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What are the differences between free and open source? Is it just a legal issue or does it have direct consecuences? Does it really matter if a software is free or open? Which one is better for my usecase? How does the difference affect us? And how does it affect private companies? But, above all, what is "libre"? Why do we even need a third word on this subject? Will it really make a difference? María Arias de Reyna (GeoCat bv)
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hi everyone will come to another session found the 1st is scenarios is well known from 2 account in Geneva the the you have to have a little a when n I'm going to
talk about what that free open leaving and this kind of terms meaning and why they are important that we make distinctions about them and the way we should use maybe 1 instead of uh I know this is a very boilermaker uh issue because last year in the last was produced in Korea
and then there were the people talking about open but nobody talk about free so far so I just wondered why this was like these and that's how this began so when I and wife I talk about this
and I we that you got set you got is 1 of the main goals was 1st so you should know it and the well I'm outflows of I work with unit 1 and 1 of the core commuters of you know the word which is not very difficult because we have a small 1 a small team so if something of and maybe you remember me from previous talks like a major Wortschatz here among all citizen science has much it is and the evolution of AS 18 and see what for many other factors slides presentations so I think moralists will know
how all these free open source software began uh I started with stand up and he had happened that uh he wanted to you see a pattern that but that didn't allow it to use it so he tried to change the driver and the modified it so he can fix the back and he found that he didn't have source cult of fixity there wasn't allowed to do it he didn't have any kind of the company that made the diver didn't want to help him so he start of this movement saying that there were public domain called before that but that he started of this free movement for a software and he defined free software as far that has 4 alleviate these the 1st 1 is that true are able to run it so that's why do you need to I do do 1 the software that you cannot from so it's important that you are free to running it's also about a giraffe free to see the source code study and understand what the so it is not that and a black box programme that that just do things that maybe is doing something that you don't know it's snowing like Steven data also different their from 1 is also important because you are able to redistribute if you have their source code and you may be do something on it you modified but you're not able to run and you can share all these enhancements to the software and also 4th 1 way and maybe you see this source called you have a bad do something a bit different but if you're not free to modify the source code build their application and 28 then there it's not the as free as it should so far has been 1985 before we had a freeze of wonderful nations that this trying to get this for liberties but these 4 freedoms and then and try to make open so far free software and more common and then they GPL license that that that they disobeyed I've written to this morning that just a day and you start about said that the success of is mostly because the GPL license twice this because they GPL-licensed tries to get this for 3 3 the 4 freedoms and tries to come 4 that all their software that free follows them if they links and you have for example there ever distribute or they're modifying freedoms then
it couldn't have been successful unanswered and it couldn't have spread of smart sensors it has so and also there be any Linux software very well known and operating system Nadia based they under the GPL license they made their free software deadlines so we have to make sure that we all understand that this framework does not make free as in free beer but it means free as in freedom of freedom of speech that's something that was added later because sometimes when you talked about freedom people that's crazy of freedom of speech Jeffrey over doing this for freedom in Spanish we don't have this problem as you go as we have they were delivered for freedom and got is for the year so and at some point of the non-Spanish at conference that using these 2 words I think that this is more well known because it's also used on restaurants and bars when you have and the error with something that is when you buy the and also the there is also very used on these open software for us communities all the resembling people say that I is not moving it should be moving and then a should be moving to the some of them have recently at some people say that instead of saying of freedom of speech we should say free but these wife as different already said about there's no such thing as a free lunch it's true it went you about up property to have to maintain it you have to take care of it if somebody asks you uh about the modifications you have don't you short answer maybe not fix the problems but you should answer about what you have been done you should go home and what you're doing not just released the source code and hope that somebody will get these so some people say that instead of freedom of speech we should use freedom as in free as in free but because when you add up the poppy to have to feed each you have to take care of it you have some responsibilities in
1998 some like other gage later the Open Source Initiative was bridies Open Source definition see that we are not using free now we're using open this study using open source instead of free maybe because they wanted to distinguish upbeat maybe because they felt that they were free was a bit problematic because the spelling with free beer free poppies feet speech their freedom of speech so they made that the extended the 4 liberties and they made a bit more and the idea that some Wnt class like a Jew don't discriminate against persons or eye gaze there what kind of thing the software will do or should be technology neutral and should the that I should respect the alphas or you know that the you know of this source called so they extended this forum at this added some more specifications so at this more freedom more because on for airfares definition of free and free software in there was nothing about maybe you can discriminate that uh Nolde that people can use this software this is stupid but maybe somebody wants to use it on the license and it will be still free somehow but the so the specified more and the other 2 things that was a bit of that where b tomorrow incompatible with the GPL and therefore freedoms at 1st they don't want that you force there this they're license when the data distributed so on Debian Wenju modified and redistribute it you have to use GPL or and compatible license but in this case you can say OK i.e. for distributed much it can be private so school district distribution these modifications I do or maybe even I don't have any modification that I just said it as parameters of school and also a it should not restrict other software for example and it can be used by there's here about these various of what that they are closed source so they added this 2 things that made it incompatible with what free software was before and I think this is worth the diversity the diverter start that because them then some people something with reason that they wanted to do that to be based on free software but not to be forced to do all free software because for the marketing proposes it was not good they cannot say for some house for some reason then other licensees for things that were not pairs of words that that like a credit
commonsense varying is 1 of the most the known by now outside this software communities and it's very useful it should be moving to it's very useful because um instead of being 1 license Itzhak combination of these 4 different RGB it's so you can choose exactly what you what you want to do with your then the piece of art on the software or you're inviting whatever you have done 1st you can safely once they tuition or not this means that there is some of the event the distributes Europe then the self whatever your finger then it's as if they are forced to say during the reading of alpha or not than commercial it's a a you can choose if it can be used for commercial purposes or not share it means if you can be shared but not maybe you don't want the you want people to use it from jurors source but you don't want them to produce the under the that is if the people are allowed to modify the not so you can have a very close software with creative Commons if you want but it was shown and commercial but I don't share non-linearities I wanted that's closed if you cannot share it if you cannot that's fairly if you not modified maybe even see their source code but what's the use of human use it brings Of course there are more than with all these licensing there
where Joe's or not jokes this is really a license so that be aware if you like the software just that if we have a meat and you think it's useful for you just by Nubia and that's it I don't need anything else and there are also other licensee like museum it for 1 of their main difference with the GPL is that there be is the enemy are more open source initiative similar to the Open Source Initiative follow that Thailand's so not air forced to use the same the same license when you are modifying of you are also not force and can be reused on probability projects so you can change on the data they have 1 more thing which is a daily force that they all for it's not responsible what you use this of for so if you do I library that later is used on the on known atomic bomb or something to announce responsible for about the responsibility lies on who did that who did this and they are very similar and they can well they cannot be really useful and license exactly but they there usually are added some small modifications so they have do license so you can register the software with meat or with a or both at the same time to so this is more or less how we can classify the licensees from a trade secret of and you cannot know anything to public domain uh which means that you don't even and maybe they'll form but it's just everybody owns the so and know open source initiative is somehow somewhere here on the free is somewhere here more or less and so then decided to be a lot of initiatives that open and not related software like the Open Source Initiative Open Data Open Government Open Hardware the Open Knowledge Foundation which tries to uh and do what the open source initiative but for a canola time parts a Wikimedia
which Wikipedia's part of Wikimedia but it also has wikicommons quotes wiki more things so as you can see there is no free yeah everything is all and it is it's a strong war it's something that is use the marketing everybody knows what Albanese you open the door you open uh I don't know I just to know what it means is that there still more is 74 friendly reward and every other assessed using it so why should we care if you use open free really the difference are very small well there's a problem with it would open to the 1st is the open washing is when a company for example say we are open because we have an API and you can use I think to it sounds up bit somewhere so uh didn't really open but they seldom sepsis open and they are making toward open very dear the because it's not the it may confuse people later if they start thinking that that means open then they would start using the word open I have an API you can use the fund the open and that means that somehow this really open projects that we are open things we lose part of their power because everything will be gold open when they are not open but there is something even worse this fear of freedom of the system it presents is not here right now but I want to hold him I'd only me should be here but I want to know what's in the title so uh you also and you on on the significant figures that couple of years ago he tell about the google maps out the beautiful things about Google Maps are not so beautiful but a lot of things about will as he always use the word open itself leaving so when somebody has announced question here the 1st question why open and not fully automated if you have problems with the free B and then use bit about why open and they said well 3 is not that would award for marketing because people are afraid of free it's like if you say something is free it's like it's something bad is something you cannot control what we're 1 of the 1 of the most advanced democratic free societies that passive how can it be that we are a friend of the freedom so we have these 2 problems with the word open 1st open washing when the company said that we're open they not and it's related to the fear of freedom they use the word opens so free because they are afraid of the freedom to so I want to open up the debate on the maybe not now but I want you to think why we should use open or free or when to use them what does it mean and of course then the very cautious when someone says they are open because sometimes they're not the finished things foothold to are there
any questions right right we have a 2nd microphone so please hi should we care how
the hell you have should we change the name of this conference to loss 40 and that's a serious it's a really serious have increased I O how hard enough about VIII try to start that debate on last 14 and there it was when it was complicated because then there were the people I don't know exactly why that where a gains that would free even inside this year inside the 1st 40 so I want to open the debate because I really want to remove the open medium and the the radicant but they wanted to move toward open because it didn't even know but I don't want know which is worse you yes I think we should but at the same Spanish maybe it's because because you need is clear that the use of the bar is clear that it's not protease yes for the English-speaking world which is a lot the tech community and any money speaking English not only need yes we all speak English and that we are using the same word for Lieberman relatives and by that what I'm trying to my health pitch is that it's the the software not brought to software yes that's why I say there's no free lunch but there can be legal software yes after I with 1 that but maybe assignment Spanish I shouldn't pushed because national Cassie I want to push word that is easier for me but more complicated for others so if you non-Spanish speakers portion that I will watch with you right I have been on leave as i've we use instead of being being yes because you even in it is in the range of you is know what is the right slapping words in hurry up and so it 1 of start by saying sat through a couple of talks by Richard Stallman in the last couple of months actually I'm I live in Boston and the he gives his feel and he really makes a distinction it becomes very binary for freedom Moria for slavery and that's that's I think becomes very it because of button lightning rod furfural refer you know being against freedom person lobby against the the idea of freedom because someone after slavery and freedom you know full freedom is is the fear of freedom is something that would make people afraid you know that they have to have all their especially commercial interests which is where of money does come from to help book publishers stuff for you know people are afraid of you know GPL because the world is that we now I have to make everything I do for and I'm not sure I would I would also agree with those 2 numbers of loss when why it why it's just fast and the word free is in there yes and that kind of I think free and software I think government that appropriate for this community because they are seen to be lost so for I'm going with both the fact that I simply I've seen I've seen lost more often and lost software in a especially in English you know that that's that's not what you what you want to go and we'll just trees last as 2 a T and then suddenly list although downhill the conversation would have lost to cook exactly very out they fervor for having the session I'm glad somebody is talking about the distinctions I think it's interesting i've into other open-source covered is work just asking the question and to the vendors and the 2 companies what do you actually use as you're you're a license becomes a kind of contentious discussions because then people feel like you're attacking them for how they came to decide that were all you really want to know is what is the definition of open and free you know and you know we all have our reasons only of legal reasons and other ethical reasons etc. but understanding I think that's the basis basic part is you know what are people doing within the industry and why common just because no why thinking that in the end this is a very great so so you can put yourself from close to traders secret from 2 completely free public domain but at least from a still point of view I think we should Bush from to believe instead of openness of closing so may be an arbitrary cut I know that the the set up of reasons to have open itself right but I think so free and you can you explain why we should not be afraid of the GPL I mean I think the article I think there is a non understanding of glottal fellow I see that I think it was you it then it a everybody how was it you get what you pay for everybody gets what you pay for you get what everybody pays for that's why we shouldn't be afraid because it's building together In the end we are a community we want to build together and white reinventing the wheel planning remained in what is known about the elastic and different with the same answer your question An is the the the bit about being afraid of freedom and so on is because of private companies tend to do you intend to try to reach a local maximum length of the global maximum so this is inferior right when you are individuals fighting uh in in some environment you're reaching for your own survival durable disparity great so companies out there who are fighting for their own profits that's what all the to company goes for profits and they want to maximize their profits right now and there is a lack of an independent company that that the only goal of companies always to to go on the off for the profits right now if you study Game theory and kind of this as a hint as them because who we are our own titles which humans live people want which room the search now but we can't keep going discussion because it's the problem but if people rooms please go ahead and feel free to get out of here that group behavior of local maxima freedom of association so that people in the room studies will be but that's right and you know not always and also we can continue the conversation after you're done properly right so I guess the only has only been is all things the good discussion and we we will discuss the boat we


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