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Provide applications with Geoportal Framework Mapbender3

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Provide applications with Geoportal Framework Mapbender3
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Mapbender3 is a client framework for spatial data infrastructures. It provides web based interfaces for displaying, navigating and interacting with OGC compliant services. Mapbender3 has a modern and user-friendly administration web interface to do all the work without writing a single line of code. That sounds good and is fun! Mapbender3 helps you to set up a repository for your OWS Services and to create indivdual application for different user needs. The software is is based on the PHP framework Symfony2 and integrates OpenLayers. The Mapbender3 framework provides authentication and authorization services, OWS Proxy functionality, management interfaces for user, group and service administration. Mapbender3 offers a lots of functionality that can be individually integrated in applications like redlining, digitizer, search modules. Astrid Emde (WhereGroup Bonn)
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it will OK welcome to the
last talk in this session it's asked that and the she's quite known in the German-speaking chapter of there was due to the 1st year and the ocean will talk about mn epinephrine so please go ahead OK hello to all of you and thanks for the introduction marked only we stay with the topic web mapping and I would like to show you met and the screen and show you how would you can provide applications with this stupid framework and in general you will get to know it it's quite easy to provide applications persists after my name is after that and and from born so my
way to the conference was not very far because their work and where group participated in the center and part of the MAP and the teams in a long time and active in the 1st year as the the which is always to a local chapter the German language opportunity that I'm also involved in noise your life and my job is it to make the documentation and to get map and the 3 ready for the next version which comes out every half a year so
where cruelty is specialized and web on web mapping and provide solutions and helps you to bring your doctor to the way this is for but we help you with a have problems around as well we are
a company with more than 20 employees and so we have a platform that we provide which is called smell the max it's based on that and 3 as well that you can Mark problems and ideas in your talent and we often meted out a solution with which his skull metered ought to work when you can follow inspire and in ruins and edit your meat about how we do consulting and training and help you to get your doctor published and organized but now we
want to have a look at MIT and the 3 and at 1st I want to show you what might loosely dust and maybe some of you will really get excited because elements the web line suite was an adminstration interface and the great is you can create geo-portal applications without writing a single line of quot coat so maybe the programmers get bored now and think hey i want to cope but for some people of you here it might be quite attractive to get framework where you can could configure everything was web application administration defines you can create and maintain and w 9 0 WS repositories so you can upload or register all your Services WMS services amendment ban and then arrange them and provide them and their application to distribute them and configure the services and ship them to the applications that you create you can create users and groups and give them access to the applications and to the so we have this 3 components applications services and the this is
how then I can look like when you installment than that you get 3 D more applications that looks similar to this 1 this is 1 of them you get a mobile and templated that you can
use to provide mobile applications and so on you see we have different areas we have different elements that you can provide a new application and you will see you are quite flexible which functionality you want to
give to users and which services you want to publish so this is the front end of our application and we will have a few minutes of they're looking to the back and and you will learn how to
administrate so we have different elements of placards and you may call them like you can change the scale you have enough information to ball where you can change the scale you can use the scroll bar and the Maoists so all the navigation skills that you used for Member inclined to give an overview
map here at the corner you can change projection you can define projections that you want to support and then the user can change project you have this site
by that you can as used tools put elements that are like that they actually maybe election alright lining and here you can see in this application we have 2 services to WMS services 1 map and the use of 1 always and more and so you see of the green um name was the color that the root layer this servers and the services have some layers that you can activate and deactivate and maybe you can get information from the you can also use a context menu to and provides an opacity and change the prosody you can zoom to the service you can give me to and everything is quite flexible to configure so our to our new idea is to to provide elements but maybe an element is not always the same 1 user might like it this way the other 1 likes more functionality so we will see in the back and that you have the possibility to configure each element you could add a legend 3 or
applications you have a WMS low-dimensional Europe user could add more services to the application was and he or she is using it that looks
like this so as a service gets through the application and via dragon drop you could change the order of the
services as you like you have a
measure only functionality you can measure lines distances auditory areas and calculate the area and these 2 informations you quit past prince with a print elements that you can use that as a flexible as well you can kick configurator as you and you continue to rotate the maps and
provides templates for your printer that you can decide on your own we give some templates already perform on different formats and you can design it like that did it
here and host off you at some information about your time at talent and maybe some and rules but you can do this was a print and then that look like this now
we want to have a look at the back and and look how easy it is to provide your own application so how does it work anyone to
administrators met and my you have to look in to do all the work in the back and and here this is how you the view that you see when you would just open up then and you are not locked in then you can open the applications from here and then the application that you before you can use it and and from the from here when you look in there at the top you have more functionality in you can see is at the bottom there's 1 application where you have the pens so that means you can edit this application or you could copy it or deleted you could do is create a new application you have tritium at the left was more functionality when you are locked in so you could say new application and create a new application which is empty at the beginning and then you could add a
replication with the and see
here the back and the where you can configure the layout that means you can decide which elements you want provides and whether you want to provide a legend on not whether you want to they have to be and not and then you can to populate all the areas here with elements and element that you want for sure is a map elements so we will have a look at how you can get a map to your application you go to the content prior to
choose 1 of the elements the 1 we want is the map elements you can configure each elements each element has a different perimental such a consensus and for the map elements you can choose reject you can choose the units and you can choose that extend the start extends the Mac's extend to select models that you want to provide and so on other the pis codes and you want to support so I have to edit
anything other than that elements and adding services you will get to know how that works you will
get a method which looks like this is very simple or not very complex and the french analysis but very complex at the beginning but as we saw in that the most there lots of elements that you could add to an application to a new tactic complex applications yes now let's
see how the services will get to map and will be published in manner and the WMS service has an interest you know the kept capabilities request that you can address from which you can address the service used the kind example so you go to its horrors at this get capabilities request and then at services to that then aren't so met then and knows about this w and knows all the information out of the gate capabilities document knows whether had as and supports feature info not whether through group play on song or provides legends and with all this information the next steps will follow and you can publish a service to an application so you go back to your application and the class and the they are
sent that's the 1st thing because you mapped needs and said all your Overview needs said that you want to work on publishing the element then
you choose the service that you want to provide in the state of assets and every
service has lots of information like the former and that it supports you can see at the top of the former its image png here which is selected which is fine and at the bottom you see all the and layout that are and supported by this WMS and now you can decide whether this service should be activated when you start your application or whether it should be and deactivated by it and checking the check boxes here and so yeah have flexibility and after publishing after loading a w still can configure it how you want to ship at the application and
then you could go on and just defined the layer Center for your main man and to set may be fully overview map and put everything together and get an application which
is the more complex the easiest way to build up applications is to copy an existing application because it already includes all the elements like this it's a bit of work to build up a complex application so
now you want to gives this application to special user must not everyone should use this application but only me in this case so you create a user which is the name of possible parts and you could give some more information about the the users and you could create groups as well as and task groups to them at the users to the groups and then as the last steps to go back to the application and say OK in this case might be more application should be used basket and then such so so when I look in I will get the possibility to the user's application at the screenshot it's not make sense so much because you see in the and bottom line this application is accessible by the anonymous user as well
and so everyone can see it and I would have to delete this last row so only ask for them there and the root user could use so now you
had a look at the back end an application is configured out so it's more or less the things that you have to know and I have some more slides where you can see which functionality independent provides and show you some solutions where the customers has not been in action so you have and we saw the print element and on the other side you have image export so you could add an element which exploit the map that you see as PNG RJ practice you have a meeting point functionality and you could edit where your application the user will click on the map and then and you could open the mail client on the link is generated with the link which will open in Montana and writes a message in the map you have a
redlining functionality was this which is this not permanent it's it will help you to make like some red lines and maybe print them and after looking out the information is is gone but it's my students from scratch sketch and he is here map and
an action at the city of good they have this nice applications they it's father landscaped development plans that they provide information about the so you could go to your address with this children was which is part of that and as well it's based on SQL so you could configure it's quite easily on top of your table and configure search for addresses or parcels on trees all of them so whatever you want so you want to look for was just treat it has not a complete functionality and shows
all the results and the maps and then and you could get information about this landscape developed another
step to the back and so you this search interface and we have some elements similar configurations so I said you don't have to write code to maybe this is for some of you code already so but you have with some elements have to write and Yemen definition how your search should look like to you so you define the name of the search by the table lists you define which how the form should be be set up in this case it's only the column of what's Mama and some required to end is it it's an exact search and at the bottom you see which result columns should be offered the user here you can
see a different element in the solar search tree of integrated as an alignment and that so you could send requests with solar service and get information back it's a 1 fields such here in the company raw you have the same and and
that's another and solutions and you can see feature form of WMS services services and from there's a special functionality you can provide a service was in 4 and when you click on this link you can download and from another
service what Dada GO-mapped so you can go to the region which we're interested in and provide additional downtown and by the users we have found
WMC flat map context documents supports so you could save the region or a configuration that you want to use maybe 2 or again and then you can really at this configuration and with select box then
we have a complex so they actually you can see it here in the city of trust of of which is close by euridice that you can provide a I name them name main and overview but he and host of they and mates
categories like the % ICA might influence your 1 buildings has family that are linear sets
but edits WMS services and then he cut
could get this categorized actually this
is a screenshot from that WMC again from the context that meant and
here you can see a functionality where you can provide background them configurations so we saw the layer tree and saw how you could switch and the from 1 topic to a different topic and you could do it with this basis which also and then they change confirmation are changed the map that you see here with the part he saw coming from the
slides that I showed you that map the comes in different forms layouts so we provide some CSS editor where you can override the design of benefits the religion original design lectures on that you saw at the beginning and we have this editorial where you quote over right in this case maybe the background colors and the bottom color and then it will look like this OK and if we have
a nice element is it's called HTML elements it's very flexible you could provide images on things or compressible almost in your application just right on the text and edit was site borrow to the topic and then in this case with this configuration I thought was to the what my application
with a mobile template that you can use use and provide populated with your maps 4 we
have digitized functionality which space of which is configured with salmon as well you see you can provide very complex common forms and editing ghostwriters about a bias in this case without WFS t in between so you have to look and say which table you want to edit and you can and edit all the attributes of your features and you can provides can it work on points lines and polygons and define which functionality you
want to provide so you see it's a polygon digitized an application where you can draw an ellipse that asshole workload doughnuts and give you a flexible how you want to set up your ticket prices so if you want to get to know map and as you could have a look here at the gallery and look at the solutions is you find the link to the documentation as well we have documentation German and English where every element is an described and how you can configure it if you want to know
what behind how auditory program and it's a PHP application and the use Symphony framework which brings the total functionality over it's like to to make 1 OK and so on use open layout and the use of openness to at the moment still because when we started was map and the 3 of them there's 2 was not help necessary was not was not finished what was just on the production and umbrae go find new releases after 1st achieve we will publish versions 3 0 5 4 with lots of black fixes and support PHP form the working on the next feature really was lots of new features and support for new symphony Russian and he you will get more functionality in the digitizer you can edit geometry without downtown like you can see here and you have a clear villa where you can analyze it out and give information and it with excellent HTML
and if you're interested to join the team you are welcome would do taking events that you meet and then at a meeting is mostly in Germany but we've been it always due hacking events as well and if you're interested you can lead us
on Saturday at that was 2 quotes friends after the conference so if you are interested in that and that come around and beat so self
or your audience and yeah yeah
great talk also in time my complete StreetTalk's time very happy so are there any questions about map and here this 1 raising and over there so may ask you to pass this around this what I you the thank you so that it could question is is really on the road map and then when applied at the the question was is open necessary on the road map yes definitely on the road map my colleagues already tried involving and thinking invented and whether and how to integrate over necessary and we also think about integrating the plants so maybe making the layer where it is easier to support different map clients maybe in some years that's another product which is very attractive so that yeah make it more flexible and I think it will take some time but maybe at Mexico's for G. Weikum presented him more questions In this 1 again in the last row of thank you it is it possible that the W. refers to service layer as a leader borrow OK so you ask whether it's possible to have a WFS layers layers at the moment we only supports WM answers and you saw how you can upload w men's but it's a question which is last quite regularly and the we think we have to integrate its own and as you see was a digitizer we have features that element already which grabs geometries from a database of them at the moment but with this feature element it's should be easy to support WFS as well because of their supporters for sure it's only our back and that has to enable that restrictions on W linear features more questions we have a little bit of time spent because this is the last talk of the session of sessions are you hungry already OK so I have 1 more question my my question and so just to have somewhat on so usually you showed how that some you have this user role of group model and the which is the the element that is securities at the service level or is it at the application level so you question OK so met that does not secure services if you provide a survey which was which is on the map but then I can't hide it but you could say some set your services behind firewall maybe and map and could work as a proxy so or you could secure your application and only applies provides application to special users or groups may be but a few services are still publication domain MIT and like I can hide them and if someone gets strips all of a service and gives it to the people they could build up their own applications so the way you should have to and provides the services behind the firewall tell mapping Bennett to work as a proxy and then map and I will get the dimension and give it back to the customer or user use out thank you are there more questions from the audience OK I want to thank you again and all the audience asking questions mice