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Web maps & WebGL
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WebGL is a technology enabling web browsers to efficiently display massive amounts of 3D data in real time, which has achieved widespread support in most web browsers. But despite being fast and efficient, there not a lot of web mapping libraries or applications using its potential. In this talk we'll visit the most well-known web mapping libraries and platforms, we'll see what kind of state-of-the-web technologies they support and what are the challenges of writing WebGL code Other web tecnologies such as Service Workers and binary typed arrays mean that commonly used standards such as OGC WMS, OGC WFS and TMS might need to change if we want these formats to perform as good as the bleeding-edge technologies.
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the world with an that thank you things unless they are mining is not you know me from previous things such as for my motive for time both of the program and I do what you want and I will start with chapter 1 would do you know when you start working with DL is really a the black box you see something which is called changes and my 1st it's is made up of the of these vertices you have of all the changes are how you're going to residents when explain and briefly and then dramatically all the DL platform that's something with it and magically hidden in each of and the problem is is that this is so complex and so low level for us downstream developers than we usually but let me hear landmarks on top of the so should have suggested that creates some data structures and out in this emerging which feeds magic to magic and finally you must agree in each of the so a few things that I learned when we will deal is that the 1 agility right only cannot read states of the world you stack or memory you cannot inspect the period you can no you cannot points you again not those step-by-step running of the of the shared problem because they are must see the problem there is no the introduction about and the existing tools sometimes they cross things like the chronological spectrum and so on they tend to eat up too much memory our crimes directly so normally this is how you and I have I don't have that in the pictures to on the problem of flow with the is that it's not give street the made this I mean that on top of its head how it looks right now when you have to create a list of vertices such as
a list of coordinates and brother the only major I make a call to create a buffer and then I mean that buffer magically this summer pointers somewhere and then right into that opaque pointers is you notice that the memory of his life this line here there is no reference to make them there is no reference to right so you don't know by looking at 1 line you cannot know where the data is going to so that for every article there's is completely crazy it should look something like this you have a buffer you access the property and my mind of some objects at there's Uganda's fully expect so this this is just a symptom of the web 0 at the I being exactly a copy of OpenGeo to all idiotic so and so there was very different it's not about reading the web developers to GPU this is the green bringing GPU developers to do justice this is a very important thing to take in mind if you are just and all that we're just going to be hard for you if you have more critical than yeah is going to be way to that would yield part not were part if you're a regular gradually just read from the 1 so it's kind of flashing words and that's a lot of problems they only with part of the API being close of India is that you can make this change the all adjusted departs with seal superfluous parts and make something like the marble to yellow and red at the time the time from agree it the ending will maps and the client or life is you need is a framework for locomotion games which is on web C opened and 185 194 and actually until the windows so this is world this is not what it is not raining GPU to work is being to in the lower row there are a lot of problems with this it just we are used to you we normally use a lot of small tools to be lot bigger programs such as transpires and many fires and things like that the we are working on this black boxes and we are restricting pieces with C so there is no way system like that right and the structure of a tightly-coupled so if you have made a structure holding vertex coordinates and and machine and rendering of storing and it's very difficult to make the the the structure or some bits of the shape of more in a completely different structure to right now it should be is corrected difficult to make that kind of shaded working memory here or vise versa it should make sense it's not easily possible because of lack of so I just wanted to be from my short overview of what I think is a single warning biased opinion as the CDs and you know it is this global and you can have a web page it's a cool thing it works well for some applications but unfortunately for my taste it's way too heavy scientific 5 minutes also Philadelphia it can be to lots of time when they are doing ov very very interesting thing which is G L D S G L T S stands for all these years transform format and it's going to be I hope the the next meets thing I'm really really hope I am quite optimistic things really happy and this is India's guys are working on G of the of please you go to some seasoned years toxicity here philology and learn a model this your heard about the last time they have been working for this 1 for a few years it's really a force obligations unfortunately I don't think you can also relations right now you want that you can do it so that the things that are not match and not much more than that so once again it's a lots of animals that can be learned just across API around it so that you can only use shared of thing with knowledge of the bits and I'm not really sold yet directed I know oracle I know they solve a lot of these cases but with things like the of the F on the ground and the fact that we can do a lot of interest in mass media and we can do something projections on the graphics card I am not 100 per cent sure that vector times will be the way to go in a couple years but I know I know that's my bias but the gene openly exert establish it's a in the operator will withhold of photos you also also were was in the airforce flat don't have vision and then they use that entirely tiny tiny with yearly don't squeeze all the power and fast and again what they want to make a stable product and they want everything to war well they don't want to financial impression they want to be simple but working always it's a quite new by Masson and it has like 1 year you are many this is critical because it allows developers to blow some shape called directly in this fashion and once again if it's has this problem and it a few things that I don't like old which is so these little video John on behalf actually hired OpenGeo developers and both of them just which is cool but they have brought with them a lot of the journal and truly concessions from year Waterloo whimbrel into the character the world so I don't think that's exactly right and something I don't like is the manifest file the fact that you have to have a minus sign and leading to data to of an external file you cannot simply pollution coordinates on the fly and change the state it's not that simple they or complicated by by trying to make a very simple API oversimplified and they make you go through excellent when you do something that should be extinct no general industry and they do half would annotations the cost of the delightful of answer yes i times its empirical thing that appeared last year and fulfilling its own association some these slides tool for displaying told downsizing made up its mind the street I if
or points allows for a better later it's pretty cool it's very fast it doesn't have a lot of applications you because obviously if you cannot show the whole earth when this some some out and see a whole country not all people to bind to a child that do you can do times new goal to the adults in they are treated as if it had been old isomer that will be of do it at all have all the cool of about this but also that there may be made I of you that some of the people who were revised into local people 3 people polled book for both poultry or not I need poetry perhaps it's a cool tool and it's only for 1 of us is great for point clouds it's misleading nothing for anything else if I'm right so and leave that's what's happening in so this constant chapter 3 of the law of the land use and none of the existing frameworks Our feeding my particular use case for for the work doing so and also I notice that leaflet is of great library there's lots and lots and lots of people usually people has long been able to use whatever it and having a very clear here again is not simple in the concept of very narrow it down to a couple of hundred points is simple in a way that in the description of every function is 1 right I think that it is seen that makes it simple and makes it a lot well of the lovers also I wanted something that could reuse existing living plant because in you have been in planning and you should over to my books or time around you cannot use planning or it will start failing or being taught is not working and how you expect and leaflet is varying it's very light weight it's very clear gold I think we can do better than the size recessive right but you never let when you miss something this is made of architecture and the left when you do something creates an HTML element which is passed down to about which friends India the whole idea is that a linear increase from that set there is no magic about the delay is doing a lot of over complicated the destruction of the element of the a and the here black box until of this I wonder plugging developers to be able to see how the latest free so they can create clients which trains criminals I was in some our prompted word somebody made a believer playing wrapping HTML elements with more extreme elements the I do think that making some kind of plan architecture that allows developers to make more trials of criminals makes sense how it should be able to some Yale library which looks like please let in terms of simplicity little things with but with experience is something that you need to wait to anything about the mistakes he made with I had the worst headaches working with this technology in in the past few months I refractory all the goal of all of it which is how to 0 1 half and ridicule lights of Cold Lake 5 or 6 times which is not in the media is difficult really on 1 of the common pitfalls I was making is dumping all enumerating is something that you can do with what you know you have a data structure in memory industrial and you don't all that whole structure into the amendment and and you know that others have different ways of doing something for the graphics card so if you don't have to handle the likes of the CPU memory to GPU memory more than once per 2nd union wrong it was being robbed a lot of possible and you are creating an online texture 1 of these states to make is too great texture and initialized pixels will to 1 that also creates a lot of calls to the department and we will waste of time and blocking about there being found ways and you will see where possible this is something that holds true in all of that from the we stand was we stand on the shoulders of giants and something in some previous was really fun right so that it's not giants is a mountain of mutagens right so I mean that's an endocytic taller double by a lot of images a lot of the initial of people have been making impressive amount of work and I have to think about it because I have been using your that and since have part I'm using language to Samarasam tutorials from a book and a lot of those things and misleading global and roll as it was to build tools and isn't status information from the artificial data from lots of seed really is incredibly nice in an open source community and be able to use these and pieces which are useful for all people I cannot complain about from change his mind which includes like this but they are where there's this let's if the opacity is difficult that's so openly of uh there's something called draw calls you have like initially rendering and you want to take a bunch of triangles and draw them and then later the and the comments of triangles and rendered on top so this is complicated problem when you have seen advancements in when you have like 5 sheets of glass surface and transparently and then you have to push something in the middle you cannot be something there will always draw it on the front and you will complete the structured sparsity so you want to do that you have to new sorting is if you know the you and then if you rotate the point of view you will happen that sorting and you can refrain or have some complicated data structures Szczecin sets and all trees or the complex algorithms for 4 point of view and then the problem is that leaflet everything has to handle musicals fading and if you are listening to the market that is influencing the class that has his pixels on the edge so actually everything is set satisfied for this is what this is
saying you are going to have a hearing to have been and what jails you are going to have recognize that they are mental the question is which ones are you willing to you don't have only incorporate images Japan have some bleaching when you know the training you can have some all for the rendering the system by the user was used how which of those of us who you want to have if you want to have a different effect and you will have to factor in cold poles pull over again of and the problem is what is the cost of the nuclear norm the London and told you have to go this straight on this or something that 2 options 1 is recast this somewhere and distance calculation which straddles this energy aligned sex there is you render everything they several means called new rented some identifier and then uses the core of the dictionary under the given the very smart and just render 1 pixel and take what is the value of the pixel that's too complicated to the industrial what is a floating point number anybody is often wrong any figures from this question you're not just many branches of 64 it could also what is our rules 64 you find time to write of the full 34 and you to you have high precision floats what does the graphics are anyone note that fault 24 graphics card and when they are used the lights for something that is just is 8 OK some of the problems might use more we made perhaps but most starts useful 24 because DTI the nineties there was there to say at the same played one-fourth of the new memory and battling pointing 3 ways makes no sense you are going to have a lot of vision problems moments factor in I is the mazes and some intermediate got value of 5 . 0 if you pass then the changes into the fancy there it's no longer 5 . 0 this is not while so everything will each in San devices here you will
get the position vector solution for this problem because America positive is 0 to 2 thousand 985 so that solves position let's see we don't also this brings both problems more we live let's everywhere all the time it's like differences between web browser which we take this tiny difference between and grown there no no time for right and we all hate this affine rocks and intelligence for arrives as 100 maximum this some bias which can only happen in some specific brand of all I will mean that when you read the usually makes it gets even more often is simply because and coregistering come about until depends it works fine on media it works fine on completely stressed out into the slightly faster speed in the future we will is just the central region right now I do hope to make a reason of it's really would yield to work has good things and bad things it says that hopefully will make it on the processing 1 or 2 years it has an interior 32 types yes I can compare interests and they will change is this I think it is not you can make nonintegrated things and finally have formed by floating point numbers and of this is so good it makes me feel so 1 of us is the main problem pass it has the same non just scripting API In 2001 is hoping to when you have to is open you where they're sitting 1 number of the Russians the the last so it a few things that I think that the problems on the ABA will remain the and how can we do military sound tighter cooperation between parents and most of these you can use insulin poultry and something I don't know and I hope they will get the answer to this question of here In motions
yes and a lot of computer science I know what these are but I will be back at the question is how much the animosities they don't know the ways which they this is this is not about long the things that will be the challenge the challenge of making something like the video of is very the obstacles in the way you know you have told us Baltzer huge enormous number of huge enormous problems why do you think is your work it won't the in will be on a constant state of flux you that phonologies right now if you read the standards bodies are just people trying to pollution something knowledge in the form graph that several and we only have 4 browser for a few practical purposes without Firefox which is deadlines you would then draw which is the link and you have to find which is that walking ending and at which which is the action and you will apples for and any inventions and innovations are going to be 1 of those 4 and those and that for market share so it's going get the is that a complete chaos which you have to remember it was something written by mobile and push Bible to make
Google Maps that's the reason we have would yield no other so this can really push by individual actors on the
same and I don't think we will get rid the industrial players were in which is which is good because you must be visible in so fast and is so much stuff happening that speed is the previous not good I don't think that just in case of an environment or ecosystem was changing in terms of normal normal questions will thank you for listening to my ramblings to