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3D Tools in gvSIG using NASA World Wind

Video in TIB AV-Portal: 3D Tools in gvSIG using NASA World Wind

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3D Tools in gvSIG using NASA World Wind
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In gvSIG 2.2 was integrated the library NASA World Wind, adding the feature to see 3D Views in gvSIG. This way we can choose between 3D spherical and 3D flat views, allowing us to work with all potential of gvSIG and visualizing our data in 3D, using the Digital Terrain Model provided for Nasa Worl Wind or any other that the user selected. With this presentation we want to show you the improvements that have been developed this last months around this module, increasing the potential of gvSIG 3D: support for vectorial data, Lidar 3D, extrusion, automatic height detection of buildings, animations, temporal dynamic layers on the data base, simbology and 3D labeling. Also, we will see how to exploit all the opportunities that bring us this 3D Module from Scripting. Óscar Martinez Olmos (gvSIG Association) Cesar Martinez Izquierdo (SCOLAB / gvSIG Association)
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good morning everybody and welcome to this session that will the handle and talk about tree dieselization of a world that a 1st speaker it's gonna presented you treaty tools in GBC using world when there is mysticism Martinez his our developer often juristic community and is here on behalf of the scholar and which is a company that is part of the Jedi sick association itself so please hello there as well so we're 1 2 % there and duration of NASA will win the received from version and well I will
1st spend every uh of of and also then the resonant and why it's important to have 3 in India yes and then some history of treating the civic but we already had some tries and then I will introduce with what we are able to do to and what we are working on and then there was it than I was the new feature some that the 2 3 was is a person so if they knew they also for all of them very similar to this uh this table and then wait will win answering and search and so on the main goal was to integrate the whirlwind received uh maybe you don't know you see someone you have the knowledge base of this so per is application is based on the other hand it has a long history of writing like in the year Sherwood more and there I ideas also you know all we know it's a high enough for a few of the 1st global our lives the 1st open source work around the scene and other via and the Federation was was based on that and the other thing that net but then they dropped the relative to make it a little into the above from but obviously all the and there always witness for the induced 1 because it meant that they had been and we're hearing in most of the time that 1st from things a another difference and foreign dynamic processes like follows of fried simulations were also for resizing mean infrastructure planning that's very useful uh it can be useful for the Turin approaches so tool to use and so interesting things of city for instance and they so so some current economic only be solved using for the algorithms and an infinitive because people like the and on the right in some just history and now we are to to western and you but in their minds a doctor exuberance we already have applying this repelling uptight apply and it was very powerful and that is what it was years have also been technology where necessary to make you working and and move In the world of meaning that called means we have that we have to maintain those cells and was very beautiful so finally we never part of the tutorial the grounds was worst but in new conveys there that had to be there to be exuberance so I mean for the forum for a year and we have chosen to send to inter-rater an existing the various incidents muscle with with it is much easier for us to to maintain India itself has already community behind this variance and their activities supporting and now I'm going to spend a lot work on for the moment with 3 and I will uh displaying 1 feature remnants will be a lot of assessing needs more interesting to see the 1st and so there was no way we have assignment is that you create you induces neural with their layers you want and symbolize them and then you can create a of the you from this uh so it will be greater and new view with the same layers but in in for the and this estimate represent meaning that if you have to the you in weather predictions for this review this review will always being uh NW hideous 84 so it's a period piece the 40 326 and a named and will automatic the appreciate the layer so that our core of the display of monastery because and so on more well because we have a little if any of us another way of explaining was available for Indian Institute Tourism which is very stable now and we've you we like this system operation therefore to is to have 3 is sorely than men do have some optional be the poor and the synchronization so when you agree that this review it can be a kind of always keep in up updating their lives and their bupa when you have so many 1 because it was so much that to leave you already got uh not believe or you can do it on the window 1 2 is by default it is not a synchronized and you you don't the activated and then we have then this very gonna flood most and and and would mean we recently introduced a semantically valid to to see was in this analysis for forestry and of further visualizations and what seen and link to so media so here we we have a the of something so here's property and to to send it there through the most common form for maybe and so and make the representation had to what was
book and analysis
showing that there is a lot have OK OK this the OK so
we have In our model to the new year the we so some or all the layers and then we are going to look to this through the
buttons and the 1 the 1 on there and on the other on the left is that the 3 D and B 1 this is this for you and a task-related already this theory with a later we have and then I need to be going on synchronizes bar so is going to to denote 1st but water and there will be wars that to leave was the and you be everywhere they say here is another Derain and this is a kind of in gonorrhea Duncan instead and and this is their victory material Victoria and we have 3 different ways to
load data this review uh the 1 so we here
in the media is that the victory us arise and then it's strong on using the the television model because they're applying hasn't and in interim has already there is a model and know so you have seen here when you open literally that also has like satellite image which is common you can have your own got few but but if all you already have some cut here the and
so we word here so
the nice thing is that you can load any of the that the sources of the received on the 3 you to depending load and faster you can load vectors and as of now I was suspended this investors pasteurized beaten to resolve that does that we held to all other ways in please you you can just barely that's half reviewed in air and the after the unity if you have them in this setting in the data just as light they difference and that there was little insulin example later or you can also look at the heart of to the to the later on as true it we and then the egg will mediate social media so the social 55
OK and so the expected so this is arrested and is going like over time and then you can see but thing is that is who this also this season it is then then turn out there is a model is being used to to the origin and then and to
show their stewardship the vector
solution to the to the layer here and and will too to the options and then you to the the cepstral person we assume that the moles deliver layer and events to their their their head that new Ugandan said that fixed or a constant phase or a mixture of both of them with the sun and
acceleration and then when you open the and the the you and you will see the result and I think this is very common in renewal of their buildings so going out to the link layer so you don't have a I believe in the theory of 3 billion you have hate it has a very aggressive
effect and then and you can also since announcing for Poland's on which creates some interesting markers
things then OK then you
can also uh elevation model and we we're and understand and so I was show I so at the level of the to only the OK I was so when this video about building and later later data if a male and to OK it's here like window to 1st the
tree because it is becoming more complicated with this difference windows 2 this is so this is beliefs and diverse country in Spain and here I am a later with the uh WMS services there from this perspective man with that in I area the main area that's very nice of you use online services and a gun they also see them in in the in the model and the the view and then I have no a 1 in file has symbolize it in 2 different ways I was only saying that there there is there is a very early in it's written as and view of the you massive proven interested interesting effects and what then have this is either I have similar situation different ways and this is the head so it's so they're recorded haven been merely that later point and have some lessons from light which is lower than a certain value of about 100 meters and brain which is available in 500 meters and the highest uh in the area and you can see there also how it might assist in their own and they don't have the a relational model quite mostly sometimes uh I mean there is some discrepancy when you load move from different there have been and this is on blank overjustification from alive the point so so you can see how the moment the other thing is the buildings in core printing thing is based based station Bechtold the no additional habitation and round things to terrain and you can still you know how Matsis where the houses are with their life Pacific is somewhere in
where there higher than in the darker green which means a high error of the mean and the attention to consider the
reasonably high trees here and finally became we
are also working on animations because now in their tools with manually that that we are working on making it like defining someone points and orientations and that the name that in as I go to flight flight and then also talk about an American and and environment and the man in all fairness of it which is not really through the thing that can be useful for for 3 and when combined with animation especially then we're also working on and building to this and and then some for tube or if you prefer and then what is important 1 to know or even that that this through the and for this to not to us you have to install it separately but for the 2 of the 3 of us and it integrated into the sphere Sn is not still uh and really is the final decision but there is already like a preview is online and then you can try and it has already mistreated tools maybe not all of them or that the uh for the vectors still that it is the most of the things is already there and people who hold that on September 1 of them is the final version and some other nice things if you complaining that 3 and is so that you can break the died it's Tyson and of and access to a dollar arising from there so many of you you were more familiar need to buy it and then never even greater analysis and that close in there and then we we have providea an 0 year and the reason we have applied into story Victor another using 0 yeah which opens this is still not in law formats and more firmly formats and we have of social change is that now operates on a reduced him with and without because in need for we're using that programme growing so now it's also use under the hood and about their because in the analysis of using also broke that we have here is leveling interface to delete and as an immense and also I we have and uh as solution for creating a new portal which is discovered using things that the new brother and a this is more analytical and that's not an environment that together we have some aspirin and the sober and it also using audio and that's it you have any questions thank you will we have
time for a couple of short questions so any questions about there and right and just questioning the Claudio would akin to do it's still few been playing the role of the authority and got a set of glucose a performance and the memory usage interval and on the web seeing mineral from uh the colonial world to fall in the world means and we we are as as toward enhanced and is like on the cumulative I don't have any individual but that I can as a good sign of myself doing the ways can as my colleagues in your intersect continue their alright alright again and maybe you their medicine they they wouldn't do you think of her information any other questions or so thank you very much thank you