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GeoServer Styling Hints and Tips for Prettier Maps

Video in TIB AV-Portal: GeoServer Styling Hints and Tips for Prettier Maps

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GeoServer Styling Hints and Tips for Prettier Maps
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Web maps needn't be dull and this talk will show you how you can take your cartographic skills from the desktop GIS to the web using SLD and GeoServer. The initial part of the talk will introduce desktop tools such as QGIS and UDig and how they can help novices get started with styling maps. Moving beyond the basics it will continue with a look at the use of functions to modify the features being drawn. It will include an in depth look at how to control the placement of labels to enhance the readability of the map especially when using tile caching to speed up map service. The talk will finish with a discussion of using GeoServer's composite and blending modes to provide pretty effects that can enhance your web mapping.
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the again and last week
DEC on the fact that the can will talk about how to make web maps even more your hat right this is always a problem when you come up when you end up with the 3rd person the session that the 1st 2 speakers said nearly
everything you were going to say by the time you get on stage a fortune I realize this before I arrived so I wrote a different token when I said I was going write because I nearly always there are 2 different or of and at the other problems I tested this talk at the UK posture G. section and the guy in front of me they came up with a completely new solution to the problem that uh completely made most the talk have pre-written irrelevant sovereign yet another talk right so our work in this talk that short so to you start off
with Johnny all white that's a pretty world geographers with cartographers we all that's a pretty right and of course some that's all pretty and if you want wants a funny video board in the office so you can get stuck on the train but there's a hashtag called a file but we'll show you some of these brilliant examples of maps
that clearly alright because I'm pretty sure that's not how maps work when you filling up a country with the with Hispanic people or you can get to the ever-popular rainbow color scale and this is telling us about the somehow you have to know that the this oranges slightly less lessons brown in the middle the name purple pink yellow it's terrible in you call it that wall and whether that you know is the yellow spot in the middle here the most the worst being it is was in the green bits that are nearly the same color domain maps like that um a colleague domain maps but this had the most distinctive color scale at you see the blue again that's 1 . 4 million dollars yellow next 12 they get the 60 by the expected 22 down to 1 . 5 at the other end yeah if you but as no normalization is just raw out so obviously Texas waste more money than Pennsylvania does because it's bigger it gets will government money in the 1st place which is what this document but I just don't even know where to stop that 1 is 6 and the the professional and this is the USDA that they get paid to produce these maps to tell policy-makers where to spend money and apparently from so I think or maybe everywhere except from some emotional um data that's quite a nice 1 I really know what showing the call really work it out um it's just comparing random things from random countries divided by different random things out domain that's why those everybody have if you wanna make pretty much in the way that they possess all day that Fernandez said it's a standard anybody implements it but it's a really good standard but they think that they're implemented avoidance of extra bits or just make it work better um it's a slide from will back when this was still known as OpenGeo
and basically yes you know that nobody should be right here so these for robots in CSS is for people to use juicy assessed and out lies and so that's what that's what so the fall looks like you think what you those um you can actually have to scroll down about infinite scrolling in my slides to be able to show the whole of the year so the block so usually CSS fortunately the previous 2 speakers also this point for me it's non-standard everybody implemented differently so just you think that arises CSS you got the right and that's completely different services as if using that induced and this bachelor so as I understand there are 2 different competing mapping maps CSS styles that that the supports of cascade yeah it's is horrible passive activity kind of assumes the euro web developer and whatever you guys but I I leave actually making the rest of the website often that would pretty to the professional web developers so either reduce CSS and that's a bit of a nightmare to but it is nice and compact that might have to scroll that 1 very far to to do this the standard use of the population start maps so you come to writing this stuff a variety by hand so they I 2 and because of a program right like writing XML I can do right he and my head of the related to this set up so I attended closes the formula automatically and does self-completion on tend to is it right but most of people use is that teach to do stuff met with mapping then all programmers the geographers and they're like you can use a GIS which is OK and until come finding the you've got 500 thousand you go 500 different layers that they will start out separately in that take forever and you just have 20 year program which is brilliant if you get a program that knows what you want understands what mapping is about so there's sort people should be allowed to write sell New Century robots so if you have edited it use the text editor don't use word nothing that would actually instituted into an XML file putting it through work is stupid smart quotes and just a showed and binds the and I've had people you send me stuff saying office assistant didn't just the same way he told to do in the course yes you did in work know anything like what you typed any longer usages of register it validates for you uh it does coloring it'll point at William states all coming from will show you the map as you go along the gave it a bit annoying if you David and time use several you Alltel you web social crashed news we work at but the even better so that's why anybody who hasn't seen that the Style Editor looks like you briefly colored and you also get these days a generative style but not enough people know about that so if you just want a colored polygon and you could that but will give you a random come upon all we have to do is change the color and they don't you nobody should ever start right even if you're writing so the by hand you should never start with an empty fondue was taken existing so the following modified it because that way you can get the typos and spelling mistakes the James I put in 10 years ago propagating along through life and brilliant track
around the world that way if you need a GIS editor the 2 main ones I would recommend that you just and you he just treat styling tools the nice shiny Dr. turned makes a subset that can get mentioned in the new features of hugest if any is 216 yet to lifestyle in on the layers is brilliant doesn't do label explore yet the center said the compatibility between the ages and use it was getting better still not entirely they're they're still bits missing with kicking around various ideas about whether we can make a cure mailed to SLT converter uh whether it's actually easier than trying to fix up he export so if anybody really desperately needs to do you just west so they please come and talk to something you check book uh so that's the gains day looks like they're the cutest styling look like if you want to you don't so the starting tools uses the same so the generators G 7 thousand every compatible you can edit the raw XML if you still want to if you don't like the you interface and get bored with missing renewed interest you would just gently tweaking if someone's there is not terribly active development any longer uh there are a few people still using it and it does have and this has a new release coming up this week but at some distance behind the latest tools releases and again that local people to jump on the bandwagon as possible supporting new data um that's what it is you've got again you can fill the Alliance layer points there and or or XML feet customer so the editors action thing which programs that was specifically written to generate this so the based on what geographers need shape of your it's a project that i started 2 years ago because I had a client that needed to start up an enormous number of triples of statistical data and I could be both to do by hand and basically you you load a shape all you click on the attribute you want to style you select your classification schemes you want the code glossies uh change his natural breaks all of the different classifications reduces the judo sports at the selected you look at color the color pro-drop them palate they don't converging or diverging scheme dollar monotonic uh Hamming classes to I want oppressed go and it saves you actually it's funny I haven't done any work on it for a year or so if anybody wants to fall could do some work right of that list of issues that need doing and that's all that looks like so basically you got a list of the of the year uh actually used you can say when you won the labels turned on your borders turned on that sort of thing and it's itself very particular problem I had but I thought it was may be useful in a summary of my use eventually and then this is the guy that appeared at Southampton and and that was the talk before and the arrival of the IBM admits that he has not happened a couple questions on the due to list we knew we existed but World water sources and he had a similar problem had a client that was moving with cold water and they had 10 thousand different layers in automatic that they need to convert to a and quoting them you know 2 million pounds to to to do this conversion for you and they said all the must be a quick way of doing it so sad and so basically occured right this general tool that did it and it be called SLD editor tank directive if you program for writing so these is I was developed by sizes it is applied to always geo incubation this morning and because I'm going out from Jody that are meant um so provided that somebody on incubator Mississippi said plus 1 1 now it's an official and you know it's geo incubating probe project it's currently living at Gate Hobbes he said 1st the editor it turns out that and if I have time I'll show you actual living alive demos but you can spend a specify the shape file you're interested in um you can edit the symbols you can use them you click on the color you get a color picker you click on the rule you committed a rule you can expressions you can to quite complicated and is a complicated filtering that you want and it's really get and I would love it if people came along and help is getting this up to cups production quality and that was the proteome maps that and and despite having for the last 20 years so possumus of officer geographer and I'm not really a job offer a halt on on on a geophysicist before it was a joke for solitary place when I read the Anita and corrections book he just matters on lots of things about pretty maps and this is 1 of the examples it's a natural GDP data and this is actually drawn In the case of to web map all does convey that this the tips they give you to there so that so things like sit in the back of the room I would not have to have a white background they could be gray or they could be blue you can make make them see college just add a background color equals and then another color and then choose a good color don't use a rainbow color scheme and you can use interpolated sort of using a dozen filters for your classes you can use the year interpolate for a function that we providing in genitals tells so here we get it said the topic got With the Feldman inside there interpolates and it's based on GDP divided by population estimates of multiplied by by 1 million and then if it's 0 which gives the color 2006 color up to 5 thousand this color and so on down the page but that's a lot shorter than rewriting the whole field block and the everything else for each of those filters today it doesn't have to be long and repetitive if you don't want to you can do things like this and you had to endure as well perfectly possible to draw by circles and on the screen a bit trickier than with Q is just huge issue due your various static map that's even just a cut size is to match fixing the country's people again is even anatomy it's interactive map of said judging you circle size is a bit trickier but to say if you need to draw the led twice so was were
so I've drawn it once the gray outlines the boundaries the 2nd time i've used adult symbolize around the centroid of them but the polygons to put the circle the geometry functions you can you don't have to pre-calculate centric you can do that as you go along and we got lots of mass functions in this even kept sizes um so the cities population square root of population estimate divided by the square root of 10 million and time yeah multiplied by 12 I just go in the in the cages source code to find out how they did proportional circles so I can actually match the original maps but it's perfectly possible and here we have square root functions and this is 1 of the book itself again redrawn induces 3 pretty map the Philippines and they in these noise In cartographic decayed because of their labels the sea today as standard said service quite happy following lines if you want see the light you don't have to draw the lights you can label things all draw on so in each of those into the cities I that just sketched in a little curved line there to give it induces saved as a shape file and then you that that label but not drawn the line I uh other things you might want to think about that being picked by chloroplasts but you then you did provide you access to the future future the cholera pallets if Western so as you can get a all and find the color palettes that doesn't use a rainbow covers unless you won't can make fun of your Twitter and he will do don't always comes up missing and repeated labels did my polygon get labeled all why is my colleague all little labeled full time Scotia is entirely and it's chopping up and you said that you can for different years services draw those tirelessly none of them know all the other ones so use the centroid specify where you want to put the put the label and portion so they can the the link that the label can go across the trials finally I think that the amount will look and think about how it will be used because these are not you import was this is actually use that your drawing that's just for the fun of drawing that's mostly you know obviously some of us do that mostly you're drawing maps to convey some information to users and need to think about what information is OK uh at the violate this talk is up on my website at all to attack the minute as well and if I'm really quick I could just about the fundamentals of the screen elsewhere although it is pretty low I don't know what the young so the editor what do you think I might have to the and then see so again the
issue role as date but you can pick your
data source uh
even see the results on a map much standard utils maps
and and then here you've got a polygon uh you can enter the fill or you could do it rule yes so you can see the
actual filter out there that I'm using and if need be you can edit more complicated filters and so it's it's it's it's it's very powerful tool and election choose here you can pull things and from a from a remote user every few grab rights to that all which the cells back up using rest uh and if you've got a lot that license it can read and it's the files and start to convert those into a so these for you it does a 1st balls manually and automatically and then you can tweak the question that you were probably thinking and this chance the yeah right as a as a as of the other also confirms the existing symbol you from our generous I believe so I don't have a lot about license sort of tried head of which I have 1 it's machines I can't run on right and I think so and was residents but in all the of all of this the so the nice thing is that this approach is based on a so the and I know my colleague Oliver is the leader of the special working group of OTC and he told me he hasn't had too much feedback from the community and the UN and especially also from all those nice sort of all pairs of hands as so these old you are all satisfied we have been moved on to West symbology encoding completely yet but don't have it always has this and of course there also this is a vector extensions which shows the of and you can do more than so the soul is it's standards somehow of a phrase I was on the original SLD Working Group and when I was back still working on employee with UGC and user member this but the promise that apart from q Jason just so that nobody else is even attempting to do SLT so there's no real effort reason to put any more effort into making compatible until somebody else implements the standard there's no there's no incentive right the 1st thing is that our
complete language of the
engine itself is less of the answer utilizing and other objects so we're to do it and that's why we have we keep on pushing it forward because it's much easier to just add extra rather than you don't write everything feedback what is he always think sign in which encourages just you always have kind is not something that we have a large amounts of what if I have 1 that is that in order to extend the use of the where would have to break it it would have been nice is a so the head of a clean way to other extension as most of you know it's easier with by by the rules you would have to create your own schema extend existing the elements of Euronext out abuse and then nobody would would be able to read your because you would need a client of the schema-driven that understand that you you extend there is the moment of the story so it's kind of the 2 quantities of interaction effects which are not part of this thing think we invented you know that to get expressed their whatever so there are 2 things about this is the 1 is to the size of the system the you know there will be lots of information so you can say well OK if I can represent 100 cent camps and you're thinking is exported to get back and this is this is also what you JS is going enthusiasm can act exported so you can also be imported of or younger area varies according to importance of the as well so you can read them as style and bringing in to make you JS editor and is going to be the sold vendor extension to around so it's a it's important to be able to easy extend views of the right now it's not clear this there's still some questions about the final 4 1 or 2 is not thank you you you want to listen