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Develop without developing
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As a gis manager in a city you often don’t have time or resources to do coding. But with powerful tools like Qgis and PostGIS you maybe not need to. In Kristianstad, Sweden, we had an outdated system for greenspace management. We were not satisfied with the commercial options. Thus we decided to build the new system in Qgis and PostGIS with just standard functionality such as spatial queries, forms, relations etc. I will present the work and some technical hints. Quite simple but yet powerful solution. No need to overdo things. Karl-Magnus Jönsson (Kristianstads kommun)
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it is good morning welcome to the
1st session of the of books in this room to today the 1st speaker is from Sweden column on the some and he will be talking about developing adult developing please thank you good morning everybody my name is as you said their common jails sometimes I'm from Sweden in from the municipality that's called to constant in south of Sweden and thank you for letting me talking today I'm not an expert oral coder or develop really developers so i it's so that some of this talk is about how to make it quite good and intelligent applications uh we just using a standard to use and post them both these functions and the use of so much as possible with the you of a graphical user interface and then just some smaller vesicles and scripts to men that's mainly the Primera domain of metric created and this user case is about the greenspace management in our cities so that can use this just some background because that means suppose we have and the view from my
office this spring but place we
have floating risks and and
I work for the department of a geographic information and
we about to a person's many maps and GIS system and we have a so it's a very personal as and not my thing and we've been using to of salt only appears to sense of 3 years ago we welcome with open source solution for the web in a more that's me my title is
a GIS developer of the life do more management system management somewhere on the road maybe a OK it's about obvious based system it's
really outdated system a we have and we have to do something before it's too late it's based on whole unsupported systems like you might of and our own NGS system the source hot keep running and it is hoped to be running and it's there's a lot of features not working anymore so something has to be done before it's too late and what's in it and not uh 1 we have the areas or you can say parks park areas there with the a code working as a key and in the areas we have points lines and polygons representing the objects of the inequality for example private playground equipment assaults and so on uh we have the inspections of the playground in equipment we we have to do it every year 1 expects except in inspection and this dataset we have priests and code lists and all this is linked together with a keys foreign keys and the form Arab and and the SMO more over the years manager I and you you have I have overlapped over time and money and brains so that's why I am not too fond of doing too much coding and the development violence for also a they will that there's some commercial and turned this In the beginning the project but today we found out that they were not good enough they lack some features and for all that there were not matching our open-source GAS environments the depended on Oracle or you have to have this or some Microsoft to stuff and then we had a very low budgets so we 2 by expenses system but we have some time and we have some of the source to uh we can you do with the development of also maybe award get help to to do it but that it could be quite complex application to if you will develop a new application for his father and the we would uncertain what would what do we get for it and so forth and can we will maintain its future so but we know something we know we are going to use support uh and have enough knowledge and time working and we know we're going to use post here is the going to support it does work and we already have some good applications for the Web the all of and all these tools have good and powerful functionality that we you can use it to build up a some and so this simple solution them to just use the proposed solution is use much as standard functional just possible in and very little customization and coding so it's not it's not a very complicated be be data structure and uh there's a complicated functions so the most should really already exists as standard functions in our tools the idea is to to use this as much as possible and minimize did the the dependency persons with programming skills consultants or uh it will also strengthen our budgets our ideas platform and the knowledge about our open-source platform uh for from 2 to use spatial find such functions in the database to link to of it to each other instead of using these foreign keys so you can use these spatial functions in post is to to going for together so by matter approval concept in 1 of 2 days and just testing some and the verifying that it would work to and propose for project group and they accepted it and the then we started half active states that this is we're not ready yet but it's a progress a work-in-progress under progress so I'll give you some this is in the background and why we did this work and now ideas use some hints and there's some uh examples from what's what functions and features reusing the database dealt with that and the idea was to
pass the test much logic in a database as a and the rest the QUD projects to get use of the powerful functions and to its has much Graphical User user interface as possible a table was created than that and that the data was imported and manipulated with posters years with every me sulfur from is not not of sort but we have and why not use them and it and constitutes it's a good 1 and then there was an more functionalities databases from the yet mean to make the database more intelligent uh such as real as being in some sequences to will ultimately give great unique primary key so there's some default values to for automatic insertion of creation date and current user present my triggers and trigger functions to automatic update for area length attributes modified date trying USA and so on deletion of a related records also trigger function and then we have some some use to make joins between uh lookup tables and the joints between spatial joins between areas and objects so we can summarize the objects within an area and to summarize some statistics this is a table definition
example is discrete code book it's it's generated with that for me so we cannot have rules it's it's automatically generated and then they're just added some default values from the Vietnam and the so when the created dates and USA can't user priority the and this is the
same table but from the graphical user interface PG at that time to and this is an
example of a country of function that the updates is amongst the dates and it's says not ultimately and uh of them at the you know I think I created from the drew a graphical user interface for my some the some coding maybe so it said update if this knowledge to the In updated at and there's
some use as well this is joint of tables to their
errors and look at level this
is an example and some of you all of the playground equipment that this is the most complex and the way most example and I will make some model some details we have some joints a the equipment
code is is is John with the title and the green the the code and code tables and the only that those that have to be inspected is including and less joined is done with inspections as well so we get all it compute be a playground equipment but even if they don't have no inspections the and that we have to spatial
joins to join with the and the lack of we want just have the latest inspection we have 1 relations so we are only interested in the latest inspection so this is the code for take that the latest expression for what we have ordering tests increasing from data so and select distinct security won't 1 record and it's the latest the all the case then statement is used to evaluate the current expression in current inspection status that is the case and the way the condition and the 1st when
conditions that fits wins so this means that when they're not expected this year than is status is not expected and what and when have a new respect rectified dates then ready status is rectified and when not having direct the danger but having order and then it's order of nodes the have the inspection results 5 minutes just
we removed from the database to the to the accused projects working the use of the product database names in the database user names and passwords are not stored in the project so that you have to handle them estoppel and the user gives privileges in the database to tables and the also populating default values trees with current users so and we get the rule-based
style for these playground equipment but reflecting both the types and the status of the inspection latest inspection so down here so that status could be not inspected approval for its for these things or authority we use something which very good to
and that defines receives in the tables and the use of it it would it helps the user to work faster and and the correct values of an example and it reduces the value of relation
which just values from the table and populates from down menu could be used to achieve and values supporting and filters such you can also define relations
in the project as a relation between them playground equipment and
inspections and then we can use related forms a
and with the relations so frustrated with writing dropped the signer introduce into groups and tables the group contacts and the selected it we just control behavior in 4 and then there's the defined relation could be used to show some forms in fall so this is how we construct the graph just using a graphical interface grain broader fields know that you like this for the user gets passed and some
forms between its the and it also something controls the symbology OK that's true
just quick view of the cube is that we have some mostly where we have to presented on the web a I don't talk a lot of them that much about this but we have some system women framework to use and some reports have to be done to to sunrise subject calls uh list somewhere we have to do some building maybe we use the new cues with clients later on and we have to have some it was for the field work for inspections simple whether I suppose it would be going to be a we have some already other were not decided yet we have some pictures are about to external system so the form of I think it's not the only way 1 of the most complete system but we'll cover the existing names of functions and there small dependency operators due to the use of standard components as as fuel and uh I will have to do some support time of functions and in post you think you're so time but that blue anyway so I think that's about it from minutes to think it that thank
thank you in most cases we have questions like recorder quality with thanks my thinking that in this conference it's own appropriate key question to ask that they have you looked into open source alternatives for the from I I thought that question when this morning and I I think here I haven't had time I know there is still you get the land of the Tower of tremendous but I don't have time to work with the check this out and I know this to me I have it on my computer is weak is the quickest way but do have a suggestion for to you know and I would say that there's some feature program where take data from from its was you media data and some access points of success so we had to read that those data and import it into and this is what's easiest way for me now at this as I just from the use you talk about the interfaces and using here a lightweight but that but some have you considered Julius founded on my mom entirely sure if it's completion of fear needs both the data I considered duties for Android and make you feel that was presented yesterday and but and I think it's a hardware problem I think you will mostly have will have to have been tested on on dependent so I think you're aware web solution is the best uh we have some I always say templates and what an Android this so page and there were 1 back for all the q field is that we have used those relations and it it's not supported yet but it my between and the but it's it's in the period of time the but I thought it to laughter is not not good enough yeah and we have 1 question was it was the have you involved the users in this process of powers up in how they reacted to that to using Tukey's with this uh we have we have some workshops and discussion with the use of a new project properly heavily on the we have 1 or 2 workshops to discuss how things how we work today and how it could be better done and what's needed and what's not needed so this is the opening of the I have a prototype ready now in september and I think we have to do some testing and with the with the use think at feedback and so I don't I I I don't to do their work finished and OK this application and on the other it's members say it don't work us we have to do it in this way so so I I think you have to have a discussion all the time with the users and their clients so that agree on the functionality can't I more questions the case with but 1 1 now I'm trying to give access to 4 yeah community to see this system and no 2 the so they can say that something's broken on the playground tolerant ideas listen to to the area of of all the communities in public not planned it is today this is just for inspectors and the I think we have other systems in that way in that case we have other systems to to error reporting and we have to integrate them into the system In that case I suppose but not from this 1 is just to the avoid using results on support system we have to jump to another that form so quickly and this is not the so vulnerable thank you once again and you have to have