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QGIS what's new
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Since FOSS4G 2015, two new QGIS versions have been released. At the time of the FOSS4G 2016, it will even be three new releases. This presentation shows some highlights out of the huge number of new features. For instance the labeling system received a number of enhancements which might not be obvious for users by just looking at the GUI. Another major improvement is the new authentication system in QGIS 2.12. In the area of cartography, there is the new 2.5d renderer, which allows the display of 3D-like visual effects. And the release of 2.16 end of June 2016 will bring some other hightlights for sure.
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1st marker will tell about new features of the school GIS and then who go will continue with the new features or new version of good GS 3 . 0 uh for the questions if you have questions 1st of speakers way and build the students will pass the mike to you so we can have those questions also to our audience in the video stream again model weights the shows they come to
work to talk about a new features seem to be so last year I was 40 this current kiwis version
students 10 uh at UBC after schedule and of 4 months so every 4 months that a new cubies version so since last year's forceful our and appears to new versions to look sell to the 14 and 2 out of 16 2 . 14 uses so-called and T. R. N. A. T. R. means the long term release and in which means that these version the data updates fixes for 1 year so the only the power users are making upgrading each version and users who want to be on the safe side they normally operate once a year from and your CPU and you no the new features there are simply saying that there are too many new features to attend them if you are interested in all the new features then you can call to see the these little little change locks on the then there's um very take least about what's new and it's very diverse if you're using QP states universe to look there because there are a lot of small things which are quite handy but it's quite easy to all then then you just as he we have no description so that means that late 1st we're going to look at the development of the leading that not surprisingly it's going often not this is now a statistics from open helped alternate selected societal analyzes they generalize uh how many schoolmates who meets and how many of computers commonsense on and what we see here is still potent stuff continuous growth and then zings 2014 very high at the beginning of very high development activities means that there is a lot of interest in the project all right and there's not a lot of course not only a lot of comments but also the number of all contribute to spend months is rising so that's a very good sign and the needle back 10 years ago many the experts in the fields they're saying that these that services were based the GASP that the disappearance and block only in my experience and we see here is quite the opposite side of the interesting distalgesics even growing and that of its services are a good complementarity to desktop GIS because they said yes once you have that services then that the state needs to look at the data are people who hate each data and so on and how users are using this country as this kind of there some numbers related to the project the over 800 thousand lines of code and hopefully soon reached a limit of 1 million lines of code the nearly as 34 thousand comments by 304 contribute and open up the next over the past months 111 de velopers contributed called QP this is 1 of the largest open source genes in rural and it is in the told to percentage of our approach teams that kind teams on open up so very impressive and another things that I noticed thing going so this change of the state but only the number of comments and that activity growing but also as a say commercial activities of the growing so cubis quite nicely combines monitoring Europe and in front of the so nowadays and most development activities actually funded by some of now let's go to the new features over a very important 1 is still a bit Feature Service clients include all 16 and it has been completely nearly complete here every but the old WFS client OK however it was only supporting WFS spondents euro and something's got broken during the shift to more Fed threaded rendering sold new WFS client supports versions of models 0 1 applied to look to see you and it has a better caching strategies so downloaded features are stored in a local spatial make special like the the soul and they don't have to be downloaded each time an advantage compared to the old clients he's still client was fashion using memory so if you have a really huge WFS then you want run out of memory in animals the download takes place in the background and the citizens of clever to use that feature in 4 this feature paid paging so downloads scenes and China and it also supports some WFS students you concepts for instance in WFS students you know it's possible to use the chance for for a feature called so that is now also supported by the wfsc like then this is not really for me it's immediately the feature it's not even in humvees correlates of blocking and it's a lot in the box type problems that it's very important and people who write a lot of time implements through the problem on how the bucket so people are very using planes the order of our samples to be used to use other people like PDB your remote debuggers but they all had some kind of inconvenience now there is the 1st time this is the name of the plot is 1st that nothing and it provides a graphical development supports breakpoints stepping to sit out step or continue so it makes your blocking development vary more productive and more fun a new feature included traces the sky authentication framework where up to improve poodle descent tend to have the tools necessary to to to within the past before creating a princess and DVD collection or you could story but then it would be stored into the in the project file and if you know about company people passing project files around then they see the potential of each other's so it wasn't really a good approach no into looked will just a new framework that means that supports passwords can be stored in a local spatial DB and you don't need to remember them each time there could have a master password and you at the beginning that the 1st Texas and then it is to be all that take all the credentials from this database of course you old storage mechanisms that are in the same things or in projects financed the continuing over good thing about this of indicator framework Eastern it's possible to extend for different authentication methods so usually inside bigger organizations people have like very strange authentication mechanisms that they had to support and it comes from the IT and it's not possible to you support those by blocking even part of now and then into
there there is a lot of time and Eastern simple achieved In this section called example of how uh 1 of how community there because people come up this a lot of good ideas normally when I see some new features the 1st time I sometimes think all how who the hell needs that are it's too it's but then after reading the description and see some some pleasant all old it's really very handy I want to use that to do so it happens for materials the for the single market civilization has been improved very said these sites seasons that you see here so you have a baby find size for your Europe marker symbols size assistant helps you to world people wouldn't choices for the sides of the argument even scaling methods so but you can scale the size of the models depending on the diametric keeping 1 area that's most often used and they're like Flannery because people have the found out that if you using area that usually the human life underestimated the size so this flight that's the correction tweets so that the human eye and they don't have said that the value 1 of the nice feature for automatic category feast arrows symbolization it's possible to symbolize like things by arrows and they're really good thing is it's only to the state that you find silent so the it's quite handy tool displays information like import export or how many people travel by train by comments on because you can set the size the fundamental concept this even in these at the beginning of the on so many options for democracy because of the another important features that rule-based slavery so before couldn't the code has evolved label stating apparently now normally or quite often people who want to display the scene Monday different labels for different categories that's not possible the student there is I remember that for instance to display the OpenStreetMap data and the WMS benchmarking tool doesn't take uh we have to make a lot of work around because you didn't have that features so we had to place hundreds of offer you need to need to adopt a cake but it takes hundreds of layers for the project because the labeling was very complex that so this isn't necessary and another nice civilization features to look 5 these civilizations uh it's quite any tool display for instance buildings that you can make like so those 3 effects and here in this picture of even see all the symbol in the Seychelles things can be combined to beta so we see here is the fruit of 5 symbolization combining the set is a shadow digital shadow of their effects so by combining all these possibilities there's a huge on the opportunity to make a very beautiful maps but and that's another feature that no single random looks that's the most similar and he does not render symbols that something you 1st single license the feature at Haiti's if for some cases we want to to see only the labels are only the diagrams for layers for a layer understanding select objects but after labeling problem will see the object can be before that no single vendor that need to be you need to apply a complicated work-arounds to make all the single strands and and so on now this is easier said no single as I in on the expressions I there has been a there are also a lot of improvements along the family of acute as expression Q expressions like the name of the calculate value but on in desktop gesture usually see that pocket calculators symbol and it bop that's for but it's not limited to rates these dynamic calculate expressions are used in a lot of places into his soul into the calculator then we would expect the but the you also can use it for for instance to concatenate strings to make a new labeling uh leaving expression something that does not exist as a field you can use it for data defined symbolization for cool tapes and also on the print composer and probably even more places and you can use it for blocking of course so something out these expressions of only on features so you could use that would relatives in Europe expression and then make fancy calculations and so on we think so now you can also use aggregate functions you can for instance a and my label should be the mean or the median of the future of the feature and the minimum and the maximum value was being concatenation and even more possibility who QBC is not only a desktop GIS that yes library of framework and so on and it's also set so on the server side there have been also some improvements lensing is very likely there is a possibility to 0 in their in their quest to several key like the geometry and the labels now that should be placed on the matter but use cases here you know the carriers of you seek for the for search the year before that feature equals the highlights features that have been found by the search however sometimes you want to search by features that are not displayed in a man and you want to label them and for instance here is a place name in that will searching by place name of the that point 1 of the place name was not being met so now we can positing in the West and the good thing is you also possible indicate printing press so we can show it on development and call it can show it on the printer output not a nice feature is that it takes the output of statement QP server sold describe easy that relate to provide an option to download for people so in municipalities people people's state a lot of people still with the exact so that's quite important and putting it is that the except output is also symbolized by the and and it's includes labelings symbolization and so uh search feature of QB so new feature east of there is not possible to make Python plug-ins for the server but there are a few who swear by blocking achieving December so it's possible for instance the right thing is to modify important is requests and it's also possible to make like security access control by that block so so many nice features and even more so all creation comes comes up 116 what's next it's easy next season QBC freedoms heroes and that at least for the next presentation by promises to be 3 plant species and check the sensitivity functions and I'm going to be
used to you the thank you and very impressive work that is going on in the project have 1 specific question regarding the last slide that the last feature on the reserve is it possible to combine you said you talked about redlining passing on gematria on the request
is it possible to combine the 2 when doing the exact export as do not firms and it's of peaks at exported
solely labeling engagement and and only engagement roster known to the same however since each will be at the is to extend it also to and 1 so thank you for that