The secret story of real time routing told by OpenStreetMap, pgRouting and OpenLayers

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The secret story of real time routing told by OpenStreetMap, pgRouting and OpenLayers

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The secret story of real time routing told by OpenStreetMap, pgRouting and OpenLayers
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OSRM has rapidly become the solution of choice for open-source routing. However, probably its single most important drawback is the requirement to rebuild a significant part of the routing graph whenever something changes in the street network. An open source solution able to exploit dynamic networks seamlessly does already exist: pgRouting. We have developed a tool that allows loading an OpenStreetMap dump directly into the format required by pgRouting. In order to take advantage of the new turn-restriction shortest path algorithm, the tool also converts all possible restrictions in the appropriate format, while migration from OSRM was streamlined by using a very similar configuration file. To illustrate the advantages of dynamic networks we also built a simple OpenLayers 3 tool that allows the user to define blockage zones and determine optimal routes avoiding them. Furthermore, in order to provide a fully open-source routing suite, we developed an OL3 tool, along with the support backend functions, that enable the calculation of much more realistic drive-time polygons (when compared with the current capabilities of pgRouting). Daniel Urda (Teamnet Solutions International ) Florin Iosub (Teamnet Solutions International)
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but as the soul of my name is
Donald lime wedges develop all of the international so everyone in private companies and
the together with my colleagues for 2 which is in the room will we walked along the that thing open-source currently existing solutions to the theory the particularly domain of rooting in the context of images and justice services have some restrictions such as those that money could real-time areas that costs and the the user so only ballpark presenting golf
company we can has been doing business in the United the main since 2001 is it's among the because true there it is there really what the thing said it's also possible models from a company is is the fact that they have a significant indicator Joe's apartment then we also know but last year or 2 we also developed you will division so we combined just in the knowledge of we get to better products August sold as are to presentation
as the online main target was set up in the constant solutions to working in an image services there before going into the technical stuff world I should show you how we call this problem the quantity that from the so is a problem that was quoted foreign and asked whether we can replicate the thing for some of your lo logic but what about the working solutions while reducing the cost of the and using solutions this does specific you propose the use of a solution was quite expensive to have it should licensed future so we need to be challenged and they're just search for some of social so that discriminated those protein it allows a dynamic cost dynamics of restrictions and furthermore the duration of that is a problem there is no direct employment for so In conditions said in public what we mean by the real-time wording is not the actual navigation selected and GPS device but the rooting having the real-time information like traffic information the to the only into existing solutions
then we there are many of them we concentrate on the 2 largest once the 1st is the jury think Christians also already discussed by the previous presented so what 1 going to do so it's a post-stressed extension and the causal computed in each binary press forward in his head that other object also solution for obtaining is that the proposals of machine but they will also have a presentation about the project that this design as a standalone servers and the aligned with the Jordanian pre-computes all costs and therefore has increased speed of 1 you there a are unfortunately we no require dynamic for what would reported that so what would be during those that process that's quite easy just think of the 2 the tables in the subways or you just create costing views on the database to generate this goes all on the answers sorting machine you can update since version this for that not but not in the beginning of the edges edge costs eventually about you have to build model of southern part of the the of the of the edge is a reason for in the graph you have to rely on the bottom part of the graph and if the 2 the course change Eurofund that's not really a good performance was so so another
requirement for project was having good because it actually using the traffic restrictions so that is the the direction of a direction the traffic substitutions fundamental because some there's also worked on visitors to Canada all of the only white log so we look looked at
this the project so you good has since version 2 . 0 as a dedicated algorithm that allows the reading week constrictions fictions while sorting machine has the distance can the I think you have to expressionistic it's the it is able to them when you do the network so spectrum much more of a concern that solutions provided restrictions and required dynamical so we decided to concentrate the opportunities so endorses the position all of laws go on and talk about 2 we did not project using majority but is there a library function from during for the
panel working with a ton restrictions I think it's for users not to Jack Straw presented earlier but OK so
we decided on the duration of the granting engine now we require data we went to the largest sources of open geospatial that others of of should and if I don't know if you are worried about we're about to of a strictly what data is structure of those nodes where relation In the
wording what logical about this is that the streets and all the polylines and polygons what do you think about atrocities the 1 that will upon its highway route the injections and also the restrictions that multiple types excessive restrictions was under private roads that are missing integrals but there are also restrictions residue the type of word tools for bicycles meaning particles there's a of of the decision about the direction 1 way some pictures description of the restrictions on the ones described various like don't molars things that and then sold them relations Seigenthaler other than that is the situation the relation of restrictions described with things like to upload tool to appear on your local medical right here is displays of the this is both projects consumer interesting have quite the history of expected to find some existing also slowly the official EU pages sides requirements is for all those the 1 the 1st that think is is already developed by the same developers as you the obtained the 2nd is I think something that is to and then further to they pretty much more about the funding problems reduction dealing with all that stuff restrictions so the policy and to the during didn't do the job that added the wasn't impose the and if you have an like out but so was the actual problems while the axis so thousands and if you could examine the directions for 1 way is a pretty much all of importance in the majority of abused by the most of the world as a means none of those actually loaded barriers and the domain restrictions so we have a problem because we not book to use the videos as the orbits of because with the resulting tables were empty so it has no we researchers in but this is actually whole restriction looks like you what about what those are the numbers of section 4 4 image to image and video 1 node more for more complex residual sum of more edges that take part in the reception but also some attributes without restrictions from the the course OK this is a whole would restrictions looks something consider number training structural tool but what like and the the problem was no restrictions are loaded is the roots their so you can basically shooting with that of the lovers and the lowest and this is the route it's much a process machine learning 1 during is just there so will we decided to create yet another load of the a 1st fuel with fault to extending the existing all assigned to produce thing about this is written in the C + + would boost library and and not really familiar with that of the so why decided to start the new 1 from scratch and the project by them using just 3 and 4 libraries that the it also includes support so in what form accessible for us in the binary files to be a file by using an existing group ICA libraries in Boston possible but loading data from the binary file formats some of uses of stumbled but the libraries include but 1st we talked only restrictions but we find it difficult to actually manage restrictions so we abandon decided to launch all of the data so norms edges and research also the beginning with it I thought that we can't just love the restrictions often using those and to produce in the world of the edges of that the layout is very similar to the 1 proposed by Wilson and DuPage reading and also because know for his mission of the of the project the total fusing also and and had some cross cost computed the are close to additional function is very similar to the but because of profiles so just as a version of the was but this is the load reasonable value but also somebody this is all 4 stages it wasn't just the money and my colleagues so we don't know it toward signal this is the what is the difference of the loading restrictions it is shown that the the projection of generating sections you what service and not to the 1 gentleman of our social conditions of it's a great improvement over the 1 not using the restrictions it has some issues which mother said restrictions can indicate multiple road rage is we only treat the 1 indicated to edges that include neither 1 of those is a parcel sorting machine uses actually user restrictions between more than 2 edges so some discussion but the need of future research we don't the users times the principle the open opposite such that is available but we don't know the clothing and also that is the problem of full the time exception during the day sold for will stand control Romania that on a Windows version was real private companies when the something units and the Duke of all these 6 million much of it from memory for the so once we it
actually the slow the pool of load the restrictions so we decided to go further and actually make some the some competitions for using
this but noting engine there will be
built a custom more policy control and that'll always the user to define the points and also through undefined we runtime restrictions so it uses Aurora kinases B the what was the derived from the off of a total from the worship of material so as not complicated so what is does Morrison actually using the version of the gene can speak to so it's between ages positions along edges and furthermore it does is it allows the users to define the restricted areas a trying for the
same there for for example we have were in the first one restricted that there that I don't think so what you see this so this is a restriction on the is not actually written and that the business on an incline so multiple users can use the different restrictions knowledgeable and using the same data the live in the country was design and also also budding entrepreneurs from areas various scenarios well and all of them take into consideration the existing rooting the restrictions from the Institute up and also the 1 desired by the user other was from a moral perspective plan was the my sizes from what's the traffic is the 1 in the probabilis solution desirability and functionality and the duration of the judges of business that computes soon points which in so the distance and there's also some function from a which to point 2 where think and Russia that also along with the joint in the actual she's probably this is of course can use it as a function for generating the churches we took the because we were not happy with that default digit implementation of this and it is a constant function functions which is is that is student
function for finding all the points associated within a
something called a unfortunately this doesn't take into account the restrictions hopefully for traversing traversing of reducing the cost of innovation that takes into account the wishes them the as that this is just a bit more than and the for the customers across we well actually following the and the web example is nothing take that that is we think it's a possibility that the call to no license information about the corpus of fossils from because it was a house so we were standards that are histories of months using the input data from what did you would think that this is
different from this form using the default shapes from the duty years ago algorithm if you publicly uh it's a more it's a bit more detail of that 1 is in the public so it's more similar to the proprietor solutions that we previously used then there also this it is a wrong that also allows this is diffusion defining the runtime restriction so we can exclude certain out from the did wanting other with and so we have the partial present
what is the Trento gradients
have to we hope for proof that the using using is a possible in the it convex adjusts images services if you can bring restriction data in the database will built the and told helps you bring the precision of the existing opposite up sold we can simplifies your work and for the model we of this something controls that that helps you the use epidural think and make it makes it easier to is producing in your project and will always dynamical semantic restrictions and provides more detailed is across the default of the code for the portal is already in it and get in the near future will also put called for the controls we have shown for was the is undefined Mr. Khadr and across the and the this this so the question so we will have 5
minutes of questions all and 2 questions 1 is that you're working with wasn't data that can you comment a quality of that's because save it's always updated you always find some broken wrote since kind of things and another questions about scalability how the networks that have been tested it with that light for Romania for example a Europe what's and maximum limit in practical terms about the quality will have the we tested it just looked on area of interest and there are much more efficient than had for part of the the we what should bought some data from 1 data for why there and have less restrictions than opposite not sold you actually prefer to do this with the cost for the property of the in opposite format and loaded with single or lower the quality from a simpler than the regarding the scalability for the board ball to I don't know we didn't test using the full Europe will also mopix start with I think we need the following continue go wrong for the so professional unix mission because I'm those too much overhead and the for the restriction but what doesn't would don't uncover the import the geometry of the restrictions so we can not especially filter when doing the requests began on the that's on the future so when we do actually working besides the filtering the edges like about susceptible to improve the bias we will also be able to all filter the restrictions for only they was the Russian the restriction and the other thing the whole classification regression any more questions to for for all for for not is it from drying you said that you get your own functions can be described that the the there was the world is not really 1 of the things was cycle that reform the problem it takes this the input points which told calls generated by the energy driving distance from the Jordan and the it by using this site by it did therefore was that those points in the great covering the area of interests and then the books that wanna graph would not properly so just that should do also draws a graph and then using the Jews all the transformed the meaning partial geometries and returns it to the to run of the soul that the operation is done by the not closely tied on what is not but by so the signal doesn't the primal and the operation that is the degree of which the function that has multiple of when the prices positives using up of labor and then exported in direct format using gender and this is a this function I think here is the hidden somewhere within the structure of this sort of thing that helps a that indirectly highlighted it's there so as to what it is that you mentioned a couple of times in your proprietary provided without naming it's so why and she wants to name is what it was it's virtually a competing against this 1 over all those 2 companies in the integers business so we don't bother with them or companies of father mother and so without the names of so we have 1 more question that well actually origin machine should be much faster and on the beach 18 years do you have any on real numbers so how how fast do you get results comparing to the voting machines the we only tested on small areas like groups a joint or and was of course with the idea the MS like opens sorting machine and we did it on the 2nd for putting with restrictions additional how it scales for larger is that that's also majority but it 1st selecting just that you actually need model the but the is across the thought is that in on the 2 2 seconds for the city and so the thing is that you know about that of