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Function field analogues of compactifications of period domains

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on the other hand thanks to 2 jails fuel and for them to do so and I am very happy to talk in this conference for for purpose of our family he in "quotation mark good looks on crystalline quality you be the August was of known bible for me 19 Crystal and English and I below 2 . 2 Brookley briefly and I was the youngest of the on this he is that he is now completing a lot of good quality and local lawyers and consumer demand in the hope that that will include become a vibrant for young people here and under the mining might do with the unit to will also stated floor using a lot of the immune globulin all the credit in the in consumer strategy at this point I talk about filled out of Western I called the other characters to this tissue under the terms of a peace mission here is the most this will have a new minorities and on independent many complications following his on and what is the point of other available by the end of that is lower the candidates and the and the also examined the you have human lives and not and then energy and although all of the little will to live and work in kitchen and in the end of the year and mythology immediately no is 1 that you use right in the heart and the only question doesn't mean nothing .period contributed to his arteries I know the United States the nutritional you deserve the genteel as well the consumption case In the end he all so the carrier already on the agenda "quotation mark all Continental and people 1 the thing that find engaging compromising my understanding comparable to that is to call a recalls along much of called 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 decision onto his accused the Dinkins constructively in years and the and this is similar to that of that the above seductively and the middle he has not mentioned that to me was that we rely 1 on these opening the door and then I will leave we always knew his gravelly because a lot of things Williams media and I will talk to people this is noble would not get what is called complications and this date by which the being posted to unjust In the course of the book on the way out trying to do not consider that clinical occasion but it still has enough things to sort of unfilled slot on hold but we don't succeed but that but I in say on property that the the 2 sides of the competition and the pieces .period current model to some of the money will be there to we have do what is 0 8 the book In In meanwhile on series of political suggestion but also of other residents of the meeting with the vision of the big advisers fears alone that is part of the stations along the gone for that is that smaller systems should be here but initially related to IT to talk about it but that's about all he is not a negative growth Youngsville floors onslaught of the this long this long this line is is up from preparations for war with the Politiken which is so and so on to June McGraw and so do I need to and also to Bogata about this our and because he gives me I wanted to prevent about people but just on this floor and fight the ruling on solar and citing the political motorcades Jaime King Goodwill published at the top of some money be by pulling the or eating In 1988 and 194 and they and I got to my knowledge about the game on at the at the on American Idol and published be published this floor under the banner of the young Bloomberg rail unaffiliated unevenly divided phenomenon ground before the described as useful as we should not allow us to life and slower times than under the bill will not be out before they are not political situation for them ,comma America's cases on U.S. Bissell will lobby and ideas and the history of investigations that are on the U.S. space along the Drina but without a lobbyist back up and new will on the part of fighting the news media and the public studying U.S. authority under the new law why we really needed this is too little competition rules that all we are studying the Tennessee conjecture on the beach was when leaving the people wishing the to England as investment exceeding I think treated the 2 0 1 1 and the and is that these new missed amusingly awaiting U.S. authorities to users of Monterrey with the logic of 100 free off the ground linking it to units exist is midriff jumped to more generous situation will move to Mubarak is what it is about ideas on the people who would not the predominant due to the to years in theory and such Monday becomes necessary so and so that this slowly on we need to adjacent to without union the news instead he will surely conjecture contrary case "quotation mark the 2 men long fast off I In interviews throughout the region and the rest of the maybe is so we the lost 3 stations on the line for Shiite with Cuba and if we do here and the reason why constantly on monument
someone you all involved what something at the end of it and this week was not and we all of all .period on you mentioned that does this full-bodied the following are not enough this is the time of the year in and year out of it with the debate leading up to the idea is moving on it and she added that the maintenance Italy's we have the duty and who believes in Algeria a result of getting out of if here if you can give you users on that is on agenda and under the the plan and the financing of the I was fortunate to have been used to listening to and I need not receiving immediate on the other .period novel way and the other than their DVDs of the medium medium-pacers and they foresee then reviewed the company the protests including 1 with I of this this is a decision for him will call this wonderful and it and then after all the little the it is law I don't want the violence to will make up for the full truly only told probably will on Hong Kong another they now we are asking that it all nearly all Latin viewers B. We are in view of the and the remainder of the year with a wave with increased with the provision of services but that is the basis the of which this fixed under the hopeful that is identified with the 193 fundamental endit the then we community and allowing the varying womanizing formula was not needed and then the thing maybe the most important ones who was defined that this is not while I always will divide the thing that it will be seen in the seen the important thing is to preserve and restore Gulf don't In the meeting is not his outlook on the eve of the duty fuel so we will see the completion of the audit was already being diesel defeat behind them countries that continue and so it happened that the people on the who called the b thinking and we can and this was their for their own use this is the end of the month to video on finding out independently by what and there's little need them when they rise up to the gate up 1 of of these but there and if it is not the not important what about all the babies like I discuss about it but I do think that it took about a year to political bodies along with other things view the history and then law that know that in computers on their next door was little there not receiving this season more than this is almost as visible during her daughter the need and the this is the season when Justice will polarize the public images along with the main Djindjic up here and there and for full name will know next only to the divine ecstasy in flocked fixes it seems In the reflects the will invoking and in part because the In Canadian we or in the case of the and indeed we are not going to sit on only in the and this is for me on the floor of this mystery all along if it is known as moon long where interview if we the concern and we will you material people who want to see the other is that the the of disease not knowing what I know and explain to them and they're not pleasing to the eye London on the video that compatible reasons please what is that we With the end of the month this part of the odd lot not all this money is not included in the that will community individually and then it all fault of functional among from needed to do 2 to 2 2 2 2 on our front not the fraudulent our core funding basis this is them on the way the United States is there there will be and is that's not the full families such that the French not the bombing you want Boston In the union was indeed can be made it into the new contract this isn't going to England but will forward and for what should really give this is about 4 months so that we can on In the end he also periodic disadvantaged a lot of in and thought the idea idea the differently the following are week but the case of the that kind of thing is that there are no rules there is dropped much of the rise in vote Is there a sufficient to those are the things that rodeo Ireland where it was and forgery and that people would be the equivalent of the in really you won't hurt most areas of the lowest of the history which is about as close to the president the book on the some people have said that I know don't of a single you on the understanding and wanted more what is it about sometimes through all of the whom not implement only during Sunday's basis so that it will be the that could grueling only that you need to find out how the final "quotation mark based that in the area and as the dollar falls under this and then not not not 1 jot of
difference mentorship and under the definition of no 1 has not ended in the Jerusalem not not not only compatible with is target group with withdrew with this means that it there basis and this is your eyes are on way up the hearing all of us understand intrigued by is the wonderful reading about "quotation mark petered out about what disappearing stand and ended and it ended up new new new new new won't be long enough directions we need to was the landing if you want me breath directions the area of city I used to see his political interests for all politics long called on Long Island ,comma component of that is but the beleaguered space off the chief of the decision was prosecutors the could only dream meeting you know there's a lot of things that this is popcorn on by the Ugandan government on widening the problem was involved in the incident and that was not the best days are that because you are good learning about his ruling number and not the popcorn component all
that I knew I could probably like soul is already there are a lot of it is in their area for literary decisions and it is laudable for forward is that the irony of all that is necessary I'm sort Minnesota and Anaheim manager Minnesota for this stupid thing I believe we need anything this book would have understood that the plan before the end of the Florida vote for the major unions which is considered to be on their to the unions for this fall so this is not that is and I don't know who we're going to be predicted that there home I'm delighted to be you fools wouldn't this be so there are no so there all that this is what a lot of players who have had been to do it is found on the Internet more than only and you what you should hear what they want to things with our government will be in the interest of the community I think of no combination here is the only on the proposals of the International Committee of the Red River last year 4 Lin the I'm a little off half the fruit in the future and this is after all what provision by plan to produce you cannot not by myself that was given to we need a whole lot classes in their underwriting loss on 14 August the way I'm going going on exclude lead the movement to on by the violent the only difference is that the funds in the beginning of the extreme enlargement to please you are hard-wired by almost a month and and that is the scene galaxies that are found ordered on June the degree additional there the residual well all we don't incident the thing the food for the would you please please please do you really think I would be from the Group of London with little film while we are 1 of the following we have also that law the unseeded then we have all the video now we we have only than they have lost nothing from owning up to To Oklahoma continuously through time and the listening in case of the thinking if knew of the deal was due to media malaysia anyone this is the 1 you want to test it in the the the the the the the the inside of his fantasy but not because of the length of the deal nearly abandoned all while leaving his soul food is incomes among young and there's a lot of this is or could be progressed as planned and that of all that is needed is the name of the Community of stock valuations are cordial repeated warnings on the media are needed to defined by about 100 homes structure was toppled just of we rely my wife and it ended and poor either by pluralism by my love and but what about the the whole song reliant on his own and even then obviously the yeah film that has to be the not not God not section 2 is providing the 1st week was not off conducted additional for 446 under their knowledge about the removal of gauging what is needed to provide potable cold extended into the that's with Apostolos along with with blood on extensively in Rosenthal who was it for the flowery exotics about fractal for lot the last fall off .period into my full during the case this is young duty well the the where did you use I want to do things that I believe it is something that I have had for the heart this is not about God positive view is just that sits on his physical media coverage of the case with getting spending under the on the afternoon of the fees about 200 this information because and hear them very long differently maximizes his dog that Cpl our real on the law period but Donald would probably approve Hungary Poland play the adherents under the new is the and then people responded to our call he additional along with mind has long been we can win public celebrations of the city he the support was such a clock and a and annuities are willing the new new life the In it was the divided by the alignment of the island no no no and in the case of invading their funneled from litigation he said In inside the block needs the little then that flies in the audience get down pillars of pivotal primary because someone who was honorable Jesus you will always give me a lot of things in ways that are not on the island millions of new users meanwhile the he also here are full of people respond to on some from such a
photographer about GOP Mobley knocked on his door and all we argue about gardening as we might have long line of life or ended and the new new new general manager is doing this because we that all the mind of long with at the heart of the arrival of the provisions the I beach and hear about this here that we don't have a lot of caring for the restriction will we would go in there and the new IOC minor worldwide it's not going to do it is locked inaccessible I knew that might be mindful on your get involved we just because that of the of ancient hinted that a little more than a minute not really is but then we have a lot from Kabul during it's all the up to the official the abilities of England on the moderate obliging public bond that is part of some kind with further other capabilities in the face of what happened when you were coming within a veritable army of William Butler but I mean I am afraid that I don't have time to 2 2 To me in here is of theorem for that in the hallway minivans and minimal use of force 1 of the things that I will find that this is the most work voters there are funny funding fiction from those around the world of survival is served on many III who I believe we are about the 100 fold increase the beneath suggested is such a thing was going to the things that analyzes division doesn't want fall flat on the floor under the under living on land and the scene about the half that this is a lot of different people will jointly bowled we want to see the same strain of people in the reading of the law that broadening of our "quotation mark not going to go along the heavily on top of the pile on this and not that they probably are beyond hope was that the during posted that the title track but done that we are not put the issue I did such a thing as other low-lying I that I thought of fearing that reminds me my that the conductor of full of holes in 1 of the Commission's to do do you the thing about different from these events in the reunification and USB always be in the history that this is In a speech .period the yield on the 10 year if you if you agree with the views of the Nowhere is the queries about his life in the it was voted out of the infield outside Australia on the floor is full of oil and the German know thought the only None of this is the same result for war-induced conducted Wednesday at all With conduct occasional the FOR 2 musical so this is something we will use the money not from both already studied the about but are we going to find out the noted that some the enough soldiers brought we have on the this it is considering finding it from widely cited a flower in trading Friday from 1 by by taking the people to the got the whole "quotation mark Frederick from or would we have landed him in the food and this is this is hold up down there is all the selected apology and not conducive to the bonus and Theodosia would you find my musings on the other hand the planet somewhere I was impressed with the leverage Italy In public some the authority of the In August 15 the youngest of his name is in his game is unknown and there off quite on a long long known as the story unfolds floor in August women that if they painted the Indian the baby and indeed is 1 of their or not the combined is the bring it on and you have developed .period and a existed to advisers is that a lot but indicated you have a lot of memories in front of all the states to make extensive use in the city in item at to 2 it's like the I a do something and then this severity and the people and so on public "quotation mark respond due to prove the fact that he has a lot of this is going to be superconductor vote on adjustable as you move down the slope of the net in the easily usually cost and how well we it recently said that it was not the volume just to full food then all of which are divided by a common in Europe this is that under vigilante Islamic see it flopped with the 1 you love is a focal point in the last part combined traditional would be from divide by video and little known lacks the movement "quotation mark with some people and all I think we have a huge and indeed not more than yeah as long as such is not I will really study unfold gives the nod to the authoring was fever not too long about 2 thousand remain known but the whole that under the legend of usually has the wheel just got hold of rule of law cylinder fourth-seeded justifying the decision would not talk about his call for a new but the country still has some fun with so many things are happening the on full full lost his a bid by by the people
Hong Kong 15 days is not the full full seem presumptuous enough listen to novelty students in bore a block from the don't know that I think going we want to go about it's the thinks about that it's not about these groups is wrong is wrong it is not being loosely on Media finally answered if you think that it's a lot think small properties of these articles in the the neutralizes the his troubled you 0 the home number to resolve some of day it out and then they need thing In the W continued "quotation mark thank you for all the we walking on them then the distillery in the new images on the speed and good lead it's more productive is the undoing of the W and we yeah and then on to the globalization we and then such that not later although it is completing W and then we all know is being linked the problem you probably will and if the In another non-local from its about food I mean these are not just that he Pena was please it will be interesting to intent and endit In the early this season the difference you on the that in will in the animal breeding disappeared into the woods the complete complete that we might as well and inclusive yeah Arnold I'm not going to find you know 1915 thinking if of this is that will fall as a little farther joined I would like to borrow from the house which it was used for but on the other end of the season that it was love that we can define the 4 capability To me not to be the image of the predictable director of eventually getting away with that but that is a member of the land under the fiscal sanity to much of the day long under the Hungarian authorities feel involved during his long it is up to the idea of the size of company under formal way under name a underneath and his examples of the chaos he said the relating his abiding 64 I think the newspaper on the total seems to have been used on a bill a little Ionics along clogged not belong to the logic of this is going to be president and founder of the inevitable result use different from on Monday and this and this and this is all toward the a modification by means of the only thing that Over the opportunity to have argued that this was the year of the army and they are going to be near or in the news media made his only just started life as the wife of a kid on the block cannot be called his good buying my the main thing that the focus for something it would clean this stables also appearing in England as it must not suffer before the reflecting a lot younger but it would to this was the youngest declines of finds this 1 and the other is it described in Florida full for the of news stories are from Germany on and I think we all believe we have noted the moment led to Indiana law Lawrence law committee maybe even as a group there has to be or "quotation mark it will have to look at 120 only 2 years you will also to be used to be the only thing that you do and we understand that there are only marginally should be known people traditional because it's the on the understanding that at its meeting of the maybe not so we for dinner decisions then we have to write it because the judges believing I think about it but also think that the arguments of the interview will be handed down here and there are no legal or not module this whole this is our belief that is only number of injured and then I will for reading all decisions and you can avoid its market to another are already people already studied due will the group in on and the flow and volume for use on the floor when it's a good friend of all anti-Semitic Republicans system is "quotation mark a good plant this including all of the Macy's New England plenty of it gives isn't all longer that extremely for real we John Devine takes about which 1 is long and the note it's like anti-Semitic from the In view of the woman is also this committed to thing according to this line of anything there not to be part of the team leader he committed the crimes from unit in Philadelphia there is something that is legendary and facilities .period let's put it quite like the United the individualistic generalize the bottom because the story becomes due to too much you indicated on the flight that With the development of the traces his long just long delays I'm very long the and going he undermining local and everything will be achieved on the .period want to his the
last thing you want is for you
political motives about although I say that we need not be advised that the duty to me just as we are starting to like flights and on the ground the decoupling of the United coming the problem but behind them by the hand and then put in the face of it really Dolly on hold the thing is attendance of all but the final form of history and there hasn't been a diehard alone Robuchon section fatigue the .period In the it's really week was not beyond the idea of a given India's future without us knowing about it and that there mold no I'm not too good structure of Wall who along with such a small space each of you have your hands full with considerably on the bench during a long long long didn't give me a lot and all images of meat this is evening the last fiscal year 4 K J is 1 of the year "quotation mark and a warning to the is used to be In the things that have to do with that
and take opening for all instance the plane and the pipeline advantages just the last all the way to the meeting we felt we were resulting in the use of the Internet and it is really long long long we don't we don't divide such moves as his and and almost as if the years engaged not moving as before Nicholas Bissell to organizers of the American people whom the idea that he decided to this is for the end ended this is not what has been modules the the island gained and the remainder of the year ended season would be sent to but we didn't would you like to compete With the favorite with recent weeks we we recently duties such as this is the end of the yeah under the name of the removal of all of you who was visiting officials chaos In here initially the flight don't publicly economy .period with the old rules or laws and he was becoming down this but on the other hand the online-only president of the story in the feeling little about the inconvenience getting the amendment by the king political no no as in the case of the season was donated to about half the of we believe the underlying politics continuing along this is in Woodgate mean maybe front didn't give her a lot beyond this is all new has been involved in concocted communicate my wife and I believe it wrong In the case of need and it ended up with on the Net I think I have to on the Net when is also out of game not to appeal the good of kitchen should In reality not useful work all of them gives constructed by commented on the quantity and quality and only indicates overseas than I did not return call from this about their own but it wasn't me in the history full fault but I wanted to present Gorbachev they have not been determined that the vault floor this is not nothing illegal under the law and here on the investment of 1 million unique among family and the underlying gave them the money bad but the the 2 bodies of the inevitability war according to a number of occasions all told indicated by the people there are many and for him the we have investment group legal wall knowing that included in number you want to indicate that the market could Maryland I to add to the end here you have a reliable you have it's been a while since you have generally continued to the place and the University of Hong Kong on the behalf of of the things that you hear from that prompted this call and in full or not None of these them into the real what mad From this too 2 years from now it could present to the government from morning to to grips you have a come money from the current level of authority saying that this was not by don't know on only extended to Clinton has not understood why is the the standard to continuously earlier this long at case needed only 1 national numbers because it is the will of the American justice is munitions that is what this is all about this is also the article occasional doesn't this is just up the political space but got this is all antics stiffened and rueful that is media and abolish all put a complete side expenditure on the future of the hurricane refunded Fitzgerald no longer it was just this feature suffered a constructed of in this form is a look at the John Lynch full-time animal
funds have blocked off by bringing case the 1 the big buyers noted that there is a lot like you are going to be windy on knowledge story unfolds not canceled the held hold off full-blown learning will be fully them along with us to the whole thing was not to dissolve the lower non-custodial will really bring it with you Madonna but that another guy all hoping to to draw if there is much larger and not look modeling jobs yeah we tomorrow that political watchers usually are defined other and ordered this 1 margin for food and wine and fled the on Institute official that the they've admitted that for the destiny art notice in a long and he doesn't expect Lionel diligent about the stations along with me I think the school was until we understand the seat 50 of the of the group this what the no under notion of laying of their wives model that is on the need to move on with clean optional understand what is going on almost structure are not even bother Ruiz even didn't we will upload the the didn't have this and then we will but if this is just a change in the way you have to do something in to it will be deceiving the bodies of you need to go to the opening and the New England unbelievable during long is long please note that the New World is engaged in widespread use these money in the field of knowingly given evidence that John Philip case jails but you have to come along the ice Washington he in the either the you know the 1 we all know the dog that people the nearly nearly all of the last in authentic single is it is lot easier
this fall all Leon on the London Bullion during the period resulting in the last 9 months on and and all of this is obviously not you have to "quotation mark president this is all part of the problem is included in the report the millions of year and then I believe we not leader I don't know if you have a European Jewry women going up above ingenue fully Rominger here and the girl while with who is also the heel Fernandez nominal involved is all his odyssey of union in ,comma it is stated in its evil she recalled the diminutive Spitzer
and the number is or is likely to become minister educated much of the knowledge that it if the but it's not musical not the marginal admitted only thank you all j yes I realize that we would find much during the hearing from you know that little
or no decision about his wife although initially involved all along the government has not conditions the not that there is nothing for them there is commissioner is not the soulful rule of Ferdinand I would always be higher but this will I think the funny you need you for that singing of the season in the political process only ionizing filling he also said that a fundamental novelty is morally on the pool resources we haven't for what they have keys would you then we we have we have we have a lot this is sports don't want to keep an eye on the not impossible goal with only on this the only thing that is full of weapons at the front up fact-finding and in the hall and provided that propelled it up off the park with terrorism cannot be doing known only in the magnitude I need you "quotation mark all this man invited to use following year I finally got a dream governors from the result we will use the new combustion proved it was not invited insurgency all In the underfoot fell below all conditions up to nearly all from August 1 2 2 2 field to knock you wall the use of the liberal very individual the the injection In addition to the injection dutiful but is not a lot but we have won only 4 of the fold and from the from the Land of morning warning all in all these are audience reserving painted this is under the so-called conditions although we all know how however showing how we did decide to leave we believe we believed we lot .period the result if it's not the under the new along with their own luck joined that the 2nd 1 is not the whole story line into me from the conclusions of the mortgage only 2 border forces of the full-blown knowing all along that looked at all there is also you want you don't want it to be labeled him beyond on no did you ever hear my name is keen on you we don't mind taking the of the unity of all new jobs would go about this the finds we will all know nothing London residents during the war and you the know you have weary within their war on home 1 of the north you are what we are and where they demanded by William minus along with walk from here and there you have a lot he was widely argument when we have and don't always later on who we are playing a small but this is not doing explains a lot all that is all the London was also off and then you have to do is thought to be under conditions of the white by God but while I'm being made while there not in you you will only from my support with management please include meetings including 1 of long inside he invited this PC loss it is not only Latin pop but the amount of the retail if that
is not only a lot stronger than that is losing muscle little two-thirds such a of the family and then another and another thing the level of a lot of injuries up to the level of all the conditions that could the Commission is not the there is a functional is phenomenal phenomenal 1 breast is unobstructed it is and this is why would take 2 to 2 . 2 large cool on such object French that did not comply competition going around we have reminded of loneliness along with some kind of them all In and then all of this is my experience I building under them in different posted 1 of and you were going keep it going .period this competition extended to 2 to London come home all review the unity of the people on With reality we I'm lying long give it is the the pines not only are we would like to find we will not flow for the morning also known mainly as defined in the woman was law known by this the lot got it's a bonded and the the it's landed on just Computervision he I'm so not that is that the product bottled water please along with affected such a worshipful than if we have such thing then you have a more reasoned on extending that is for the young adults in food but that is all fine respectful we will distance there for Flamengo on that for the most part is going to have a four-year official where Florida regions the Edinburgh interim Court party power poles or those already living there is enough thought on the news that it has made this decision to be the usually interview yet so remarked that this was just a misunderstanding about the reasons for you that none of the local cardinal but it is useful we will face much the thought kill the these people opening will gradually increase useful for In general counsel the careful planning and we're not going to be careful and on chapter longline away usually isn't that old although we fortunately we would win the Iowa who died when information is really awful we know that we have all is most of them from criticism today so where was the worst of it included in the goods over here who hosted the sessions responsibly assessors in the personal 1st of all readers that they are the thing on the on the Hong Chen's Opula unadorned on condition that the likelihood of a number of functions of life is about his interest I just got some like good and I got a unit of a device or endanger vital relief will we we we wanted to not went to the meeting must think about the number and then the industry's lies on his numbers involved here is enough and in his office in about 100 pieces of art in not agreement on Sunday to buy another amendment to and some devices to date of the divorce of .period condition In not developed not here about where were these numbers is that love having not David thing adjusted the boss both the majestic blasted the ball they know this is amenable but observers researchers wrote to the IOC will not deliver Julio David Junior dumping of modern moderate politician is this is a condition of knowledge about the numbers on the condition of the initial conditions will ones a function of the condition mind and it is not founded condition to even if and according to the will of the people who received the prize for to it was the 1st of it also uses of the land and beautiful "quotation mark full the Florida the user was adjusted for prices .period or with only 3 points in the peninsula after this is over we can release His b there were no other questions like that what Our
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Negative Zahl
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Vervollständigung <Mathematik>
Kategorie <Mathematik>
Güte der Anpassung
Divergente Reihe
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Mathematische Logik
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Numerisches Modell


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Titel Function field analogues of compactifications of period domains
Serientitel A conference in honor of Arthur Ogus on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Teil 09
Anzahl der Teile 12
Autor Kato, Kazuya
Mitwirkende Abbes, A. (Organizer)
Illusie, L. (Organizer)
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/20239
Herausgeber Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS)
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Mathematik
Abstract For a function field in one variable over a finite field, we will consider analogues of compactifications of period domains.

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