OpenSource tools for water network management

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OpenSource tools for water network management
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This presentation details some OpenSource tools dedicated to water network management, be it for water distribution or wastewater networks. The qWAT project is a specific tool based on QGIS and PostGIS. it aims at managing water distribution networks. The data model is part of the project and covers most use cases for this kind of assets. The qWAT project is strongly linked to QGIS, and tries to contribute to the core of QGIS so as to mutualize developments and features among other QGIS-based applications. Similarly, the QGEP project is dedicated to wastewater networks. We also present a use case for an implementation of a wastewater information system in France, based on QGIS and PostGIS. Furthermore, we show how PostGIS-based projects allow to do network and graph analysis, so as to extract meaningful information for decision-taking and planning. QGIS-Epanet and QGIS-SWMM are two QGIS Processing extensions integrating simulation features on water distribution and wastewater networks. They let the user run simulations to analyze the network, dimensioning, and identify specific issues. These set of tools show that OpenSource GIS now tend to fulfill use cases for specific fields of application, and water management is among them.
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they a welcome to the last
session before the last keynote and the closing of conference In this session we will have 3 dogs and the topic
is of water and environment to the 1st block will be given by Vincent becomes please don't you can use that microphone the hi so hello hi that's and because it they had been talking about generally all to use open source software to manage water was very generous and so what's become of a lot of different solutions according to a different kind of application for water management as well so uh when we talk about what management can be a lot of different things of us want to take on what authority and your by nitrates as well so I so a few example of this is a
different kind of applications
I about about the difference of 2 main processing posting has to get them to work due stress and introduced by stream and for you at all kind of a a lot of having very fast but so that's about to give you a bunch of
what's existing and what you can do with them and most of them are based on a true products which are like you just send persists and so that's an station on the all you can use huge is for a lot of Mr. postings actually introduces Morrison JS it's actually platform development platform so you can adapted to whatever needs to you have you have to just go which is because the application and then you can plug in that you can of brigands on top of duties but we can also be used to used different modules and uses processing to books which is and the 2 books
for acute which is which deals with the dual algorithm where you can find a lot of different processing features coming from different up into small intervals on and then you're sort of has a connection to special but the basis and in the special databases you can do as well as processing analysis and so what a management to so and think about the kind of these
different approaches so 1st of all introduce you have a lot of different modules and concerning water can cite a few of them like the good outcome in already do some GM analysis on and many Western analysis and sometimes you want to do that for whatever management and Saigon grass and told them our solar modules which know you to have to a single agrees and this dedicated to weather and all of that you is available through the future processing books
but the toolbox you have well when you open processing and and then you can choose which agrees and you want under control
example finding grass and a lot of things related to what to fulfill Conclusion cannot of Freud logical model sediments stream modules what set for the garrison or a lot of different models and because of the grass people are very prolific underdeveloped quite a lot of things fast so if you want to do that but the grass processing and you have is a wiki pages which days can afford algorithm related to ontological sciences so it's a very good starting point and it's not integrated into process side as well as another module used for a lot of management and you have also a good reason to like structure of a few different things
I told them is yet another
module it does it serve for during analysis using digital innovation mothers of principle is using an idea on how to do ideology and it's also integrated in processing and you have a lot of different algorithms
available what school was duties processing is that you can take care of this algorithm and combines them together to create you you on what role are given some inputs for example a d e area you can go to 0 what of the best in analysis and sent to do vectorizing to get to what you should be only combining it with ozone egoism under so you have the design of forward greedy forward to designing to design new organisms using all the available models so this is
but on it's still-evolving that forms automatically generated where you can choose as the sources of answers you presented parameters here the reason so
this is what the competition
example so 1 of those 4 hydrogen many you can do network analysis as well and was open source tools are 1 of the 2 you can use this but so but a suspicion that the base and so you'll will inside posteriors you many did was vector data and you can do with graph data show that the topology which means you can connect nodes and and you will be able to use his typology for a network analysis so so you can use the Perseus topology which is suspicion specific an extension to purchase or you can use your own custom to produce and then you can use of features from post-Christian sequence which allowed to do we consider querying of the data uh to do vector processing this can be used for debt-equity management for example of identity or not to project taking a topology construction overtraining dual constraint on new data to do some topology current Dimitri currencies immediate admitted additional lots of different can can be done into as and you can also do a specific network analysis Greece and I was a recursive queries like dump the activations on these relations much networks history of the data lots of
scene can be this is an example of doing good work on the juridical network so that the reversal on on the 4 best and and so we have nodes and arcs connected to
together and another that bases at the table from the source and the target on describing 0 and the
class specific cost and was in the database you can use for example PG wording which gives you directly from posterior results as the set of talks between a destination points and the source points so it gives you all the bus Don River you can also
say that do things like finding upstream so I that specifically point in my network and I want to find all the elements which are of
different from this point and you can do that with kind of advanced was queries this is mainly because with sequence that's what we call oracle CCTB sorry for my friend and so uh which in which you select the 1st elements and send you cannot do recursively research on new network the following connections you have on your to project and then you get the results and from the research
from the geometry and you can have this upstream representation and cages
thought degrees looks complicated but actually when you do on network analysis and budget kind of all the time the same queries so it's pretty
convenient very fast so another module is to get full with water when we
talk about networks that could get is an extension to Q Jesus a set of extensions to for with what that management is manually developed by Open this but also by the cutest project in general and some of the people and so so you have to just plug in and of itself it's based on posters as well uh you have a data model which is provided which correspond to the Swiss uh from DEC and digitizing profile creation greater control of view of the symbol you were trying to do it you can do Expose and so it's pretty for the future is still under development and so it's a good thing to note that actually get past contributed a lot to you score because it wanted to develop this specific application for wastewater that some needs which were generic enough to be implemented as introduced features and be reused in other applications so we try to seperate what's the specific to an application to what's generate and improves across application of Q disapplication that's pretty
good that's a uh an overview of the software so that's the q gesture of project open with different layers and you can see that we can see a profile of the ways that that another screenshot with
different players and so to get this 4 was what 1 we have the other kind of the same software for the distribution
what are some of which is Q. What is it the same principle budgets and Q so extension and could project it originally an internal project from uh a CGE which is this indicates for water management in Lausanne in Switzerland and it's not used in prediction for the city of Lausanne at and in venture into a venture country in Romania and the tutorial uh who implemented as and provides user model like you accuses discomfort configuration and some additional and we have funding for the project for 2 substances that 16 and so there was a prediction and which are planned for this year and we are aiming for a more generous gent industries edition it's an open source project of course and you can contribute and you can use
so as to extract exist for part of it so you can do some suggestion you have to have
all of the network with 2 different labels which are available
and you can have a specific forms according to as a kind of object you are dealing with he's being to be 2 bound or also survives or whatever so and you
can still use every single introduced into you have especially composer of templates which are available and so you can
do querying and you can editing and it's still evolving for example uh on the same
principle we have contributed to that for the next session of Q just to a different node tool for editing which will be much easier and much faster to use for the for data editing so we plan to have a more generic products in order to uh student more use cases and the 1 we are currently doing uh we plan on improving the performance of which is already pretty good but we want to test the performance and also to stress test the program so that it's a moralist but with still some specific thereupon stood packaging communication and a bit of project organization the project is pretty new it has been up until last year many and that's and also in the project which is open to new partners and Newport Beach next is what do I do if I'm on the 3 so I want to know what a management where remind us that former by where my bonds except but
wrong as a solution we implemented that of or industrial uh it's works on the tablet PC but this unit non grade and it's a very useful for a petition which allows you to create
custom applications uh based on QG so it's still use but interface is totally adapted to talk to tablets and so you have room on your clients to assist a specific interface and then you have your data which can be directly on the tablets onto PC you of on field and so because you can be disconnected from the network at some time but you still want to edit as so we have this catches assuming again and synchronization tool which shows you to synchronize the local data from from the terrain with a data reference system imposes with its equal pushes which is that was an access by Q so this is a kind of watched it you can set up to do on the
future work this is a warm-up addition use it's it's very simple and to deny Singh was wrong is that generative petition was menus so you have you can define which form you want which you want from spewed a specific you just
project so we is kid is versioning and that case to do synchronization between on the field on the reference database that's acutus breaking which allows for a history of line walk and different scenarios and it makes globally data listening and so maybe you have seen some other presentation is used in the various project in 1st year of the project for example and is banal on Bush's and specialized was used as a reference data repository and special light is on the and they did better because it looks like Subversion globally I want to take that
much but it goes from
conflict management so that when multiple users edited the same feature at the same time I went to come back and it tried to upload the data as a got conflict management system once it is can choose which feature is the right 1 and so here we see that we have to stick to which has been modified twice so I can choose which 1 I want modifies the attributes and and resolve the conflicts and appeal to that of OK so now that we
have a good network with all of our problems all for distribution we have this disobey extension which we develop that's under it but
it is a simulation tool made by EPA and 0 you remnants and agency in the US which is a public domain submission to for water distribution networks and we integrated open it into 2 just processing so that you can directly run simulations from ways in areas program from was itself you set up all of your variables introduced you parameter was the simulation we assume that all the specific values you want to have for you you virus of bonds and as and you
can directly run the
simulation onto the inside you just so this is the same distance from processing you say I want services layer for junctions is therefore and then you run the
simulation and and it's up to you as a result of the simulation directly inside you do so you can see as a low-pressure sections and you can see there was a forest of tanks and so
you can overlays out tweezers to
data and services reason for example because the leverage of of its time sort of full and devolution temporal evolution of positive what of pressure and you pipes and that's the way you can't be a form of a certain amount of time so it's direct and integration of simulation and 2 years and this is something which we are working a lot on the country which is a coupling to GA as part of the solution process we did that will for ways what does well so he just
William uh is exactly the same for was what 11 about that and it's a persisting extension as well uh but it's still in beta so you can try it but no no warranty we look like you should work working as you want to have developed or contributed some open and so was
over have this free what was the project which is something which is much larger than just changes swim OK just 3 what is the age 20 20
projects and it aims at creating an integrated modeling environment and it's part of the EU Framework Directive for that and it's an improvement over some new projects for namely muscles we met the moles of and so as you get to this to of surface transportation hydrogeochemical pollutants and angiosperms inside the sense of inside the same platform uh so that
you can do simulation hours a competition from within the same interface so it's open source of course it's changes based uh is are assumed to just greedy extension which allows you to run this condition to prepare your data to do analysis and there are some processing extensions as well so we are currently still developing that uh the 1st pre-release is version as as of and distributed to the partners and it should be released at some point lead to better this year on all mixtures of project that runs into the next years so
it will have a lot of new modules for management and planning for during data analysis for collaboration and set to sensibility uh the uh unsaturated zone transportation they can interaction could right and it's a lot of different simulation models that you can use it to consider uh to manage the data for a
hydrogen but it is also some residents of it's typically a mudflow competition and so it it's free rides interacts with small which is an advantage a computer simulation model and so
you can directly run dissemination from was introduced and principles of have all of your labels you want or a few parameters and and you run the simulation and you can see the results directly on the map or system data which
so what still to do in the
what sorry well a lot because what to management is is very large and it's a very large but because we have a few issues we want to tackle at some point so data model to something which is open it so as long as there is no standard for everything so we need to work on that data models uh on data stream and web services as well as so maybe Wieczorek cutest so web server that could be an idea uh but simulation integration so that the greedy for launching simulations are could be there and we want to have a better sense of integration as well Scott connection to generate that drives this and equipment on the the uh better these isation packaging and of course it's open open source projects so buildings a something which is already in other ways importance as well as development and funding the traditions of that colorfully
stuff open items and the just in time for the white finish of my talk that's a lot of things but that's
very dynamic and they give you a panel of what's already do doable always open source software for water management so according to your specific needs to me uh go deeper into 1 known as opposed to so if you have any question that's when few questions please the validity of integration with existing commercial told what kisses watercress informatics which have quite extensive commercial currently used people using those tools with lots of 100 metric or recorded on devices which have since reliable and from engaging in writing talking abilities you have energy mention how this can possibly to integrate with other systems that are already that implies rather than being a stand-alone Tollefsen across the river the itself OK so yes it's durable we didn't do it because we we have priorities in developing open source software so as much as it can we use a pencil tools but you can interact with properties of the of the of the mean of interacting reasons if it's not the total black box if you can explore the data and we said that of the star up to the whales stomach from what you should be able to to interact with them are 1 of the problem usually results because there is no decoupling the analysis software between 2 graphical interface and the competition system so you know sometimes you cannot to around simulation without opening the software and going into the Greek and time doing a lot of mostly so but if you're gonna have a separate set of about process or a separate software for doing justice commissioner in this case you're about to integrate that into processes and usually you have to be careful because hugest license if it's integrated into duties could use licenses to be addition to which uh makes it it mandatory uh to publish walk as search appeared listened to as well if you modify the god only few links God was another of the so called but in the case of processing what we do is we just run of so there is no direction in case of traveling between both of Toronto GP doesn't apply in that case so obvious that we finding work the as a Christian uh how the user deals um when you're doing the simulations of the deals with topology thing do have a topological model model after a few features of the you just rely on them those except this point and connecting so which which part of the simulation and sticking with others in the simulation of of pipe network so far apart it for example story so far its distribution network or yeah this again and again for that was so we have a topology which is very simple topology have pipes which origin from 1 node to another 1 and so you know the identifier and we rely on the and so what we do is actually but because it's all on data from multiple on its on temperature from 1 and so introduce you can of neural where we we have a table which is which reflects this Bennett format but you could you could have a database with a different topology from art and send out of like a view which would be independent view on your on a specific format and uses the translation itemsets actually what we do is that you to add to it and the water management system it does is it's on data model which is different from the 1 from what is it but it requires so we have a database views on top of that you want more than which correspond to the opponent model hunt and we can 1 destination directly onto hazard to what models whose issues 1 more quick question if this 1 I could ask about what the analysis found that the use of force and now I have now we don't have product for the time and I just don't know that much in the area of maybe it's Michael can 1 AccuWeather developer also a different but as follows in the novel implementation that no uh on top of futures forward and demand management OK thank you once again you on