Open Data Revolution of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)

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Open Data Revolution of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)
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Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), one of the world-leading passenger and logistics company is long-known to be very closed and conservative. Therefore, for many it was a complete surprize when Deutsche Bahn has announced the DB Open Data Portal in Novemeber 2015 and started publishing datasets under very permissive Creative Commons licenses. These datasets include geodata like stops, stations, complete railway track network and many others, growing almost weekly. DB Open Data is now extended by DB Open APIs like timetable of the long-distance trains. In this talk, we tell the story behind DB Open Data. About our challenges and failures, our successes and lessons learned on the way to become more open, to enable and to be enabled by the community. We show projects which were already implemented using our Open Data and point out to boundaries we still have to break.
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fluid used for the original OK thank you so high everyone in America that's here my name is an axiomatic of fish I work for the for the from ways that bonds and the 1st thing I have to say is that am right now I'm not speaking for the Dutch about so that's what you are going to go to here in the next 10 to 20 20 minutes is really a personal account and that will not always be politically correct but if you want something politically correct you're in the wrong session this will be a very honest yeah OK so we have an international and international participants in the Conference I'll just do you
a couple of slides about the bondage amount of German Railway Company but that's huge and that so we have a lot of some companies and just to we have
also a huge positions of 1st positions in a lot of areas in the world so what we actually worldwide accompanying with 1st places in a of markets
and on but you manage huge so I had actually use like for hundreds of points of 1 here and to show you how he did
this and just let me give you a couple of a couple of numbers that we
transports hundreds of millions of people every year and we
have also been a lot of little busses to be aware of all signed and and Great Britain we don't support a lot of it's like millions of FOAF forms of of freight and the we also have a huge infrastructure like no more than 30 3 of thousands of kilometres of tracts and for instance in stations have
around 60 thousand stations so you just can't understand that's that's really huge that's an enormous and what nobody
knows actually also this energy so we like the 5th energy Germany which actually doesn't count because on the the consonant we're like here in the 5th OK but some of the
energy almost of energy which we use we also produces on our own so that the tumor has also
very complex history and that's actually official slide and it's a simplified occurring yeah that's that's really that's that that's officials light from the from the consent presentation solid
simplify it a little bit it's now a little bit simplified and if you just take a bit this history is always start somewhere in around the 19th century and we're not here and around so nineties there's this in the bean came around so from all point of view the Internet is like very rare so most of the history of the which abundant and that was not the thing was not relevant OK so all of my
talk is actually about the Open Data and how it started
actually the startles really really really bad so this is the open letter which was sent from our sales department you 1 of the
open projects around think that was around the time of the around 12 there on 12 where it and I was actually that was not a legal threats but that was very close to a legal threats what they did the projects and try to open the the the timetables and they got this very nice light and they have to roll it back so that that's that's where was that's where started that was that the status quo for quite a long
time and it's another example of a women will love the project that's an open source of open of the signal and based on a project which maps the railroad infrastructure and will love it we're actually use number 1 for that support a number 0 nonexistent we don't supported what OK so I said it's not politically correct and
yeah so it's actually pretty bad stuff is pretty bad and this talk is always about the change and how did this change how did
this changed started started around 1 and a half years ago was something which was a unthinkable before and I I want you to to ask Madam Michael Benson has sitting here in the front row understood to stand up this is the godfather of the of the 1st to be a heck exactly we have lost so
that was that was really really that was really encourages it
could have cost him the job so they basically they had some kind of workshops and they decided the Q I don't really know what to do haircut on that would be cool it would be interesting and they have announced that they put its they announced it also that went to the press so it was like conundrum portals like or a high cell so that these are very very well known in Germany and it was already out
there and they couldn't do it back and then if you announce it and go back this huge image damages and you know what knows it so as we did the heck @ on that was that was extremely successful we had a lot of people who came to check with us there was like for a 24 hour of 24 hour and that was really huge huge success and we learned a lot about the success that about of from from this
event we had really results come by having a small levels here to come come running can tell you would the exact about the results what they where for instance this was
what to read as I was also thinking and there was always a reliable train connections at which actually takes the
statistics of the of the late trains and calculates your rules which is basically has a very high probability over all 4 of all going through all 4 that the dual of the to do work and on because if you have like a train coming from uh from on high you have like 4 minutes 0 to get another train and this string has a is is late or has a high probability of being laid then that's not a good that's not a good connection for you just wait a little bit to get another
1 OK so that was the 1st 2nd I was very successful
with it up and they said no that was a 2 page non-disclosure agreement is you have to sign before you can even get OK so that's that's the status quo but I was a start and a lot of people and and they elected and they loved it and
we didn't a 2nd Hackett on a little bit later on there was also a very interesting very interesting
results so we had also companies coming to a head atoms this 1 plants for instance they made the data analysis or that was not that where they were engaging in the best interests with the with the guns and
also there will have some maps of we had also some that was the consolidated facility to get us now if someone from DEC is is present it's actually coming out I used to work for and they sent 2 teams and 1 symbol on the public prize with overcapacity which would otherwise
cost a huge money open data no he's my shiny metal or you know but it's not 1 page if know we're getting better so if you have a graph you were like going from energy can interpolate so that interpolation the next on should be should be really open and that was also a realization we actually can build is greater ones without opening the data because we're like it was completely crazy we have also the feedback of people saying like OK you're trying to just use the community and you're not doing anything back and it was also clear and the thing is that we
uh we had also a lot of people from the higher like management also already had intention and they also and understood that we have to do something you have to go out to go so there was a decision that we are going to make the next packet with the with open data and those so we we started building the Open Data Portal and people sometimes ask and while you're better but if you decide to go Open Data is not required is decided and you just there is no the thing is that what most people think much about
is is this like alright 1 entity and we're like everybody is a friendship and and and no collaboration and stuff held no much about his attention hold you for the rest is this so this is that the structure of the other concern on only the top level entities so we our own where from the from the system from the data provided with around here know newly a the sphere and this is the the part of the long distance trains this is a part of the regional trains the original busses that ability to logistics that's the name of shingon logistics of models to you you understand so if we have to ask them about the dates and then we're going we're not like going to the next room we're going like to do that and it and it ended up while I promise not to sing sorry OK so what was X changes we we were facing but we had the heck onset to heck atoms with great results when had something in the hand and those and what not like we're coming and we're asking you were like you poor people just some days so we are going to do great things no we had great things and portfolio we could show that and we use that as a as a level we had a very different level for over argumentation and we had a lot of so that man has has great here this is probably where it started so we had a lot of discussions like non nobody needs it and I said no look there's a great community coming hiking for for free you that bring great results is that they do bad things about data no they're going to do great things to the over with your data and you where they will do things to the update of the you are not capable of doing and but you also need have no idea how to do and you also from the from the just the way you think you're you're focusing on that you could become people there that cross-border and they are inventing thing that straight and then but is the there was also people saying well the data is already all there OK this may be a line somewhere around but how is it in machine-readable form that you can actually process and is there license attached to that no so we were starting with started looking
for the data which you can publish and really found a couple of things I'm sorry for the German term it's not translatable it's actually like a kind of catalog of production areas of station on trains and substitute Stella and this is actually pdf which was lying lying around those accessible from the outside so we just found out who is the owner of the data and ask if there are k of alternate time 0 OK that sexual there's no big problem so this is where started there was probably the 1st dataset on the Open Data what's really important what do with the support of the community and some great here of house might have been means was the legal staff in only concern they have lawyers their love this thing so this is this this this sentence basically reduces to by if you feel 0 costs you probably several thousands of euros and there's several weeks of of clarification on that just to to get a license but we have and that's an important point we have a standard open data license there is not likely away this is 1 of the many companies are like the properties licenses and you have to you to have access to the data but 1st you have you know this the terms and conditions and have to like use this terms and conditions you like that advantage that wanted download the help page down I understand doesn't understand the bridge lump up OK accept and there's there's somewhere and you have to like uh contributor 1st and not know where they stand things so all our data is under standard licences and there was the November and our alternate of water went so I went online was a a large part is a Wilson wanted people to to this spot and that was very sort so that was extremely problematic was not like cool software like and so on so we just like we did the CIA medicines file-hosting but just to get us started know because if you start it you're you're you're you're you take the pole position and then your you can can generalize everything with which happens next so and
and that that wasn't actually thing the 41 minutes after we started Valencia the portal and when it went online and was that was made free 41 minutes after that it was the 1st Open Data project made of this data so as modern structure care if you if you listen to that just we will love you that that was great applause markets with great OK and so we will
when I had no are open data we had open data how and the 3rd hecatomb was done with open data completely and so they you remember we had this interpolation like 2 pages 1 page 0 page ladies and gentlemen so we finally got there that you have that we
have open data and had also we the 3rd had was read grade of mysterious tricky 1 of the great results I I special like this 1 because you can you think of hackathons you have like a and then look like application and and no I know I what order and the people just said we're going to cut the so they wrote software which use our Open Data which used to be images from from beginning to and they have generated a card game this is a classic classic concepts game and they made of whatever the trailer train stations and that was that was sold out so tremendously popular on the hecatomb there is just 1 of the the long everybody away so there was a couple of other it's in section everything open source available so you can and build your own and that we can now have another project also started heck on when they gather in the license fee of the C C is 0 images of of the relay stations when we have no another iteration of that thing with completely this is a 0 of images so that you don't even have any you you need to do is contribution which is search looks bad car so there's another iteration the things live on was
a gambling game like when one's going on my my it seems to and that that's actually to the real friend you know that that was that was my that was my things so it's about the whole tools you look for a whole holders and and your gets this small box here would like to open over the public transport from your whole to your to your destination that
you can show the whole the where well from my point of view this thing probably costs like or well could bring your own like several millions a year profit just about this future but in on the card game wins
and I find it offends physical exactly so there was
also that elevator Kondor so we also started to opening and we also started open API there was 1 of the 1st API so that was the API about innovators weakened and query the status so all the innovation on line you know if it's if it's broken or not because sometimes innovative broke and there was
from station service and they also made like a contest about that's on the also announced in the heck tiny could factor and we had
also a little great
results on on on that I did not going to go into detail as we can transmit a visualization of what's what's broken or what's not that's a great project will be focused on indoor mitigation accessibility and like if the if the if the rate Brok's which areas of furor are a way station not accessible no that's that's the red part here for instance and that's my project called of subsistence and then there's also like the monitoring solution and so on and this thing also sends you you can basically subscribe to an elevator like you have eliminated from your way through draw also until his or her like around you areas you can subscribe to innovate and if this elevator breaks you get the push message on your a smartphone so this this also switch that was extremely was like a huge success I had to presented on the save and so on this slide is easier to people and the 1 without the other there's always your and I'm like between this other stuff to him so actually I was also concerned that gets a
lot of rejection on attention and then it would also other hiker times not just our hackathons without hated it was the 1 hecatomb was 1 of transition from ports is also a huge huge companies on Frankfurt and hour distance trains also wanted to participate and that's the that's the thing to say we're going to participate in the heck on and we want to bring an API about Sultan table so that was actually the timetable is like a 2nd call like you know what it is they don't give data also anybody but then they said OK we have a heck epsilon have to bring our data and we are going
to do this on to the other this 5 1 it that's the the the timetable long-distance trains in a few weeks before the launch that we have in nice spot in the lean and so on and so that was 1 of the long-awaited maybe I know a couple jokes about that that we get what you want to you all we we we take what he gives notice of the data on a decisive to do what he does with his data with their data and a whole 1 executor presented in this case that they said no we are not going to give you the data we just going you the service because all of and now for whatever reasons and they also said we once this API to be protected by by like an API key that we have some controls on there was a lot of discussions and finally landed in the decision because it's a little bit hard to manage all the and so on so in actual landed on just to use the 1 we use internally and the other 1 the 2 year we're a like gig again and people were like saying you're completely stupid i mean there's gonna there's gonna leak and then whatever you look at organs have this actually stupid that they will we know that if we know that we just take things and we do the best so out of it you know we we we don't no with said OK and we're going see we're going to see how how this how this develops so what do you think like
several minutes after the after the launch of a he was leaked and the and then a couple of weeks after somebody wrote a Python script which Don of data from this API which is legal because the API is actually open data and later on a couple of weeks somebody here just border future obvious instance from this pattern scripting there is basically the and the the it's hard to do this and in the guides and it says OK wait for like 2 days and but but then this could produce the timetable the whole timetable pure 2016 exactly the data that they didn't want to to to to get out of 0 to give out but it's legally all there OK known officially from the from the from the bond so you can say that that's the from the from budget but it's all there and I mean it's available and legal so
this is how it works where we stand now we have the
other submit a portal which is basically the central point of contact for everything we have around 16 datasets right now we have 3 API is on the portal everything is accessible so you don't need to register for the EDI is the fact 1 if you just have to send mail and we're like not just images interested what you what you would what you doing with that
and and I'm from the datasets that's my favorite datasets this is also was a long time a sacred college the the the the geodata the tracks and stations now available as the adjacency basically can improve its everywhere and we have a very good acceptance so we're likely we're getting a lot of for the positive feedback sometimes we also gets like negative feedback like we want more
data so I had the answer hell no this is this is
like the short list of things that people want more and of course 1 of the 1 on the main things is that is the the timetables which are currently not officially available and and
generally that's that's the slides that that that's the the situation with open data were with open data about timetables in Germany right now also and the left side there a so-called against a woman is there's this this transport unions in Germany the smaller companies or unions of small companies which drew public transport in different areas so they like maybe around 17 in in Germany on the right side you see who provides the timetables as alternate or just makes somehow available and sometimes have like subscriber the blood that you're not going to do anything with the data but you can get it anyway and that's actually a very low number of that that's that's beryllium that's in the null model and this filing has some companies that's all on 1 and fall so it's actually use the current that's actually a very bad situation and then we have to do something about it and we are trying to which I most which our position and like to to help that but we also can't do it very forcibly because what we we we can force anybody to go to the to do this so I'm
I'm always at the ends of that's actually 1 way to do it and you can help use our data built episode that build stuff that let us know what you build you must feedback where where we all always happy like children with some ideas so OK here here and then project about that US feedback because for us and unknown to the end come to our Hackett on so there were the next be probably in December will be additionally announced and and yeah so where will be a very glad serous 0 and so
I would love Open Data thank you very much there was actually a sister
slides and targeted and was the was really worried that he had to many slides for the and it put another tenant the triangle exercise excellent so thank you so much that edit anyways good question from where can I go for question you all the way the back of course if pages was great and other European training providers today open datasets do you think about like having a European alliance of opening data g give s for everyone that we that sexual to dream of and the status of is very different so you have for instance which we which is which is very very old who they they give a lot of data sets there so the situation is very different and in different parts of the world for instance and in France they have thing to have a local trains so they they have for for regional trains they have no problem that but from the long distance to have huge problems opening that and I know that in 1 hole and for instance they they also a have a lot of infuses working working on that so this page is very different now it's known and make sure the problem is that you know their actions know and that there's no single like initiative to make this available that's what you think about it will well let's say we don't have a 2 for Germany 1st in 1st place so we are trying to your offensive facilitated and but hopefully we can also persuade more people to that that we were anxious and Michael was unknown this international and Railway Union this you you see in in in in Paris last so last year I think it was in the beginning of the year and we're worse with starting pitching also Open Data so now they had their most sensitive and the molten salt where are we really hope that's that's will be sometimes a reality that you have like German to has exchange or European to fix a change but I'm not there yet unfortunately next question from the man from the Tokyo Station during to with their my question is you know there international trains that passes borders of different countries and is you know 1 train may be moved by more than 2 companies How would you like to synchronize the same data with different companies yeah that's a that's a good question actually have that have everything modeled in the the timetables so that's technically that's not a problem but also the training so they have to have numbers also so-called full transfer sometimes the train goes to the to the border and goes as another train from the border however that's this physically that's the same trend just remember and so that actually that actually works and normally also have some primary company in which is responsible for yeah and I think also in this case is still believed difficult like to make this administrative part that's a really about trying to to you to open this data what I know about long distance trains so they have trains which are Princess starting from Moscow and they are they are in the interchangeable there are already in the data so I show thing that's this this this will work is more a political decision it's not it's not a technical problem if b is that not only the sermon API is needed open but closed for example I can always look at the and they both 4 so that should be on that side to go from belonged to was that of as the the website to go from 1 and so this applies than half the the basins and the eyes during the days of let's say that but I have found that the cell because this different if you that size they have this and they and table yeah that's that's exactly the case the problem is that we really want to understood this the problem which we are facing is not a technical we can just open the CPI make inferences from this point in time a long distance trains is actually a part of an existing system which which is open the problem is that in in Germany for instance we have this heard oral structure and we as a Dutch bond as a every company we don't all in all the data we just is the data data is licensed to ask for a for for protesting purposes which we cannot for instance the data off I know that the over or hamburger whatever because the data doesn't belong to us so that that's actually political that the political problems in that we have a little so the solid in the political ways not not in the technical all on you have singing that this is scheduled data Automatic data hobbled real-time data with the string that's the story of this very problematic unfortunately because it's a very good question and we also want that and the problem is that we have this world whole situation with late trains and now we have a lot of management they have like and they're like the yearly goals they have this basically fix that they have to be to be punctual and therefore they are extremely cautious not to do the data which will somehow heard them not only have to like work on situation so we are not forcing that part at the moment this is true in the sense that we have to be really like knows very diplomatic about this but will get some you intuitively know did say that they can accept that some of these problems so thank you very very much for questions on the free attention we have a small both in the in the whole so if you really want to know more about our like about Hackett on projects or the Open Data project suggests in the hiring of time so just come by we you will love to talk to you and thank you very much and you think you have a few of of go 1 more challenge for you please make the data available as a database dump and just call the db db dump I excellent with things like