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GeoNetwork: State of the Art

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GeoNetwork: State of the Art
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On the last couple of years, GeoNetwork has evolved a lot. What are the latest features? What challenges are their developers facing now? Where are metadata catalogs heading to? Can we merge the tradicional spatial data with the most modern open data technologies? Are data catalogs deprecated or are they still useful? María Arias de Reyna (GeoCat bv) Francois Prunayre (titellus) Jose García (GeoCat bv) Juan Luis Rodríguez (GeoCat B.V.) Paul van Genuchten (GeoCat bv)
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it so I'm going to make a quick
overview about the unit 1
and what is how we work with you know what the student which ideas you should know already and what are their recent developments we have made what that they kind developments we're working on and what that the future developments we want to work with so I would produce that which is set a go money that the strongly it works with him 1 so I guess I should know something about unit 1 and that's why I'm talking about this year so we can review and this is what I did was have very old predictions from the nineties and this is they and don't what the chance from SourceForge where we place our where so as you can see it has a very stable and use it to at this very stable but that is is slowly increasing the museum the big at the end that's when we released as 1 would release the version 3 which was very different from motion to 1 had a lot of improvements and it in races and the set of of attention at that moment also student words mostly developed by European so you can see it's europeans you know what time it's not that they are predict that so many attract people to work when the free time or many that people from other continents these must because well you know what I didn't say that it's a and government for the spatial data on the of inspired compliance so it's a very interesting for European countries even if other countries use them so um we are very small of developers working on this I think we're not more than 10 right now at the here and and then mostly Europeans and we meet every duality June in there was cynical Spain was nice are small farming does so we need therefore and we not only to work called speed in developing but also we it try to cut tablet they set up a roadmap for the next month's a connected all the developers so we can have a talk about what we are doing what we plan to do what we wish we can do a sometimes we find that there are some developments are very similar so we match them and instead of having 2 different versions of the same things we did try to do what you want and this is a picture of you stuff only for example this 1st time using these there I don't know where dropped it back the is there and we sometimes also do stakeholders meeting which means I'm or remaining users for the main usage we know all we try to gather all of them and ask them what what that thing means what the how the siege enabling the future what they want and maybe even try to make them talk there with each other so they can get to a command line of up here
is that there's anything so all this is indeed how all the images so if something's iRobot and all this article that this is just because of the work and so so and this is where we talk about the current developments and then right now it appears that so the first one that there has been a would received this said earlier festivals based that maybe it will generate 1 a 2nd and I'll tell you consent for data there and you can also preview the data it has a mass which is modeled maps and layers and then we said now you can also make certain make 1 with a certain but I mean there's so it's uh with high user interface you'll have to the reader is more or less liking duties you can make a query and to see the results and the reason of having to wait for only 1st to respond to garner caching their WFS EuroCloud unit was so all the queries would be acting discussion so it will be quicker so maybe if you want to take that your data bases right instead of having to do all the inequalities for a different the parts you can just use these it will be gushing colossal out of index and you will be much faster this is a review of quality the looks now we know where where you can then set the seal the results here but you need to see their face on the left is very similar to how the search engine what works although the recent developments is the grips of war for sets of genes this is this was that this meant that ideal for when this and uh you by General and there we try to make you do some more of comprehensible at some semantics some structures like scheme or so they have grocers that certain genes can and and collects better or data that itself having to for example take the 1 understand by themselves so we have to prove this now the such Indians have MIT reading and that set of where they didn't that will still have been proved to citing and then development rules how to what we have agreed stupid things like how many spaces there are 4 I used for each of the past or how to develop better how well each of free to go that the lines shouldn't have little more than uh a number of factors so it's shown better so it may be levied this cubic but sometimes it was an idea of the gold was very different so it was difficult to that we just develop on about when you haven't been there working there before also we have made a clean up the phone calls at the beginning of the 2 that we use said that it's Yates GeoExt user interface now using only we will start so we have removed all the x years old and also we have to move things like harvesting from this kind of service which nobody was using nobody was maintained so it didn't make sense to keep it there so that happens also with you know we are small very small community of developers so sometimes if nobody's taking care of something that gets quickly that cake so we have to cleanup call sometimes and this is not and religion and 1 by something that has been also added to the metadata warrant it's made that 1 along and going to Albany with so it's I did
have a repository where all the public profiles on schemas for metadata stored or should be stored if you have a scheme varies in a schema that is not here please share it's because as most of the countries have their own some frost but if all of them shared them but it's much easier to compare and say all you want this is a nice feature that this nice for they have on the France for a German what just just see how they do do it and we have made
out very huge for factor of unit 1 stated this is some predict that start building nineties when it started I think there was not even on this debt slavery so we had for only 7 which is called testes and took care of generating on their responses get all that request and generate a response so it was I beat the old now we're moving everything to spring we also have their dinner greatly I which is something we are currently developing the by now we have removed all the phone call already we have refactoring we're making it more easy to develop for new developers that have some more of the reform and median on developments that we're going to release version 3 . 1 . 5 and when of 3 buttons you know a mistake that's the people that . 2 1 5 5 and 3 . 2 1 0 in the next few weeks I hope and have probably 4 things by compressing the phenomena there we go down stable versions are the ones that there has own number and what these are stable versions in the middle that we have the unstable relations of so another woman development is being able to have drafts of them at that which means is if you have a published in metadata right now and you want to and indeed at the moment just sent the metadata the changes are the ultimate make public uh so if you have a very big 88 unduly more than 1 session of anything before publishing it to have to unpublished it or create a duplicate the work of the duplicate and copy changes and move it so it's a bit of text now if come into the days so the bodies and you click on any these changes and all about this about a transformation is safe so you have to publish metadata and the desperation and then when you finish you got published version and I think that may sound a bit this stupid of its involvement we didn't have right now we don't have it here we're working on a new idea which which is here is an
example of finding a way yeah and is have the and so you edit you can interact with genetic what city and here is the same operations we have before but it's and new ways so it's more a stands for example for MIT today that we have full deviate was a operations and each of them again there are 2 different things of course and also in the woman issue of the CDA supplemented generated with the goal states must much easier to keep the documentation synchronized with the source told and the well with this dog is that this is generated on each student work right now and for example you got open it and try to directly these API in this documentation so it's much easier to work with you know what I now if you need to do something some scripting underneath to and connect that extend our 3rd party software to network
and of course we also have to prove that woman data not only on the API but also on their and GeoNetwork opensource what
makes this is then delimitation and that what we have for example tutorials which are mostly the workshops we do on this 1st 40 or all stupid Francis right now there we have a lot of the common data analysis very well described and then there are the features that people may not know that we already have but the idea
that and we are also working on John is we're going to know what which is the state's renowned support so as I said before this a couple of somatic were Japan localizes animosities that WFS WMS came and ideas but we are trying to work on this support so we can also access sensor data to them up this is not the straightforward so we're working on these and at some point it will be available the today main branch of maybe and and you future developments as Jonas now to work to talk about their help improve the scalability and blessing of unit 1 which something very complex to the right now and many because we're using only gene index that you can see the blocks somehow they badges to much and then is being that's too much on genetic 1 so it didn't have more than 1 gene network connected to the same index and if you have different indexes then if 1 and unit or is cluttered with another but using different indexes they want to use the same at the we show the same results so you have to connect them with messages so it's not right now it's complex to these but judgment to explain more than 1 thing we have been looking for a 40 years he said this solid support of the search we are not sure right now we having always talking about source of but we can also use whatever so we get 3 doctors who achieved an invasion and we improved uh the same In a sense this indexing of the metadata and the wheels are working on how to better what i the translations the thing is that we have a has effects where you have this before the language for for an Internet 1 but maybe you want to change water you want to change some translations so it's there is still the same entity like spherical or things like that and we also we want to manage that that the set of things that upset the exam and also if somebody's included it contains also a solid performance condiments and we want to it also on time and of course anything you want to contribute with every city we are a small group of developers so any improvement in the request is 1 long time that if you are not a developer about there are interested in doing and what I want to contribute to the with money that's also what don't don't have to hire me to come higher in the order of the enable developers that this thing is that we only go forward somebody's contributing so you're welcome to that's the so how