QGIS Lessons plugin. A new way of teaching QGIS

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: QGIS Lessons plugin. A new way of teaching QGIS

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QGIS Lessons plugin. A new way of teaching QGIS
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The QGIS Lessons plugin allows users to interactively run lessons and tutorials from QGIS. It automates certain steps such as data loading or preparing the QGIS interface, and leaves other steps to be manually executed by the user. This way, it is ideal for self-paced tutorials and allows the user to focus on the most important steps and concepts. The Lessons plugin also includes functionality to easy create new lessons, with tools that capture user interaction or automatically create screenshots of the QGIS interface. New lessons them can be shared as QGIS plugins, and our goal is to promote the usage of the Lessons plugin and have a large collection of free lessons that cover most of the QGIS functionality.
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please reason and I have some
educational perspectives and how to teach and I will
immediately give the floor of layers and and hopefully these this is the only the indeed I cannot touch on the quickly unit 4 slides you do quickly the realism and so that's that's going to be big anyway so I have this force slides and then the demo so basically the there uh so what I'm going to present here is applied in Fujita's that we have developed that farmers uh for teaching kgs lessons within cues so now you can find cages argumentation you can find videos or whatever but this is in a different way of teaching cutest which is interactive and it's done with within we think it is so I will explain this plugin then uh also another plane that is related to this 1 not for education but for taste and some work and then I will do a quick demo looks like it's he training of this but so
basically the lessons plugging applied for for the self-guided guided lessons and in In duties so in its lesson you have your window that tells you the steps that you have to follow and then you perform those 2 steps and it
has some some tools to control whatever uh you have passed to the next step how uh to
block you you haven't uh fulfilled what you have to to do for that step the lessons themselves for appliance that means that the plug-in lessen the
story lessons by by itself doesn't have any lessons but they complied new uh lessons into that and the way we're doing that for in the case of a bonus for our own planes so each playing like you have a playing with a given functionality that playing also can contribute new lessons that get plugged into these lessons in red and the way of distributing lessons is going to be at 1st through the cutest server as any normal plug is disappointing that itself it doesn't have functionality just contribute lessons to listen like and there uh probably aware of the new project that has been finished as part of Google Summer of Code which is a platform to use for sharing resources you can share symbology can share some when whatever we
mean its powerful to you like processing screen things like that so we're poly going to lessons in there so you can share your lessons through the cages
resource sharing description of the way so but while this because this is the the the the the size on this to them and another thing that we have in this plugin is the ability to less less automated way so for a lesson you have to take a screen-show and you have to grab all that those 2 steps so instead of just writing them down completely from scratch you can actually performed that lesson in cages and will grab on the all the screen shots that you do along the way so and if you click on an combo balls a text textbooks you will actually get a screenshot and put a small rectangle to highlight that element so it it makes it easy to write this and you can perform the the lesson and text information right so yeah that moved to a new slide but the this is a common auratus gone completely known as the when it comes to strive to memorize like right
what happened on the biased where basically this this slide of this but it's not from so for creating new lesson associated lesson is applied in Q 2 so 0 plug-ins and are Python plug-ins so I lesson is developed in Python tracer a Python an object that contains all the steps and also some functionalities of sparsity to see if the this step has been performer and not of some some logic inside of inside of that that there might be mine steps dose of the steps that the user has to perform like that that the steps of the lesson themselves and also some there are 2 major steps like for instance the affair if a lesson requires some data you don't have to download the data from a different place or stop for the good of something like that instead just uh this led the client and that was the United change you called told me to change to 720 and change to that OK so and think it's a problem with the solution OK to so what if it's a different ball the there
OK thing across thinking have and this is the situation circulating around the world and the only last 1 introduces the Chancellor solution to work the moment the 2 thirds of 1 so what we're trying to is trend that from or whatever so I can keep on talking even if we don't have that in with their and their lessons as I was saying it's a Python plug-ins so to another it has also been that we want God so a lot of land use and this means that that means that we have here doesn't matter both and other but anyway I was saying that the person that were present in the the lesson is applied in the have to develop that in Python of all the logic bed uh for those of you they're not developers that want to develop a listening lesson can also be treated as a young and which is basically a text file in which you out the different steps that you have the name of the step and you can edit HTML description for for it right they are lessons or not so so completely you cannot have you know this logic of telling you like how to move to next were automatically move to the next step but it's a way of creating lessons that are embedded into introduce if you do it a Python lessons you get much more power because it lets you configure things automatically so the user doesn't have to but doesn't have to do all that and it's much just can't focus on the on the left it's right so the next slide should be about the test applied in which is applied in that we have which is related to these lessons quite and its shows actually the same the same code base the same idea of you know guiding you through a given set of steps that we use it in not to teach people how to do that but for testing because we have automated testing but we have to have someone with testing for for putative mainly you why testing right so instead of developing a lesson instead of writing the steps of a lesson we write the steps of the test but and if anyone has done some testing you know you know that that's boring in some cases you have to load the test data do something with the test data by using this this supply you can have make all those sort of things that you want to test some functionality of your plugin you actually creates that situation to test out tomatically lows data does whatever opens a window almost whatever and then you just have to perform this step to test itself tilt testing accuses plug-ins is now much much more efficient for forestry expert was a demo actually so I don't know how we can do that but if anyone is interested follow you can just sit down after the end and show you with the computer or I might give you can go probably to the bond is posed and I might try to find a uh another projector and do it in there because I think that if photo to do them when you can see just 1 2nd each mean it is not aware that can be worth itself but in road but it was a women from a set of anyone has a question or something to say of you have to seen for slide for 10 seconds 55 any question that so it's a pity that the summary it actually worked fine when it has that 1 hour ago and you know basically the them or but can tell you demonstrated follows that so celebrates basically into them as the the of 1 of the and there the lessons itself actually 1 of the example lessons that comes with the with the with the findings that guides you through that is a very simple 1 that both the test of fighting and the lesson playing their available in our in our repost foreign-owned you have proposed that I can't give you the do you work and you can download that any there is some magic and we can have this work and again quixote homemaker the that yes the of front 3rd yeah quickly quickly forgotten semantics thank you thank you thank you very
much easier August angle between indicated for this goes away and part of the system OK so you see this is a list of
lessons those of the lesson there are added by order plug-ins like this 1 added by an example lessons planning with is that the 1 on top of the exported you duration and then having studies you'll be applied in that we have and this is 1 of our planes and it also adds their functionality for for Judaic but also some some lessons right so basically did the this is as as it is going to be really quick that you get the idea of this is that the question of the of the lesson and now when you started in disguise you to all the steps taken to this event that is thing so you have seen that for instance I had no data have data points slavishly prepares the situation for a for the for the exercise of the you have to download the last of the to whatever this is pretty simple just opening in the uh project but you can to other things like changing your excuse appearance or whatever so and you have the list of all the steps right so obviously wise is set the points later as the actually I'm going to explain in this lesson and how to save related to intuitive right so the 1st thing is to be there may be deleted want explore made that the actively so you see that can move to the next step but it's not going to let me move to the next step because as a you haven't done that so that you can edit check to make sure that the user has made that so I can selected manually and then go to move to next step 45 get blocked and I don't know how to that I can to simple run nexus about you see that here I get the description in an HTML 5 so I can run the step and it automatically selects that any more for the next step which is clearly going to save as many attempts so I go to this later save as and I just like that and it automatically moved to the next right so she's and I didn't have to go reading what happens in here now it tells you what to do was selected you division as the performance of selected and here and you enter the file that use so you have the description in here right and you can you can move forward this to it and then when you move to the next step the syphilis is a super simple lesson we just see steps it is made more and more complex lessons and out of its example that I wanted to show you is with this test which is basically similar things but adapted for for doing testing and also the tests are applied into the supplying so for each point in that you develop if anyone use developer or you have applied you can add the tests in that same plugin so they are connected to the uh to the testifying storage is similar to the list of lessons I have a list of test bed divided into a fully automated test as the test and I have to do anything that is basically is a unit test the Python test rocked by the test applied in or have minor semi-automated 1 case that that shows the well how to you know what do I said that how the test applied to make things easier and makes you your testing more efficient I'm going to show you 1 of these days for these solver that we have which is a cell with for data version so see for instance the status quo here seemed with conflicts so it basically tells you that the test that when you do a synchronization of your local fire with the refers to treat them and their conflicts it works fine right so the 1st thing you have to do is to actually get a report and get a branch that is conflicted than try to sink and you know you need some preparation for and actually testing that they're there sink with conflict functionality were find right so if I ran the selected test just want as in this case to start with the 1st there's you this is an animated step means it's doing something and that is preparing all that context and you see that's added that the data that need it has added it has opened my g of the window and I have here my repo which is conflicted and I just follow instructions I rightly on points and just as saying whatever we're doing so that you can sing this layer with every programs and blah blah whatever and you this is going to cause a conflict has explained there so I just solve the conflict right so I just checked the spot right thank you just what doesn't right so I moved to the next step and it says this check the new version has been created in the report history so I cannot report history and actually check that that this is still a comma-delimited and it is also much conflict so this test passes so at the end it generates a document with all the results of all my tests that I can then send and I can even link that to any platform that use of years juror we used uniform managing that take and link it with with that and send a report other things so basically shortly after uh lessons plugin which is a list of steps with some and interactivity as well and it seems that the AD is pretty similar we decided to create this disorder testifying for our testing both are available in a report that you probably didn't see
that before because this was American find that tissue you go to a lower bound the organization get have you're going to find both of them the cutest lessons plug in and they testified right so you go there you're going to have and there's instructions about how to create lessons this instruction about how to use these tools to capture the lesson and get their automated speech there also instruction in the test applied in a report about how to write new test and there are plenty of examples in all the all the planes that we develop a bonus because he used at the supply him for the testing and fortunately the final words of thanks for your patience and thank you so you think you do for this improvised speech was
very difficult situations are the questions we have about 3 minutes for questions from its for questions of this and this is the coolest thing I've seen so far at the conference and will probably make my life infinitely easier so thank you and I just want to know it would it be possible ed to do either the lessons of the test the test applied on another plug-in or is it just for the Cougars functionality not you can't as we used we don't use a damage for testing and uh plug-in functionality we used mostly for deploying from this so you can you can actually test or or show showing analysis and anything that can be done with Richard for current that is not limited to claims or to corgis anything you can include is the same that you write a document or a pdf you have that inside cages and also you can add this functionality of the splitting in 2 steps and checking that you can pass to the next step of making the data loading or whatever the only limitation that for to say that the only thing they were trying to fix is that if whatever you're trying to do has a modal dialog does the blocking dialog then you have to put all the things you do in the book and dialog into 1 single step because you cannot go to their move to next step but because it's blocked right so they're not so many blocking dialogs in 2 days and actually another said trend to actually move them when possible but that's the only limitation the only bad thing that we're facing right now he which to do any any lesson with something that involves opening a modal dialog that is blocking that's the only thing but other than that of any functionality anything that can be done in cutesy at the start of course thank you for the questions and I believe that it can be localized multiple program and the help texts do applied game happily we have added the internationalization for to lessons gave you may end up being able to have a lesson in several languages and it picks of automatically we haven't thought about FIL does it I mean you can write a lesson in any language and have the lesson but if you want to have the same lesson in different languages and this you know it picks up your local which or whatever then this no it does not consider the language of the lesson right so the plug-in doesn't understand that the lesson in a given language or in another 1 of course that the Government of those plenty of companies which of 2 3 or 4 offers a language is the research so that's a that's a good thing that we should think about the possibility to switch from 1 to another for thanks for the tip welcome politicians these end up in the cages plugin repository the save meaning to download them install them myself all my users having to do that our goal but other methods to ambition is to make music or planning that comes with you just because it's applying and that actually doesn't do anything so it doesn't take and practical little bit of space but another match the user 1 notice it because the plane itself doesn't have any functionality mn consumes the lessons so once we have these these stable and we convince people to write some lessons our goal is to try to move that article so it can be an energy just people would not notice that but then if someone gets a plane with lessons those listen will pop up and will be there so that's the idea that another look get it but that's what we without but In the last incident questions to do using the tool could be used for guiding user like a wizard In complicated procedures so that Hamilton was something which cannot be automated certain needs the user intervention and and so kind of a wizard so if I have to perform a certain task i have to this despite the so do my normal job but then I have to remember that you have to say that they here and changes the value of and where you can actually that and it from my point of view when I develop staff and have to optimize something I sometimes used to that so if the from Monte you know develop some part and have to do something before I usually write like a small test for the test applying that actually takes me up to that point and then to check that so you can use the like that deal I mean you can use probably mostly with the testified in discrete something with ultimate some steps that you do something Manuel then you have make as much as you can and then just the uh to the user demand on interaction you might be amended so you can properly be useful for that and actually I should always orthodox way thank you OK things much thank you won't find so if you want to switch from this