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Open Source as part of an Open Data initiative.

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Open Source as part of an Open Data initiative.
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In 2011, the New Zealand Government released the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government, a directive to government agencies to establish open data programmes to enable data reuse, for the wider benefit of New Zealand. This presentation discusses one environmental research agency's approach to providing open data that is not just accessible, but genuinely reusable. Early feedback regarding the programme was positive - but there was a frequent question. Many potential users of open data have had no GIS background, and wanted help in finding tools, and training in the use of those tools to actually make use of the data. In answering this question, it became apparent that a genuinely successful open data programme has three components, with far too many such programmes stopping at the first: Discoverable, accessible metadata and data; Effective, available and affordable tools to work with the data, and; Affordable training for interested users in the use of the tools with the data. This presentation discusses this three pronged approach to an open data programme, actively enhancing and making use of open source and open standards to provide usable open data. One outcome of this programme is presented as “The Democratisation of GIS”, where open Source GIS tools are enabling GIS to become as pervasive as an office suite or web browser on a personal computer. Brent Wood (National Institute of Water and Atrmospheric Research (NIWA) New Zealand)
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is FIL please have a seat if you
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on this book on open data it's brown wooden musical well you get as you can see and this most exons respect you should have a look at that if before you leave here is pretty good opening through
open standards and open source they go and and you have to use a microphone for the strain so was people at home can have their than what enjoy I'm from users themselves
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UserLand and know that does not have any acoustic of general topology and ask a favor and I apologize for that but I was response schedule and extremes and we tend to talk quickly and people don't understand if you don't understand rebirth wasting Elsheimer come along way to do this so please why something if you don't understand me so I slow down and explain if you do this loss of 0 polite people rethinking thank you so much anyway so the real story newer initialized you've forested research has my wages and we study water atmosphere climate fisheries so oceanography atmospheric sciences the 1 of the government agencies which operate as a private business so while we are only shareholders a government minister we required to approach and to do that most of the profits to keep his government heavy for the financial year under discussed 11 definition to maneuver around the Federal Open Data is fundamentally about battery re-use once you raised your data for hydrazine similar things we've done to sort of make those needs and what I see as a more complete solution for another package and most of this can be boring takes by stuff and some pretty pictures to illustrate things of the and so lots of takes people write these things apart by the sum all that 2011 New-Zealand announcer declaration of transparent government which requires you have to read all it is just called government departments images were directed at might all high-value government that are publicly available other agencies that when called governments were encouraged to make the data 1 of the fused output came out was is the goal of the New Zealand Government Open Aexeous license is secured credit commons-based framework for agencies to release the dot under and consistent licensing framework teams touring might the legal solids and probability flow quite nicely a very recent enhancement to it was in goal is a which is a software extension which recognize that code developed what taxpayer projects should be made available just as bad as and so we now have an extension to the user goal framework covering code to be released under an open source license what was particularly inspiring about it was that the initial draft from the lawyer was put out for public comment the results of that was pretty only me all the principles and the easiest jump on a big 1 and the resulting document there is a genuine collaborative effect from the public and the open source community and the government prices this if had released that the whole point of releasing it enables people to reuse that knowledge waiting you know understand me I can 1 of the problems with the every guidelines and how to release your that we didn't know what dinosaur since we didn't set up a central organization that was funded to manage all of we tolerate users don't want them to learn and this was supposed to result in interoperability and commonality across all sectors which was a bit ambitious and Lin information New-Zealand had this special guidance infrastructure cookbook which recommended OGC WFS which for spatial rather that was about that's the government documents describing helped a decision released about 1 the light and sort of other agencies and environmental space that was we created we got together and some discussions included environmental observation that a protocol which covers all else seems to buy stuff for 1 about about stuff where people say things observe things things only environmental space and that was across government agencies the research agencies regional councils central so it was very clear exercise indicating that with a very much OGC based approach to every agency making the data available end that use the standards of the air but we also had thing is the standards that cover such as like every reasonable small linked data stuff giving into the buyer does so with likely to the cheapest standard which will touch on later so we have some extensions to the scalability In agencies already had lots of tolls and because we settled along st industry standards most of the tools could already David provided that are using the services that would mandate of let introduced last year and institutional ideas for 4 thousand people across New Zealand this land information using and I mentioned before the 2 electrodes is an Australian told from that can used to call digital mapping solutions called intranets unit we want to protect it
from its is based on message queue just so some topic has just cited this source state sold support as a commercial application later referred indicators development number other work in the space as well that's not a nice mix of commercial false widely major government agency in using unwinking the special diet is a free strong vote of confidence in the open source stick there so we got the Catalogue service about discovery interest we got the other services for delivery we might available little submitting 208 people do whatever really they want to the user feedback was what we don't the usual public user doesn't know that you there was a conference in the U is some years ago with a that's by hand and all the references to 5 1 6 but and tonight's lecture Julius tradition misinterpreted you know what would join walls and most of people for using about don't know what your users some my taken from that vision providers and facilitate reuse you need to enable users to that really and profitable it does that called G is so we have program by thank you just we take free told we customize it enhance it repetitive do the work and people can access the data downloaded told and should use it does as part of a process we which again we're running training sessions around the entire country for people interested so for commission operation on a training course will cost you 200 using the that's pretty cheap for a year under workshop this is leading to the prices on describing as democratization of is this event that allows me my 1st papers were written longhand on the winter talking pole the typing pool is a team of domain-specific expertise providing a service to institutions which describes your while it is that is no full and people would use a new desktop because when I start with the organization along with Word Excel a PDF reader if you can just we have open we have a all then we will know there's lots of people out there wanting to use that the and we now enabling them to do that so some polls we put together on the tapes j uniformly with global by better information from like someone in using wants to find out we all museum specimens observations of a particular species of it then again when using and does it but you wouldn't if you would he offers calls daily good for example that task you boy but in a museum University of Kansas a long way from using and long life from the study that has a scalar uniform using you're find all those records you can go to an institutional catalog the going to global catalog all those institutions upload the data into and you will find all the requisite not just use it Institutions but every institution the world pretty much and I P T is the protocols and is it down protocol that shape of provides for uploading data so you have already existing EG before wider strike from cages return to Sri Ramana justification 800 thousand which is unusually low on on line is a w the freshwater fish database plugin there is big since we would you know source plugin for from pictures to that end we set up for the open-source society a generic instance in the last months that's being sent to harvest the rate New Zealand by OGC so that we can find with just plug amenable existence survives W and allow users to find and store as the new web service 2nd but in fact them so trying to sort of addressed for the community of sort of consolidated discovery capability so the complete solution is not just dada or exists about the tools to allow you and support you and education and training you then how to reuse that by and the last very the presentation identified most of the users would gerbils public and on the on the phases of a local strain the environmental cleanup of this strain their recording or temperatures the recording animals and plants living near that's going the databases of the people the continues and she learned from we have sort of botanical societies we have been watches if huge amounts of data going in to LittleEngine community clubs systems that can now be half of fine words and their enabled by adding all the information to help them to reach their efforts it was
interested you just to call and
want us to them Javier throughout the tape like and this is a pretty picture but some of the more interesting to about for administered another the world we see 1 point is you gelsolin laser that's that allows us a nexus to death that is not normally available when the jury's framework pretty particles knowledge you is not technically a special framework it uses a battle cloth Standard and that that is now available to use within the GIS framework if you can just With only 1 of the 1st
things we doing about making data available is making data available to our own staff we spread across the country we have different departments at least 10 doesn't know where the right hand alone was doing in these tolls known people and by in the institution and outside institution to look at institutional databases and existing visualize and work with the data so we have 40 years worth of fishery surveys around using price you can look at the speed of the catcher in here as well as a global species so the answer is right I or you can look at different species from multiple so that is available service basis the this was not a plug-in we
knew upfront has been basically allowing you to do things like that which button me 1 moment that 1 so that my have had a frameworks all of SS maritime so we want degree labels because it tends to be on the same so you played by the developers to enhance the print composer sitting announcement that when the funding the poem in which way is north that this using a custom prediction Coelenterata posturographic eventually 180 down if I plot this looks wrong is not but looks from them so we can custom prediction of what the opposite of the end a March looking at the nice thing about this is this in and out of eyes users of source told specified as the collection management told the underlying database is my SQL non-spatial it uses the labels through GDL virtual butterfly you're familiar with if it's just a place to make stability describes the Dallas also includes in its dual to run on the data source when you open you just as as if you open the underlying data source not the 1605 colleagues will foster to point to the underlying data some of these people have collection told net can used to just to interact directly with the prediction tool to generate publication-quality graphs directly from and so we can have for the hobby of service and people measured publications this and that will be handling all of these things are work-in-progress there's also clients and genuine collaboration we have a new plane and you just we have a Regional Council providing sources we have a base that provided by his analysis as a dominance in and we can plug the various observation stations on the menu click on 1 and find out what observations are available and display and download those observations another work in progress and so with as with 1 of the big issues with source is that here a source so his a slightly different implementation dialect of sources so working through some of is interesting I mentioned before the
rate to the river environment specification a 800 thousand fresh water reaches across using that you can probably see it's labeling lines here that's the transparent w slide loads pretty much instantly it's something in the baking in those opposed to start a by you can open up a little Click on R H in this case it was down the river mafia and to the search upstream buttons and you give a w which rendition of the upstream network which basically means you can stand and as a source for something here we could come from amorphous to get going we could have done and this was actually another tool that we developed and the interest such from user feedback that we all of those stand-alone credibility so that was done Fisheries Research acoustic stock assessments using it in the soundest accomplished 1st virtual fresh this the 1st on that 1 and we have a conditional database for imagery that we had of development provides a wave API for and q just as an action told which all details for the later on but with the addition told and we write the the 35th service for all these transit line features include the and the majority and then with with web-accessible database for images as 1 of the fields so you can use the energy view of your choice and a key distinctions passes the URL that includes the image I do it can click on any 1 of 16 thousand transit and Cypriot picture native you just know the 1 that's a bit of fun I think just
finds story they can 2005 vision 0 . 6 of just we have developed an acoustic database using PostGIS will call you mind given McCawley who introduced to cages just they started using characters to look at the acoustic data and wanted the ability to open up a new program from the mid then is given by analysis software say created at this stage the action told encourages the lift me what it is currently working for noise to maintain a Scandinavian connections and I e-mailed them decide what we just done with the truly done with 13 years before e-mail that going here it's not about north of Norway you can also know here I just and again there is service although he created to open up a integrated procedure that he had she ran when he was working for me was the new zealand other opened up and about sitting in the middle and land by the original developers FIL not circular story so thank you for your time that's sort of what we've done and what we've done and how we doing it the end but it is the questions soon
opportunity 4
questions who can I hand the 1st for thank you so but it is it a question your opinion on you mentioned earlier the initiative for the local communities so that their of attainable whether that was somehow how how it how do you see striking a balance between data completeness the goodies pretty extensive uh field field and and arrays with all the data full potential sort of academic uploads compared to someone who might not be able to create a all those fields old or submits all that data um so and the potential is there for them not to create complete data and and yet at the same time we don't wanna overwhelm them with forcing them to to submit everything um what would you would define a balance of all of his education this is a slightly interesting example because we are focusing on the study on just the string when you mention and they were produce is what we call a schmeckt cats as a stream health frequent that we provide through councils to schools community groups his guidelines on want to the house of the that's the core indicators species to I had what been defined and we workshops and that's in the agency the wants to sort of start and that sort of processes which providing tools and training and facilities and through the Council's we're trying to establish something as bicycle like a toy library so it can be used by 1 school and I animals study and they can each have their own slides they dump prominence and show the appearance of signs that they're doing that by and so what they're doing etc so that's 1 way of doing it it does require an investment but the interests of the of the enthusiasm of the and because we're providing the training and education and are in touch with the people doing it words which have a handle on the data quality and can marginal influence there so does that that that this part of the question and so who's next check on this 1 will come the new ozone bringing an act if I'm correct you were talking about the black then you created to a connect to your national services ask for capabilities and then
showed available layers for example mass layoffs and I correct years and if you which he can points during this for Office's and will have estimated that gives us a catalog that can automatically really updated itself from the underlying services to be provided that a current list of what layers are available the plugin should allow users to search uses search for matching layers across all a can loads to install ideas as favorites ready for 2 page of life locally physician wanna go offline and do some work in the field for instance and it also has some source Powell added in the cabling for w in the slide you can educate those locally that will down you specify the resolution and coverage you want and it will download and great local time I'll see you the field and in his during this later offline when you come back line the indigenous to analyze back online and you bring to the full functionality displayed in a standard normal kid yes but it was true knows within countries we have a lot of time working and the was she working on a moral which striving indices w have for the for that and or discussing discussing with might from source Paul here yeah wouldn't it be if they were allocated core thank you during the period that and that the plug-ins is assessing possible so it can come apart from repository but it can be labeled as part of the core of the which is sort of 1 of the that because I think it's very valuable for a lot of countries but because more more countries are running CSW services is and it's interesting this is like to more from this might be a leading question I hope so that it's in 2 parts in 1 you take data from the public key you allow them to contribute to the and to their people and the jury department afraid that people with put in ship to say it frankly and uh the next part of the question is how many times have you actually seen people trying to destroy it we that might destroy human misuse delivery misuse of it the that is the following answer if you could I have no doubt that eventually somebody will human nature being what it is what's what I have here this is getting into the whole in sciences assigns issue which is a slight slight aside but we've got a couple minutes to um than music and that's 1 of the news isn't as you're familiar with nature watch isn't is using i
naturalists and redundant respectful again as I've source told developed in the States for observations for citizen science users can log on they can create their own projects with their own data fields and you have little by run where people go to a section of river and I'll see what they can find and report the and have a look like the same thing next year monitoring trains etc. so it's very citizen science oriented and using land disposal prostitutes you'll find a huge number of best observations and it's not because the bits of the mold anywhere else is because you can bet expected retirements we really have to be careful how use these data because those issues are are always the best anyone going to put the seriously so ending significant volumes of data has a genuine interest and commitment to the side and they are unlikely to sort of deliberately try to anything else thank you any other questions then I thank you very much brand for being here for sharing with us all we to in 1 can pose a view of ensuring that the it that you win the award for furthest of Riga 1 of the things there him could see lunch