iTowns, a new framework for 3D web visualization

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iTowns, a new framework for 3D web visualization
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We present iTowns, a web framework developed in Javascript / WebGL for 3D geospatial data visualization, with capabilities for precise measurement directly in the browser. The first use case of iTowns is Street-view data type visualization : immersive images, but also terrestrial LIDAR Point Cloud data. But iTowns now supports much more data types :  Oriented images Panoramic images Point Clouds 3D textured models WFS vector data iTowns OpenSource is the descendant of the initial iTowns software developed at MATIS research laboratory of the French National Mapping Agency. iTowns OpenSource version 1.0 has been released in February 2016. The framework allows to : - Visualize projected images on a mesh ( cube, 3D model) - Visualize panoramic images - Display depth panoramic images - Display extruded building ( from WFS, other sources ) - Navigate in 3D (click & go) - Display Point Clouds - Visualize textured 3D models ( B3D, 3DS) - Use a simple API We detail iTowns features with videos. The data showcased was acquired by IGN's Stereopolis car. Aside from presenting the software, its present state and the future 2.0 version, we also explain the project history, which is an interesting case of technology transfer from research to industry.
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so i'm gonna do this 3rd and the last but that the
presentation of the treaty tract and it would be really interesting and that of the immersion year when the pace at which show us the ayatollah open-source software this thank
you for this sort of bigger than going to talk about items which is a new would you do that which is a new way do this edition from so just a few of the world's also know whether or not and this company and consumer doing a lot of sadistic fun especially working with point clouds and immersive is an so what's items items is the new software which is actually not you want to you a bit about the story with and so to do this review these decisions and on the way so that it's so where g on diverse group framework the and that's reduces vision and also immersive is resistance and it's apostles those licenses CC be which is something which is really French oriented but at the same time you got to MIT license also variable on the technical by it's based on the respect of course is based on the way GMM because reduced reading the Brazil and so 1 thing which is kind of important is that it's based on 3 acidity as famous library force with the digitization and geometry management and the brother it's useful in a lot of different use cases of for video games for by Desmond for website very dynamic 3 D website for the dual tips on all of its is as a very large community and it's very stable promising but 25 so this is 1 of the main point of items is using this library and this is the same libraries the poetry that uses it as a lot of changes as well in items which allows us for a specific and digitization effect and and so that's the technology we used in items 1 and items to and so 1 notice the items project is about to client-side side on so it's really up away from so we talk about the history of the project because it's kind of most find story more or less and then there are 4 steps on to this story so the 1st version really feels vision of items was born at the French National Mapping institutes which is and uh from the results of a tree which is called the Matisse which gives about everything related to Mr. amounts in the world so I would you scan and spent Census treaty invariance and the 1st 1st version of the atoms project was a flash applications yes I know and that so it's a lot to do panoramic images of his isation and allowed to annotate object inside images and to visualize point clouds light up on so while they realize that a few years later than that flash was not really not future-proof technologies some of the changes to where years and GPU technologies and In 2011 and associated with this this new vision was to be able to visualize slider R and B volumes and as well as other measures why was lots and created nearly because of this speaker still praised vehicle is about 1 where would come from it's more by mapping you know you'll probably no allowances street view vehicle you've seen it it's very good with a lot of sense on it and we can find some of the major also come arise you offer some lied our sense of you go to mu which allows us to send trajectory you have the GPS and you can also send the speech so this is a beaker from IGN of the use of the research of the prediction Baker and so lots of sensory images you have different kind of sensor for images but mostly cover right of relied on a lot of different labels as well and so if you and I of from that you of books to sensor data so you get the data from the new entity GPS and you and that gives you a trajectory with position and orientation and you get 1 . 0 200 . it was sequence a lot not very high frequencies but still and then it's outputs so so images and you got 90 majors because on 9 Camara's every 2 meters which consume the picture is if we single point where some pictures of images of being taken from a small trajectory and then you have laser and the laser output something like 300 solvent . procedure so as you which it was to be able to visualize the data on the web which is kind of demanding in terms of for himself and that was what is your main goal to all items and this is to the goal will to so the open source projects went on with this word framework based on 3 digits and steps we was actually last you know this sort 1 year 1 year ago and idea into the decision to make such a framework after years of session not knowing what they wanted to do with it decided OK let's go let's open source software and at the same time to to to decision which is kind of official and to that items would be as the 3 D visualization to enforce a national geoportal was an expression which would be probably into southern cementing so patent solar August last year and took the decision that came to us and said OK all can we corroborate on the we did some comforting to change the code because there was a lot of non-licensed stuff for a few of the issues
we is globally the source code for the 1st session and so we have the 1st release of items 1 2 2 0 on February tissues so it to quite a time to clean everything and gets we use up and during that time and so so we fracturing arising and starting version 2 . 0 and so the 1st Committee of data by form of this just shows where prohibition to an which is under a view development so we have nowadays we have 2 versions of items as a legacy 1 which is operational you can do things with it and that but it's more like a technology preview with general reason we know what we want to do with it we know the kind of visualization we want to achieve but because the code itself is not something we can really use for all industrial projects a lot of what fracturing needed so that's why has a vision to point it was started and sufficient to . 0 is currently under heavy development and so yeah we plan to implement some of the features of items 1 and 2 items to the but they were seen on the data and we are collaborating with the IGN uh as an open-source project now which is not easy because there is it's a switch of future for Institute but as a researcher at putting them very keen to go deep into of themselves so what about that the tapes we want to to display uh we have kind of different here is that the types we want to industry the environment 1st is oriented images semantic that just then we have a point clouds you know know about ontologies which poetry and and also we want to be able to that later data we want to be able to personalize as well extruded building so to the data which we we we transform into Sweeney and real measures of city buildings with text as well as traditional in state of what services with the brilliant years for the 2 included the area and for all of the data only injective project sort of data some forms of sociology and provided a subset of the observed data samples from the slope is very good right correspond to 1 neighborhood of various uh we have to quality that set so high quality which is 600 megabytes analog quantity 1 which is 16 megabytes of 4 like it's it's kind of a small neighborhood so you can imagine that this is whole city of viruses with and this is not open data policy assisted by noncommissioned non derivative as we go to license but you can use it for which such for just testing this of course it provides did semester of buildings oriented images light of time vector data for a vision and to the building so we have a data set we can play with and that's very important for all and but focus on oriented images Watson oriented images it's simply an image for which you know where it's been taken from and the orientation as well so you know the positions location and orientation and what we do is images is that we project images dynamically in the brother on truly sweetie data and so especially on excluded buildings from 2 D or formations you can't it's all of the others to do free navigation and to have more precision into the digitization if you look at the picture you can see that you have distributed data and you as a being the square of the front of the building is starts and we project the image onto the building it's not the textual person it's a projection of of the image and in this case we even have the projection onto this upon culture as well which is something where I was searching so you got you sweetie buildings you got your image of the right and so if you look at the project had been made just from the should this point of view that you don't see any difference with the origin and image but when you move a bit on the side which you can see on the white below the major there is some deformation from what you can see because you change the point of view compared to the should respond to your initial move and even further which is on the lower left side you can see is that we have this image which is predicting projected onto as its readability and what we do with 1 image is not the message is recession but if you have multiple images you can assume as the user moves you cannot the new images which correspond best to where the user is located and you will project them to submitting signal and set in in doing that have a complaints immersive environment so I don't listen to that's step 4 that's where we actually stand as sets of full refactoring of the education which general reason can on the principles but we we write articles and there was also a few new features that was a global because because the global it's sexy is funny as so they wanted to go that's not the main point of the application but we do and we have a highly developed here as well so that you know it's easier to incorporate the framework into your own applications and we have a web service is supposed to be you energy has to be administered be reference which blonde model condition more examples of 3 D meshes support this came in months and the 1 up to really is an alpha version in all to this year and the 2 . 0 version relates to steer or beginning of next year so that some videos to to show so looks get started with this this
is the this is a global view of version 2 . 0 the video is a mix of version 1 and Version 2 so as to show that the features this is version 2 0 this is a global so all this is a classical globalization
to there is a timeline and animation so at times taken into account with some fancy features with the sun rising and sunsets and of course you have innovation with very precise did you can zoom in on automated like an automated loading up to date on always Italian scheme which is of no consequence collocation so a consistent set of metaphor
what's what um you can do n-dimensional of data as well so this is an example or with satellite infrared imagery which are animated them onto the globe so that's
more classical since we use Sweden J which is a very versatile from you can do a lot of things very easily like this animation of flooding forwards this kind of thing it's only of extreme the plane which is a which goes up and down this is and Weaver various and it's because there's been a lot of flooding recently so it is kind of the summation of all way
it's it's much much exaggerated it wasn't as I can see on the on the video so you can see that you have some of the 3 D buildings to and so and you can have lots of different kind of data this is the emissive you so you can go from the global down to the 3 D data and this is a to G extruded data and then you go to the street will and that's where you enters the inner city so this is 3 D data where the system the data extruded and with project the imagery directly on the city data so you don't see how where and you don't see object the same virtual it's just like you were in India environment so we support point clouds as well and so here again uh we don't the bond culture is you can it lost dynamically from the closest points where you are and you can enter against massive you and still lots of point clouds uh while keeping images loading and projecting predicted on the city data as a if you so that sufficient ones to examine what you did to version 2 but will come at some points and you have to use to do emission lines are we walking projected space here so you of your local projection absolute measurement of done directly into the whites were found system you don't have any re-projection so you exactly observer mission which has been done by a sensor which is in most precision can and you can do point positioning you can do distance computation and so you can do a few things on top of point clouds and set the scene is some assignments are done on the Bronco it's not on the on the images so it's dynamic and loading and that's the margins of the water or for this on all that's a
version 2 is well so here you can see that we project the images onto as a 2 dimension it was a 2 D 3D students building and onto the point cloud so you have a very high definition for circle or point cloud which changes when you change the location because you cannot alter next projected images 0 let's try it for a mine uh a summary of minds and you can have some tours to digitize things as well you cannot vector data here we can see in a more way vector data which is on the streets and so you can
incorporates 3 D models circle although although Kinsey because Sweden GS supports a lot of different things and it's very easy to incorporate new
features into items and this is an example of incorporating a video as a textual and you can even play the video is just like as if you were building a website on actually inside the 3 D environment so you can do for you to where it is and this is very easy to implement because of speed that yes so makes a walker and so it's
pretty impressive necessarily buildings was high quality you can approach applies here for
trajectories and forces video and at another 1 so it's a
environments OK this is a video from those of the workshop will be done as this
we forceful J and this is items to with a few specific improvement we have done if it belongs the moment OK so and and I want all of you
to get back so this is items to the new nutrition and we have integrated poetry inside items to sell as thanks to poetry you can display point clouds very easily and we can use all the features of poetry it's still work in progress since we have that stuff using 3 improving poetry and items to do lots lots of city of Montreal and the possibilities also the reason Swedish server and 1 clouds also served by at a bunch of September and quickly goes to the
rest so what will the future of items that we want new features so butchery integration is almost done we have a bunch during that we want projected images and point clouds that we have a proof of concept booking and so that we want to improve on the system and continuous integration for better created we want and the user interface and we would like to integrate external API like here are like my theory maybe we like some information on the map theory as a jagged could come who want that but I support to want for the city service in connection with 3 I support ground and find support at some point that's what we're looking at in the future of solar cells and the number of moles that we want to do some streaming from the sell side to items on so is this project leads which are we are working on how to build up some new sweetie Web services forestry the object from for point clouds for the oriented images binary images images and of city touch on sort of work in progress and so we still have a lot of work to do so the plan for the future is to really suppression improves account quantity 1 that's what we're doing right now and to integrate more contributors so you're welcome to talk to us and get into the project have a better collaboration as well and so we have a 1st conducted in this where project through which are coming for items integration into specific application and of course of the mobile source project we open to funding and the and the contribution and so we do a lot of communication so what we can do all of that of those things thanks to the city and the if you have any questions about that are much
less and so we'll have time for a few questions only if I don't think you which is what question but we feel that usually use like recall process for free the viewer with support for items so yeah it's pretty complicated because a lot of different aspects to take into account that we are improving at the same time the client sign and some because
you cannot have 1 without the other uh so we try to optimize the from what we're using it depends only on the kind of data you talking Multiflow talking about point clouds and where there are lots of there was a lot of work going on with and trying we lazy compression so we try to use that as much as possible to go on tree 4 point of we benefit from the war which is done on portrayed as for major is so we try to do that we have developed dt management so which is planned to some are always solution images before I would addition and and send yearly depends on on the kind of data will but and you can prepare you data according to the Buddha bond which you have or you can have several which was a a low to them to integrate people at any of the express specific to the kind of data was a great it OK and that's
the and the city was somewhat of a lot of fights with the 3 d and so on and so leader data also uh going to describe briefly what is said workflow or what is supplied by 2 consisted of 2 like working Bayport and that's why I ask for complicated
I get is about to be decision parts so you the for the we have for example rights of flat organization you can just you generated data with a specific form of the sum to so that to some manual manipulation you have to do and so on but it probably won't scale up to work with that format so you will need at some point to the user and other and improved format for the large-scale data beats the issues are a point clouds so you can use point format 4 point clouds all you can use poetry 1 4 point clouds for all 3 dimensions we don't have yet specification for life uh maybe 3 reader will be decisions about so we have no residues are not ready yet to have a good well fulfill that otherwise you can use server for for you data which would be and I have the ability to handle a large amount of data on which of 2 integrated data and the server for know what we do is so many having get not called others so city Jim and data as an input so that you can take you can't make it city gene-modified and then we have importance for the Kansas City GM and you put in the database and then you have a 7 something to a speedy data from the database to items that subsequent for workflow for us we data measures for images you can just go that on the price of question other
question market hit what voice something we have to to walk on the country where focused on
the this digitisation part about being able to bring the data to the client is the student upon the aspect and important for the 1 last question the
or what I was going to ask a similar question that's almost the same question that I asked the best Daniel have checked all data so it's basically a text file with a bunch of 3 D coordinates of the coming from
articles from lead sensors which were amounts and trains and I'm pretty hero to make it into some kind of realization that we receive it can pitch 3 D to the to the to the management of em were interesting and then the workflow like held out hope to that do I really need that shift in the fields to get so that's what yeah to integrate
was really the answer would be exactly the same as the union of the progression is exactly the same you do is you just use a poetry community for now I will take you lots 5 generates a bunch of files in a specific structure on the points system and then you can use this as a source for poetry and since
poetry is integrated into items to just 2 so that's kind of easy I mean but regretted users just running come line and say this is my last slide
generally me I think you were much
less I think it