Trying to visualize GIS & BIM information on the web: a solution using Leaflet and Cesium

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Trying to visualize GIS & BIM information on the web: a solution using Leaflet and Cesium

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Trying to visualize GIS & BIM information on the web: a solution using Leaflet and Cesium
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While GIS is a term whose use has now been consolidated for years now, BIM is a term whose use is increasingly widespread over the past few years. The both deal with geo-localized "objects", so the ongoing studies for a common point of the GIS and BIM different views of the same object is somewhat unavoidable. A first attempt at integration information belonging from these two worlds is presently under way in the framework of EU funded DIMMER project. This project integrates BIM, district level 3D models with near-real time data from sensors and user feedback in order to analyze and correlate buildings utilization, and to provide information about energy-related behaviors to users and other stakeholders. From the point of view of technology, the project uses open source technologies such as Java, Leaflet and Cesium, as far as GIS is concerned: here you're an architectural schema. The web application integrated GIS data read directly from a POSTGIS data base, with data flows from BIM services, near-real time data from sensors distributed over the territory under examination, and on line processed indexes/calculations. The present version of the project makes it possible to consult sensor information in near-real time, as well as the other processed calculations/indexes, through a web dashboard that includes as primary elements both a 2D map (based on Leaflet), as well as a 3D map (based on CesiumJS).
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but don't know we have a
video who is from
CSI Piemonte which event is an emergency job focus a public services ICT ICT doesn't get suspected and easier to tell us about their work with the EU's democratic this OK and all you have to show some results from an European funded project linking the distance from which modern management for and duction numerous it's occurring and we will try to display apart some results of the brunt of the is a bigger project regarding and information and displaying on the web in the terms of the demo project the project focuses on the methodology to extend
that dealing properties studies that level we have to buy looked at this 2 pilot areas morning during a meeting in 1 in Manchester UK when and where we can have information on all the buildings of the success of the DA is to you get to the BN models but some particular buildings and extend the representative buildings interest the there the properties to the building sort of the the target user you managers public administrators and educated professionals as sketched in real simplified architect of the product is more complex only for the scope of this presentation you can see a classical where obligation diet when they're in him HTML 5 dollars 2 with the use of a great open source famous like leaflet that new query Jesus's MDS will stop and that that the belief about the for the there is a rization this set by a chip access the services for the Medicare kind of cesarean services need information models JS and used information model that we will see later the that delay here is a base that essentially in the legacy system likes my sequence and Budgetary I was
saying we have a GIS data at basic level of the top buildings networks of power networks uh then the topology of of the of the networks living in data our building level we have identi fied 20 representative case buildings analyzing the take 20 existing buildings this is important and the extent the properties that hold you district with this school although some energy saving the other concept in the received the in the in the in the in the product that is that the CAM the system information more the uh layer is it can of as the data that then the programmer composers the power heating network so we have that the readings from the same source energetic and and the environment I was saying that a pilots during by looked at and just the pilot we would see something more the that immediately if we have time
what did we do essentially is style the buildings presented and displayed the networks and they had to so you can see on the left the um a leaflet mad with the most popular really solar radiation and at the same time for events always bother doing by the unintelligible form of thinking indicator and you can see every building is exuded that and there's some attributes of is that in this case on the performance of a and and sort of you and so on this was a like that and this is this is the view this news
value change so uh um is based on that could you WiMob services extensionally WMS and WFS and the summer services when the where the the victory of a vectorial data is required it has seen uh in this case that indeed this is building so in the whole of thing is about 4 4 thousand buildings for children and the tail of the power grid that means that we that in that case building said what I meant that by there
exist in the modern sense where and the model that is used in the models were done by common software this year you can find see for the parameters school beyond there a model in the editing software this this case is out of credit that uh they have to say that the the for the scope of the project that knowing that I'm not alone status where where the where we're done only the extent as taxes only what is really didn't know what was the lady that to the energy energy analysis and so on we have some
problems the question was how to display in uses the in the data in the uh duteously a Web layer without uh our knowing uh libraries or something like that we had that all revolves sold some experience in the present tense we displayed in there is a whirlwind 2 million people so that we know next to the building so uh having that that's the best the footprint and the patent and we have that we we we learn that what was the was the 1 means said displaying the medium building said you know you know applications that we tried that in and out of the best books that focus on the uh most abundant of during to the user than without thinking display some simple him and this was good but as we know who have played in is the because is continue that that at this moment it doesn't work saying the weather chrome and the same so it either this is India's framework that in the in the in of peace over there with the the ACT modeling competition in 2004 in this case the the Belize where 3 on the 300 thousand that we had with the results uh we use the middle of the city the city that is really be softer we could produce a payment came out from out that we because the moment those uh GOTO furthermore those 2 forces you might you can see a comparison in in this in this slide the problem where there anyway because of that that more so where it will be again and we have a we couldn't that find that would implementation to to display the building said in in and with the way you can see some of the links that on the on the background about that when the loading unloading of buildings that where almost that's they're not there was no place prejudice is so
uh in so uh we found the value that the values are always from the standard from across groups but in the end the problems was that that even if we could have an alkali metal laid out 5 and we have we had to perform a conversion to European firm in any way this query enough because the treaty dies and this is that it's a work on of the models for which it we don't know ladies and and that available so we had to build 1 it was a lot of work it's not a very long about that uh we we have some results we we don't consider the the data from the only format positive interpretable and when reading from a DBM surveys that these GB exam L a format for and difficult computational and when the the the exam was not enough from the have seen that is a very very big companies where you can find almost everything on the custom combat the light from the the uh the busses in the datasets sits and the best to the orders to display In the 3 days some of Susan as
you can see in the slide uh according to the city Germanic head the thoughts uh media that did that are for 11 and these in in in the district that the level we have some problems with the shade s but that uh you can you can see that that the building is that the the 1st thing the 1 that is excellent geometry the 2nd that of the as the rules set with the external walls in that are available to you that we put openings that was enough for the computational so the values application that they must that uses these data uh because uh what it is important that in performing energy computations on them all this out some parameters of transmittance although the mix them another uh and structures of the buildings and that in this case that we have the numbers to performance some uh and some computational at the GS level so uh other competitions some manner by specific applications and excited in project 1 note that on the floor for you know was there and of these details says that with a disease of of this in general usability for is dedicated to the inside of the buildings in this case that we had that they needed to see displayed the same source and their various other uh and the features objects inside the belief so we don't really need that the the inside of the buildings there will be was not presented plus so we have not presented
to the ADA is and the fact is that the uh selecting the correct thing so you have the data of the same sort of fun do the less than 15 minutes you have time that was the the
bombers Wikipedia this is the component of the effect that I can see the same I 1 we go uh of the the fastest or if I will have time I would show you the application in their life
the results we is a busy we were starting from some problems with the arrival and adoption of the entire even though we did all the caveats going down the using the fuel we want to have a problem in the future we we think that he was quite a success there 3 days but the case this patient is enticing and the its speed that is it's uh it's a very it's very fast uh as you can see if I which we've application we have a the tree dies only the law of the below the management of the main buildings we haven't they're still supported the therefore doesn't really so that state that we expect that a significant that in uh in a speed the name this field because at this moment that power however layout even days almost up but can work because it's too heavy in the mobile and the tablets and we think of it that were only there could be standardized and the except the other about the
solutions we I hope to be able to answer your questions so I am the only 1 of the people that I worked to this project uh and uh software engineer it's like among so I know all the details of the GBA integers it's changing anyway the start he our partners from the mean there is a sentence about the evenness and even private firms OK you can
find the node application but
there information the project that has been a project and and you have some contexts here may something funny it's OK we really late the questions later therefore significant I can show you that I'm application I have to to show it up in I don't anyway it's the name of the CIA and I was not that bad hi some of them just
long maybe we can see if someone has some questions I think 1 we know it's a member of
the OK this sort of we
presume yes we use open source we are
uh we have we have an European funded project that we have tools structural and the the main part of the convention to be and to JS but which so OK this book OK the application is based on the tree different rization told what parts of the tree mechanisms isn't
Susima demand for is that on on the leaflets that are very very good framework like like framework that we are using in any free use of made this so this was our choice and that people part
uh we have the needed to display a different kind of information the same time on the same and so in this case that we are showing signs of serious these are the same as in the various where the statistical data is collected for any the every layer and definitely in that we have a we can display some information related in this case for
this users we have the heated volume surrounded by this is the thing that for the Turing distinct that we applied the with cesium
some events that result position because they are so
in 1 state in 1
form in 1 at the same moment you can see the called the so the posts and the the percentages already you can see the character of the real trial this model might displayed along the same this is a feature that the was
appreciated by our our
customers so uh we overriding the default sees in the fight with the uh this this table at the same time not that uh
and link them by the tool because we're going but it's possible to link the and this to the visualization you have at the display displayed in
of the same uh men but all with the same attribute attributes and the foreign
ministers use of the Wandoan doesn't the 1 that that's absolutely CMS that we have the uh the uh the event I don't want to be a mapping I want to see a table of the stuff applications so there is a table that we the the caller not agree that framework that allows to uh do the same the same kind of their selections and so on and as you can see
it would side with the from it's it's interesting to see uh the roofs of the
styling as I was saying
that this is something that can be momentum by uh we the future and we were seeing OK this building since we found find that a leaflet even for our 4 100 buildings is pretty that it is in the styling and authorization and other
uh you can see this is the energy performance rating of every building at the
same time you have it done
into a deep in the season there's meal and was only what I was
saying to you was BAM building so let's see if we can see them alive OK it is the problem with the shaded anyway you can see in the center of the map the end of the this was initiated OK it's a it's an extruded boss now
now it said does become a building in which there is no further with the rule can
see and then there's the the opening sentence and then at the position all over the 1st the census of the season the tablet concept directly from the BA that the architects did for us so we will we only have
interpretation that that bastard then displayed in and of does
specification on the map this so it it for yes we and
not our 1st aid the project in there is almost at the end so it should work
often at all the same no it's very alive them it's not always aware slows the um I think then we come to up to fragments of questions effectively we should take care of what the sum of all of the few of the most used any questions we have 1 that is 1 on that you mention it was going to be open sourced but I specifically the D tiles generated is
that already and a neural so we can have a look at it so is for you but not not allocated to get them off sorry because there we the that the code is not now it was America in doing the core in the developed world she dies but started to warm months and a half ago so it's not the presentable in the life is saying should uh we have to respect to the top and if they're there we have a very rich what to do if you do the the the founding of a project we we let Bush as a tool to to to publish it we we we've gone anyway we are this agreement is not to uh is on the profit emaciation so as a problem mainly in that it can can can we can keep
it there for example so for a lot for release let's do you read the year and tyrosine leaflet of the attacks from the latest edge adjacent to so we did that plane and then we arrive at the adjacent edges 11 because of their own fortunately uh in this case leaflet and it's animation was it was like for us because it when when you have the the the polygons and journals that there and that we'll say your tree model fuel you you come back to join them together in a in a corner surface is topic as a the coordinate and it's a painful for anyway the 2 D view of the of the BM model is that is OK on it's the same problem for which we really we push the Florida dieselization when you have uniform and context when you have a thousand not thousand but hundreds of billions in the same place the view is a sparsity stand up well understandable into the you can then modify that is the point of view and you can see the underlying fear of seeing the world same so so on the same floor in in the same position to be you have only 1 sensor so that the the the award is there's not to that to meaning it in our anyway is there is there truth government and their their their tail of the modern this they can squeeze in 1 last question the there was on you be mentioned already but from where did you get this energy consumption data because you always has been models are are not like 4 B models was also materials and there is and where it can calculated automatic and level the building outline so if you're talking about building consumption and is an energy parameters well but should be showing OK the energy parameters are as a 2nd the result over the AMI modeling goal of building when you have to model this building you draw the surface and then applies a material to the surface to the surface yes come they counted the architects so make that the model of the building and the and apply the correct material to the toward the center of the not to our interface but other applications gets their their characteristics so that does make sense is the name you value of the of the of the whole building for which you have to decompose in our new materials and then they're all 1st search tool from the public and many states are also the possibility to chose chosen they their their their behavior of to to do something to and to have the canadian society and therefore effective energy-saving in that distinct part if you can see that the 5 buildings are to I've read them because they are uh they are consuming too much and you can analyze the characteristics and siting from being told to save energy and then you 2 were mentioned that is something that comes from the modeling and Kate there and discriminative and


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