GDAL 2.1: what's new ?


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GDAL 2.1: what's new ?
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Rouault, Even
Jolma, Ari
Baryshnikov, Dmitry
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Initiated in 1998, the GDAL/OGR (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) library has dramatically grown, supporting from 20 raster and vector formats in its early 1.1 version to more than 220 in the latest v2.0 In the meantime, it has been successfully adopted by hundreds of software projects, being at the foundation of many GIS stacks. After a quick overview of the current capabilities, we will focus on recent developments and achievements that will be available in GDAL 2.1: new raster drivers (WMTS, Sentinel 2, …), new vector drivers (MongoDB, VDV-452, …), improvements in existing drivers (GeoJSON, PDF, ElasticSearch), management of the Measure dimension for geometries, support for geographic network models, availability of the C++ command line utilities as library functions usable in different programming languages, ... Finally, we will explore potential future directions for the project. Even Rouault (Spatialys) Ari Jolma (Private) Dmitry Baryshnikov (NextGIS)

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but I would like you
tool warmly welcome the little forms but cities from homes and the need to you but as you go from this G is a long way to go before then please think think you should have who is a shipment of what
we're going to talk about some introduction URI worlds to geology are in general is in sharp focus in the community activities and can answer to her out of this talk about what's new in in the latest version of the potential of picture of direction for for the project and so did I walk where what is it that the due especially that abstraction library
and you could then resume it as a swiss army knife for due special processing and so it's made of 2 major parts of gene that which is more about a restaurant no which is about Victor it's it enables you to read and write small untrue under under different formats many of them being just pressure and vectors so was was a things like the the young and don't documents it's so widely used the library not really a lot of friends open-source or proprietary solution has transgressed motiva about nature to GIS someone was rates after you you ever thought about during during this weekend and now so few few well-known appropriate proprietary solutions so this is a list of software using G that we have more than 100 sets of officially declare has been used using G down and there are probably even more so the project started in 1998 from formal them and it's West your project since 2008 and it is it is licensed under the MIT X Open Source license for you choose 1 of the most permissive open source licenses which make it possible to use it in software was a software that's or licenses situation uh it's made up of 1 yeah actually a bit more than 1 million lines of code so it's pretty large and we have also very extensive tests to what is the main features of formats supports is brought cells for and that structure and each driver Willie implements its abstraction and thanks to that you you can do very easily conversions between formats another important feature is that you can under with the data sets with an arbitrary size even on a machine with limited around on it's a library and it has a a C API and it supported on the or the popular operating systems and it has bindings for was a languages such as by German firms to share and Java and there are was the a non-official bindings for other languages and besides the libraries as a sort of a set of the command line utilities to do operations such as uh translation between formats for projections of was a king and or the common operation you expect such datasets and it can operates not only on the real oral Phys classical highest but it can also operates an honor archives oral resources so that you can access it through a HTTP URIs to keep and in memory stuff like that this is the talk in this session will be 1 of the use of a suspicion 5 system which is you can do it so just a general
overview of the actually you find the utilities and as a chirp and there was a the API is and then you have the rest course a victory for the driver is a generic driver interface and then there a lot of so could base is made of some of the drivers of and and and that's a very but on the other hand a portability layer to address some the operating systems Our regarding the rest of features of its approach to
efficiently on very large and majors on yesterday had to Chris someone who generated the 800th gigabytes and to and uh and support so of course over the standard ways of her Francine arrested and affine transform ground control points and top see it does it does so as a mechanism to catch the restaurant and rest of rock sole that you can save decompression time when you want to access the same neighborhood it as a very optimize the river reprojection engine and the order algorithm you you would expect such pasteurization vectorization interpretation of Cu sup the yeah it's just a very small subsets of with the rest of the month so such a 42 but I'm not going to read it as a vector of features so it it's based on the OGC and I sold single features more than that lady we have added some extensions and on top of that true for example to address several geometry currency futures and forwards geometry operation neutralize and suggest library and then for a prediction it uses approach for library 0 0 gr as an embedded SQL engine which has some limitations and you can also use a right so the engine and all the format so there's something that in doing so many it can be used for you can use ownership 5 1 for SQL requests in the form of drivers such as source or a current you can directly feeds the estuary is supporting that if it has the same 3 stuff formats is
Azerbaijanis on the size of the where you can navigate through them and regarding his community
activity we have currently and 58 develop residents have write access to the main repository and that over the last year of nearly 20 of them and have been effective and we have so as 65 people that they have not commit rights that were contributed code to to the project so have a kind of you you can more closely is the statistics if you're interested but has the main this this quite some bacteria were small enough to 2 thousand subscribers in over the last year we have do more than 2 thousand 500 messages 0 Berkshire as it currently is years more than 6 thousand 500 and trees and I'm not sure it's a good thing to have a lot of tickets because it means if it's it's really really used so when some parts of the code doesn't receive birds it's bridging tickets it's is somewhere the signs that it's not actively used it's in the way actually of tracking the user side is the only way to to know whether we will use is what's and create a master when want students for the Google Summer of Code of projects and this year we have to quicker summary of the previous version 2 0 which is a major breakthrough it was really is in June of last year and the attendant really of major changes in ASR is a request for of the procedure to bring a new major functionality is is a most prominent 12 hours a unification of the energy that an old Jiang as drivers in the dataset so you can have datasets that have both arrested federal data this in turn into a restaurant operations have been extended to support uh more resampling methods such as being there to regions of the is curved geometries such a secular strings and company currents care for instance have been added then and no missing feature was a support for 60 pizza 64 bit integer uh 11 new drivers and yeah I features 1 of the most interesting ones in your packages support and we have a fairly well complete so suppose duplication specifications so what's new in and do that to to that point it was a really isn't in May this year and we haven't had that takes really is the beginning in July of this activity has really being very since if you compare to to sit to the number of commits has since the number of the predicted it was really 3 intense we had the 6 7 6 there I would you tell them for their we have 7 new drivers so I mean you have you ever the world scanners type 1 nobody OK it's fine because it's it's weird and against a kind from lots of energy that is 0 so but supporting everything we have seen so you can someone finds some them in the dark corners and we have a new a new driver a truck and Travis IBM DB 2 round activities and so is the rest of sports has been murdered in from GeoPackage well which is quite interesting and we have a driver to supported by a C-DAC it's visited it's so role roster from a some fancy you edges it's used by Javier and for their so computing environment and MR officemate terrorist removed from what it was developed by the side of a that brother theories is so it doesn't support for overviews of tidying up and and it was designed for cloud supports suggestion because in the mechanism can catch remote arrested and 1 of these them was a driver's is a safe and driver its forms of something 1 suffered and its brother is that something that due to a driver uh which can address so as a 1 year and 1 scene in to a product so basically it does it in survey on mosaic of cells the sources because CenterNet to is made of many Erjavec 2010 and basically form for each band you average effect of sentences ratified on the tree easy to process so the driver make it a bit more easy to try and and then we we have w and yes plant so it was that was missing granddaughter we have endured radio division in this other vector side and we have a driver for mean currently the carriages and just fashion as a service platform and of course so lecture for the rest apart from the driver for the vector part of the IBM the duty to uh never driver for among the deviI was read write capabilities and you can sort of push the features each was an adjacent encoding and you will get to resort to the future and that's a definite is not really known to be a vector format but actually has uh climate forecasts convention described below you can put in that CDF points and vector profiles and so it is now Nv deviates so it's a format for public transportation it's kind of property of energy teacher and there are viewed as a major improvements in in 2 0 0 of drivers C is the the is JJ which is and then you know you can it it's for them to features do futurist uh less teachers and has also been upgraded to for read write support and ice was read on the 1 before so it's to read right now as a PDF driver as received a new backend which is much faster than before and as such as BSD license and we have a driver of social forces in catalog of planet absent so no it has been upgraded to the latest teenagers version of API the actually uh we can now you can now do on-the-fly and a bunch of convenience it's really really really fast so you you don't need to pre-compute so your pansharpening it can be directly rendered by map several months and years he has also received a Mrs. threaded compression I call that debate about 1
feature with the idea of the energy the 2 . 1 this is an idea geographical map model as the a human centered around a lot of drivers for object must also found that the Inter-American hold on network data as so we ended in the unintelligible asset of classes for support network
functionality of and then it meant that the sum of these classes and they give an abstraction models for natural data the same way as did not does for out of the and the rest of the that and also provide provide network functionality and for each for their performance that have been multiple and then work was done that you will some of quot outperforms inflicted by which is I believe Apple foot and adopted if see 84 a geographical network support and it was implemented injured out the 1 and now available in documents can be found in the domain of digital image and the little about classes remain class genome network is derived from g down and out cells also all methods flow from a base class can be accessed and the rest of the world map of the men never is that due to the idea of it on the part of all model or any other computation according input parameters where is not easy for GEA less with each need to be for you to the same way as articulated square so again I is the number of basic right and it is because that is the most so much of the research that I will now by where is only 1 the is named John and genetic network this is an old you implementation of 4 network could and stop at the cost of metadata in the shared files and was jails also any other colleges formant supported but the units only for this means he just over the state of the art that where most general network general graph used it stores vertices and edges and each feature in each layer maybe editors or NH and and is maybe a connected you little this also each feature have a unique idea that this was the rules that guide solving that was created also have so for example you can deny and connect plastic and metal cubes also but reference segment and to deleting network you all everything you can another functionality and little example of usage of the great and would just like you which
use a the G . python bindings for these features the EPA let you create never called your never of data the and compute the L taking into consideration so edges weights and looking at it and that but engages you OK
so 1 of the new function is a cavity of using as a command line utilities as C functions so that are then bound to to by and so you know longer need to to 4 can external process analogy that translated you don't what to know you can run it In this verse same process which is clear and as advantageous that that is so you can work on in memory that assets you can save use as a discursive and musicians you can you can also have a progress report and consideration so very handy to being the user interfaces on top of the of the utilities hold and so was a functionalities and answer it's really Internet as a use of hash tables to index the cash but still no energy that can operate on the future the U. up to 2 billion to 2 billion accepts Cerestar so it's really useful for WMS and Davidian TSS reports we can know removes a new data vector from you if you can find a we got injured to send some people rely on the extension of for example the adjacent of object next to the properties so when you will know when your energy ontology of this is preserved in no 1 observed a extension is this approach for the measurement of geometry so of yeah I'm quite short of time so I will know that your questions each other the he of what's coming
up and 2 . 2 that's great I think that's that's that so there wasn't much more so when 1 is ongoing walked his eyes a new driver it to to be
able to to and arbitrary mn scheme as you that is really interesting for inspire support and was complexity data models so this will be enough to 2 . 2 um in 7 so mean some of its this should I continue to to deficits of complex complex types of which are used for example with a stop sign Marjorie so it's no easy to compute the amplitude of the wrong and stuff like that 0 0 have been improvements in the speed of the rest statistics and 1 of the latest a function that is that the embedding dimension into arms into the master is to support for sparse datasets have some yeah for example if you if you map of so it's full of around so you don't want to store that and when you convert between formats you don't want to spend time so uh processing you would expect to it consists of just sitting at a time other questions that is to so I was
interested in the functionality of that city of driver you said
you mention it works like a vector drivers would get hold use credit so I can I can think of that city of file and query with spatial and I would get features from the from a book ostensibly as soon as as usual in which you're driver so you have a list of features coordinates OK so but it is a fine mystery meat so as to expectation of the F conventions gives some some unassembled precise layout predictions force forecasts and the official that's via files you can work with them as like other books yes thank when I saw a slight positive i from got files and users using you Commissioner resin that 1 that's already in the genesis lighthouse my very quickly about councils has the dimension also counts I only saw 1 2nd that 1 that have no
zeros in the green picture no other tell me when you this was 1 of the reasons for this so I wouldn't nutrients upon the public
that thinking what about the kid fails we see it even indictment incurred but these are also developed DWG subject uh they're injured or that could be used on earth based on the party library not open source and not for a long time supported and
which is the center of the library is a open source libraries and we all GBA and cannot be used the injured all right so we decided to create all libraries for a kid files most altitude and uh I use it in digital there when these was on its own as part of the request already in digital for the theory that work is continuing some good affecting and the distance as soon as everything will be completed the you will get it in front and what's the just Our solution since the new library support different optimal and will be implemented for you can almost all fast and fastest especially readers in the library used a buffer the reader but your own class maybe provided that also when passing library only here there's 3 that also them at all of us have cut objects created of certain file moment matching density that so it's a novel fast and the most of the work of the objects support model but also if you just driver and injured or its support certainly open options beachfront translated into the library also but all also had offered kept files metal and you don't that doesn't metadata you can exist at the user this week from 104 also this is a combined effort is maybe there were arrested and that also after sub-datasets support
and that each of you can cut or DWG layer mapped to everywhere it only if you and your lantern operator and the lower with within feature may be a that in the cart is the walk references leave some attributes of the set of you would never do that would you airfield where few but the the soldiers you with a little when you will fall in love question Susan Teufel coming and you it was suggested that


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