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Digital field mapping with Geopaparazzi and gvSIG


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Title Digital field mapping with Geopaparazzi and gvSIG
Title of Series FOSS4G Bonn 2016
Part Number 94
Number of Parts 193
Author Antonello, Andrea (HydroloGIS)
Franceschi, Silvia (HydroloGIS - Free University of Bolzano)
License CC Attribution 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/20316
Publisher FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Release Date 2016
Language English
Production Place Bonn

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Geopaparazzi is an application for fast field surveys. Its simplicity and the possibility to use it on as good as any android smartphone makes it a trusty field companion for engineers and geologists, but also for tourists who wish to keep a geodiary and any user that needs to be aware of his position even in offline mode. In Geopaparazzi it is possible to create text and picture notes and place them on the map. Notes can also be complex and form based in order to standardize surveys in which many people need to be coordinated. The data collected in the field can be directly exported from Geopaparazzi as KMZ or GPX. The plugin for Geopaparazzi in gvSIG supplies an userfriendly GUI with GIS functionalities to visualize all the data collected in the field, GPS tracks, text notes, pictures and form based notes and gives the possibility to save them as shapefiles. It works as a useful and fast tool to check the data collected in the field within a GIS directly from the file of the Geopaparazzi project without the need to export and save different shapefile. With this tool it is also possible to share projects with others, check the contents and periodically verify the results of the surveys.
Keywords HydroloGIS
Free University of Bolzano
the timing of the US to use you know about the other remember most of are not exceed those data that so far the this sounds like bad but then I looked at myself and the julio unit has been translated into several languages and this is also a lot of time it's going to be used at least for or environmental and you also to collect the world these days so thank you thank you OK
good morning everyone thinks the coming of 1 2nd of presentation on the internet and mean that a lot of you have a variety of I worked for a company that's called hydrologists it works and it's based in the very north of Italy a small company that also hydrological analysis to another project was was project we coordinate and which is a G grass tools
that we recently got into the GP 6 foundations and use it as a desktop JS the show you something later on down that we started also to connect to the mobile with the dust of and with online J so what is du barbarity as he already told a part of being in the mobile application with the most amazing name it's also an application that helps you to do the most amazing thing because without serving your data you have no using your maps and you have nothing on the map so we wanted to have something where engineers and do something work wanted to have something that we can use and it's always in pockets so we started this thing on Android devices and it was just it had to be very
simple so you open up you have a dashboard you can make some notes nodes can be text can be status that you draw a new map can be images and obviously 1 thing you want
might want to know or most of the time want to know is that where have you been so track GPS logs and it will save it there for you we have also support which is in the middle these buttons you see these as support for a more complex notes and obviously there needed to be and that that would show you where you are and where you place
in your notes because nodes can be put in the GPS position or in the center of the my opposition you might not see it but there is a small cross in the center of the mass so what about the do not what can you place in the background of human that we have our hydrologic more or less and that what we needed to to have is basically uh brass months but we wanted to have restaurants overlays off in this case a lighter data were technical marks or or to photo with their eyes alliance so what would you do the Dick and Jane that backs dual variety is called marks and muscles of already supplies a format and informative document month extension that is offline and it works like a vector the dataset and on the flight creates the time so that's for over sigma that dataset so they supply on there website uh these map files for the whole world and in the very small size like the whole of Germany with all the data is currently like 1 and a half gigabytes on your you can bring in where everyone we needed to have some more complex offer technical surveys so we started to look around and we found in because former an inside GIS that we created tools to generate and because formats that would all the different layers and created this kind of electron recently we started also to support breast like to form a after light to actually is still in in the and it's not in the official release but we are working already half a year with it and it was perfectly fine and that's very interesting because it's it can cover larger area as well and the times starts to get bigger and bigger because you have tons of time roster light has a different way it doesn't really tied them about it provide students with a single tides it's slightly slightly slower but it really if In my opinion the format of the future and then you can connect to PMS and WMS sources online I don't know how it is in your places but we do service out in the field and most of the time we don't have internet connection so we don't even care about an internet connection and you can
insert noted bookmarks as I said and you can then crawled from your list you can support the bookmarks and the notes and you can sort the nodes in by distance from the current position you can do some staff deleted a shared nodes and the same
goes for the GPS logs you can supply them you can enter some information you can get some
information about the language started when it stops you
can also you have a charged visualized with the elevation it's a bit In this case it gets a bit of smoother because we 1st had all the points of the GPS the GPS in elevation is extremely nervous so it gets a bit seemed to give you a better idea the charge brings you
elevation but and also the speed in green so it's a tool to Texas charts
uh what about uh and being all the ladies over the basement that we support image of a variety spatial 8 months nothing else so if you have to bring vectors without tribute into your mobile device you are packaged together
with the specialized tools on ice database you kill loaded onto your mouth and you will be able to visualize all the data this is a 1 . 2 basis and it was shown you the layers that are supported the our site you can order them you can tie them I will have larger
but you can stop them and you can also labeled them of the
1 year that when 1 year ago the research foundation for state university of New York to give us our little fun to download the polygon anything so you if you have a specialized layer and you need to
edit it you can enable editing and creating new polygons by touch or if you need something more profound size you can enter a point in the middle of the cross or you can simply you have to surveillance slide you started you put it in get from GPS mode and you start to roll around you try not to die when you do it at the end you have it in your pocket so it's working perfectly and in the end you just save it so this 3 modes are available to create a new dataset there were
very recently for our own comparable we added also line but widened polygons you can also modify the shapes in line editing and even more recently our community member of the supplied support for points for both these things you can add shapes you can 4 lines you can continue the last line you were anything but moving and modifying vertexes is not supported whereas editing of the attributes table is supported for all of those kinds and how do you
do it with export you have it's a few the expert disabilities or import export possibilities to variety you can import the big and that's kind of it and you can export energy peaks or KMZ that claims that if you don't want to use GIS support it is you'll format because the and that even if you have structured notes you can exploding came as a concept and if data whether it will show you note everything that you have on your complex nodes of all the sub if you have images in it it will bring it to you so that you in a format that will review reproduce perfectly the notes you are serving
but just to give you a short example we we started to as a job to where we had to define tracks and
and markings and works and it we have to identify what would need obtain and so how would you start and then you start
creating your service for server
forms are the things that
as I said that bring you the little buttons on the that node part where the simple notes are up here and and this is Italian because we use that but it's like crossing to come markings and furniture inside you
can really have subtype out uh so
contemporaries in your notes and you can have come more boxes you can have uh uh check boxes numeric fields and you can even have some validation like the numbers it has to be in a certain range or certain views need and have to be compiled so this is just for
completion for the other 2
and then you might want to create your background and this
is where the basic comes into the game we created some applicants for judiciary so few public sigma does
begins you will have a menu that has that dupe operatic section and whatever you see on your mind you can start up action on common that's called Krieger operatic time it will really simple assembly opened a small window where define the minimum zoom level might seem to level because incentive abroad to you you have the the switch between zoom levels as an oversupply often with a plus and minus and you define which between which the level you want to see your mark and find that the image format to use because if it's like a technical not like this you want to use a P but if it's an aerial image we want to use j break else it will be way way too big and you define where to store you hit the OK button
and it will generate an advertised out it for you
that you don't care than just load on your mark their own devices and visualize so this is the same area visualize inside your propriety and on Tuesday but we are
currently working with a company of another company of producing association calls as go up and they have a product that's called using online and it's the
thing using up there and it's basically like a Web GIS and our framework for smaller reality is very simple to set up and it has already the the the most necessary features to visualize later layers it's a simple to create your own custom not and we are right now the next version will have a nice entry that's called cloud data because right now I will show that there is an to that's called stage that helps you to download that of operatic project so you can if you have a server and you're urine another application it you can this the available
projects of after brought and you can download it and open it enjoyable variety but this did the court of a variety that these with the nodes in the loss is not a spatial database because of special light that the base the takes 5 min megabytes on its own we wanted to keep very small but now you will be able also to download specialized list so if you click on that it will connect to server interviewed available lists that are in that's not set and you select your your disease for vector layers is selected layers and it packages for you a special light and downloads it and loaded into the so this is what we're
working on right now finally we have our forms we have a background a doubt regarding the field and do whatever we do we were survey when we come
back we'll have a ton of data inside our device so what next because it's simple to see it but then most of the time and these were as we do we have to process those data so we need to transform it into JST former there
are 2 possibilities right now and you said and so there is a new entry in the job of grapheme the menu
which is called project you the project for Europe it will this is kind of a jip operatic projects browser so it opens up a treaty you you can define a folder inside which you have
all of you part of the
propriety archives project and let's say in this case I create an empty folder and I say there are my project but it's empty then I can activate GVC in server mode so you can port if to and what you do
with this stage comment inside joke you can define the server which is in your local network to proceed where divisor grunts and then you couldn't stage and it will upload the current project stage so if you've done
everything correctly as in this case ended with the the data I surveyed when coming
to bomb you will have your project in there just uploaded and from there on you will see the images you have in there the logs and the nodes and you are able
to right click on the project and you can load the data it will show it in you mark introduce you can open
the images or save the images because the images are inside the as collide 5 you can select the
GPS lock it it will pop up also a chart view of the profile you are also
able since this tool here gives the possibility to filter by the metadata contained in the project you might want to start to put
something decent into metadata so if you have as we have lots and lots of Democratic project to search down it's necessary to but something really meaningful into the metadata did started like w was there and then the project so most of the time at the beginning we had done a user and on project and that's how it works so this is to really browse to progressive project if instead you are like a user that is it it's sometimes and you have the project and want to convert it to shape file and you can see now when you do and normal at layer where you actually files so Services WMS and whatever all that kind of thing that you have the possibility there's a new topic is called operatic it gives you this panel and you can browse for using project file once you
selected it will show you some information like user
and it will give you also some information about delaying it would create if you would import what does that mean you always will have simple notes which is too small to enter text and say media notes all the images and GPS logs if you have complex notes since each complex node has a different structure it will generate linear for each node your military notes we had so it will tell you I'm going to create also these 3 layers and you have the possibility to switch on or off to exploit the latest to
file it will create a folder nearby image of about a project and it will bring all the data inside
some if you run that it this is what you will end up which which is quite nice you will know what you have to do with it and you will have your layers and
uh OK just to show the same region on the device and the on important data on but the
important thing is if you
wanna be attributes Table of 1 of these layers and we check it with the different parts of the of the complex form you will see that everything is inside have that we ended an
unknown small tools since In attributes you will also have the images which are saved at that point in the fall in a subfolder of export data we have a dual when you are activated opening medium and you can select the point is that the screen and it will open up the images that are connected to those points good that was all so
I leave you here with the some links and your else to to get to the main yes if you have questions that we have also a Facebook page where can just put in that beautiful projects doing and if you want to translate there are already a lot of translation of tube operatic but if your language is missing you goal to this URL and it's really really simple to give your own translation of propriety or better to give the translation off your language into proprietary euros religion is a bit of a stretch OK so that's all thank you very that you
and questions now I'm afraid did think about supporting package that let me know that I didn't mention it because somebody asked the question in another presentation it is supported already I never mention it because I was forgetting that it supported but for the vector part not for the rest of the so if you have some GeoPackage you like to test and you can send it to me I would not because I never use it so I would like to test it also by the on development and airlines and once right now no not really and that the editing part of that we are not using it really a lot it's it's been more other customers that have asked for it so that it would be a nice thing to have I completely agree with you but right now we are completely absorbed by connection with the energy of the this stuff so it's not more questions if no 1 is sure what this situation when you use actually In these days there is a question in the economy and a guy that is asking and try to prepare the data which you just because there's a plug-in to prevent it into huge and it's not working on image of variety and I'm waiting for somebody that you just put his communication planning to answer but nobody knows me so I'm not really I have no contact really I have no idea we are supporting always the last versions in such a visit because that's what we are using but I have really no idea how the you just working not just because of the reader the the use of the that's the fortune also there's also called by area OK note I think the filtering is so enjoy your work with the data
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