QField, a touch driven QGIS interface

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QField, a touch driven QGIS interface
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Ubiquity: The ubiquity of mobile devices has seen a huge increase in the last years. With more than 2 billion mobile devices shipped 2015 and a growing market, such devices also become more important at the workplace. The geo stack: Thanks to its multi-platform nature and its broad feature set QGIS is one of the most widespread open source GIS applications and does a good job on the desktop. A native mobile touch interface for field based data review and acquisition is the missing bit in the open source geo stack. Core requirements: From developing QGIS for Android we have identified the core requirements for mobile applications. More than that, we have identified what must be avoided: complexity, small UI elements and project definition work. Less is more: Thanks to pre-defined modi for tasks like data acquisition and data review users can focus on the task at hand. Clear user interface elements and adaption of tools for touch input while offering great precision for coordinate recording with an intuitive interaction design make it a pleasure to use and an efficient tool. Synchronisation: To bring the data back into your infrastructure from the device we have developed a new offline synchronisation tool to allow seamless data exchange between the device and the existing geo infrastructure.
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welcome to the end the of the 2nd session of this will be the Q substance from the next presentation here in the bottom room we will not present at the from his and he will tell you how to bring your hugest projects out into the field thank you in it's almost 2 o'clock 15 seconds left and we go over functionality and then a start yeah maybe 3 seconds at my name is Matevž called I am man from acetyl and as million I am manage it is developer
mostly actually have been on the project for a couple of years and 5 years have been working also distract from user interface down to data providers stuff
in there so I know the cutest
codebase pretty well and I've studied geography has been mustering GIS at the University of Zurich and before I have done that I don't know Certificate of proficiency in application development has been in development for right the last 15 years finger over 15 years and I also like full-stack everything from server application to some Member devices meaning that right now I work for a company called open Jesse what this we will find out this and I stood lot of development we do um consultancy into training and I was a uh to some degree a geek and there was a man attention laughter to the mountains and skiing climbing so to get started a
couple of years ago my colleague who unfortunately cannot be here today and created genius on Android this was basically a report of the full-blown desktop
GIS to well um and rate and it was running and still use running on some devices on version of
of all of them and then that's more or less we actually the stringent you see here was taken on a desktop but there's really not much different as when you run it on the and if you look at this and interface you can see that there are a lot of possibilities there but you can also see that a lot of things which are offered there are naturally something you would use out there on the field when you do when you do work and you can also probably realize that the buttons majority which is way too tiny to touch with their fingers and if you make them bigger they would just take more screen space so we have even less space for you work so all in all it with
changes and ended offered was that very powerful of rendering engine because kids is generally very powerful rendering and in all those stars you can do with their amazing and you have a huge possibility in configuration possibility is that you just you can like fine tune your project whatever you week you want to loads of tiny living things which you can optimize for you use case you can integrate tons of different data providers you can address all you all your different databases you can access the internet all kinds of files that come with Joe information in in there and that this is not a very good thing about duties and as I said that complex user interface is a bit of a show killer if its own duties on Android so and Hannah Holland will call it was made in 1 year or 2 years out we started this project called q field and we decided to just keep everything there waiting get the powerful rendering engine it's still a full-blown Q descended on which keep all the configuration options which of the data provided possibilities but we just a new user interface because that's the main thing that's really annoying when you're working with your project out there and we decided to just go on with that you just 1st approach that means whenever we add a new functionality we 1st check if it makes sense to put it directly into cages and also offered on the device and like implement things on um you field which are not available and you just as long as it makes sense to be this way so I
just as an example for the rendering engine and this is and the data provided to some degrees of his WMS which is rendered behind the 2 . 5 the renderer a classified 1 and then you can just integrate all of this in in 2 projects and it will render the same on the field and this also shows that than the 2 . 5 year and there is built a lot around that cages expressions this SQL similar syntax and then these are obviously working because it wouldn't look this way expressions we have been working there and 1 thing we need to
optimize that and user interface was to give a lot of like add context to the user interface so often when you do
something you actually know what you're doing at the moment so you don't have to explain everything and we just show within this context really make sense so let's
say for example and when you do data entry and what you get is a list of players we have to pass line later right now activated to digitize something on and then we have just 1 single bottom here to start digitizing this new life now and maybe before I come to the uh contextualized bottoms out also give a short introduction to this little crosshair here in the sentence which he is the main means to find points because there with futures friend right you had them the good opportunity to touch somewhere where you want the point so you touch on the order here and you get a point somewhere around there always duly we bought them extra tablets with pants because you could be a little bit more precise but you just never ask precisamente but like your without mouse so instead of going for this approach we that we would just make the crosshair in the center and this will be used to localize points so you navigate to map to where you actually wanted onto the crosshairs there and then and then you can click this button here
and as soon as you click and there will be some more buttons which only makes sense now and you can move where weight of the line was there to draw you can add and remove the last digitized point could delete feature in total and save the current thing or yet another bottle and others vertex and this is how well data entry digitized hinted that pretty straightforward I think
the next thing that huge is offers at which you're also memory which is also very helpful if you want to get some data from outside and actually it's so when you want to feel actually to don't want to just have some text free text from entries Bayesian have some nice which which will help you to do is changes allows for configuring a wide range of which it and you can see some here there is text that is simple 1 error range box with numbers only check boxes and external resources which are 4 pictures and things like this and then I've seen a lot of other projects which for which you have to configure the things extract so you like you have just projected up you've configured all this for you does support
but then you still have to use a plug-in and configure the mixture to get it to run on just so I had no web client
or on understand mobile device or whatever without due 1st that's just use whatever information and project we
use it and just
rebuild the user interface based on this that's what it looks
like this a work yeah OK maybe have to have stop
posterior agree natural
OK I didn't talk fast so
this is the when you started yet edge dislocation market where we are and we have here the point where I wanted
to just point was centered on
the GPS point at the end of the new features and there is a simple text entry and within week with the keyboard you know and there's a check box which is configured for 1 of these which it's there's a camera supporting given external resources which should configured you will get this camera
support and a picture just shows up and you have a value map support for and like the values of the elements and things like this and once you have entered all this data we can just click on
safe and that's a new point we have just digitized is all of this data that show that linking
case media doesn't work at the presentation the in case you want to watch it again when you the home so but this basically integrates all these all these witches and that makes Europe fewer hopefully very comfortable and the workflow in general now um a bit broader than just out in the field with which been focusing on now is you 1st prepare your project on which it is desktop then you move to a mobile device then you do the fieldwork collection etc. and and to synchronize it back to changes so that's what normally happens of course you can also directly work from mobile devices on man a database if you are always connected but there are I know that a lot of people are not always connected when doing field work so that's where I am we have an offline editing support which I think of connector later and but the important thing is this we told ourselves we don't offer all these configuration options which changes that's the past on the tablet you should say before you start a campaign when you plan to contain some GIS specialist export can prepare it somewhere in the office you can sit down with a huge screen with all the configuration options with all the bells and whistles that you use offers preparing and then when he's MPEG chips it to the device and when you're out there is a few buttons to control and actually 1 of the now this is turned out to be a quite complex thing and because that 1 thing is for example that you your project needs to be portable that means that on the device the files cannot just be on your PC hard drive or wherever he did they have to be like relative
past that point to in to the files etc. and for this we have now developed a new uploading which is called you feel sink it existed just being released this week which helps you to prepare your project which is
providing US it is available from the plug-in store ingenious but you can't just install it and it will make your approach is portable that means it takes care of making parts relative it takes care of all for making offline copy of data from the databases and later on we're not yet at that point but working on it to when you get back to synchronize data back into your database when you're back in the office in the evening and you can check if you actually you can and use if you want a certain later to be used online directly or if you wanted to be used on as an offline copy half an hour and and so the current state is that she field opens jaegers project files it uses jaegers data providers except for some formats like ECW where it's quite complex with licensing terms to to get it to run but in general we support most often data providers that are available and then they're rendering engine is like fully there whatever it she just 2 . 16 supports should also be supported by by q field and therefore forums are almost every working improvements there to get more which to make it even easier to enter data and you can digitize points and lines and then you have GPS support and I think it's simple to use at least 2 can make your own pictures from this and what is still to come is the polygon digitizing we're working on that this is like the last bit of a bit of geometry that really needs to be done to be useful and we are working on snapping so you can add digital simulator Smith and other new features that 2 other features and further for improvements for example those of you who know the drag drop designer for designing for instance IQ tests and when you like 50 different action it's and you the 1 like all for them only in a big list but you probably want to have them in different patterns group then that nicely designed so we're working on integrating this 1 I thought that had it had ready for today but unfortunately last season to talk too much to people here instead of working and taking I format you'd validation this is um something that is also available in you just desktop where you can Dallas certain actually used to be the 1st time in a given range if you know they're all hyped elevation hatchback in with the new research area is between 400 meters and 700 meters above sea
level and suddenly somebody writes 5 thousand each that does not allow you to confirm it and gives you a hint that Red Star Gate sorry objective again there's something wrong here but that's available introduce desktop changed since 2 . 60 those of you who you didn't who didn't try that's really something you
should check and this will also be available the other things which are not yet covered by that are high on our priority list all election so that some context on how the features what the features look like and how should be and accessible but Hebrew hybrid editing this is something that we are thinking about it's probably going be complex that is instead of synchronizing in the evening when you come back to the office you should be constantly sinking whenever the network is available like pushing up the changes that are getting new changes back and then and then continue working so that could be a quite nice into that and more GPS status information and and that directly into the attributes so we bring that like right now that the groundwork for this there is there for those of you who are very familiar with GPS and RTK status for example the news like CELP centimeter precision so if you can say it with a new feature if it did was taken with this precision it would be it will be useful information later on that for example integrating external sensors is a is a similar topic like and know you go out there and measured in carbon monoxide or whatever and that you could get that they're contractually its this is also very useful thing for some of our customers which we're looking to ship soon hopefully by then it's not the it's fixed and any of you if you have great ideas these approach as I'm here until Friday so we can just go to the company and talk to me and tell me about your ideas and wishes and then so now I am already at the last slide and I don't know if some of you have been to the main room before and they seen as the involvement of out to power that you were made and how to how to help i hiding integrate to get us that help us to get things done the 1st thing of all is dead animal playing solid it's free it's open source just use it and when he used to tell the world about it time and tell the others that it's great please rated 5 stars some people had trouble said to set it up and read and 1 star and that's looks to be correctly so every 1 of you gives us 5 stars we will be having continued development and there is a documentation online the link is to view the and it is I always write documentation whenever I develop a new feature but I'm sure there's a lot of additional information which could be very useful so if you solve a problem and it would be great if you just an editor the condition at some information to read out the bottom there is always a link please fix the condition here which can click and improve it is quite easy and there is also a translation project where you can help to translate the act which is also very much appreciated and for native speakers of whatever language and something which would be great these if you could write a case study because right now we're too technical guys we like to try to make that but a lot of people who could potentially use it will be very interested to see how other analog forestry people are biologists or whoever how they use it and like talking their language don't talk in our taking language and language of people who really need to get the work done and last but not least and we do work we need to make a living on the new features convex and say would you need if if money will be glad to and improved the suffered yet for you and then yes so had the mainly I think I'm almost at 20 minutes but that's what think you could say that few thank you vote presentations and so anyone in the in the in the audience who wants to ask question how to define we have 5 minutes you have a article emotional and creative and what you're going in my energy-aware using the whole will not keep and I want to find out if you call we don't have a look at C what you can bring on board I like these because we have a have to that we use in offices around to find out what the accuracy GPS accuracy we on who the key you you allow current state the recently maybe to a limit of plus or minus 5 meters so that you can pivot point on teaching TTC in that accuracy limits here it possibly see some technical work on it is not possible and if I understood you correctly you're asking for saving the accuracy of each point in an attribute not known how to be sure that somebody sent to the feature is not bringing the location would have reasonable but closer minus 50 meters near allowing to initialize acceded the world of the plausible duty presently to OK result was no problem it's not possible now but if you allow me to go back and 2 slides here were 3 slides on a and there is there actually it's validation which means that based on different attributes OK or not you can enable or disable the for and confirmation plus you can and plus you can but also highlight the field which is wrong and in the future it should be be possible to put the cheapest occurs into In the field so in the combination of these 2 options I'm pretty sure that whenever we go that we get there this is 1 of the things that will be possible and that means you can use the W events as sources this is not intended to yeah so all we WSD the 2 and with just I'd I did not check wfxt but them as far as I know it is included so you would have to test if you do please let us know there is a an ice table on the documentation page which says what supported if you fill it out of the area
um what we do now is we're working on WFS integration for applying where you by that getting a subset of all features like in this research area in the office before put it off line work with it and then put it back into a database I think that's our experience life saying any option to or any thought about maybe a scripting option and you just sometimes you want to automate the process you have to flip scripting so that it just enter some data is kept the same option and there is not right now and this whole system is built around them GML and JavaScript which is enqueued the new the new scripting findings they normally offer pretty stands dust we we think that we should be in the future integrate some kind of possibility script their Python unfortunately not available right now and so I'm sure 1 day it it will be possible not at the moment and on the other hand I think a lot of scripts which had to be done so far were for a user interface for forums where like over certain fields being based on certain conditions and so on and I think with the expression and you know the new stuff that comes in there we can like reduce the amount of required scripts also quite bit 1 of the 1st then I think we is it possible to use this a cue you on other platforms that and drawing and we only do it on and Android right now and has on Linux so it works on the desktop and on Windows I'm sure it should not be very hard to do we didn't do it but it should be quite straightforward to just should be their combined and on IOS um I think there is some licensing licensing problems in some open source libraries which are not compatible in with the way their ships throughout the this the AppStore so and maybe there would be a solution to that so if somebody is interested but that it will not be very easy and will probably involve the president of the all you can use whatever you want but we recommend using spatial either of your package but basically it understand shapefiles just as well in the we know we have to to stop here but I know you will be available here and I am you remember projects like this you're all some ideas that it here and the last bullet was sponsorship here as you features and thank you for this presentation introduces