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The economics of bringing a new geo product to market by leveraging open standards, FOSS and FOSS4G

Video in TIB AV-Portal: The economics of bringing a new geo product to market by leveraging open standards, FOSS and FOSS4G

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The economics of bringing a new geo product to market by leveraging open standards, FOSS and FOSS4G
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The cloud and open source software have fueled a wave of innovation that has enabled both large and small companies to bring products to market more easily and with less cost and friction than ever before. This talk will describe our journey to bringing such a new product to market. In 2014 Google began selling its high resolution imagery and purchasers received the data as large buckets of files deployed within Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP). This opened a requirement for high performance serving of that imagery via the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) WMS and WMTS standards. This talk will describe the process of a small company developing this image serving technology by both incorporating and contributing to open source and geo open source initiatives. The talk will describe the market opportunity for the new product as well as the business case that led us to choosing an open source approach even for something that is ultimately sold. The talk will also describe the Node.js technical approach that was chosen and the array of geo tools, such as Mapnik and PostGIS, and other open javascript frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Handlebars.js, etc.) that underpin the solution. The talk will also highlight our development team’s open source contributions back to projects and the community. The talk will conclude with a description of the lightweight server and its features that enable an “imagery as a service” business model that daily serves hundreds of users in Utah and Texas.
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we have a firm the next presentation from Martin tolerant chemicals I'm excited stressful way stop this is because that's what you mentioned briefly about the inhabitants of radio and you have what and there are a lot of things that are happening in our industry in general and women's roles in the maintenance of marketing but part of the violence was that as engines innovation and then what you really have to do is we saw in having brought something market I'm going to go overseas operations which can work this is that there is a technology the just form and and this In this presentation so again the notion is that it is something that only this this idea is not spatial what do you think there is not that and just as in previous presentations mark on it really doesn't really wanna contain costs world where begin in which leads you to get so the reality is the
flower right because the small companies more easily than the rest of of the market and you're successful you can scale which is really worth going the rate of
success and I just a fundamentally different nature of nature of business side of the station is the way in which the service platforms service operators service or the game changes so we have to
have an open source connected in my assessment is in many ways are have a right to Google
Cloud millions but when you have servers and to and other companies contribute the to the links about on the right the mass so when you have infrastructure reading range virtual machines for pennies per hour reality is that part of the costs of lower than you know you dataset and on the air-conditioning you you have hands on the wall and you have that is and the same software is lower cost and then there's
always a lot things that we're probably going use them your or the new companies that part of the power source you can do it for the class is much lower than in the rest of the the but so this is where is the name of national software will cost so there is this little
chart I have the 1st is used the and and and will and he was used to resolve correct or are unavoidable platform you result because it's for a lot of time you may enjoy this year next year at a rate quarantine and and not and that's essentially what did and all
essentially what all of things these and you this is the model order so that that's the way they're running companies out of class is not really open source software to pass the company the company's products so what was our
idea of building a high-performance cloud-based tell server essentially realizing the notion of service so it is
that you come from a magazine resources as well so long partner is an enormous amount of the this is going to be mostly used and so he was actually 1 the and in the world now
so that you really really want to know about need to and and it's a really
members of its citizens so that means that you're it like a few years that is normal and years and I will not ask that everything use for free yeah right brain and the heart of software in bringing in and you just bring in as you can bring it in time them you're right down to the end of the original 1 and the only way to create a derivative work digit has about the same as the previous features all these things are prohibited by freezes the mass of the woman with format of the reverse maxi
so this is how we deployed in somewhat by the regional news there are overlaps engines to do however represented that working announced the occasional will nonsense and well to workers who work with the you you create a certain technology people over there and I managed to build a policies of the so we have the
emotionally I will this the and they have the right kinds of services all us and the the same thing version machines but it's
also to invite you to read it is 1 of those patterns in the absence of relational data people also images and so basically happening inside your purchased hundreds of data mining is to does care about where are the facts and so how again
where it is files into the solid is we use right where OGC services on open standards you around for a while and even the commercial software packages but is really about they test set is working in right and software prohibits all over the world and some the service so by using the standard we provide the and reality version of this variable costs of storage and use so so this is always the so you just have to find the right yesterday and this is what the user so gallant wrote this
amazing program were mapped to a broader market and literary several customers to what is the
customer no yes lesions that manage of both of the result of the genes in small clusters to find genes and how many users have you use that get 1 thing about hormones it use the ability of the rows and rows in the mind of the masses you guess what is nice about this sort so this is our so we have
it looks like this unless you don't get a lot of things have lots of different parts so using stories for will compute and virtual machines and we also 1 moment in a lot of every request to the server is lost in the service of the query so this is just you know who's using it in the way of the world and looking at you in your back so while using
exhaust approach for reduce the model doesn't want to the last 1 to differentiate them as we wanted leverage existing tools that solve our problem and we believing that God will be with and that's what community of the tools to so that the rate that
will talk about how this
thing is is engineers In
these high but for the record mine is actually not a caricature because I got the numbers wrong and it's actually a it's
15 slides 15 seconds each so it's a hyper Patrick richer
act so it's no DS and if you're not familiar with that yes no
JS is the heart of gold from rich out and put under service you just run I based applications very fast and it has
a very good service cynical expressed and that has a great middleware systems even just there's a lot tools the box and it's it's very good for stuff we're waiting for disk not doing like a computation
we have some client-side AP components of it that's all built using browser 5 which is a fantastic way just having small bits of code that is get smashed together and some I think called last which is
persist that's the actual like geospatial stuff is a middleware that I wrote we open source that's for doing w mass MTS stuff on I winced every time Michael said the compliance because it's impossible right it's compliant 1 of those as you work for everybody on because
everybody does it their own horrible way on we use map OX stuff to actually states this stuff together there's have a cluster is just give a bounding box and we tiles and will give you a beagle image and then we use a map to convert
between styles between types of images in this and structure that we used to use graphics magic but that was in social low graphics magic change the image size took longer than stitching Mulligan so
so that was a and then we put everything in a big way the steps it's the I think it's a big is service it's basically you you cannot edit cannot delete you could only add rows you can never change them but it it's the same speed if
you have a gigabyte if you terrabytes 1st megabytes I'm so there was no real Google library for node for for using bigram we started so he said right my own and it is also open source and and is denoted as
and idea a the W-mass parts of with the easy parts and most of the the hard problem variety geospatial problems there were problems with managing users will all I wanted to look at this problem with the step like that and that kind of stuff
and that's so originally had a handlebar servers at a template and server-side templating out were just send static fairly static data and users but HTML on and then uses whichever styling we
ended up switching out the server sided side out and making more client-side out using reactive and redox which are heart frameworks these days that the young and use and it is very
easy to use but we deploy using the which is a which is the agonies for Gould container engine and the case from its present another coup we need is it makes a lot of applying them
diverse place is really easy commonly used posters suppose just and and readers to the back and read it is technically a database but it's not really databases for for like cashing in and light
interprocess communication of and then we also had another geo huitres so like we listen he of the query quiz getting heat maps that's easy right but it was not easy but we ended up using a z
curve based approach worry turned all the i tiles in geohash is basically an prefix queries and get all the things that I knew that it's not of interest as really normally and that's
but I guess we could there's nothing more than embarrassing you know what I like that amount of things this is the 1st part of the so
what we're done we notice which was all but the way to go this will start you don't want to but there's nothing that has some sort of any any around into different classes of hours news you New-Zealand responses from 1 always follow this production and use and with a little work has were you know about the security past we use the exact same product is probably didn't really have about this and by the way that it will there were made by the and so really have a flexible architecture in society and really here and you really major commercial to what about the 1 of the
statistics so can have on the interest expenses but he's using the Soviet will tell how to some that is to say the user or the environment transportation facilities have these different answers to the owner about who's taking in managing units and that helps the user wants to that's around explained and then once you have the more massive the changes many so this is looking at the entirety of parameters
the prior knowledge the most busy but there is no surprise that there is a union of this 1 here is axis of world sometimes last year and this page and what you know about the world around you use that to do so when the
other is that people are so over the top the of head down the end
of its success in story and is the 1 that was created using of and this year I'm by now you were suppose we need and where there was a lot of of on the right of the the last 3rd of all instances of the path the
loop of so that you know there is
passed so this is the type of data from June
2006 the the more servers and so just forth that was from the small user boxes is greatest during and you have have what we're going to for it is characterized by the use of and you also the user is possible in the services that want that and the moles of video rights out there and you know what the result
is that the cost of about 2 thousand dollars to 24 thousand dollars a year deserving imagery of 46 chordates hundreds of years daily users for finding out you in the it turned out the cost of what previously would you have just so they cast and its hands to the approach and let will cost so inclusion of some of the well written market and he was last year was the source of the words used that that kind the work of their learners and to our advantage and the velocity of the particle proceedings but actions of the we don't have that really is just around 1 he's and as part of world he you know like to hear about whereas in the the that you this really is that the schools the world and
many now and what is the last
year of the gene is the kind we will have similar was set up by the media and I will try to use find and so on we
and the question is there will a sum the the units in the fall and you're landing on over here and there is no need and where he was stationed at all serial want so this is where we start with the and My Thank you thank you very much michael entailment and thank you for showing a picture of Sebastian former polite to protect
them down of any questions in 1 of his slides you mentioned about you have the concept idea 1 and then use the cloud and an open source of being devoted to the market and the issue is the latest look but I'm sure you had a difficult times and is that anything that you want the shares 1 of the important lessons learned from the work journey together and you know 1 is that the a gene I intentionally leisure and on the football came from Boston is very very successful and had a lot continuity of our of our approach so you really have to have the next few years and uh you have to in town on a team development and help and really sort using this simple and you will have this is designed to do 1 thing 1 thing well we had a lot of things that you do now geographic where you you again because in so is that yeah word usually consultancy where you say yes you know I will take it if you wanna give us money will do it everyone will be sort of whatever you like if you give us money but with the product you know it's it's different and you have to be much because it's not just the 1 customer to all customers next customer so you have to be you know you have to be a bit of an absolute this is no you may not have nice things we give you this you enjoy and if you buy something else being the but this is this thing yeah like so you help users design was designed software has to deal with I will want to bring to market the thanks see them just for the presentation yes yesterday about that Copernicus status do you have any plans to bring them into the platform as a notes an open alternative to you have to give the imagery not thinking about but if someone wanted to promote the this is not a word and parameters of the analysis is really what we want to to read act out some of his indicates how and it's the variance of the variance in the that on yeah we would love to take some his money to make to make out the of Copernicus data that they could dampen the application but you know that's not really what this is really flat on the right is not a storehouse for imagery that's of freely available for people who have their own imagery and wanna get out to others I think 1 more question I in which will uh um is 0 w this middleware is in the genus on the to open source yeah yes it is as to be announced OK thank you very much