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QWCII: A new QGIS Web Client

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QWCII: A new QGIS Web Client
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QGIS Web Client (QWC) is a Web-GIS client based on OpenLayers 2 and ExtJS and tailored to use special extensions of QGIS Server, such as extracting information from QGIS Project settings, extended GetFeatureInfo Requests, GetPrint and DXF export. It uses standard WMS/WFS commands, but extends them where needed. QWC is used by several cities and provinces in Europe. There are four main reasons why QWC needs to be overhauled: The code structure is not very modular and should be better structured. QWC only works well on Desktops. Despite a separate mobile web client based on OpenLayers 3 and jQuery Mobile, for maintenance reasons it would be much better to have a single web client that uses responsive design and works for all devices from a single viewer. The base libraries ExtJS 3.4 and Openlayers 2 have been phased out and there are newer versions available. However, the upgrade to the newer versions is not trivial. Having a more modern foundation based on newer web technologies This presentation discusses the requirements, the progress of this project, technical decisions taken and challenges solved during the project. While the first goal of the project is to establish a modern foundation for the coming years and reach feature parity with the old QWC project, it is already planned to implement a QWCII python plugin that offers a GUI and assists with the global configuration of the client. This tool should also facilitate the management of topics and projects.
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the this is the final
presentation this session also about you is but this time it's about new q this uh clients with the presentation is Andreas my mom wants him in color from Switzerland and so welcome and we actually have an a certain person on this slide religious Comarco size in the middle East of social part of all cultures can but as it's not so useful this people we decided to to adjust to um here is that client to group think it was introduced in 2009 and the gold was tool have for
as with the previous presentations being able to hold true transported it to his desktop uphold checked and publish it on the so the whole idea is not having tool and meant files or a set of these or whatever complicated form once they are out to a constant you will see a sense of to continuity of magnetic pink applications and make it really easy for us users publish that they already F in a local GAS infrastructure they cube is that blind long was a few only and built upon openly as tools which is already faced all this you know and extraneously which is already faced almost all this you know and what you x to which is also has a successor and are the the bad thing was like places they're not compatible with the next elections so could basically means you have to white the whole system course that's the sleeve to x 5 you can import to easily was the same as openly the it specifically the kind was built around the extended capabilities of the accused of as you may know what is said to have w the excess of whistle WMS WFS and so on but it has fewer CSI extensions are mainly for stuff that is not in the standard things like when think if you want to know you from there of thinking time Brady already I think you'll be WMS doesn't have the painting standard so this is on 1 of the extensions the or some other extensions the baguette featuring for command for example is not very standardized in WMS which means that if you want to have some additional functions indicate the chain for you have to invent something yourself is starting to there than others joined the in translated into 15 languages nonviolent it's available on the top of the out of forgot the emphasis on the lies in me and it's actually an Achilles let you can find it you is is the this is I don't like and 1 of the reasons they want to replace a calling in 6 0 and always tells me this looks so much like the 19 so it looks like Windows 95 per cent it so it's not up to the modern design but people are used to this mobile devices it considered the chain for creates to conceive such function point being explored layer management yeah what's going
on and the this is so we can afford to
his that client models date and people to lead up if you want to introduce that client tool that it should at least 2 the same functionality this other client I don't believe these are the that blind assigned avail sure there more on there is on the 1 side also collaborate and many of them also helped to to finance organized a new culture speaking about so but this is what we want to be several currently supports but to self formed from you know community this couple checked and I put the WPS seen in parentheses I'm not so sure all find student body that can away so some isolation but an idea to to use cubist and publishers that there's a couple of years of his life and I know that the French company policy never came yeah that's what I already mentioned there is a continuation of politics into his desktop this simple retrieval always be the same if the annual sales there are several other men and your desktop to his silver as an extension cord get pulled checked settings and what it does is it twice tool can support additional information and also not available the in WMS standards for example information on the on the active yields on the field featured our that may be useful for poem that mapping client to display of for example the featuring PS think think and is to bent selection commands now the Newport checked to the reasons for that is that I already mentioned politely self a style during the flight and another ball Bakersfield project was that the the the accepted but versions for desktop and mobile there was number How about mobile that client made by source told that we use that and build prominent openly so we can take very high but it take various lump right they're performing on specially on increased structures and and their fast options out there and then but like to transfer and 1 client for desktop and mobile which is fully responsive you change window sizes of different devices nations and and they wanted to be built on top modeling that claimed that works and mainly looked at and were aligned be actually assist the tool Our main options that can be considered of course I mentioned a new fresh look and feel that we want and 1 goal is to make it quite model and maybe it will fuel went to the next sort true presentation this morning some of you are the show to look like and how you can enable disable components that something about trafficking was the client to was also every user can configure later please only actually the steam see later you want leave use the same stuff from Mexico knows I'm calling claimants and of course the 1 of the main goals is again make it suitable for the cubist some extensions that's why we can't cannot just use out of the box and you that's client which doesn't supported the and 3rd owing to the project of the goals is make it very easy to deploy going so deploys think should not take only fired modules and deployed in unified compressed versions so you don't have to you know some of the big big a that of true bloated was deleted manually you yourself and the idea is to have and at the later on for the next you have to use a very cubist blocking on and that person like we've seen today in the next presentation can select components you want and stick them completely those Sunday partners city was that which is my former employer I change in my to complement to go at the beginning of generally but they are on 1 of the 1st to finance the project and little deployed next year and accompanist Laos a city what's spoken Germany and how this CD should community this would be joining later and united and most likely my new employer and data developed by the company will will stop the 1st session will be useless polar which equiripple employed some time already and later on in the latency and they will also points on 1 it's and once the 1st session is out there they be published in QB is that people so other companies so developers could also join in now I want to hand over to mean and explain why we chose the t this equation the fact that what I will tell you a few things about the technical background as on this side we've chosen the reactor as framework from Facebook which has some nature uh things we were looking for it is strictly confident based which means you can have you can develop components which are really had not tied where independent it's not the full feature framework right and its basically centered on the part of an application and and Mac client is mostly you and not so much the business logic in the title and that concepts are easier than than other friends or works have it is the performance optimized as a nice concept about updating the dominant in the browser and has a good tolling development tools whole minimizing self communication is so you can get that out of the box so this is a major JavaScript framework reusing and the other 1 is of we build on which is very powerful as most of you know because all features we need for professional cheery as uh and it's still fast and model so you can compile you on version with only the the parts you need and this is even building this development chain you get an optimized OpenLayers blasted the view a framework around and it's usable on mobile and on the desktop and the non-technical reasoning is also that many of these partners already investment and allotments we
started with mock ups thanks to bits out from going to flow so heavily inspired by
this this topic and decided so this is how it should
look like this are 3
different woke up the best of all about connecting the whole 3 the tablets and mobile there are slight differences you will notice it it up there in the text is not there anymore and on the left side the local and it gets smaller some buttons disappear but it's basically the same and to the 2nd pages about the world so we only have 2 letters which not that look very similar multiplatform and that can be helped out making bigger gets more space and when you go on 1 of these calls In bottle background mapped the usual things the that's that was that's the goal we have been that's
the planet in terms of time so we started the 1st our and understanding and has mentioned we don't start from scratch and we want to build upon that sort to we talked so that developers of matter to well we will cooperate with them and much to is the new framework exactly with the tree we want users and it's that the difference is that started to GeoServer as back and so what part of the work will be to will adapt it to to to 7 on the back and on the front and we can use most of and so we we started a few weeks ago and will already have a cold ready for other well-versed in September that year elicits that may be better to later but possible in September and the 1st appointments are plant in early 2010 the 2008 and people will go on next year so I can show you the the current which is basically maps that's not an make 1st that's not the conversion that's can that that's the current and future that plants and what I want to show is the same as in the and then you
will work and so that's the basic natural to you we've thought that's our starting point belong uh 0 tools not just not acceptable the local and now I have a difficult operations were much older I could show you this map all the the same after map from he just cloud which is a case of mad select this map
and you have the
same matter from Kyrgyzstan over high some tools are encoded weapons-related it's tool background selection and so on so these are the existing
tools we started our work we I have some more time it will also identified functionality we have assuming you have the we can collapse here and locate on the matter and go back and forth so the much extends the the all this stuff which is needed on here are some more and you know maybe too because different sort of 1 of the 1st things existence printing because that's completely different Mr. deserve can use the print layout from the kitchen projects and so we need less work on on server side and on all the client side but it can also be also need tools to rotate so the the maps in the the print out so there is much work for printing uh and other things you already are usable and we only have to adapt FIL confused so that's the current developments and and so the lab last
slide is about how you can help so you sort of uh organizations sponsoring this 1st part of the work that's the financial side you can also help testing will publish regularly on the top and and as I said it's that everybody welcome to development what's 1 of our 1st steps will be to make it easier for like computers democracy as tool for starters that framework so really concentrated on on that you're and that you will can start and write your own components or adapt it for your needs and all these things are coordinated by on the assignment connected if you want to 1 who want to all the 1 of the 3 think so I think it's time of questions and you you few you have the presentation and questions in you can use and you
was supposed to be a presentation presents the area to high you using this but yes with OK and where we not using the yet but we will be working with and they also with their requirements documents and since last year and now we have a contract with the developed world so you get to the in with the development of new resources into the into the proprietary installed and we hope it will work that way so what are the the community and she loves Sweden I like maybe it'll make it clear that most of the graph mostly stunned by that your solutions here so what you what seen at the client not to draw out make false impression that the deep clients only just starting built on that client and then you move from did develop additional components and integrated this to be so there form and another question in the past and I tried to run Chichester it was always some great complex task to get up and running it works in the took it death of time always so I wonder if you have any plans to ship I talker containers preconfigured ones there are similar possibilities to to get something which is pre-configured to but quickly yeah I don't think it's part of the project of course that someone is come to do that but it's not our main task of the year the as organizations the already have it set up of citizens of the 2 the but I seem to could be easier load to deployed a QB snips of enacted is not talking about duck but does not it's not goal of the SPO checked someone else more than once we tell you know they come to be using for but that the this sort of question you're using cutest that because of enhancements to standards policing so the cells as need those services are being community-driven grown in will also be improved as relief aid that all of you have for improving the specifications of these other the reviews body defining the lets you us and haven't had a meeting others and improving the standards to address the links but for the most part that it's not just the there the standard extensions that but using but we also like the fact that it's easy to 2 contiguity so they start styling EMEP cubist is very easy and people go we are sometimes it anyway because the need in your views so that's 1 of the main reasons sick but feeding it the improvements picked up there to the standardization organization of our I actively did not do we need to because I didn't see any activity this stop your final latest years the standing up will is that the fair it it's it's it's a good idea if you want to comment on what mean on-demand service they have a REST interface which additional functionality and this isn't standardized either so might maybe there it will be some standard in future work I mean that all this project after additional functionality and they want to expose to the user so the extent the interface but they use something when there's a standard because then you have like a common denominator for everyone maybe it happens maybe not but will you know the future future will you collaborate with the at a time in company go institution which assesses to further develop the cortical for to project show what that's divinity plenty this our work is also free text back into have sought to and usable these GeoServer as well so you could have to save interfaces to your server maybe for that to be possible thank you for your presentation and now it's time for coffee break fj