One year of open governance for OTB: thoughts and context

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: One year of open governance for OTB: thoughts and context

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One year of open governance for OTB: thoughts and context
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One year ago, in the frame of the OSGeo incubation process, OTB team decides to initiate a Project Steering Committee to formalize the way that decisions are taken. It was largely inspired by existing governance in other OSGeo projects related to OTB like GDAL, Quantum GIS or GRASS. This initiative aims in encouraging people and organization to join the effort and participate more actively in the evolution and the decision process of the library. Most people well understand this approach and join the effort to provide high level guidance and coordination for the ORFEO ToolBox to guarantee that OTB remains open and company neutral. This presentation will come back on the set up of this open governance, how it improves the way that the project progress, how it could evolve in the future. It will be also the occasion to interact more largely about open governance and decision making processes in free and open source projects. Manuel Grizonnet (CNES)
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it's also not another technical presentations so I work to lose at different space urgency uh I'm working
mostly on the development of an open-source library all fruitful books and and
not the goal of my presentation is not to bring to be about the only 1 slide about presentation uh Friday morning another to be a bit about the statues of the incubation process for ought to be noise you and always others have to make some improvements in the way that the governance and the project is working globally so of older listeners in image processing library it sees uh organized it's a it's it's a library using all the other library right libraries quite good and it's it's uh it was founded in developed by NASA as a by-product of the development of the satellite post play which is an optical satellite which is able to produce symmetric and the image is and was launched in 2010 so since 2006 uh classes developing that the software which aim at giving tools and algorithms to help people to extract useful information from images
uh it's true that nest of course but also now in other agencies like the European Space Odyssey which use to be on 1 of the libraries in the ground segment to produce the assumption that to the image we we saw this morning and that is what you have written considers rests on top of the inputs insightful toolkit library which is also an image processing library but dedicated to medical images it using a lot of other uh libraries good all seem open and uh to to to tool to give you an overview we we saw this morning but all those raw data no available with the months that States sentinel to the goal of what is being at all for users to go from this raw data the classification map OK combining algorithms that external data of separated from
so the topic of my presentation is used to you know overview view of of of the want to you as you it can incubation process and to describe only those 1st 2 to change the way we work and out decisions are taken on the project explain how out the project steering committee is working now that we have set up when you go and to sketch the the possibilities of about this more open government don't believe you always you incubation uh but it is not a real famous projects uh in ways you because it's quite specific internal data that we are working on libraries streamed into combined algorithm is also quite specific as the the guy from the European Commission said this morning that the users of our complete the scientist or public administration so it's quite fond of each would say uh but we got that we got users and we applied for there was you incubation 2000 and level we start again in fact incubation process into subjects we we we find 1 I want to thinking that London and as we start to complete the checklist it's a long process but that we which is the time to look too long discussions with as you will see it's the hollow as to to really improve the the with the weak research other projects uh so as to interject is what it has
always been an open source project since the beginning 2006 it does all being probably everything was it there was a main except rights that are uh the 1st points world and facet of positions of resource access what was Wilkinson's data using the initial of the projects the way that the community was functioning and it was not existing it was mostly managed by people like this but this was found in the library and the way people act as like me which while driving the library and the decisions and then I will focus on this point but now we've got this PAC uh uh and we are now the last point of the the always you incubation checklists which concerns the cost of direct review but you will see that ought to be also since the beginning uh I would say good at it we got in the way we are keeping track of property rights we are keeping an eye on all of i think the accident we don't have fallen out committed responsibilities guidelines such consists of something which is in progress and will come back to this and that this will be good I think to to become a member I hope of with you so I will was the the decision making process uh before we create the PAC as I said it
was like we said the benevolent detected dynasty will make future requests everything was signed in fact at the French presented cygnus everything was open of course everything was open source but uh at work in the future we present made by a person involved in all the projects so good colleague that connects all users we are working with uh in France because people inside the and also use from the maintenance of course but who decides that the end at the beginning it was the question OK with this report also companies CS communication system which is the development of contractor of the class which is developing ought to be since the beginning and end also developing activities around around and intellectually writer called was the uh yes developments but also people act which are involved but also in the development and I am not only making contracts to to to make the the development so why we decide to change it was not only because of you 0 regulation it was really a matter of
transparency because uh users who are of course are also them involve after of major changes we tried to to get people involved that there was no or some kind of remains to the bad news futurist because montage of inequality there was no inside the motivations of what development is all that it would of course difficult to participate in the decision-making because there was no preprocessing and would you be because of the project so we have lots of algorithms lots of applications in dollars of which to contribute to the project and it was uh there was more and more people want to get involved with it once more and more complicated to follow what's going on in the project so we want to do his contributions to uh at that time uh there was no official procedure we've got external contributed that time but we we don't have really a process to do to get his contribution and uh and all course there was also as we discuss this another presentation impression of sustained sustainability because this is funding most part of the development of quality being uh that bloody when they can stop funding it uh when we want to get a new lecture was more involved in the project so it's like 2 years ago uh so we create this PAC this project steering committees
mostly uh we take it the experience of existing PSC we've gotten Quantum GIS good in other ways you project and we did didn't invent the wheel is the same with the crowd we don't we don't want to do this and we didn't do this also for the project team to implement the uh so we we have now this this touch and and went to school announces that more than 1 year and a half at the beginning there was only people from nests in this case because bootstrap this that the steering committee that people outside nest uh Fons's view which is a laboratory uh scientists which is doing in uh results using what you believe no member of the PSC there are some people from the UCI which is to begin inflation and also people from yes which is the contractor which making the development of to and and and for connection from going to other companies so I would
PCs is working its uh in the
PAC is the the workflow is highly complex is the way we are we are now doing and making decisions and at new future is in the library will get people in this that PSC out all people know well the library and and folder process on how we can have the new features in the in the library so they are deciding that the workflow of the the testing procedure we we really packages which when when we are going to do the review success as uh what we we took also at the experience of good that I think is you is using this this kind of a request for changes procedure uh when you you from described it's called a request for comments to start so you got an idea OK you got to do to be wiki and you you don't have go yet that you've got an idea you describe it and you can add some comments and company started a discussion about a new future you want to add to it to be on the main is uh then happened development OK and you will propose a request for changes for all attributes so it's another description with another complaint and we start the procedure of a process of review of the futurists OK the public review and evolve OK uh and then it's marriage in the in the library and we've got also about the fact that we've got a really is manager which is managing the way that we are introducing new futures in the library and what happens when we need do this and it requires the approval 1 which is nominated for libraries so that is social reminder of of our so what is the process known out decisions in our development of the unknown
and so of course it as it it our uh it
has been some impact on the way we were developing developing new feature so we moved to throughout using that uh since the beginning of the tedious approximately the initial start of the project then after layout and move to a 2012 flow to be able to transfer this idea of a request for comments and requests for changes in the notion of branches so it's a little bit complicated but it's looking like this and lots of projects you you start all the developing branches which we started in the shape of the the reason you're doing some future branches those neutron branches which correspond to a request for changes and it will be approved and then and then we have started a new branch to to build a Fisheries and access rights interacts utterance so we eat it does not exist before in what to in the the the the the way that we are entering this new process next meaning that makes us that change the way we are also
developing and managing the cognitive uh so the
really manager accept requests from matches ending correspond to 2 were PAC which approved this request so everywhere you on now planned the recovery announced that something also we change because because people for use of that digital you don't that and have a clear idea of where when will be the next ought to be the and now it's every 3 months and they've got a picture you know what they will find in the new release uh and after 1 2 weeks we where is the when other researchers OK uh and it's working pretty well that's also something i want to buy from
is that the the that the way that we have a set of this this is description of new features so it seems fault that person that at the beginning of the the complicated you need to put which he described it wanted to know exactly you need to follow some procedure so complex that it really help us to 2 constraints and other users to have a key idea of what's going on in what way without doing such things OK uh so we've got the request for change is not only from Faulkner's now that also point and will come back to this with that you got it doesn't follow now that this procedure to be able to get some new features managing the library for users so every significant side as effect on going up as
changes is not to be confused about the use of the pupil unity to comment pending request of changes will cancel everything
is because always predict that also those discussions at the of the Due to be mainly used uh uh what I want to say also with that OK users can can also define new new requests common then and also for them is our most frequently there and it's a really good thing for for contribute also there is a clear and detailed process as I said to get the continuity uh contribute does guaranteed to be treated with equity I think it was the case before but now it's stated we've got we've got some worrying about falling those holes and everybody knows about about them and they know that they're aligned when they want to do to get a future inside the inside of the for their because of course following the procedure you ourselves some point guns but there no malls silent crowd under of modifications of 5 could happen In order to be is not possible anymore you don't have room you units and possible about to to to do this set of course there are some adjustments needed we we we we accept commands from review we're getting the good match it takes more time of course to to to be able to to develop the for small feature you can have to really really need to make a request for changes that follow this procedure which is quite like that fall really tiny modifications associated with a complicated uh and I was going to be faster but so pros on the overall I think that to we know that that's pretty good well what would you rather than the and where we have more good reviews whether more contributed most uh the changes we made up of consistent because we are making 1 future than everything goes to 1 branch and describe uh everyone can get synergies these opinion even people which are not on the PSC OK uh and futurism of visible light OK III their projects incoming devoted is still small OK there was a initially lots of people of thickness which was not a good thing we want to get people involved it's it's walking with we've got no more and more people from uh from other of organization and uh of course it does not uh if that's not the whole the point we were discussing before but funding OK it does not make policy is the the the funding is still mostly are mostly still coming from nests but we hope that making this organization will be you will make it possible to to to get a new organization make some funny things and blue the question their own without uh without having to the to get some help from from the test OK we have we have we can improve the way we are reviewing God is so important that we keep this uh and we still have technical problems with with tools procedure does not solve the then etcetera uh I was
given this voting part uh and and is
also and we are doing PAC meetings OK also will wire here and after a after the trees and we also publishing to lock in the minutes of the of the meetings and in is the place where I really important questions obvious because there is still a young our organization is so of course the tool that we can add up to and and also the process can be can be can be discussed and can be changed so
I'll go to to the could review but I think about the local flood time but at the last point of view of the world incubation process forward to be concerned that the code review uh also voted the the the way was really really we've got contributions and we were using external libraries was that I think the pretty on the way in the the right way since the beginning of the dependencies are licensed apart from use that license the contributions are licensed under CC licenses of French constellation of the GPL license OK it's compatible with the parents of also license which is uh that Wu along with status the open so they're open to all the organizations have put the stamp of the license saying that it's an open open source license we don't have yet what's called a complicated argument uh but we we we want to do this to we have I think of a good good good management of the copyrights there are also with the help of the packages like has what it is no of feature vectors of the gene that JS because it's only tell if they're out there a lot to correct small and make some improvements on this part and we got also in in the frame of the CA polls mostly you would discussion initiated the nest to move also there ought to be like sentences appear like licensed to another Apache license that something which is ongoing and that's why we didn't finish Jewish you Commission formal I would like to finish and to decide on youtube aside if we move to an Apache before completing the eating condition because it would be a picture so all discussion of scholarly views so in the frame of the user incubation and also in the name of this discussion to move from 2 GPL 2 that actually we have done that a code review of to be which is not completed and we have started the process to be contacted at contribute doesn't of want be to make them Simon GE and get them there they get their agreement to want to change the license uh
and other considerations about changing in relicensing the project and uh it's not an easy part of who we are we it's as of big this decision and I think we should be able to
compute this so this year and but my conclusion thank you and we got the you know what yes I can finish and so but then again I want someone want to say is that I'm not sure that being an official project so TV 1 of the ways your software will we change a lot of things especially focus but I think that the process and intubation even if it's a long process for a long discussion with the help of to make uh to make the project and the community more involved even which if the project was open since the beginning everything was opened mailing list excess and I think we are doing this in a pretty good with the the the setting this PSC and the following all those rules that have been set up another project and try to add that to the context of what to be real close to 2 to be there to make a more open project that's it and I want to be able to to complete the change of license being able to be original software hopefully this year to you
or your use of yeah you might
we've got a different type of users quality you got users on OK agencies which on the ground segment through the library is OK 1 of the components of the the project for I'm not sure they will see the difference I hope I hope it will help them to take the time to make contributions more contributions to the to library uh at the complete opposite we've got to end user OK demented user scientists which uses graphical interface based on quality and also that that's all new features uh but for them they're there there'll still the websites of the meeting of things they follow those discussions so things change but in the you got contributed if scientists also doing image processing small organization like if they are which are not member of the PAC which are using would be as 1 of their components OK which is present their organization so it's a key 1 of the key components for them I think that's changed the the way in and it's helped them to to to say OK we we can be more involved in this project we can participate to the discussion and perhaps the best change brought the the the decision should choosing between 1 tool to another 1 OK to to make some developments I hope it can it help them to do to make the decision to quickly so in a follow-up public administrations an efficient France I see I see the difference so to for instance remove the entire software and was part of the of their process with it was is because the same timing as I said that as the we changed the policy on the on the government this OK I get to that uh it's a good question further the license when she was in 2006 the class was not really used to open source at that time so they choose GPL consider rating I I don't know really it's perhaps also with the UID prostitute duality sensing were discussed this I think in the 1st presentation so that is the way to to make to move vectorize your open source project Coniston does not want to to sell software is that was not matter for them but they want to to create an ecosystem where other companies in France or another country use some satellite images but also some software and there business or activities around what to be done some companies which use OTB and develop activities of the Uberon space sentences for instance that they have since the beginning said that the room less permissive license that eventually will air out of them to to to to do some of the advice of 12 courses with the and you will facilitate in that perspective the development of of the activity is a business visited so it's more a consideration of all kinetic can help companies in the and in around and around this to develop activities with I don't think that you will change sort of things fall connected falls short of the future they don't really care about the license for most of the and