On the cohomology of the punctured spectrum in the mixed characteristic case


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On the cohomology of the punctured spectrum in the mixed characteristic case
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the war in which are the and on and on so I think the organizer for inviting me and it's a pleasure to speak in this conference in unlawful 1st of all was that they know for many years so I want to speak about the continuation of someone recently to at that they did so some so I'm speaking about the welcome the tactical mortgages and as it is published in a serious condition I welcome some of on the P the mission of fields and it is also the questions studies by cattle in the area it is sold the 1st part of my talk will be the sole application to community runs of my results in a town called more legislative multiplicity is and that's what this user's doesn't use them excursion uses coefficients and which are invented here but there is inventive and as you fit with their understanding about this tho to understand what they're going on to do the the artful the Towton coefficient makes characteristic areas and also it is a simple so that in the in the p-adic part I really have at least 3 approaches to pulling things in Italy sketchy because 1 has to verify things aren't exactly serving the interests of support some compatibility is the questions of signing other things and that's on that so-and-so it's there was some of it was assaulted and prepare them for the elections let thanks and with a good pools so now so so the 1st thing topic is about the multiplicity of things from the local military handling normal physical so actually I would assume the dimension of the and the fibers the dimensions pursuant to the city please no matter excellent so now maybe I writing tools to small OK so so unique is that what they want to so I want to construct something which is like the degree of this extension divided by the visit the good indicators of financed extension at the center of the international community and so I want to move so most specifically that is the classical notion of a multiplicity foe and environment idea In this morning so I can so I can look at the multiplicity of extension divided by the multiplicity of Kewell and they claim 0 2 is independent 12 the pioneered the fuel and it lies in Z 1 of those things where he is the characteristic exponents so this extends something studied by association votes came there it will call on so when they consider the notion of a family of cycles parameters but schemes of the especially of satisfying died but there and the scheme was actually just dramatically only blanched so that desert and especially as a psychic somewhere could dementia cycle at the close .period you get something these coefficients said possibly there was a characteristic appear so now so 2 such as saying you can die is a cases so it is the residue so close reconnaissance some complete so if there a dual extension in several of those and then all the better In the complaint cases that you can then some our I have a unique formerly a top formerly small-stock from his his art fewer that included the muzzle of books that is you take the lengths of all model piles of cure the putting on him in and fall out there and you take the coffers of another's puzzle fans some Victoria and so is the same singers in "quotation mark imaginable says that for the maximum additional that locally but multiplicity 1 his 1st all this for a few his years and they have killed generated by irregular sequence that it is the length of the ring mode Q look so now in the case I assume that and the window all Mandel otherwise there will be many several advances it complicated by the former resident and also uses other anatomical knowledge originally stated in this case and excellent recon formed the mayor told so that in the case of votes give on the the excellent but 605 travel and you can even that the movement the reality of all that go with it if you want carefully enough so so in my idea anyway I can have this fall is most sewage and others
allows all viable so dramatically that regular this is also and then I have in my opposite if it is a semi-desert affiliate must be finite and that he does something today which is an integer and this is a The what what its leading to do in this case so more generally that as different extension was made we all know that in the middle you just use the fact that the G-8 the alarm that allows you to to extend the formerly small surrounded by as to where over the residue foods completed them and all kinds of this is that the use material that is a unique OK I'm was assuming that the market will of course carry is not as bike adjustable was so in most cases they had this thing but they could not not Of course if Caper Lime is finite although the supplement extensions and the sensing onto get dust that you have to divide that is they get invited by the beginning of this and of course you can make this final in settlements who said that only a part of the appeal of this in political life it gives the cases studied by Susan Love outstanding scattered on the buzzer completion because they're working at a John Madden .period and the dying did examples will that be isn't denominator like giving Susanville about still given for example by a unit dedicated to the family of the psychosis the dignity the cycles that the said In the early years as a tool of the anger and because the non-Saudi parameter cement however and we've got to take the universal that that the arguments of the speed you considered that you get some you must get the genetic code of the number of the transposing must go somewhere this phenomenon I think so now the year so as in any case is that this doesn't necessarily always the case but you can also look at the carriers where the insipid ability index is finite so in the office speaking I can make this epic about by adding bite but by canceling his appearance at rear extension but by composite composer and with some finite extension to get something circling the same argument was it's so about a quarter of the index all of Isabel ability that the length of the terms of a product is abound folder denominator that appears in the multiplicity now so so now to pull this engendered out the my 1st oppose uses smokers as anatomical mortgages and then I found that actually like do by elementary middle this intersection during that time scarce the I'm sure the use this stuff 2 no this week the they're hiding something like so now so so I had a call songs on explosion 17 of the hostages will commonly so that is the following as have so if I have a strictly this is not about the interview the source of all the X strictly local cement of Dimension Data then I can consider so that doesn't festival local logical dimensional desires so reflection field the medicine mother so there ,comma logic and the mention of the functions .period is being in a coma Republican dimension of X minus the close bond is to undermine slant well and is invented that is not a characteristic of as official and there there is a canonical way to identified the local call coefficient at the site planned that day Rolando is the use coefficients and than was symbolic of the way land and this is compatible with transition maps and that Kansas and maps are defined using bunches of kale so have my nice clothes .period in the care was generic .period life and death and if I have a class In the Cuomo's use of Baltimore of something z and I can passed through yeah so this is a dramatic 1 but actually dead I can use the options of spectral sequence so essentially like copying his Cuomo a worrisome sign the generator of H 1 of KY to get some class in the poor of this and don't degree want them in the spectral sequence at the end
of a class of the supporting lie all the bunch of inspectors and it goes to the core moral profits when X goes to the local call mortgages so after some sign questions and studied carefully this so anyway but does there is something that we as it appears there so did there and also have to divide Europe to normalize and divide by day and by the residue feel extension this was committed to the reality of summons of expansion in and you have to divide within the game and then there are those amorphous sell compatible certain political and so the bell uniquely defined by this look at it now it who so my idea is to when you studied my mop of local things this 0 dimensions special fiber bustles among the greedy you can assume that strictly Kinsey and exited with a complete and this dialog didn't summer to and available so this scares and even all models sold and then you can look at the induced Mabel local call monitored a x 12 spectacle a on the next step to go by and at the risk of a geneticist at the gate Susanna again and mumblings that OK but then I pulled to the side that I pulled that there it's because of the stress of a duplicitous then and undergo can use all manner of different from being an outer borders accuses of duplicity so and that as the different infant industry so Cuomo is Internet is integral the sense of identity nearly all over the place In idea generated by a system of parameters of the local and in this case you can construct a cohomology class by the formal copying the political bundle minus the communicable actually too so the it's if I defines a class in H 1 0 on their codified in H 1 whilst the openly if I is Nunzio whose coefficients in Senate 1 than they can take this "quotation mark bondage is a class the Comoros does aged 2 is about a couple is as visible close for OK so now so I have this definition and they claim that this is a quality to the multiplicity of their model during the times the canonical sentiment the decide look at so to pull this you have to look to do induction and look at the definition of you know at the point is that the Estill and up to half a day it's not follow so the point is that you have a can of defined by we have to talk to have to the equal to 0 and the collapse of Opole generic but it components I know by induction there that they get the lights in the ozone all out too that each each of those classes gives was uncle but by some some canonical away this class and then I can look at it this fall and contrary to the transition so it comes out again notably the science properly and that this is equal to that and then it is clear from this 1 simple this then of course this glass balls back to the corresponding last it is clear that you get the national off multiplicity because it is a cortical no supposedly want to do job that it will so it's not a matter that is the subject of citizens it's interesting so for the geometric of I want to work use different national models of acts so I ever marble strictly local cities might actually I want to wear their they look at to the device also offered it also kind of bonds as one-dimensional was idea is to put the combined actions and that they will have to prove that a the yes a larger there so if you look at what I pulled it also since there also no idea the note it's so as as a colony of that is that in particular get them up welfare bunch Inspector please injective why because when it's wind direction and it's enough to pull that there what generic point of crowds lined the image because otherwise you can localize the corresponding saying the Flying Dutchman that when indicate Marion but it can assume and so convincingly containers also now since my classes come from cut of any candidates most on bundling if there is a case so that the class on the budget spectrum Krause phone this should path is supported on an irreducible care if the Islamist misses the image than the class will be so so it must be subjected look at but now there is idea is that you will and Managua and countering that Aguallo locals and after some blind out actually it's if you get some money so you will take a lot of summertime and idle anomalous you'll get some some men all us some the liberalism of his own departure suspect along with some exceptions devise knowledge in that envelope was also a good lesson diskettes and cuts it plans eventually and essentially you looking at something associated that's the genetic point of this component of the exit of the exception of the lives so the
strategy for the dramatic fall of would be to work well it took to fester because defined this environment for genetic portions of the invisible components of the special fiber which is not so difficult but then but still I don't know that every single easier-to-buy they meant got there that gets us and I want to pull it equality so black should so I have some real acts which is still not known Maryland echoes consider the corresponding normalize mobile fixed-line and then on the specified that I am a map so actually because you feel favorable ejected Cape lambskin mapping the projected case skiing and and this map is where after extending the scheme to pay pilot becomes a finite morphism so news usually degrees and way you can define invited genetic ones then you you I want the poet's equine what the phone of they get is equal fall so they there tool that Anatoly visible component of the special fiber and are connected school the "quotation mark dimension Co .period then I can use as a emotional symbolizes all services and that it was still the moment costing situation and then fill the mentioned in this case it is easy to again too 2 composer environment environment than this will give me there it so now the folder that I have is also the following that if you look at this multiplicity that is the following fall that I can if I 16 but by the end of all so I can editor the summit all of a few of the overlap of the Over all over the the place and in so I can that because planning and land localizations will be there is still no mother this is not normal in the stately incident visitors in June the weather Gilani was against him defined this invalid so to pull this fall a lot you can do is still curves and then you use that there Duncombe origin of false but then I can die too so the idea is to use this tho a different use .period Indiana and account touching the was annulled by the regular levels of the final this should be forwards is independent of this curve then after good beside him in polls is that it gives them the national multiplicity is because they can eventful and they didn't have to have the fun of Decani answered of the genetic code of a 3rd of deals on the island integral calls zuma 0 1 I can pull this all again by for a for servers for fuel dimension to always shied indigent liberal oppositions to civilization took care of them and I thought cannot I Nebraska embedded in the surface and the there and also so all I can do is the former duplicity and there was another way tool to end Council's generic pointers in the single so look very so I didn't know this was meant to you know because I didn't have detailed notes I don't want to go look at so yeah now the sewing makes characteristic is so let me get a call on the following so I I want tools so that is the local craft along the ground Lokomotivju for I conclude the civilization feeling particularly concludes the core logic the Poconos because they mentioned soul the International to introduce the notion of the very mention of 58 of characteristic being which so assuming that their kids find find people I think the so I haven't appeared on course carries a number of elements in the the bears last 0 that's and full there's you euros the Kodiak so 25 extension the fire it is the the cares so only got is the same as the psychosis there is a classic concurrently over Was it can only use the clothes for long and then there is this 1 minus the Kennedy is that the government's chief of adults regrettably differentials so so the condition is that they have been looking this which in some sense it is a allowed aides hour-plus land morally in Sangin ourselves so suitable generalization of the FTP so equalized like a 50 commodities some
kind is what you just work no locally so you Texas which
knowledge should be age outlets landscape go vision tens of out and this is given by actually is not defined in general but cut final to
read this and that ,comma someone seasons for the politics of hate crime laws
to support verified extension of care and this going to consider this environment which generalizes things also related so Classico sings like the boggle the people of the OK so the idea is that the Europe this notion of college Oquendo mansion where he is all of those you declare it's the of Mozilla's declared that this be the bailout and otherwise you would want to take into account this can be covered and the 1 is the right said no I don't consider that all this case because all the work that day it's based on the producing the bailout is always I finally the smelter 3 OK so and then on a full hands daily on this kid relations figured there of Misko 6 0 creating the appearance of Corsican dimension of care is the Bigelow's economist of the definitive class 1 sold more than 1 can study their call mortgaging of terrorists coefficients the basic especially this kind of commodity turns out to be be the main OK will want to look into the where canonical so this was it and so I presume all facilities the song by Contra army cut off to questions on the characteristic confusion so that block out of sublimity and then there are those of this study so 1 studies of international is an associate the uh so did so this is a canonical filtration ,comma cultivation of milk articles in London described associated generated good cases and political in land so in political out there is a residue quotient of this coming fall on the fact that the National Alcatel madam To communicate over there is a fear that Exxon so when it is a mutually wonderful miserly do this is like the fencing what will carry and this is the tents and 1 of them enticing wonderful miser expressed civilization and so the yeah OK so it is the health care is higher than actually a too health care His coefficients and new people that tens of turns out to be the which 1
so vile varies so what should you do this fall this separate so the gynecology the carry power and very model presented their and it should last season New and you and I knew unification so this is the cochairman of the it said This is it was still W Omega the book is full them Congress standard assigned to the conflict on the scale of the 5 polling social could ever find the basis and then you will be so this thing gets so so this gives the topical mortgages a unit In the case of the three-dimensional is this plus slant and indicated that it is carried the topical moral is out salon and that admits the amount 2 no exuded tradition and this should be our press 1 because it really was a page Paris swap universal so ways this this amount the only woman in the air and love of country but suggested that much of the now I want to look at the because what could be sold to pull the generalization of just north of the precise factual but just over there ,comma logic and mentioned it but then this description at list of 4 and then also some the provision of of whether concerned about this in the higher dimensional Malcolm X and its characteristic requiring that the system is still in the W on their own loss you the governor McDonald so so in my world whistleblowers was also anyway so using the technique of using terrible modular so I itself this knowledge of Paul Revere and excellent no matter the extent of the distinct feeling being in his new film carries final appeal Zen the Comoros logical dimension of all and also the political dimension will fall on the little feel from the opening of the sequence to the deal the here and now the a both their functions is not not insolvent this case you can consider not just 0 1 although Bay but others also characteristic they was now for the characteristic the locals Italico mortgages provisions that would please quite differently coefficient mean more to coefficients is quite different because by far financing by the Society of 0 and each 1 so the Red Corsica dimension statement priorities Italy and so you would have done that there's so many want to consider the financial spectrum use it doesn't appear as soon as the shift 0 on the country's agreement was on the other hand there are final opens its content business of the people whose parents fled the a about 1 Corsican dimension so To compute their now to describe now that ecological dimension now form the Towson coefficient of the bunch of suspect also does several possible movements on the government there in the case that soulful diversity is using the covenant by several often that this doesn't work for the punches for another independent and that the dosage form logical dimension of his functions in this world and also you can use in solicitations along a fine opens in because Israel and the general 5 and we will do so again but quality conventions of characters exhibit there at in the central business can be also used to the missing musical Mujica dimensions in any case I pull z their ecological dimension of this thing is to the promised land 1 these conventional to Seoul's idea is that there you look at the Khawaja class and so it still has a genetic bar and then you can start to look at the maximum open but it is important maximum point of the compliment them using formations the bunch respectful and you can continue until you get your so you pull over there the when you have a class denied that it is the 1 isn't designated camps it comes again from calves contributions of clashes with the accounts can be is often it's characteristic of fuel characteristics will so no 1 does it and you
can never now and you can get a lot of bond using a final projection because you can take the competition by cornstarch until around this is finalized over the summer ,comma standard completes realize coordinating and then you have a two-day smart protocol module that functions for loan the same is concerned ,comma and constant coefficient which is subjective in Corsican dimension is out and then you have to to also that there is a composer parishioners to compare these colleges that 1 for completion president folder punch spectral this year and that complaint and so you have the close bond of some necessary B B-minus Over and then you can define a trace amount for so if I have some call mortgagee 1 this piece as a grows .period phone call was a class on the vision sensing a bunch of spectrum this is a local call mortgages on 1 this goes to Comoros .period different biggest efficiency on the special fibers and Women's International can use a full-time cortege published Place smart In a chicken computed so I can get through a set of ensures account for McLaren actually yes I get them out so they call Normangee a it is supported in there so this doesn't supported the close fibers and this goes to the common origin of the final it's I supported the close bond is essentially the quality of the function of the isn't as good as it gets amounts to become origin of the city selection of and so you can see the Texas centralism among zeal I will vary so now the and in so you can get a quality no the so know if I can say that some analysts the foreign-born positions the to demand land didn't care of the Goldmans because people news his conclusions in some shit the Towsontown shave generated the local phone quality a simple and in closed form the potential spectacles well or any and all of is risky opened "quotation mark component to opening the package spectrum no so fast using general Corsican dimensions of the get couldn't get is generated by the contribution of articles and I have to uh you get 1 skills and political of those generic point lies in the regular locals so far the 3 so I slowed removing thickening and so roughly the size of my professional departures spectral overnight the genetic .period at welfare care of missing the characteristic is critical so I don't know how this information the local mortgages reported in the Southwest .period the junta in surface is welcome so so I suppose I have received clean air act with care to put it in a 1st meeting then there were no locals will include known With the dead the Indian Edward our locals and everyone knows about the placement side of UBS my absolute ,comma logical purity of Vermont former London so why is it so far as far as we know from all of them so currently intends to build to new ones for the end of the this year OK so then what happens is that the cold water glass in the prior to inspectors cited those itself goes into a nice coefficients of coefficients of the statement to constant solution the size of a men's store and using information quality
convention to coefficient is delighted that z and I can't even maxim to be accession Brazil from some or all around us and then I have a contribution from the genetic .period overcame but actually it comes as follows 1 of In not such rejected the call Mojica last fall this extension 0 former aspired to minus the flows .period so I so havoc quality glass on the factors that offers which endorses ecology class so this transported to the commodity ones the next moment to close .period so if I want to put the glass coming from now so what evidence is there day by induction the classic at the Coolmore declares that the fall the punches fearful that after 6 musician Council contributions of nice curves so the co-sponsor such surfaces and and village of those contributions idea I did actually ecology class on spot on estrogen doses the indexes inedible stood to verify that result from that will fold the surface characters and then I can normalize and then I have accorded residences zeros energy and it is 0 but also certainly American of Khalifa London's and recession than you have to pull down it is so you you want to pull the cousin contributions of Oracle's except that the specified ones so you have to 2 Americans on some or all of which contains the In genetic code of those cares so you have to for way of course just as it was in the facilities and services and disappointment then that the point is that you have to approximate and when you use the fact that the the ecology of the physically .period looking at our are delivered symbols and you can easily use the approximation is up for acceleration 2 the so essentially I have something like sir no so essential to through I'm giving some said so I have some quality class deflection filled as it is championship each of the excitement too to extended to some commodities in the 1st few overs with some approximations of 117 enough wards of unity so again by but this information from the area is for those kind of centuries with only the block of a congressional the collision with symbols and you can you can Is this approximations of the anyway this allows this morning about and then yeah so now I want to go an environment associated to the topical mortgages so my mouth like default for the could this conversion futures slower so solidarity over to the PLO and desire so I want to tour give to so I extend the coefficient 0 2 0 the locals will cruising and so on OK so to define those amounts idea the following year so the topical mortgages gives generated by contributions of those in need once generic point of this season so I can there slower so the result of of 204 which of those conditional on the
side you that the result Faulconbridge scriptural Russian fears and expose it as if it becomes a fine several extension widows and norm office such as amorphous and some those things on on the top to doesn't change this footloose several extensions so then I have to point is well defined and Tupelo was when the final use completion and some choice of cornering and so that will ultimately using projected space this gives it something the pending some choices but in this could this is generated by contributions of cancer cells independent of the extra chores and so this now this action is the defined as a result assuming that the ecological dimension because you can pass to the susceptible because of their news that option and so it is also easy to say that it is subjective .period public and even when the key dimension is that is is I'll follow up Swan carries out so I want them then to pull that this is an isomorphism so so the deterioration loser out phase and as a way of and better use suggestive "quotation mark very affairs and in Indian-owned there suddenly closed care is that gonna call montages of various provisions in Canada where there is and this actually is as fast as and then there is a mollifying version of this which said this is the chairman of better is generated by Zachery Americans and advised that the yuan all of the core mortgagee all of the genetic point of of curves so so here this is defined by some you cable because the canonical you once I was in the quotient is discoverable picnic differentials so once you know that that since this is a filtration was essentially "quotation mark victims space cautioned quotient of which is bazookas and control of the government action and on the advent of collagen this is 3 years so but in fact they have samples of people only talk and then it fulfills pools also so the so entitled sketch in the car and the remaining 10 much that appeal and scares the basic idea of the pools so fast that simultaneous arrival meant to reduce the surface only the storm for some local military nuclear and so laughter I want to know I have a certain number of transgenic genetic pointing their logos and I want to find irreducible self surface which is those bonds and contains all of those bunch circuit soulful made a valiant assembled in statements in the addresses so there is a there several papers some peripheral fairness and prevent the through and some recent Wilkinson Japanese autos within environment of the 2nd state what 1 can show so where for example In any case it may be because of the time I will not spending on disability in there so in any case of they're supposedly will pull some built-in and consists of the 7 community runs with techniques of going through with it so then you you dollar stores the the surface carriers and then there then so did also the you use finite covers and political dimension results so I want to also in the mentioned to I want to wear liking them again a group of reasonable was also supposedly a pull accommodating the values that it's all acquiring then can use apps and this also lies although some feedback those for the maximum benefit from have I can use their EP still and to make the special fiber dramatically those and then I can say is that as the Philly Vatican Ozalan violent I don't changes for southern extension to make this kind of genetically Smalls and then this isn't advisable so he said that it comes 4 men and a relative term of well and then I can use from my father extension I can I have the summer several reduction to images of the full of including the amount of the images is the classical canon given listening now so after losing blowing up old mechanism is the reduction of some older sigh of some external carriers that is that is a part line along the flows buoyant told my already announced that the low considering that I have the Schafer essentially I'm considering a so this slice of respect life and essentially I considered extension by zero-sum lined for general fund was the psycho I consider In fact soil of sunlight well over sticker and I conceive a considerable cuomo origins well why a recent poll the same there is a bottle of the close .period from solar components except for some external ones so corresponding to their original component of the locus of the confusing and this and that I have some vanishing side for this situation now in this case so the punishing cycles were saying this was going to cartons and where your going the service the reduction capability assumes that there is a freeze benefits which is not essential that I think so he started this fall saying such of some extravagant those after extension of the his essentially because Sheraton locally most although some cynics on extending the power of the uniform wiser and it works in Atlanta the thoughts Communist none using the denied official denial there so he studies it's using milk radially structurally 1 would not want us to collect some instead of the succumbed to consider in character the general federal district the revision case so using the techniques of shows that there call mortgage issues of general Wesley was ever canonical filtration and essentially the others such as did the equivalent and there is a top so I in fact I would be interested just in the top so I have ecological dimension is as saying I am I have to look just at the it's 1 of the top outside so the total so I can show that it could not there only age there is only a page 1 the simpletons and have to consider the top outside and then there is the question of this which is given by log and the log but greatly different and well actually it was defined and redefined something which should be be the law the obviates but that allow much of this is the as some uh some the Phoenician by end of this so had money order so this is a preparation to 1983 strive not saying I not studied there if there are other phenomena didn't know the lives of the effects of the computer the .period naked is only 1 of the poachers so 1 needs to impose upon because of some conditions and so on and so on is going to pull combat abilities so the point is that in the essentially the coherence of the so I have to it because I have no information on the call moral duty again it's imposed so long as it is the Delong so that is the fact that all the complicated things that are analyzing complex in the scheme which has a local puberty and then there is this under focal shakes of this could not exist without them what was that the assumption will develop fixes are needed in emotional context and actually have condemn the time for them and so they said allows 1 to compute the comb origin that of course just above the Federation only in older me so essentially this is X's and would love of their mentioned on the skill of constant K separate public because then I have to the In the case of an isomorphism given by a suitable response to recall so what they get is a certain a mop using the astonishing 2nd description of 2 pool victory as the years went on on Cardoso's ,comma compile the is among the 5 account contributions was inorganic and neck extensions those who can after an extension to and changing the model to something customs vessel is in in up to some scientific theories so this will give them the vanishing of a because of things which are essentially couldn't so and then it added that there is another approach which is more rigid than take avoiding the precise description of the although since this is again after some extension essentially I can never model where I II III and IV Senator problems and above all foremost came in as a blessing that I have those anyone so that doesn't constantly Israeli combat defied to storms didn't does BP since then I have some allegiance that kind of I'm looking at Coolmore model rule someone rigid infinity and then I look at my very smart and again so that I will have some I got local mortgages start that there will be some contribution from age 1 of Fidelity's at this point as applied to close finishes 0 in the chaotic world but is again is involves some quarantine formation and in so I can them and managed to get the relative gonna quarters different government which doesn't particularly proud of the service terrorists Sarah progressive solicited would actually recognizable as this means was widened this news and solicitation somewhat anemic uses this idea and then by looking carefully reassess their Diaz a former systematic summer found things like innocent people December the most ongoing sitting by analyzing the last minute so OK so maybe question the timeliness and methods and using the official site of the I would of like to hear that the instruments of this mission I really like him but because I I said that I have this album and which uses that the involvement of the stuff on the is about Russian secularists Morgan Parra and some uh compacted it's something you have to do a lot of compatibility is this going to go foundations for this kind of colleges located and tho you have to go to London this language improvement and for compatibility with other mob than the other idea is to buy attached disks infinite at that's disks at infinity so this this will begin now is what you are doing is their commodities supported India's so this is like that of colleges of there was specified model ruled that because anyone so this is like a montage of a complete so he doesn't use it all the way depoliticised adding it is a small percentage so so union some grows disks the discovery Wisconsin coefficients so the point is that on page 2 so if you look at this stage because of another likely close fear then you have this on you know but then you have a shrine of fuel which is not sealed but it is essentially for this it's test of Louis using still studying there this today and so then here I can have some alleged infiltrations and so again kind of filtration things which are only now of case of this allows me to conclude got tools "quotation mark taller well if I I did not expect anyway because of the Governor Cuomo origin of both books 1 contracting 1 day so eventually I don't anyway the ecology for the several children than they have different appointed would because of it relax Llanelli on some sectors spaces since his ascension existence of different dialog does with his own gun or descended from disease looking so this and then they come the ideas of almost automatic so the state a lot is like what we are doing this today so you can instead of using an and while I acknowledge American news just adding the salute of the spending lots of unity and the principles of the uh 4 the representatives the business sentiments and there is a fear and Zander gamblers some vanishing this up so you can endorse the during the governor local water competition and you need him because of since you can obviously use shell of election lesson sensing than you can use the funding Amin essentially that the where there what is and redundant them do almost the time this amended the fact that this is kind of deeply says that the further extension of of the time OK so the Buick anywhere they could be scarce so I can and so the point is that they can get the that I have some I can represent the classics in Magelang but actually quality of care is damage Sunday by using only this extension and then I can look at what did I can say that it gives new contributions of care same thing you and because of the precise nature of the symbols which are involved but here it is is reason it could involve some mistakes so it is not that I think that there are other thing which is to post must be sufficiently stable and this long is only this fall over the Marriott and maybe I only imagined that they control of tonight so I don't know that that I can say that the only way the idea is due to the total involved their accession into a disk of accession and look at the scene was again from the Colombian and say that you independently and I didn't not see a way to get it from there hasn't funded directly to the soul and analysts question From the few


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