KNReise: OpenSource access to open, geospatial cultural and natural datasets

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KNReise: OpenSource access to open, geospatial cultural and natural datasets
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KNReise is a collaboration-project among Norwegian governmental bodies working with cultural, historical and natural data. As the project neared it's conclusion, and had gathered, created and geolocated a huge amount of data and published it using REST APIs the next step was to present the data in a uniform manner. We where tasked with making a client-side only, fully configurable, OpenSource web solution for displaying data from a number of different APIs. Using OpenSource components we where able to pull this off, and this talk will present both the product as well as the process.
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OK we're Culligan food next but presentation then still have to from knowing as opposed to going the Tokyo 1 can release the so income Mr. at the the the thank you so I'm trying to present the project that I've finished by almost a year ago so warning there will be obsolete things said things I'm not proud of now but and still kind of brothers project that they and so strike and myself have helpless myself a developer are mostly web by mapping this project is a get the page and take that out
so that take on what the k
m stands for curvature
and major and that I said that's original word meaning something like a tree bread journey and so 1 of the main idea is a journey through cultural natural they so it's a collaboration between have been shown region government label it in this this gold collaboration was discontinued in half a year ago and was to respond as a new organization called the k lab so the main
objectives of this collaboration was the work towards increasing access to and use of public information and local knowledge about culture and nature of the goal political stuff freely and to promote the use of better call the Open Data wearable that but it's that this bound to is collect the jazz
reference and categorize data and publish it an open API so I got a call the
problem is an API it's not
sex the spent I think 2 or 3 years collecting all this data Catalunya and so on and so on and in hindsight they thought well we have presented to the public in some way and so there may not be 0 as well have the displayed on the map somewhere somewhere and display also the metadata for it and small little make it interesting so what I'm going or going to cover is what we did to try and fulfill this task article thing about it is that we suggest just all the coordinate make for this application should be open sourced which they agreed so what we made
is well it's that this is an overview they have used to show what we're made directly and what that this is also what what I'm gonna presented here today but we have to start off with some constraints
and it should be web-based and there was a requirement that should be no server-side components at all is only use the existing at the ice the couple months ago I wrote about this new buzzword called survivalists architectures and I think this is the definition of that there is use of open source components ISI where resource where possible and should open source the results the thing about open-sourcing a project like this for me which is not an open source developer prosaic and post some interesting challenges i have the thing to read more about my cold but publish and so on and so
where is the data and I mentioned maybe ice and there was originally thought that well all the data should be gathered in well maybe I call them live beyond our API which in the region emerged from the other and repair armor API but that's theory in practice you end up having a bunch of different API because it's difficult to collects something in 1 place and and as we went along more API is rather and that's the redevelopment knows this is
complex this brings complexity to the project because you have different formats
for their different projections different operation that that best for the geometries will differ and schemas for their themselves will also differ so this is a difficult and because near-PR eyes were added during the development process by couldn't spend all my time coping is always it it's my thought was well black box it and make this a components I can't reuse a simple way so what did was defined
and wrapper all this implies define 3 4 the methods for getting data and define G adjacent as the output format for all this implies that this was a small but a rapper written in JavaScript which I can then use the rest of my application this gave us a perfect world
no it didn't happen because the schemas various too much to try and normalize them so what do we do with that well you can
extract some common attributes from the data like the title affirmed by language and then the use templating forwarded definition of data from different datasets should be that presented and these templates had to be tweet manually with for different datasets so this is the data then there's a client how to
represent this to the users well web mapping application in his 2015 isn't rocket science on getting going to the depth of it but
there were some requirements so you should be able to see what's around you that's a sport clustering in some way because there are for some reasons much of this size documents and they eyes clustered in well digitized georeferenced at a single point sitting at the center point for example to have to do something that they have solutions for displaying information and we also tried to experiment with some more novel ideas in more interesting ways of interacting with the data not just sitting around and and
so we had to bigger tools and that this is what I think is most fun part about open sources that you have all this this large box of lego you can choose from together to make something that really great and so we decided early on that we should use leave mainly because somebody from the colonizer organizational already tried that the most happy with it so well that's go and of course so they started talking about a 3 D in some way was while we can try out system and tried it before bird worked OK for our needs we used the table the DB from coral and that's a really easy way to store data especially in the environment we really don't have any well the requirement meant was no server-side components so I couldn't installed post jazz himself then I decided on using plain Java a larger yes no frameworks at all kind of worked so I probably we have benefited from using cell and these star framework but there are great at the levels of bunch of small utility libraries for dealing with the different formants projections and so on and being a developer styling is not my
favorite thing that comes to see is the some while I can manage to get it work somehow but it's it's messy hope that and I was so what give up the clients of the government client-side from that and colonize organization I talked to and he was so proficient that developer and salvage assigned so see as as could have a lot of that stuff and then there's bootstrap so your color the so some
slides showing this application and use this as there and from understood Ireland Norway members showed from a couple well 5 6 7 different that guy's using a thumbnail and then we have map
thematic map showing content related to the 2nd World War in Norway have clicked 1 of the markers it for pair and then we get a lot of played showing data this is a video declare that this is
our 3 D experiments system is there which I used aerial photos but we have this requirement to use open data which Mapping Agency doesn't provide a free openly accessible uh service to access their aerial photos so well deal with it a fun thing is that the all code for dealing with that presenting the metadata is from the side bar is the same as used in the leaf at the application the than tried
doing something more has sent more innovative military base of exploring the data every focused on on the line and the blue line here and then this problem not just knew the along the line and get informed what's related to that line let's and chose the broke out but also OK to experiment with at least this and 1 more thing which I think is kind of cool after
working this for a month or so I started to realize the parametrization is key here so all my code started to just take a simple configuration birds it's and other well that means we can make a generator for this kind of stuff and so I made a simple web page where just Click on the area of interest you want to datasets want displayed and some small metadata then generate the URL from that utilize passed by the application and use the display of a selected area containing and selected set of datasets so that means that when no coding and all the consent of own that angle it then
there's documentation a perfect world all developers write a lot of documentation in every project is easy to understand in reality that's not so will old writing that mutation well I realized if we should get have any hopes of getting somebody is this that should be documented so what I did my best what I did was every time I get a question from the Congress organization held does this work instead of replying I'm able to emit a marked file describing what they should do and ask them to the reader that state does this solve the problem of the so I think we have OK and the condition at least we also made some
gold and interactive demos showing how to use the
gold in a simple way please so that's available another thing is
the I think the workflow there turned
out to be kind of open source the open source way of the world developing software we were the client was based in Oslo was present on land so they didn't have daily meetings at all and most of the communications by e-mail or issues and get up behind some skype meetings and 2 or 3 in-person meetings and having his work really well and so going try that way working and for a small project was fortunately and fortunate enough that it's working with small it was me and a couple of colleagues of mine for some time and I had a really technical knowledge should knowledgeable customer that really works for helps and the
process there was reopened that they basically came just to me and said we have these data we want to do something with it and we think you probably know more about this than we do so to please try and make something called and we had the status of discussions each every day I got some ideas later nights and renal of that responsible spend a couple of hours strife even go somewhere the I'm going faster key take away from this project course the support for requesting a data from third-party websites is keep to making a serverless architecture works unfortunately not many API support costs so I I think I can haven't about kind of hands to count all the times I would ask you please enable course near API so that I can use it and undertake weight is planned for complexity I realize that in the and in somewhere down the line things will get complex tried to structure called so that you can deal with that at the same time keep it simple keep the simple gold simple-to-use simple to understand is that's the trade another observation I made is that the sport SPARQL query language is not made for humans I consider myself proficient in SQL SPARQL language the mind every time I couldn't and wrap my head around the help I would like likely enough that we had somebody developing sparkle endpoints who helped us out that course there are some unsolved problems for example caching every time you assume upon them that they have to reload everything that slope I should have used more modern JavaScript technologies Rosa fire back something because the dependencies in all this legal and breaks of imported this kind of we should have made some deployments grapes or made process of releasing this a bit simpler and assess the developers said I should have added tests this gold that but we were we were very limited in time I think this spend 400 hours or something and the focus was on new ideas not perfect tone and recently I discovered that the sites were running on does not support it should the be s geolocation does not work because of the new security the that's and as a final
output I think it's called Israel right because the idea that if you open source on something someone will step up and develop it further just like the code up there if there's way as assigned to did nothing happens so this project has been well have been hired to do something additions to the last year but apart from that nothing has happened so my hope is that at least something in there is useful for celebrate or people I hope that the organization cognizable Caleb continues to use as they do but there is currently no development and and I think that's a bit sad so that's it for me and if I and I told
you get that define the application itself from the other that is they give singular closely Albany his team project any question from the floor here the I was 1 of the yeah the sparkle and pointing to tell us a bit more about so will cover date is going to remain made available through that whether schools to use local and also crucially does anyone actually use that important good question well as far as I understand we did not make this end point that was set up by some of the organizations there uh I think you get that the Ministry of cultural something
and they are developing and using it and it's not a G a SPARQL endpoint so that there some clever tricks to make it spatial queries against that what kind of data is there there is so all this archaeological dating sites in Norway and found finds there so it's a really interesting datasets available so had a really appreciate the data is that just have a problem with understanding the query language that's all this is not the Christian he didn't have 10 7 he's 9 and then please give a big thank you thank you in my of infancy