we don't we can try to preserve those files and extract more and more information and make it look like beginning actually that's that's actually something that we have joked about it in my office but it's not you the meanings are actually also in which you really really which the architects would care for automated consistency when architects looks at that's terrible their final printed it once the a paper it's the middle coreference right not that's known realize that Minitab made which is 5 1 this paper metadata can have for the use of the usability of cinema net they it's over right they don't seem that if you open up the liter and if you care for the point in the late at other people don't have brighter ideas of what to do with so not the world doesn't have a mind and yet and if they're the people trying to keep them except possibly being formed so you should care for the semantics so the building but in my specific format for my specific set of devices is limited and they're like a comments as architects words worked with and lately but at least like 10 per cent of architects are working in being nowadays they're not using AltaVista out of that series and ready for example and for data exchange there is again I have seen models I think it's fame and some countries are standards for for IOC's which is kind of DXF for the models and so did you have any experience working with actually no in my company we haven't yet had a client has this kind of form a I would love to and the whole movement and I don't have any 1st hand that that would be a future not not only for Internet of things but just for relay architecture what makes sense because the state the state of the art of doubt about formats alright just drawing some thoughts about the architects or understanding that JS also and jails for the least is that the I'm not non-local means that yet me I the way to go and watch I haven't seen the I haven't seen that the people pushing for me in our setting domotics of sentences some benefit from this and they are not caring for the of this kind of unexpected applications of technology that we have also the people so I'll have to wait and see and have fluency and sorry specialist on this and that's 1 the well I think we can use on around world thank you