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OpenSky Network - Crowdsourced and Open Air Traffic Surveillance Network

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OpenSky Network - Crowdsourced and Open Air Traffic Surveillance Network
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The OpenSky Network is a community-based receiver network which continuously collects air traffic surveillance data. Unlike other systems, OpenSky keeps the collected data forever and makes it available to researchers from different fields. With almost 50 billion ADS-B messages collected so far, the OpenSky Network exhibits the largest air traffic surveillance dataset of its kind in the world. In this talk, we explain how the OpenSky Network functions, what you can do with our data and how you can participate. We will show how you can easily build an ADS-B base station under 100 Euro. Composed from the cheap off-the-shelf components, this station will be still powerful enough to "see" planes in the radius of up to 150km.
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if everyone In this lecture article I'm
actually working for the for the array company but I'm also going to into the sky so we're not like launching the trends in the sky so that would be would be this is simply easier and I want to tell you about on the the open source of open data initiatives time that I'm into and actually here but I'm going to do I will tell you a lot about things I have relatively small idea about that you have no idea how these things work and not a professional in the field I didn't do this system and I mean I will try to persuade you to invest like something like 170 EUR into the into something that you don't really need so agree which is going to help military OK so let's get started on of from you the whole story started with that whatever the heck it we where on the 1 on the overhead condensers was Lufthansa and propose the large airport on Frankfurt and this effect on and we're building so our idea was
like something about connecting the passenger and the driver reach accepts that passenger and what I was thinking that well as long as Dry weight it's fun for him to to give him some entertainment and like he Francis could track the the flight of his passenger loads coming so I would like to show that the that but basically the show plane on the on the map now was OK on actually I knew about this flight rather and so on so actually that they should be out
there so this this flight rather than fly to wear and rather books and this the sperm and the and the right side itself from the budget situations so from the security agencies to actually be it seems to be all there and I was like OK I just so you know what it is you just go and ask for that and the
yeah hammer is your data noon you can and that's for being while they were nice so that everything was natural model they were not like uh thread in Europe from some legal actions I just ask nicely in the set and also as it OK I I can understand it's it's it's like curiosity thing system so I I'm not going to do anything illegal to but I was thinking like well if they can do this and I hope that they do this in the if it's is it something that I could also do on my own and I was like in the whole of what to do
and I check the information on
on the site how they do it an apprentice so that's actually all he'll everything copied from the from the flight to other so it appears that the the flights that they have also called transponders which send signal body position all the time and the the system like flights rather they organize a network of base stations which I like all around the globe and they did this and the most basic from the radio waves and so on the decoded and they send it to the central server and the flights rather and use it like like like 1 vesicular con result and they build all their they system around the so I was like well wait a minute they
crowdsourced since and they don't give the data back well imagine for instance in Google would say I make a column may make maps for us but you keep the data you will not get it back they of course will nevertheless try well they do that of course but this is this is something that didn't really work and OpenStreetMap is like the but the best example that's across all so that's the only out approaches work and I was like they should be an ultimate use it can be that that the disease keep it and everybody issues during the flight of everything they organize they they they and how the people of people gather data but they keep informed on themselves so I was looking for from Open Data alternative and there is
and that's the opens at work so I found this from these guys who just so like browsing the web they also really believe hard to find it's not very obvious and then ask them OK so you have this this open in Europe titles open skies and you can use the data and they were like we're
surely of course or not and I was like and I was I was really is so
they were really open they said OK just take only to use whatever you do do whatever you want with it so it's it's completely open we we are the Open Data initiative in this field and I was like all that that's great so how is it how
is actually than the open standard for the difference OK it's also community based and base station network of the idea the coordinates and integrated so basically that's all the same idea but this there's a number of important differences that they keep the data for so it's not like the shorthand for which away so they have to historic data which they have archived so I think today they will probably break down the barriers of 180 billion messages which they have acquired an archive and that's an enormous because that's the the largest dataset of this kind in the world and it's actually available so it is not likely whirling somewhere like a bit about file around but if you ask people they will they will provide the data and then they also it's so they they share this data so they they didn't know Open Data way up open data is always you have to like particular about the licenses so they also have a pretty large among licensed so that you have to read but the data is where available and the license is more about that you if you contribute that you will contribute to data so basically that's farthest certainly be complicated and 1 of the things are not normal to complicate so it's it's actually in an alternate approach so and so they have really easy to use API so if you take for instance the flight aware of this you have selected 1st and best known enormous amount of of time to understand how how they could still provide you the data they also have you can also by the so-called file interphase there but it costs money and it was very not straightforward and you really have a new there important so very hard to set up so that's basically the EPI although open standards work you just do a GET request and you get things like the call sign the coordinates of the latitude longitude the youth of the vertical speed the heating and also hold the model by the school so basically you you get everything on this on this the interface and you can you can use this form you can get from the whole plane source for a specific place if you're registered user you also can go back in time you can require as for the for the historic data so that's actually
a very good I have stolen a slight have no idea what this scenario I have read like literally live with small idea about how this works but there was important they have on the left side is the sensors so there is a network of sensors man is this after based channel with a channel the messages and then this this is the 2 will add layer opposition there's a batch layer which like you wait precision and archiving and stuff and there's also this speed layer which basically it does it very very very very fast so that's the linear time data it's not so powerful and doesn't do so much as the other layer but it's it's very it's very fast and then they united basically on this answering layer in private data so you can see prince and see this of lights and on the map and so on so that sexual variables architecture heard something about like 70 and quads quad-core service which our work in this so it's actually a huge infrastructure behind their butts as a set I just stole slide so sorry now we're
getting so there was all good news not it into bed news the coverage and that's the European
coverage so that's where we're moralist here so you you can see that in Central Europe is very is very good so they also center and uh sensors and around and around France so we have something that's in Spain and Portugal but there's nothing and so that's basically the Europe so the coverage of the European countries in Central Europe is quite well and if you're like move apart from that it's only worse and
also the of the World Wide coverage as actual not comparable to a and you this commercial networks at this point I have to say that is really come from from academia so it is actually a research project which was developed into on a larger scale project so in but the theory of and that that's my that's my opinion is sometimes from they could you know you you you don't do advertisement and marketing all this stuff and I have action item of scientists no longer was once so I just want to tell you about about this that this is a huge potential between more coverage so I sold this or I understood that the coverage is not so good so
I said How about how I'd like to participate and how can I do how can do it on my own because I had no idea how to do that how the sensors and stuff I I still don't know what it is being and so I always have to like this you look at the look of the to be a how it's deciphering and I said well how about canon can such as sensor on my own right and then visit dispensaries difficult like you have like to 1st have like a PhD in surrounds before I can do this stuff and Abrantes actually
not so difficult the idea of the basic point is that this broadcasting surcingles this is b and they are encoded too but they are not encrypted it means you just can't listen for the basically for the radio and you get signal and decoded so that's the that's the basis that's the other screenshot from just a radio problem and that's the signal on a thousand 90 megahertz and you can really see this this speaker and that's the that's the signal coming there so we can actually take this signal
and the coordinates and I found out that actually anyone can be lot of such a station really that achieve all the shelf components in like really short time and you don't really need any extra dies about that and and the price tag I'll show you a few years so you will be numbered more about this set up so for a premium sets which is which displays like in around 350 to 400 kilometres is 170 euros and that's all the shelf components which you can just basically all there on the Amazon and but there was some guy it's and I was not areas and like happy about these guys because the there was like a lot of scripts and you have to like install on Macon built from source and so I was like OK I'm wondering what's in the image that I saw I I I I I thought that we would be cool you would be just a very simple a guide how to do that and if I would also know what exactly order because they just right OK you have to all you have to build vertically polarized antenna and I was like what I really have to study this to just to pronounce it correctly so so I wrote this article are those guys
and you can now you can see it online and so hosted on the on the gate had so it's but yeah the search your code and so on this guide includes the shopping lists which you can which you have to 1 and also the complete building instructions and all the scripts that you need so yeah uh just let you a couple seconds just hit the picture that 2nd it and stuff and so
how it looks that's the shopping list and other promise that's actually all the shelf components so links so that you know that in the and the website there's links to all the items you you you need to basically the moral is obscure component is this intended but you can also order it on and is viewed as a guy from our from models like I who really does great and as they have to be from the right size of some basic coordinated with the wave length and that's as I I just the triggered by this vertically polarized and I think I think just the sentences 68 vertically polarized antenna dining have a vertically polarized antenna OK so but all the other components are the this it's the Raspberry PI that's the just really normal stick which you could use just to get the the television on neuronal books so that section all obscure components and then there's this as a band pass filter which you can also say OK so and can later so this this this filter which if you those that the way so you have a little bit less noise and that makes a lot of my makes lot of sense it just gives you a better quality of signal and more messages so and is actually show the shopping list and you can buy
everything on Amazon and eBay and you don't have like to to to social forms and then to ask like some shady people about some of the stuff so it's really it's really just a shopping list you want to go then just
connect everything and you have a software
installation which takes like around 40 minutes most of them most of that is just like formatting that is the card and the running of 3 scripts and distributed would and the you are and then you get this so that's the
screenshot there's a screenshot which you will receive from the from this from the base station
you can also connect this to the open sky network and
you have this so you use your sensor on the map coverage no understanding them and the in the window basically in my room so that the you it's just pointing to 1 side and I have another 1 also on the roof which is so shows a greater coverage and the question is why would you
want this to show you all 1 very important reason why and what it was like what did I
do this this the reason is 6 years old is called fuel and
and and and you know it's just fun to build this and his his completely was completely blown away that you can look in the sky and like I have see that produces the plane so there was there was great but there are also other reasons
research that's instance a study on the airport quality how would I do the airports track there that of the traffic and the use basically this one's gonna draw datasets to 0 to
check this this is a sad thing about his Malaysia Airlines flight which was sold which was lost the picture is from the investigation team and this circles is actually around 300 miles of 300 kilometers and that this radius that you could actually get with this With this thing in and if they had this a three-year stations there they basically could cover the track and they would know probably where where the thing went down from also from the historic dates this
security at the point of the security it is the other set is not a cryptic so you actually can detected by by making most planes but if you have a large scale network you cannot you have basically to at you in effect every to to show it to the to betray and lighter every sensor and you can only do this effectively if you actually have a plane at the point so you can do the good was plants so that's a political story and there was a member of the that's the Russian minister who appeared to have the but if you had to have the unadjusted plane and it was actually found on flights rather 24 but then after the scandal about high it got removed from flight trailer you cannot find this place any longer it's not there if you have a 0 source data dataset which is which costs of historic data backwards and you can lecture Corbera money corporate you can do this because you don't you know can be trade on the on the other article on the on the large
scale exactly so then there's also the from the from the main you see that this damage to the building that was done by this airplane which is flying just too low not according to the the to the to the specified track but how I'm going to to prove that you you have to work for the for the security and for from insurance polygon process if you if you have the data you can really sure that it through on another right away and he was here like a higher or lower than the status of it is supposed to be and then you can really have you had a really have a hard evidence of their fall for
your case and that's a quality for life that's the noise around Frank you can also calculated based on the on the flight coordinates so basically this is the end of the
story in my appeal is below the base station join this kind work I think there's 170 euros is really is really more the the whole story and that is found to to do this you have easy-to-use guides to to to do this and had to join the network and it's just a really fun thing to me I remember my six-year-old reasons thank you very much how regulatory because very talk from open up for questions Severini got my own set what do you want to leave the issues concerning well I'm not yet so I had to say I wouldn't for you do this in North Korea or in maybe not in Russian had no because you know who knows but generally it's actually it's not defined just listen to the radio of well I guess the Evanston not into the signal so you there I intended for 1 in all this and all of them in so far as I know there's no on legal issues the networks like flights rather which should large scale and commercially the the the the London I never heard of any of any problems in that case so I think it's show should not be a big deal but I am not a lawyer you know this because they also have to say this 1 of it's the really good you did the quality of life 1 it seems to me that if you if you're doing this and you
have like a noise meter or whatever you call the you're entitled to monitor your quality of life and so it this seems to me that that gets around your legal thing right there and I often thought that people you know your airport etc. could find that some a good can you pick up a particular point could you figure out who was it that was exceeding the noise barrier that you want to write a while you can you can figure out who was exceeding the noise variance and actual this this measurement was done by a not of this network the source of the noise measurement so that in has some by the government basically there's also a good very good network of of noise monitors around Frankfurt because noise in front of this is really a huge topic really huge enormous topic but what you can do this you can read the track the the flights and the for and see if you can really see you there they are like gold that specified tracks and I wasn't thinking about like and you know some kind of automatic system that if you just take a plane or which goals not been specified track on all the pre pre pre designed track then you can automatically do claim management and that's you know we have the cosine so you basically you know all the time at which company that so which which company and you can just like you know there was this Robert and the UK which was protect protecting against them and the but the traffic tickets and you can basically do some kind of what it should do does exactly the same
just use that she lines surfaces on this is a commercial plane from small fees multiple lines well uh I II III I tend to answer this question exactly and I know that's 1 its most commercial planes have them was of the freight plane so you have a you see a lot of things which are not like passenger planes which are just freight trains blue freight planes from some use guns or the higher lower whatever so that there you can also see them into this into intervals was very interesting that the Air Force 1 has this transform the so you basically you can track the Air Force 1 so maybe that's a false 1 but who knows but normally have everything and you also have to be helicopters and I'm pretty sure that's military have like old system and all they can turn this off but if you actually have are huge number of flights of most of the flights that you might be interested in all of are in there and that would be probably a very very small percentage that don't have the transformers the concerns over problems and you can see them we have a couple plays useful area orthography have a very small but they have these funds because bonds as well and we use some some these contractor problems to see where they are and if you look yeah so it's it's it's actually pretty pretty good so the number of things that you intricate and so I know ships have a similar system is it actually similar like technology wise on they can you track ships with this kind of thing as intuitive technology and I can't answer that sort of thing so that that's from the from the from the architectural point of view that's the same thing they also have transponders in this and the signal is what I know what I don't know if that's exactly the same kind of transponders and so on I I think not but I think it's this this aircraft is different so you normally hopefully you don't need the vertical speed all the boats to but I I I I don't know exactly the just on the on the boat since this is systems that the thing in that such a goes on but still think the 200 these correction of some use of work that I think that the that most of the and think smaller this lots will result from the train and but it's also open open streams that you can get you compute the woman the woman that I think this also kind of project that basically also this this cross crowdsourcing level stuff OK things by thing I think over about here so that I think you're much for a for listening really consider doing that if you have any questions on how to how to build the systems let us know and we really were really looking for new sensors to like you make a better coverage so to hit it to have a and something like an open house metaphor for for this characteristic that thank you very much have