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Title Introduction
Title of Series 2nd Huawei-IHES Workshop on Mathematical Theories for Information and Communication Technologies
Part Number 1
Number of Parts 6
Author Debbah, Mérouane
Ullmo, Emmanuel
License CC Attribution 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/20260
Publisher Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS)
Release Date 2016
Language English

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Subject Area Mathematics
it and
I'm in I I and will come to the city where where the IRA GSA conference that so well it's the 2nd edition then I looked just 1 that and that as soon as you may know what sewerage systems the center but it In
mathematics that pure Martz mainly and the theoretical physics and also the theoretical biology sometimes twice a week most of the very much moment the vegetation from the Old World more 200 dissidents a year and more than 500 to last month of visits we tried to maintain a very high level of accidents is you know research and 1 that we had the chance To beast supported by Iran some friends and 1 of them is well aware who started to some of more than 5 or 6 years ago when reinforced that according to said maybe 2 years ago and it's really very helpful for forests and really so it's a 2nd edition -dash master weird and wonderful report on this also in it's so I'm very glad to be able to organize this which 1 of then I also wish you a very good day here through the group planned to use it it's a nice place that to like to thank also only interests for welcoming us here and for the fruitful collaboration Oregon having just to last year's as you know last year we did a workshop also widow prestigious speakers and an ammunition has decided to host also that event here and we're looking forward for of course increased collaborations with your Shearson on several topics on and I think also the panel that will be doing in the afternoon focuses on exactly what I did maybe New directions of mathematics which could be fruitful Fleisher is but also futile for us in terms of of applications in new field so as far as the program is concerned and I'm very happy to welcome more R R would see as keynote speakers the first one like we did last year is a researcher from while a job with the show was gonna talk mostly about the number terrific concentrations and Apple and applications in in in waters communications and also
optical basically a social club on gives by afterward he sees an from techniques related to 2 lattices and in a number of terror tactic it's an and then that the the 2nd speaker is going to be a comedian from our political and then he's going also giving the speech around the things he is doing actually now related to be data an 829 demeanor is is 1 of them over this to just in France signal-processing expert and has been doing a abroad at a low level of activities going from From up from a speech recognition speech signal processing to various things related to Earths communication and blind methods and in the end of the year 90's and 2 other things needed to particle filtering in recently years very focused activities right big and and he is also holding hitting the big deal chair impolitic making but they wouldn't have a lunch break and then we're going to have another topped by Felix will do that and I'm very happy that that he he had
decided to to to come here he was invited by my colleague given you Andaman and very happy to to look forward and I look forward for stopped round effective behavior from the media and Felix until it was also an outstanding their research will give his biography of 2 words in with many contributions are also in physics as far as far as assault and the last stock is going to be done by force of the Treaty of like to thank him for making all the travel from the U.S. to hear adjusted the stock in an even missing info comes from when understood that this suggests at this workshop is even more important Infocom it is a very happy that he came here and hand and also what is is an expert about all the mathematical aspects of networks uh many many many brought fielding in in in queuing theory and as far as wireless communication is concerned a lot people know him from Minister casted drama tree analysis and and his 2 tons of information and trends DVDs 2 2 2 books which are covered that and they will finish by a panel looking at all so what are the next new tools that could be of of of needlework that could that the system provide some thinking for the Knicks were sharper we put the title this shoppers as mathematical theories for information communication technologies because as you know I'm there's something which is
happening this year given this month over worldwide but this is there this 100 years of Shannon and at this workshop also goes with this trend there's going to be a lot of activities for information in in the world and also in France especially in the 2nd semester mainly the other organized by Yesh was to Chile .period gallery for which also always is is part of and and forward-looking also from from interview to provide some fruitful ideas on how you could that would say a showcase of the importance of the the reason mathematical theories in terms of 4 4 for the
general public there's going be lot of events I think also uses the bees also involved animal but it meant that the heavily involved in this work of of promoting and Shannon look and showing the impact of Shannon in in various things see the evening communication I think you're familiar with that but as you know there's a lot of impact also biology and in other fields at this 2 ways that I give also hear a list of his work just to show you that the people of course the 1st working day but you have to know that the mathematics have a broader impact but there is also the work on secrecy and I think people know it but there's also a lot of work related to words to game theory artificial intelligence in his was 1 also the promoter of the 1st conferences with Marvin skier on on on Artificial Intelligence Lab saying this because you know now since a couple years there's a big trend of going back to 2 with the with the with the activation of of all these new tools of steep learning to artificial intelligence related boat related with the research OK I think we'll stop here at the end and that would be there will be enough so I will be introducing our 1st keynote speaker which is a little could the half
Computer animation
Physical system
Computer programming
Process (computing)
Direction (geometry)
Moment (mathematics)
Water vapor
Cartesian coordinate system
Event horizon
Local Group
Flow separation
Term (mathematics)
Energy level
Field (mathematics)
Group action
Roundness (object)
Term (mathematics)
Network topology
Forcing (mathematics)
Mathematical analysis
Physical system
Maxima and minima
Computer animation
Game theory
Event horizon
Field (mathematics)


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