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From outer space to your browser

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From outer space to your browser
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With the Copernicus programme of the European Union everybody can access remote sensing data produced by the so called "Sentinels", the satellites designed for observing the earth from space. The data can be accessed in raw state or via Copernicus Services which are dedicated to a certain topic. But if you would like to extract certain information, you need to process the raw data. How would it be possible to use open source software to process the raw data and then make it available for further use, e.g. in the web by using open geospatial web standards? This talk presents a webmapping client containing footprints of all currently available Sentinel 2A scenes which you can filter and select and send a job which processes this scene including download, atmospheric correction and several image processing algorithms (e.g. NDVI). When the job is done the processed scene will be loaded in the web client, published as an OGC web service which makes it reusable elsewhere. The client is built using OpenLayers3, ExtJS6, GeoExt3 and BasiGX. The processing is done with sen2cor, GDAL and GRASS GIS. The product is published with GeoServer.
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Hey the it is better if my name is
common and I want to show you map clients where we gets a sentinel tool data I don't have to choose introduce Copernicus anymore expected an opening session and let's start
1st and I work at
the others and relocated at 1 so we didn't have to travel as far as you probably and so you can see here what we're doing and we to when others can be and we also have another project it is called and you can see that Monday and it's presented so how beautiful there's and the maturity so the
Copernicus ProDom provides many data they have services 6 different ones but there's also a raw data and normal users might not know how to process and so we found a way to download it so they provides an API happy where you can request and you can filter and search and we use this 1 to get the data that we like and also we can provide the previous images so far all this engineer to data from the Copernicus project and restore them in our database only the bounding boxes and metadata for it and then there's another open-source tool is called court and this too is best the atmospheric correction for to data and this helps a lot because we can use its and also there was a major release for another version and before it took 8 hours to process 1 seen about 70 its to do just to the atmospheric correction everything you version it is possible to do subscenes at the same time so it's much quicker and then and we do some migrants rescued also was Kuš?is and and we take some from the raw data and you can choose which what kind of process elect to have and then it gets processed and at the end you will get an image out which is optimized for the web and then we will publish with you server we also have different processing chains forward yes
because for the web we make it very small so that can be displayed quick and we also have different processing chains but they're not available in the web client at the moment so what happens when the data is that you stop it is put into a web client and his her claimed to spilled with open source of free as well it contains space 6 upper layer 3 during text and extracts ends now let's look at the client this this
here and there you can already see some of the preview images we don't have such a smart solution as they presented before we show all the preview images but we limited a little bit for the user because it can filter and see all of them at the same time and he said that and Patterson that the satellite took probably disobeying and so you can filter 1st time consider time range than
than adults and then you see
much more previous images and when you it you can also change the cloud coverage so you see now when you go for more plant coverage the time this list when you go to 0 you're allowed to
take the whole range of the whole
time because it's not so many cloud-free free images at the same time and then you can see and if you click on it then you see the
clouds percentage at 0 because I saw the shoes 0 and then you can get all the information and this is for the 1 spot that they clicked on all the images which are available from the satellites and then you get some major information like the names of the UID the size so you can see here 6 gigabytes end that it's OK and then M I wanted to share processing but as I said before it takes a lot of time so
I prepared idea
to can also filter by idea if you know what you want is possible
search so I switch the PV array of I have my search results here and then you can
order process seems
the it I would use a compass search you can also choose some indices for for example the normalized difference vegetation index and for the compensates that we we did some before make this is true color compensate Take some of the bands for central to later and color-infrared decomposite is also very popular and we did some more then I will order this 1 and then it sends and then at 1 point he should get a success message the OK let me show you more features of the
client in you can
also see some of footprints here and the client which are already processed because each 1 which is process will be published in the client and for example the the process
when the science and then you can slides to all the compass sites a charity persists
in and also here you
can see some of the injured since we calculated and this is the end of the island we don't have it for every footprint but for some and it's growing
ladies and so normally
this would take hours but for you
to see what would happen every
pedigree you this would be the will get with the link for the web services at the moment only possible to fewer the client and you will get
the link like this and then
so when you open it up so you go
directly to the scene that you are attended complicit in there sometime left novelty that I was very quick and maybe
we can start earlier with the questions I can show some of the features of the plant for
for example if if you look at the compensates and you see
there are fruitful and you can to look at them and on the other
hand for the indices you can find out and get value out of the data set and can
looking that center a questions with
that of the sun yeah that's no it's only sentinel 2 and no they don't they are only for the length the health of each of the so that in in the but the area we which area 1 of the it is the work 1st and we
have also a you can
see it here and when you of the tests and there only for the previous images and you can choose between telling you select the data
then you only get the result in this box you have the little bottles but you have to choose 1 by 1 at the moment for the the use of the Internet and when you click thought about button then the jumble be sent to the server and we have they always looking for a server agitators for power and we have a couple of somebody who we can calculate at the moment for a 1 week and 2 August so now you can order products and after 1 week and then we talked to them and received so if you know how had to get have a power and we would be very happy and and then we have 1 server which does that with it receives all the jobs and it sends to different nodes so we already set up some servers where everything is best where everything is installed and this you know no it's it's sensor piston and but you have to say so I see this is we know so that's what is the status of the work that was used in the past and the other 2 units so you make use of the standard of that sort of thing established the main thing is that that we unintelligible see sentence we only use for publishing data Web services people but we don't know yet not the catalog service at no not at that is of the of this but I would be you you you will lose you know this is that all this in Kansas the question is how do you pronounce that I was thinking of something that this blue will see that that woman always was that we haven't done it yet and probably the who would be the end of the day and so on and the knowledge of the so that's quite you center of the universe this is the size of the in your life yeah so it was all yep yep that's hazardous from because you can start you don't know yet version which is sad and happy have found is a new it was 3 of the objects and all of the course images you and yes we haven't implemented it yet and that's with the but the menu gets we have want to provide a link when you can download the images well probably as a WMS 1 of the processes working on it and so on that instance think and as we used to use several you can use any form of that year 7 parts that we the the the this area the only be have the predefined once which there was a farmer when you can click on the scene I can show you we that we
have for compensates predefined and also indices and at the moment we have the vegetation index and some others but at the moment it's not possible to put your algorithm some of them from that's not
yet the existence and cascades mostly Christmas and so the the DFT as well the vision so on which and in the states and the web interface so have as to estimate the size of the original version you have got a real world with the union based you know these the sensible thing is always going to in be there this 1 will I was looking at you know is that this sort of all although old if there and if 1 seniors artifacts then we apply it to all of them thank you for not we have a number of clients for it but it's not in this 1 and if you like it can shorts this is just said you know
clients the granting sorry the data lost somewhere so that
you would be possible to slide to the time and then I go outside the patient to to food science and for the previous images I
yeah something more questions this