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Effects of Opening up Data

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Effects of Opening up Data
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In 2013 the Danish Government freed most of the basic data in Denmark under the "Basic Data Program"-program. My talk will go through the effects we have experienced so far; The release of data has not only changed what we can do for both private and public sector clients, it has also changed how we do it. As data is now free, we do not have to wait for public sector clients to approach us with ideas - we can now approach all types of clients with products and proposals of our own. An apparently tiny thing as being able to product develop on our own, has turned the business model upside down in many instances. Although you cannot sell a free beer, you can sell the knowledge of how to open the free beer, or a ready-to-use bottle opener, and possibly some consulting on how you can get to enjoy the free beer the most. The wider use of data has also meant that public servants have had to adapt; to face fear of errors and ever more demanding "customers." It is important to acknowledge that opening data up has consequences that public servants need to face. (Hans) Gregers Petersen (Septima)
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it the next speaker in this in this
round of presentations 600 and then he is going to to tell you all about the most important thing what happens if you
open up your data yes thank you uh for those of you who are so my token income I apologize you will hear much of the same blabbering us last year
for your sake of change some pictures to some of the
pictures and and 1st of all like to state that I'm not from the Danish government people keep asking me did I work in the government did I present to set free the data yes a testing ahead of them had a right to do that yes because used to produce most of the data that ball so whenever money in it twice I'm going to tell you a bit about the Danish basic data program so that we will talk about what did we actually have in Denmark then I'll I'll show you a bit about our free data what we can do now and some of the impacts I have seen some of the impacts of the public at Brandeis late-night talk with everyday his have seen so that basic data programs when you need to set free data you need to make it sexy him for politicians it's all about economics so why not make a basic data program instead of just uploading into an FTP we can make a lot of politicians and economists right a lot of stuff and it turned into the brain basic they said programs basically it's core information to have a definition of what is what is it we're going to have to frame it is about everything but most importantly in governance financing so we get some money for doing to do this program and then it's also most importantly in Denmark at least it's linkability because we used to have all these different silos the different registers going back to the sixties having information on the same stuff but different places and there some genius decided why don't we when we set the stuff free and then to a good use of more efficiently why we link everything and this is where I come in its distribution so we collect everything we save a lot of money on and collecting it into a single distribution platforms so that everyone can get it through a uniform API and all the stuff we like OGC services through the data distribution platform will that its distribution and most importantly it is coordination and this is so that the group of people this is this is the 1 of the images I change this is the group of people wrote the Danish constitution shouldn't say that we have a coordinating committee writing the data constitution of the basic this program uh deciding what do we do when do we do stuff so that that 2 we don't do it in in different orders and everything goes according to plan so there's all the boring stuff that's politics it was necessary to set free data than that 1st of January to summer of 2013 the press the button and we're writing that's coincidentally in the same data that my company was founded and do what they did is free now well he see the coronation party of Danish King Christian the force and everywhere the can goes he has these 2 guys throwing out all the goal to the people and that's the same with the data now everywhere the government goes he has to kind guys young sitting here and I must somewhere in this world thrown out all the gold to people like me you can see me here and my colleagues and we're picking up the goal that the government froze everywhere and trying to make it into bread and then to be that serious it's it's due date all the due date is released that's from from the contested data to it within 10 centimeters where every man manhole is where the cone of the houses everything we registered in Denmark that's much of the data used to produce and it was actually released through it down the portal who which they open sourced are kind of open source to share with complex and only later but and they opened a lot of the web services that that they had already in place so that everyone could certainly use the funny part was everyone was using them but they were using for clients but we'll come back to that later then they will not company data we had to wait quite awhile for for for those but it's it's open data now it's open data both in a web and download services should be using elastic search to power quite a powerful as an API and then they said again politics they said they open the address data actually was opened years before it was uh for being distributed and it was kind of the reason why they open up the rest because it was quite a big business case to a mother to address this but let's say it's all all the data we had on hand was opened and so what could we then do well another picture a famous Danish industry men it's called mean of the industry and we could do everything in private business suddenly before we used to do a lot of business with the public at MIT and did we couldn't sell anything to the private companies to and clients and actually could but entry fee for starting up the projects say a using part of the data covering many
remaining island of inferences would cost US 5 million kronor that's million FIL million euros and we have to test to see could we get anyone to buy this and the if you haven't tried and i will encourage you to go to another company and say for an entry fee of 2 million euro I might they give you a better product I might give you some added value and see the faces of of these guys all the bosses instead now we can we can do what appears quote the famous painter who did this did you into this guy and said I'm making a large painting could you please pay me for standing in the front and he went to this guy and said you don't have as much much money but the other guys being part of part of the painting so you can stand in the middle and probably this guy did didn't pay anything but that's how it worked better than that's how he and his money he kept collecting money from all these different small sources and that's what we can do now is instead of of fell finding 15 million kronor somewhere we were picking up on the street 10 cross and 10 cross and then goes from and now we can also enrich our own datasets this is an example of where water flows and we used we have we use these data different kind of datasets to calculate the risk of flooding for insurance companies in Denmark and 2 and the we could do that before but only for municipality because they had already paid for for all this data and then we we could enrich our own dataset so we know something for instance where have we seen flooding before and to the government knows something else where there's the water flow and usually that those 2 I think that's a pretty correlated then we could actually see it now and we couldn't use this dataset enriching our own own data to predict where with the floating next year or next time we have a rainfall and you could do the mashup and combined so this is the same we have different public datasets and if a truck full of data will fall here which reduced and collect use might call this guy this guy it's always good to to mention beer here at phosphogen because usually it's truck full of shit that the but that work that works better other environmental conferences but let's say it's spear and then we can calculate this and actually it's it's it's quite the use out there right now but you we tried to push this product before the free data and nobody wanted to pay the entry fee again nobody wanted to take the risk but now everyone can see that that paying 2 thousand EUR for access to a service that provides them with this value added to calculations this is a good idea and then you can do big data and I've had this is also a famous picture of of sick woman because I hate the word Big Data we've always been doing that data but let's say you could do that David take every part of the Government Dataset put it in there and maybe calculate what she's reading something like that but you could do Big Data stuff and and to earn money on that without having to pay a large large entrophy so here you have the most but we only have 20 minutes the so what have the impacts brought well you heard much of it from the from like soldiers before is the same as a big government institutions in the big Railway Company everywhere else but let's just go through it have some numbers for you kindly provided by underscore how the from the the map supply of that is due to the agency where the Agency for uh data supply and efficiency as it's called now end of 2012 they had 800 users that's mostly 1 municipality 1 user 1 ministry 1 user and then need as a partner and yet on the other side 100 users and all of 2012 had 8 million requests and that's everything that W. massless W chestnuts WFS mentioned REST services so that 1 1 column on port 80 to the web service this is 1 question and then of course things broke down after 2013 1st agenda because certainly was much more popular than then people would even I could imagine and I've been standing there yelling for years that this is a lot because of the use so much but it it was quite a big loss and due to date they have a 2 billion requests the end of this month as far as I understood and they had 60 thousand unique users and I'm going to get back to that but opening up data is is really about changing this number doesn't matter how many requests I do but when I need information I need access to 60 thousand unique users compared to 800 800 unique users is really really something that thing and close to the to the young and and his staff for a really managing to keep the system alive with with this amount of requests so we wanted to be free but somebody wanted to know who are using the data so we kept
using the old system don't pay any more for a new system just create users so that's why we know 60 thousand unique users and that's why after doing a survey from this unit uses that actually knew who were using the numerator only 24 % were companies and we had 6 per cent more public Admin people who should have access to the data before but might never have heard about it or maybe they're part of the government had paid the other part of the government for rights to use that part of the Government stated paid by the government so also starting saying there then we have N G O's 3 % then we have their own 66 per cent as the guy who sits in his basement doesn't exist we heard yesterday was Stephen but there are guys sitting in his basement his call Peter Wallison and I know he's watching how did you have that same events and some other of his of his guys friends this in in the basement trying to make new products and out of the stuff but that's quite quite the again I think that's quite good that the world of data not for me to earn money only that's also fine thank you but for for inspiration also to others and the survey said that 44 per cent of the users would not have used the basic data if it were not for the I guess you cannot that number but 44 % were honest and do that's really says something that that people wouldn't even have used a data if it was 1 year old they would have used data will never registered to to use it and what I find inspiring is that it's it's it's very dear diverse use of data also so we have a real estate site suddenly doing stuff I I heard from a single guy in the extreme outskirts of Chaplin that's where I'm from the extreme northern part and he made a graveyard planning software from from the open data because you need to plan with the people you need to know where the and why not use the data the government always good also always collectively summaries and to do great of planning from that then you have the and the ordinary flight simulator plug-ins fly over the country cool and dental we have a lot of amateur historians to suddenly found that places and and what they would have found that because they use a certain look at the the height model and lighted from different places and then suddenly you see an old burial site in old town something like that and it's it's clearly visible in the terrain if you know what to look for we have quite a few guys right to to us I don't know why wrote off but the talks about services like that and there will be from my chair what's changed the most is the innovation process my old job is to be going to municipality and saying watch a problem sit down and they tried to explain to me well I think I need a technical solution to this and this and this and other civil honestly quite not not quite often not understanding what they were trying to solve but I had to check the good definition and I would go back make problem the formulation and then go back and sell it to them make a product that didn't solve the problem go back reiterate and then make another product to solve the problem and then everybody was happy now what we do is the opposite we make the product before people think it of course we can if someone come to us and say well I'd like to solve in this we do that but mostly now we sell actually products and solutions that we saw enough so we can ask 10 clients and make their product combining those 10 clients demand and we most probably most most public admin actually have quite a good effect of that because it's in the laws the price and we share and most importantly for the the public government people we take the risk so I can use 1 hour with the dataset previously costing 50 million kronor far I have a great idea
mostly as most of you know that idea sucks but I can do that then thousand times I need to do to find the 1 great idea I can monetize later just to say something about the economic and then what I told you that the addresses was were officially freed they were free already and they made a certain made a survey after they freed the debated and looking in here there's the addresses and this is the 1st distribution lines so we have companies buying addresses and this is the 2nd that the the companies they so the addresses to 2 and the freeing of addresses gave a direct gain so Nolde fantasy politician money but the direct gain of 14 million euros a year when the free those addresses that's 100 million kronor and that's quite quite a bit and that's only in the 1st and 2nd link so that that was kind of the kick the door to open up with freeing the rest of it but that's that's a direct gain and that's 1 of the few much where you can actually see releasing single-dataset what is the added value the effects we've seen has also been better data this and you painting or no painting from scale and the extreme northern part of Denmark this these efficient helping each other with a life-saving both so they so that if they made a communal life 7 gold they might help each other and that's the same with with data once that the borders and the seat uh everyone who wants actually to make the data better and they want to help you make the data better so instead of therefore offer fearing that the people will will hate you the lecture try to help you that's quite a and experience for people who are afraid that that we're going to see call of shit storms on that date and they'll get better insight all I'm sorry about the contrast in the picture these are the 2 This is Dennis I don't know if you've seen Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail system is that the community the Communist peasant and that Dennis could use some of this data to get better insights and ask the questions yes actually did ask from the king for instance if Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords as the basis of a power system he might have to ask another quite a lot of other questions once he had had his Geass desktop open and made another analysis and so why did you place your castle in Copenhagen enough where land prices cheaper or something like that the but as you so those of you have seen the film also know Dennis causes quite a lot frustration because is not always what lesbians not always is always fun having a lot of input especially if people get angry and they do get angry when the stuff some of this stuff is wrong especially with unknown understand it and now you share with so many people and so they came back and say I want more give more information but we always already gives so much or you might fear that that data this is used to show that that is a risk that's what I've been doing this a slightly higher risk of your house getting flooded you might fear that that that you will end up thank to much an inch there's too much in insurance or that the next big motorways going to place be place right on top of your house so that we're going to sell of Copenhagen to the Swedes sort of stuff like that and what you need to know is that data will be wrong and people accept the data will be wrong so as long as you're open about it than day than this you not a problem but of course it's going to be this slide is if we if some of you are in public Edmund this slide is the most important slide if you are trying to about data because this is what you have to fight this the fear and doubt but certain of what the fuck will these nerds do when they get our data and will they see that we've been making everything wrong for years that is the fear you have to fight and of course we want open up and of course we will because data that's also thing you have to acknowledge data will be used to show something that is completely wrong some student from somewhere will make the timetable data into something that shows that that the deductive on is never on time and at some time the promise that the regional trains would be faster analysis has shown that there were 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 the slower something that they will be used to something that is wrong and people can see through the and In conclusion another painting of Danish king and for the the fast 1 of you this the same thing as the 1st slide this is Christian the 4th being shot by the Swedes in his head standing up saying that even though he's shot things will go on and this is still a quite a good uh image of or the uh image of a full will focusing right now we have to all kinds of different situations people think the hit but they're are fighting on trying to solve the problems that always done in public and when we have the guys sitting here that's me collecting money once again and the and to really you have all these different kinds of impressions but but you need to to see that the effects we have seen in Denmark at least have from public as a citizen decided been good from public Admin been good and from the private businesses it's been good there are some stepping stones and there are bad things about it but they're far far far outweighed by the positive stuff and thank you for your patience
1 of great presentation this track thank you so much any questions from a seal of and so it started from well answer as great presentation the data now when it gets publicized maybe come on demand that is that the data is well structured unfinished but often when you free data you get new demands for data data quality how this do you have any insight to how the Danes government solves this problem of collecting this demand for new structures all value added data as a government normally wouldn't produce Nacional y data and not as a business more narrow a actually I do and I don't because as you know you we both the frequent the same places and and uh it's it's from the floor up and it's from up and down actually so people were working on inspired trying to to standardize the data that people from on the floor actually trying to to solve the everyday pop problems so when people ask for data which is usually uh as far as I can see they try to to to supply what people demand that's good situation and dented I think here is some kind of magic really everybody has turned into a great soup of love and do we use and I I think it what I see is that people try to to actually on both sides trying to figure out what we need and want to deliver could you please show that as my talk again about the use of inertia
here and so this the the new white charts and hell is uh this relates to to the old users of the old whose only only went to the government of the old the old users were a 99 % clear
governmental local he
mentioned 14 million direct gained by the opening up of the addresses on how stop being computed this figure uh there's still a link in my presentation to the report made by the engineering
company called call and you can go read the his standing on the did you make that beta OK good you can ask periods this responsibility not want to my course that no it's it's it's another place of a common is another part of the company made it sort of a it's a it's it's it's it's a direct gain so it's it's been collected because you knew every distribution company so you went to each distribution company and actually took the the numbers from them and they kind release the numbers of their clients so it's on it's that's why they used to for the 1st 2 links only because you have you know you knew who bought the directly from the from the government and you know they can be supplied their clients so it it is it is factual number that's not made up and and the made up numbers we talked about when making the basic data problem the program were way higher than this so so the economic gain this is something like a hundred to 200 million euros per year but that's counting in that you save 2 seconds each time you enter an address and how much is the only way to fill this means in this case I thank you very much and I think once especially if