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SMW @ OSGeo Wiki – How semantics improve the wiki and facilitate a collaborative database for OSGeo

Video in TIB AV-Portal: SMW @ OSGeo Wiki – How semantics improve the wiki and facilitate a collaborative database for OSGeo

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SMW @ OSGeo Wiki – How semantics improve the wiki and facilitate a collaborative database for OSGeo
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Recently, the OSGeo wiki was updated from an ancient version to the current LTS release of MediaWiki. This update broke the functionality of the first OSGeo wiki usermap implementation, dating back to 2008. The map shows the location of OSGeo members on a web map integrated into the wiki. A new version of the usermap was implemented based on Semantic Mediawiki (SMW) to replace the first usermap. This presentation will describe the new features and possibilities that SMW adds to the OSGeo Wiki. After a short introduction to SMW, based on the OSGeo member model, that recently replaced the old usermap, a basic data model and its use in the wiki, as well as major features of SMW are explained. The datamodel development approach, using mobo, applied for implementing the OSGeo Members map will be explained briefley. Additionally, simple examples for bootstrapping smaller semantic models are given too. The presentation concludes with ideas for further applications of SMW in the OSGeo wiki, like the already implemented Advocate and Board lists pages, as well as possible applications, for example a collaboratively maintained OSGeo/FOSS4G service provider directory, or even a collaborative open geospatial data directory are proposed or suggested.
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welcome to the last talk of the session and the reunification thought for of soulful GC's can talk I think every time the past I used to think idea so would come close to the thing to focus and today I will talk about to
something I never talked it to the fossil genes normally I'm from the University of Cologne and researcher science and to prevent here my work in this topic but today I will talk about something as a started to volunteer to at a certain technology to the most you will be key to improve the functionality of the key and and I want to prevent what they do there are no hope but maybe I can yeah create some interest in this the costs of test so I think lots of good potential for what can be done in individually as a collaborative database as formulated so in the other and the problem the which tried to solve this but how is it possible to have a structured data in a free text making it new maybe had to all already you look at the the most you begin to you know how it's used for all of within the Organization for all kinds of things to structure ideas to create knowledge to yeah that's basically that the database of all steel honest but it has just simple wiki free text search capabilities and some organizational features like categorizing page but that's it's more or less so and then did is basically about how how to to attributes and properties to wiki pages so it's crowbar along this properties and filterable and all additionally the there there's so software the Semantic MediaWiki provides an API access uh which would allow for example to query for us to formulate a query and export the results Jason format and you can use of the innocent party that so yeah that's what are basically the same the the solution this to implement this what the problem is that the technology for this is that the media wiki of course the media which is so the the basic software that of those duplicates also the suffer base of famous Wikipedia you may know and in is and the Semantic MediaWiki is yeah an extension to the software which you can install through yeah at this functionality to MediaWiki and they call them surface in enterprise extension because there are some powerful organizations behind adult development the yeah extension and it's not a very major software and well maintained and the art of the developer community and this yeah good the status of the entertainment for the data modeling and incentive for the which over the time or in a few seconds the use of a tool called mobile that is and to a very you can formulate the the data modes at the schemas in standard Jason code Jason schema and to you can decide Jason 5 so and you can maintain them in and in version control repository and change of collaboratively and update from this scheme of Pfizer schema and the Vicki so now uh so I basically said that but you had to point out that this is big extension so it's not just some yeah suffer from some hobbyists that's really in they say in enterprise solutions the companies like the IBM or by i using it internally and also the Free Software Foundation of the United Nations or was was to for example applying it and yeah its trustable so given that data model development and so on little bits of organized terrorist like before i has a slight uh uh it's sort of may be connected to the as precarious labor to object here this thing yeah so the good thing about the the mobile as that order so that it's maintainable in single text files which is collaboratively but I forgot to mention that it's also possible to right mutation in the format that I've just to stick to the so Jason schema standards according to the whole the properties are formulated in different the and then you have to be the command line interface to the up to date to happen upload updates of a schema into the BT internally and bought the MediaWiki but as they implemented which chances appetite of familiarity which affected from the strangest the yeah I have my own schema developments in this code repository on get up which you can have a look at and therefore also of the documentation in the I work and shortly so if you're interested in it have a look at this said so not that will be linked but to but yeah there's also explained how all of that you can story amend the information in this format this a form and to where you can import your information and it will be the end of variable in this structured database which Semantic MediaWiki creates and stand prairie of it and this table in this different formants so this is what the to most you member
schema looks like a simple schemas had the has set attributes you can look at the template and the key and to yeah there's some interesting tribute fossil this is coordinated the geographic coordinate to can enter to margin locations and this would have been allowed to the display and
that the currently looks like this of all the Austrian member who provided their location and that's uh and in this case implemented with an extension of the semantic maps of this is so this is uses the at all you can also use OpenLayers of you want to to display this there maps then based data at the that this things are not
working on this computer what the
so that the data are terrorists you can formulate their ability to yeah this is some of some of the query language for databases so that you can have a little bit compared to history but it's pretty different so for for displaying a map from the members you just say you want all data of a category member who will have this coordinate and then new query for this attributes and through the in this case a leaflet detailing to the result will be rendered in effect results from what is called and then you will get the map including this the in the in the probable for members of that will be be shipped from these attributes which you can they didn't see on the map and what and then also it's linked we'll members profile to the get more information about this and if 1 so and there are others several that result from what about 30 so you can then export just in the table itself or X so those spreadsheets or adjacent or XML or CSV or the other lots of performance and the Forest Service kind enough file even if you have a date or not as the kind that would be rendered in some using some javascript library for this all that things like the graph slightly using the D 3 library against so there are lot of possibilities for the dark have is is
this organization directly within the week making about but it can also be a yeah all this information can be exported this would be what the user profile looks like at the moment I know it's not very nice because he's a tavern everything but yeah I'm happy about everybody who wants to help improve it I will also be on Saturday at the court spend and work on it to improve it myself and everybody wants can come up to me and know we have quiz ideas to improve it to I want to to get some ideas I have some ideas must have which could be implemented but 1st I show you another thing we implemented for that appear
we implemented that's true the yeah based view of federal cats this simply that we didn't know query that the members of this so all members and also from category a closed you at appeared before coordinate and you get a map of and of course so and this already implemented in
the making and to sort look like this at the moment to the different America and
to there's also a rendering of the list was showing the different information from the effect at 4
credits that are in this sort of structured to be stored in the region those that would be possible to export to Excel sheet of all the members and then you can spend them if you want but yeah that's a I think the majority of the votes yeah this is that everything has a trade off so you don't need to look at your e-mail address you directly it's also not directly included in the query they have to go to their members pages that have forgiven there but wouldn't be shown directly that he up for collaboration you also can find issues if you will find some back or have wishes for moreover the feature set which can try to implement defined and also in the get up repository the issues so
and I have so ideas already which could be implemented as a staging thing we we could implement a schema for service providers so then everybody with account could enter the service providers or change the information there projects that could be categorized along this incubated or income incubation or a select project is set up with some defined informations about each project so it's a rate really easily to just stages database from there and yeah like them way before queries and for the design izations and on of and so on open for your feedback and of ideas unhappy about them and I will be on Saturday at the court to print to to assist them already so the top nor is it the toss thank you can to we are there any questions it does
sequences in reverse and light up the that still the sole develop on this was due to the use of wanted now I am the only developed for yes I don't know the and so yeah I i have so do the mobile to try and reach of loads of schemas on my computer
running I could do that if somebody wants to also give credentials to the spot token or even came to on his own account can because of your user continuity can then uh these about if you want so that not the yeah because it's maybe they are not not so well known technology also for the community but this variable said sample potential to just collaboratively built the database and so for example if you have some like a
post Chris database it's so you which you would to collaboratively maintained so for speed may be more complicated for the possible participants so but it's not every service provider would have some of the there's some some people working for them we want to maintain this interests and so this will be made any easier so but any other questions has and so we maybe I've missed it but I was Semantic MediaWiki can also export to RDF right and use
it as Linked Data that's are you doing that many years that I am not going to yet because I would have to define 2 links of also schema attributes that we have we could do it to relax the Dublin Core the the FOAF also vocabulary it's possible it's configuration thing in the semantic meaning making the a set do you see uses for within your application for O C O 2 2 in the published and linked Data yeah somebody wants tool or even if all still wants to show on the main page some information which is collaboratively edited it could query the radius a database for showing this information like for example a this also is provided by do this is always a problem of trust there could be some spammers and that include false information then the warden who attended on the Fisher said I don't know if you wanted but it's staging thing for example it could be a workflow like you export once a week that this information and have a brief look at there's no spam in and then in the Fisher that said to have at the current something like this the stressor collaborative as aspect so most of the benefit of it I think a new contextual so keep that contains and then do some sort through which yourself on the on it was sort of Linked Data with his son triple stores France is yeah this is that there will be a next step so we 1st would need in application case for it to to to have usable but then if there is some a true application has and the need for it we could do it but now we can even to just write individually using the last query language and trouble defined various traffic atlases defined very all the member this is a different curve you could have define your period for the calls due Netherlands chapter to show all the people from Netherlands just on this page the 1st and to or show me all service providers providing services for this and that so In this in that region that thinking any other
questions then I have 1 and so is small as the MediaWiki question or perhaps of the knowledge related but can you do uh I can't afford join between different things so for example I'm thinking about like could you restrict for example say show all the members but then you can and something attribute on members it across the so basically bank and say OK new members are excluded and if you really know what you across them so they can take both category trusted and so you can visit a filter all the spammers was easily so so some of the disposable that he was we have it means that we can get an incident tags or the middle of the OK and this could be a bit complicated but the basic because basically every member can input fail information what effect and to the if you stress on your own profile page only this member can edit or upper Mistretta so nobody else could compromise civil and to if you contest as far as I know but instead of fitting symmetry there but I mean like but but then still this a student would make sense in the cytosol to cross the uh kidnapping take like but could be old but it could be OK so there's a question is kind of joins in the queries that for example if a page which can list as a whole the cost of members and then say the no I don't think so it's not possible but not not that easily so it may be if I ask it under the Matignon images since there would be be some possibility some of goes there would have no idea but I don't have it directly onto it hold the implemented OK thanks that any other questions because the 2nd 1 the Federal and because so for this was hostages was working on the conference system and I was wondering could perhaps the next conference system the wiki itself by basically everyone likes submit Sudhalter creates a new page and then it should look it and then of course the problem can lead to some selection and like I mean just add all the that's possible but it's also a good test also by the time that the risk of being compromised by some spammers and so I don't know if you want the official conference page and this year will number of environment is also for example that the famous because Computer Club also has a semantic media each instance for organizing their call yearly Congress but they have the internal power plant thing like we use you to for which is and then not all right and true public editing this so this is the my 1st question that with the possibility that it would be something accumulated basically blocked all things on its own but that is a question is if you want to talk down things why would use the wiki for that's right a involved because of that they that we want to compromise here that's the reason they're not not that because of the RISC and so is or had any other questions all right then it's time for although break curious and such of thank you