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Command Line Geography
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The keyboard is the new compass ! In this entertaining session, we will see how our beloved shell can fit into the workflow of the modern cartographer in the most surprising ways, and we will generate maps in the least expected places (your terminal, your desktop, your IDE...) analyse and visualise geo data with expressive SQL one-liners ; manipulate file formats with shell I/O and useful libraries ; geocode with the blink of an eye (or with your voice) ; make ASCII and emoji maps ; transform Atom into a supercharged geo IDE ; set up the perfect web mapping project environment in seconds ; and many more ! The CartoDB SQL APIs, along with the CartoDB Node client, SQL and PostGIS, plus a host of other open source libraries (GDAL, CSVKit, Yeoman...), will be showcased as the "survival kit" for the hurried but demanding mapper.
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OK the next will be a lot command line geographic and it's given by adding coffee at least things it was end this talk is called the manager of the so it's a bit of the opposite direction from the previous talk so area and you can find the
optimal with the with this name now and I'm currently living in Madrid and working as a front engineer and his utility
of this region is a is a constant and regions and 1 of the most important use
we are building mostly with products with the maps most of the time and that the the user's version there this is our biggest project today so we to watch
showing you the evolution of of the
tree cover of deeper by and another 1 and that you are not to the
and open that up portal so we have a web based approach to
GAS and those are the main tools we use if it overlaps the 3 got that do this but this is part of our own tool chain reaction some the fashionable tools as of now and what about this incident and also be defined friend of policy this 1 of answers that are wrong about
so it's nice because basically uses the whole stack of basically all the tools that just mentioned so it interested not with history of
amazing it's not that they don't and was you that there is this is another 1 is used to work from character showing that the
torus in space and I need to mention that recruiting engineers was little
so that passengers so that's all you want but so my original 1st thing is front-end
engineering in the In recently geography the for year that's the photos that show that it was also a
childhood interests and so at some point I got interested in that in about
a lot of books about GSM maps and stuff like this I haven't read all of them but with the so on the front engineer talking to
colleges people who that so sorry if I do say anything really wrong and that's where building bridges here so it's
nice Wernick's experiences and that the talking about
standard developer-friendly tools to do not really DS actually but more long with nothing and so you a big later exactly that before but the opposite it's actually I'm trying to use less than is what we use in our in our workflow and also have strong in tooling and sometimes Tony
got me more interested than the actual product but I think that's common engineer holds so here are the topics and talk about them going to
talk about the tools of the trade union . 2 dB tome and common however this is how we can he was a starter kit to quickly reiterate a new web-based project for on the talk about how to interact with character to be on the command line produce items for women in June continues measuring topic and talk about this and will finish with some imaging so here are the tools we use started to be or the I guess most of the people in the capital as this which is a web-based
interface to do years the
and they just read very recently read on there are there for is
going to the nodes of domain it at all and you should know what
character is you can go to the website and and try to
understand what it's about so as say that it can improve
customer satisfaction by 15 % you may
only the other as an engineer origin this profession but
strategies that absolutely brilliant because it's basically it does everything in its form so when technically accountability is platform as a Service possibly was US instances and then but not only that but it goes beyond that because it has dual coding reaching by Isaac rules-based based maps and also of readily available open datasets it has a set of REST API which allows to interact with this proposal for instance and on top of this is due the digital which is going to and using title but not
of this unity for many reasons it's it has really easy access for the forefront in the reverse and for people that are not integer jurisprudence that's world into analyzes and brilliant and stuff also we used to be a lot as a very simple back back office because it always you to synchronize for example spreadsheets on Google Drive for that kind of stuff so it is mixed up pretty easy with guidance for example uh and the builder is very powerful but also very useful for prototyping before actually going so I used to work at companies of Hollywood worth mentioning yeah but also from the fact is that this region is already there where it all started a category was made to satisfy the needs of these units original obviously needs of growing spend a lot of it is a is a small and got was like in year and then I'm going to talk about that so as soon as the this is is a text editor basically something between tested on
ITER depending on state so they see that's good it's
very useful but what interests
me is that is that it's actually
raining our error-prone instance and you can basically have kids
exactly the same way you do websites it's very interesting proposal for a strengthened the
and you can just get it style sheets and you will put everything coming scientists itself and I got excited by this and
1 and the last thing in the terminal and I don't know it's in French was saying
that it's an old books that you make the best use and and bashes variables old obviously in but as well as I was
saying and getting more and more into using it instead of reducing equivalent because just natural more efficient so and express them in more detail terminal where is about using item mark z such the show and then everything that's you can run inside its uh and input monophones which is the 1 that using it's it's pretty corresponds to the community so let's start with the company and the
so the 1st thing you need is so this sort of construct to
actually start a project right you need some kind of index of regional some bit of javascript still talking about were
men and women in and and 1 thing that is that makes us pretty good visibility is that we actually have a dedicated exploration phase every time we start a project this is something that goes into budgets actually which are those of us who a look at the dataset the clients providing something the nature and also it allows us to experiment with interest because because when and that of his isation is a hot topic in terms of you it's anyway life and we need to actually each should quickly and we always involve a client had been into it which means that we need to start stuff very quickly and we need to do just efficient there is a tool called you which is exactly in the
basically you know and it is the common
name tool that allows you to generate some files based on in
some settings with an interactive invites but in the end you alignment but so you might use
generators of a set of generators to to savings project with react whatever so there's 1 of that and then you just you will just Newman and then the company generator and then just run it and it will ask you a few questions this it may be used only good reason to use and have to use and install globally usually you shouldn't but here project at sort of the modular system uh don't use also to of institution to this you're getting something wrong and so harvested for just a few opportunities all on and is it will ask you a few
questions about your project many what is the project name whether you want to create a gift for its that automatically and whether invention from transboundary 6 and PostGIS justice you got to the user name if you want to interact with the ATI and uh some libraries you might want to use and then you want to select between efficient and it's it will generate lattices the engine started
inside the project just created and it will do that you start a few things it will run the levels of with some default stand
on maps on the set and you will have a rival which is absolutely essential for productivity this included although this every time you change something
file it will the following will
be watched and will send something to the brochure so that it promotes everything and using the
set initially the in the human
generated so lean thinking just created big is basically destined for the poor man had we all know that testing is necessary but we all know that sometimes you can do with a sodium helps to capture the biggest more evident errors it's it's essential so
the natural basically the idea for this generator sort of a nice balance between complexity and so there's something and something to single so you don't want to start every project with that's what technical that's in the worst case or in the best case with just a lot of code so there's a balance find here and I think using engine is a task for an hour instead of having a dedicated task it things in Washington more simple because you can in your package of Jason file again just run commands and then just random using and it will just use the the shells and stuff the have so knowledge of the projects how do you start to
the command line so 1st of all this is all the all the services that are
presented in the interactive website
some of them front libraries and another 1 is the carcasses
this just a language that we have
something really cool cold that oscillatory which is making
global open datasets but basically interested in those for the usual suspects this is going to die and then that's the which follows you can generate Urals better and on that
basis in using the roster Native anything for example the import materials you to import files to Europe was just above the line and the that services agent discovers geocoding right so hold your interest for those services right now you have
3 possibilities you can either use the Python client which is sort of the efficient way to do
that it's maintained inside got the composer uh reactants the the more it ensures that the library and concluded that the creative
and 1 of them uses the node j again because it has a
direct let them online access that is the right way to do it and just to show you words just dichotomy the pastor
username and just feed some
sequel and stuff will happen but also for example here were just in 10 countries of
the world and by default it will give you at some OK so including during if I had selected units is you know so this jason formats as that of the default got a
form but probably at some point in the need to have more
interesting Morgan using 1 just by using the reduction option
is to be able to get his
but right here in its original or a few I want to actually work with it
you can either 1st the to to a file or you can buy this from was using look which is 1 of the tools of SUSY kids which is a set of tools to handle citizens in Python and will this 1 for example will nicely form expresses the table and see there are many many of the tools used is
that is very interesting and well will be starts about all the columns of neuron which is the file so basically just part of 1st semester true to the city so and is also available on command line just that
the adjacent obviously In other news that's sitting inside the
terminal and the guys are the not but it's something very interesting
goal that I 0 it's very simple sandbox through to build due Jason alignments and right and they also have a governmental so you just typed it through the adjacent I and it will just open website with here the country the start of the with his there are only 2 major
but as indicated queries about at some point you want
to the right option you have
to provide your API key otherwise the cultural ideas that just refusing to do anything and so you can provide it is waiting on the command line you can also have Jason files with 0 in
images just provided to the common and another 1 of these but you can use the cost of the imports agent so you should fight for example here of the New York subway just ideas and it will then
ultimately it will important discredited in all the the
table that has been created uh yeah also you can instead of using the following
directed graph Ural from somewhere on the web so your customer satisfaction is definitely going through the roof here no
and how to use that
encourages or for women being more precisely 1st of all uh atom has a an integrated package manager it's very useful because you can
basically run this and was told by a very interesting implications I'm out of time so I'm gonna skip through this but it's just that it's a very interesting
packages for um ignorance is really really it's here so I've been talking about how to here is 1 we had something just
interact directly with those yeah I just made directly from some of here
this is a simple 1 usually that set and and the
result of this writing to at the also works with students and
so for example here just in
generating the adjacent to the directly to the and then you have this it with a single
simple query as
it is also supported by the current weight so just you know sort Belgium get Belgium so we also find porch is implemented in this package so you don't need to
write it file and just below the capital to be kind so just over fiction is really crazy now and this is just working this way it was kind of just been doing that this recently so please do pull request and insulted because it doesn't have any tests the and the last of the candidate talk about its geocoding I love this part of the gender of the things that can gives you either polygons all points can it you got countries I goes units they have the magic behind this is mostly in that sense and then of OpenStreetMap of so produced for that and what's really going on the character musical implies is that uh you can just use simple functions to you can just functions to geocode stock it's really hold things that's and do what we
did before with simple kernels that for forgery as well the for example here are just getting Beijing and by the users too
general adjacent that I will not grounded in suitable
workflows Wells the same
principles and I also made a little local counterintuitive SQL which will turn just simple string of locations into a single query uh because you have 1 single function for a type of entity so what's street-level countries etc. so here it will generally try to detect when it is and just until the rights of simple functions so should take an ideal gas states and with some simple right at so you can use this in social using the the the history of course the back to
2 by 2 feed this 2 . 2 dB nodes clients yeah so you can do
this is it's really because you can do it at the same time joke
terrorists there a and then are you doesn't a
code of path Texas and the idea of the Kiribati islands which happens to a place called Paris it's an abandoned
settlement printed and so just give a bunch of stuff and you coordinates such as magical and it's also implemented in the bracket so
just like because of the money on
it and you get your if it maps
center of it another a model which is such a beautiful place you work at it's also a good thing is that this some
sort of place but there is a tool called the adjacent to ask you that will be exactly do this transformed adjacent to ask you that so it's not it's not mine and it's really out of such as nervous and going to ask you about but you can also imagine that consists of and just by
being some got to the commands you can uh during the into so it's a map of the world and this mining faces how other countries with other rather GDP superior to the gross referred to 2 per cent so I give it attractive you do you're all of this presentation later so you can get the code and the libraries and all that stuff and remember we are hiring and visibility so assurance engineers that scientists of for an internship stock to us there
was no sorry for being late
questions 1 all those where to some to ask a question that excuse of these the exploration phase when you have when you have a project in terms of percentage of the time you you didn't get within a project it's hard to read it's hard to reply but the distance it had depends on a project in which I mean the quality of the datasets we received for example is very variable something we don't have any deficits and sometimes it's just very aggressive file sometimes it's anything prepared a so on for the data exploration art that is very variable and then we have where projects that not like other projects I mean 1 of the important thing to look like the other ones but some projects are just very bold and more much more difficult much more complex and and it is more so it varies it depends heavily on the candidate according to Hooke's things yeah the question is here that there is so well when you're doing things on the command line in Europe I think a lot you can out of 215 plants to something like that and how do you deal with that on scalability when you're analyzing the coding markable weeks later you don't know what's going on actually so there are many ways to useful to to to to make is better than here are having just type in the morning stuff from journal but obviously you can use that show files and just run shall files so it wouldn't be my 1st choice because I really just written as preferably with do nodes fruits and stuff but I agree is not scalable and the main idea our the main reason of doing stuff for the recording instead of using we use is the repeatability of stuff it should start from our own interface it's going to be very hard to read in the process of going to break and updated version of that a simple example is always with this stuff just put that on the show and monitoring and and the so on a scale it is actually that independent we general scenario extinct yes missing light while the other advantages is that generally carries a couple of memory resources such as standing this in any like major benefits in terms of performance with regards to what you source so and this is not critical at this point because when you're running here of this you're not running it in the final product resistance just started beforehand and so what does that question will arise when you use to large datasets for example but policy In the last through problem especially since you're using character so basically his company's problem you know is that and there's also 1 good thing about that is that it scales in it are supposed to do that's what you pay for it to pay for so this is not problem that at this stage and in the relation the performance issues we have them on the front and and all the time but here by someone to mention that the dimension of the current always open source which is also the the reason to transit the hi and what is your experience with support do use it for a general called ink and for example if you're using that for j as well the bald some bigger files and did you have something on their refreshing other is is extremely that we've been files and other modern contains with online well that's that's the reason I still have a copy of something on machine because it handles the false much better obviously we're not talking about binary files here but it's like that because to legitimize his don't just open that intuitive because it will just send you contribute troops face but many handles that pretty well and here that kind of sex I don't know if the measurement it up and they're trying to fix this but basically of history and the fact that it's just some code running in the problem instance is limiting and we should give more technical and some of of the other in the use of here yeah it's it's very extensible basically everything in optimization is a product and everything there is no core functionality or it's very very and so it makes it very agile the ecosystem is really being so 1 thing that we did a good thing with doing that kind of talk so that it it kind of actually pushes you to could to go and look into the area of the ecosystem of the tools we are using because you can be satisfied with the workflow and the field is there something that but it's an atom is like infinite because there is a pattern for everything package for everything so this is for me this is a sufficient reason and the fact that you can customize it and do that kind of stuff just doing some JavaScript and CSS for itself is enough the OK thank you once once again for French