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K3 surfaces over finite fields : insights from complex geometry

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K3 surfaces over finite fields : insights from complex geometry
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We will describe how insights from the geometry of complex analytic K3 surfaces can be applied to the proofs of Tate and Shioda's conjectures for K3 surfaces over finite fields.
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this and the other thing which is more specific which which applies to a small set of services which include you should not kill yeah so case is something like what went from kgs if you've got a this is a genetic alleges the Internet sealed a pact overcame the missiles the surface over the war came we 2 following conditions I want banks to be stimulated and 2 underwriters interconnected so there is no it's out cover of acts and I won't say of the rank of e-mails and mobile that's of the jungle wish I want this to be if all too well 2 of them Frank all of which the X K model were this want social certain provisions that the all any degree to go the glass on acts it is realized by the devises who this trip subjective you kind of 2 and lodging cater to buy thinking Kmart even without the going and well then this was his the condition the right that I should say that the financing there is less evidence fled but then interaction gay and I want 2 2 2 to discuss but approved candidates also so recently so in so recently it has been that there is still fear of having proved by various others for case says is over the focus of Soviet Sewell assume from now on so that I don't have to say together garbage think of Gators aside for technical reasons With all interested parties in the January it was results of course "quotation mark the OK so in other words it is as you will find views that favored conjecture and a lot if says he is the 1 that satisfied the assumption right assumption of the underlying commitment they all year there is so little on it fulfills a little feels so that many things and admitted that I go back to the 2 things so this is 2 results why idea and explaining the history of bows and improved a of our guys who lots mothers with the 1st rule of this result under the law are right proved by now view the reuse heavily well defined that catered for services have a very nice images space which is I mean for the county and we don't think this is some kind of Xinhua variety essentially when the when something against and some senior officers have very nice newspapers that have been constructed by August the decided to release here and of orchestrating Cornwall GM's what social historical 42 says is the 1st full of using essentially the sludge obviously a speech you don't screw it up by taking 1 he sees as his own and green whatever you grow and doing some Gentry who truly all the of season where are the same things at all fighting using 2 highly using using all of the results and so so my goal here is to new to prove so 1st undertaken nature and man although weaker form on the college on the right that works for single case street vendors that those institutions having that uses that users of the the the smallest amount of information possible from the fact that the case services I have noted that all of a million times that there is a clear signal sighting of the new Xinhua riding around I want to take on the right 2 biggest single using like surface and I want to find lots of Russian curving and whether they want to to extend to you that I think is village in the views of the Tree of Knowledge fools of the same pattern is the same kind of bad guys the comics casing the Pollock's case of jitters to survive it and get it to ship fuel pools 2 Bill Torrey Theron 14 centers is a huge accomplishment of testicle Hodge theory and the lead in the producers as the 1st approval was under there is a lot of things which relies on a specific energies of whom most of the series of specific example that we understand very well off such and so on and and recently in the comics case again of abuse has given the very last framework of based on more complex than that ,comma tonight in geometry that that gives the salt of general reasons for the Tories in for conservative entries rely on anything especially Keith 300 have to know it works in higher-dimensional even for families that are really wants so its members some resolving them into I just want find just the sort of idea of why we should care about in different forms of this results as is available to buy and talking about
about 2 already the overall quality of cases when there is a global dollar fault that took a lot of gold and talking about so many of the new mentally for so-called to fulfill my economic reforms which has different versions whether you want to be applauded this case on the complex amenity so so he has versatility 1st food in the complex case and then this can be specialized who reported that and I N and this is the vessel so so so so so this is a very striking result 43 in that you don't have to know any specific a freedom from we just have to know the official distributor will have to use the ambulance services on on on me but which was not the case for candidates to ship you can hear the number in the office of the provincial here the history of the world is the same as before the water users to this I YIU through something about that idea so on social socialist alluded to so so I wanted you approve of this result that's relies on ideas from Clemenza retrieval of above there is a global dimension of high command so softball isn't out of the use of what we know and other security some some functions but that's the idea of the talk so I want to be in broaden and there will be something on it so so so the 1st thing is that the conjecture so right once more and many others sites so that to them after soaking the services Over find shields this year I guess I can think of .period circuit 3 the president of the church I'm not Will this rule so aligned so solicitous of course tapes in the late 60 new proof of his candidature for I mean varieties of refined fuels and then the next he through sort of look at the destitution of some of the next interesting case uh and hopeful and hopeful case is a case of Keith services and there was some progress that they it's also so that they won't think there is a need to travel there is a tape plus the instrument of dying than those a case of a varieties then there is all communes and environs the the successes and so 1 between of all and connect to and on the other hand on sausages 70 is 16 1973 was quite fast and on the other hand there no train of thought which starts at 109 yards and 9 on owners who were worse through the case of find heights then Molly "quotation mark and then myself but so much so that things in this into some 12 consumers and at the same time experience we didn't just tree and he just gives a unified from there is no distinction still is alive and well I put 2 consolation is that purely geometric please you start wheezing while you're gone and radio your K 3 and you knew you do wilted during training get something and this is all these results rely on what you like the erratic many the new way all his proves an insulting a week with the case of high in another resigned knew the right result bulky 3 lecturing result about LEA of the formation space to the way for instance is a case of fine height is proving that you do the things studied Serie for but so so so so from this form registered figures also focused surfaces of enforcement it's in the Katmandu and ends with the use of excessive traffic lifting of concessions to got it the world music reflecting on selection and use a lot of all forms of that information space to to get this kind of result and then the result of willing to myself and the specialized you rely on a very the 2 sides analysis of the latest piece of boys key services or and so I don't think there's lot that have time so I wanted to to try and funding so new Minnesota I want discussion and sold so here's the thing says so the 1st thing to know edition is that they don't lecture is really a statement about proves nothing about constructing devices it's a statement about financial 7 values of varieties as well so so we called the ,comma and what they want its shares at 3 per cent more than more general so you have among them he adds a late-stage disease Ex months to barracks and the and world quotient and this has patrolled a which is the 1st sheaf of and this year right and so if you unwind a good thing .period well it's 1 of GM is of to travel with excellent the 2 Jonquil perplexed north of the well that's injected into reached too of banks it you go to the end of this week at age 2 and here we get all "quotation mark so too poor states for next we only to show shots that's the 1st time oceans In the walls of eggs this time a loss of his 1st homer of the old yes yes yes but on each 1 of you I mean if you you you have to live here a source here it's 1 of the key streams description keyboard
0 so so that I think is described as such so yes social just to check this you have to do the city and score OK and used for From the so so the divided that fulfills letting go back to the case of education services How often in Sweden tonight so the example of a rejected case I just want to tell you how this works so soon thanks to think II there is moved from banks to P 1 apply the new generation fiber SEC this moodiness the well then we know it is is holding up Singleton-the the guerrilla war as a global player there is more Fig the by calls or is it the federation I mean we know that this that the elements of the ball hold corresponding might accuse him by Dixie wait to to tall servers and other Jacoby and vibration of this will X itself is a city to Wall class of decoding vibration and from any guys ball hold we get a different attitude vibration which has the theme of "quotation mark which have fighters and the in the and if we have a class of all the torching the classes related 2 that is the minimal degree of section the index all the generic 5 one-day so we know that and then conveyed soul the fact of the fall in the geometric factors added saying how they fit into a slightly larger picture sofas any Tulsa and the there wasn't a confederation of buying is again a case in the news lately and precise statement because I mean this is not a good Scania have tuned to remove as the senior this thing possible the fibers so the point that Q we realized a few terrorist including schools located in the Korean Federation to Tulsa then the 2 nd again combined to find 2 of the cases the reason is that there is no 1 more than something very different things this is planned because of the you really have the 1st word yes took a so that's why I knew I had even more generous also Poland's more general statements of resist this is true that is a sign of things the following L such stores there I just right to take any such tolls are expected to issue them above class that has very very large older than this is going to be a very nontrivial tall services index of the general fiber is going to be very big Bloomberg it contains it said adviser did we don't 7 different responded something defection but rebounded To abounded In the express so you have on also is you have made sections of the city to try original very very high degree but it turned out that the Fed intersection listened as they have very large intersection but it turns out that the sentence of section of this section is the bomb the tendency of the shoulder of the In the last 5 which is something that we could use them L so this is going to think the family thanks this with text and the 3 the adviser we the square all the qualities revised fixed this number did this is bound be a lot of are inserted the ironing of 2 of whose jailing of finding an effective use such a demanding those positive that division is going to be effective unless signing refined the deal might be affected on July London and maybe I should put all of the and as the chairman this the New was starting Monday invited him because the knows section of put L what is this this is because use of the of yet exactly so of course if I had L I'm instead of requiring that l square is positive and thinks that I had required that any and all that well must become an amendments that the hearing is known in the in the case of gives us is and these would be used object because some flowers some power evaluating variable and Matt Matt eggs into a fix for the 2 space researchers agree there is it turns out that focus is on that I even intuition and they give a reason why the coming from got Europe as divided it is enough to bomb the family SUV ample and doesn't have to gamble here but you have realize like that you have another and either that has no such infection what it's over what claim is that this provided that they actually did rise to any up to an hiking suffered so 1st let's will that these 3 facts the the and will analysts elsewhere in the city the day under the the 17
months its 3rd 3rd OK so the 3 facts In July if mess not only the spread so that we are not thinking enamel as square the during his father smaller so that the book so this providing -dash vessels of hobbled Over half of volatility of distortion while whereabouts well if this were a few of them would have well selling implementing changes in condemning tosses and the DeKalb information we didn't in key phrase that will adopt now Wiseman isomorphic that is the continuing item or contestants but that halted check but they all contain adviser responded to southern section that is independent of the choices on the will of all classes and then by some noses of the belong to bond fund but we all over refined feels so there has around 500 give says is the part of speech was bonded value so we have only so we get a contradiction there was no mystery the "quotation mark so I want to explain and and so I want to explain why these things do not have likes so that the people of good of in the course of the the University of as well I and really talking about call someone is about to move to modulate problem just saying that there is a string of 5 I be skilled whose With signing of cybersecurity contain all the people understand that the people of the area yeah I was regions of the world and new users here you don't even have really have to do that with you during his years she's makes if there is an underlying novel here that I can think of from hell Ruiz various rumors fighters choices independently elected that will give me a number that will be ample engineer whose who's and something far of which will give me an adding political space with bonded this question fire the yes you don't have to buy us I mean if you wanted to assaulted all have to pass To the geometric um into the bar and then descended on them have to do that you just essentially an hour and Bollywood the world's is so some power of creating give them is very humble and union and adding and controlled agreement I was going to do so voluntarily to the of course of course of course but this is 20 within this year all Gates also solicited the wiring the world to is also like I want to give and where they want to explain explains how you can pool I why these 2 5 generalize to defuse not elliptic you know this is a way to give finest all so for fortunately so eventually to within weeks the winning the uh using litigation for the 4 classes in the hall ,comma classes of all hopefully to construct and variety here it was Tulsa and there's inter-Korean fibration into something else and the 2nd thing is we need them still criteria for prayers at ElBaradei accident-free all something other than the 2 columns from all would we needed cuts in the form of some kind of ominous from coming along with famine and even steers clear of that ever left his number would come from 2 years continued to weaken the same thing so well what do you do with the Governor Paul while you go inside to many I mean Yukon finally space of she's so that so that there is a key thing so this is a theory that increases in setting been fed by they use a lot by other people liking Martin will talk about it I think they deserve the 1st step to any so in the Cold War although so it doesn't say the was fat and being in the the end portions of all X we Associates only of about 50 might have and to all of I Christine sheets I don't want to do get too much into what twisted shift were all I'm not 399 and 1 now I know this is not understood the procedures un-American Barry Wright said and I want my perspective this the you weren't well I get as did not only a species may specifying the rang unanswered the whole John unknown right now I of pulling out of his numeric so this at some point all media so we can is With respect to all advances achieved so it's so here's the thing unpleasant of all hope was lost to you and so you elderly injured over acts interested she exhaustive undeserved that are compatible with the new of United another way of saying that is that if you get prison chief you dig up to you can exert politicking you can fully united together .period active while bundled coherent Cheverton ordered to bundle and that's what you get well we don't have the end this is a fact From the farmers here this is your life into a really and your account so there is under the resolve exceed hero but you can answer the phones feared problems in the president is around and maturity speaking Protestantism looking for suitable transplant they are supposed Copper and now includes more than others there will the continuing the thereby mentioned when Donovan didn't go as high as you want it's always that always seemed like thick when a the global section of only get to always generated injected for only know where everyone informed and they are also often beginning this rule over the then this is what you would call home of genetic 94 Nova finds here they don't want to be the definition for all of Central Committee holds because they don't know where they are but we had N the volume that
citizen the declaration are an example only a species of procedures can ride problem that also satisfy the island's pretty by using all class and then conclude as is the fact that and also decoding vibration of high above is again surface just as there is a special case of the original fact that allegiance to the work of the kind that have problems for she's already three-tenths 1 of cited even option and even some suggested and then there we have moved numeric spoke there is no they want to what a we find still on banks and savings can you are there now to be this week to uh this week to were their way all aged 2 banks in the minds of the loudest beach of 1 of its board canal to physiological some kind all so I want to look at the algebraic also linger lot and I have a
twisted I mean they have I have a whole class for reason is twisted so he is a year older than it once did that Alpha in which 2 of the text of the Bill of 1 and outside and its image 15 miles of acts of gay so we can add this to 2 new and new elderly men and medicine to the Union's torsion of Hong Kong then the
the base so the final falling subspecies of this defined as 2 of finance of access to be the following things Oregon some of the greatest 80 fell 0 and the last the welfare and only now OK so it is likely that need to be and the are 2 major injuries and the beginning of of the new in of acts only after this is from the flat "quotation mark this from its use of said OK was 1st known to read 0 2nd thing belongs to reach 2 and the we and on this way in my writing that well it is as you a twisted Southland Christian change on X well this is a space where it started the classes leave the gate to the voice of the right of shift twisted by the castle entrance portion in the middle and the end of this season and to challenges of achieved the I need you to couldn't suitable will lazily face OK so we can we get a doctor to class the event the other speech gave 1 the rank is going but portions of the all day and then and then what "quotation mark it was the director of the University of this phenomenon is also I was be willing to underestimated top I'm in and I'm thinking something like the German giants of air the time has come to the Tucker stands in for human heart to it's you have to put the trend has the right holder for the new knowledge to work so anyway and also the year of the new eligible they wanted only 1 thing so it is not in we will also encounter there indeed the space foreign currency stable Christine she is kind of weird so we the don't called well by is the result
of a defense quoted above the some EU nations to when then is on the social how they
get new knowledge of the it's endowed with aquatic form so that we have a quality following instill we had to rank once they see they put them as a hyperbolic again the and just come upon us permission to enter square called euro and the communication creating we 2 of energy Over teapot professions and now this is the October now on the 1 is 1 of the things that don't OK and the square is volunteers then uh and the dimensions of and the need to improve the the square 1 and it is isn't always true and it's too of ending the delegations of Of the yet so everything so I I wanted to set some wonderful suitability because I won't really be careful about the interior and right in in the right has to be put into songs so here is the symbol the superior Teresa Wright has yet and you have to have a lot of unanswered some small things like this it what this is all the remains of the inside page In what is the right solution so that's been around for unless they can example union this year the rank of Nelson and delays the system OK so of the devices OK thank devices that city this and we will use the square was minus to do so I wanted to be and squares holes equals touring too often on their so loser signature
on the Nelson label is 1 in the Oval minus 1 and there is only 1 was direction Friday 1 was to devise 180 devices at home with it is the data conjectures .period and find them I said so I have found you the Ottoman all the Nelson Riddle of eggs inside each June excuse :colon yeah and incentives to accept really sends a gallant all day long true well we can assume other square kilometer square I wanted to be when because going to be too whatever you choose L solely so that you can fix such a test good yet as prime number I yield to myself to choose Elsa lenses equation in the office and on the nose and we will have a solution there is also an end to the courts this is a good thing it the army to these companies square with you "quotation mark "quotation mark we assume this and then In the end the following things I would have liked to its she's of with rank elderly with I'm director I think but the data and again and again ,comma 0 this is just good score as many as 28 OK gay and that he would the Indian otherwise known as more so this is something you can check for instance might at than those and we would to look at
this as something which I check and then as if wearing think beach on which uses just 0 euro is often 2 men give and advisers on the Net we square please hundreds of years sold way items commented to that middle middle age but this is exactly without referring to any related vibrations that exactly alternates and situation we don't want a lot of please differently through their mothers amorphous to each other and they all have advisor of positive intersection which is bounded into those of the intervention of the we get a complexion my son as a result OK because I told you that they all need fine-tuning services with the rise of positive bounded Funds 6 7th compared to lose something waveform of the edited version that you need to feel a little bit of it's so how do you how hungry you hardly make additional syllable of action on at least 2 a well you cannot take and you have to take a view on you can you do the same process but that means thing and then they want to talk with much of this nature you want to is underscore so that Delaware company replacing strategy what happened for general proofreading that to devices which should always have or find field between them but all acts the montages hold March the well once and prove that they then we know and what we are trying to fluid from the site and French and the things I did you work the following century we get India on their own they mentioned this time the job you have to be careful of of allergens and directors and so on but you can get a lot of and the end of materials is still dimension for you have to go electricity needs the euro Of the engine for we've but I'm of but you 27 sanctions listening I didn't treatment like model of this kind the variety have lately sensible but the 7th section of the power of John Kasich's due to begin OK so here's the last things I want to explain to you why do you think where the objects this should abound it was used as a lot of so that was that this was so we have a full he added falling off and so the more that you used get off our nuns to of how formed from coach to the falls Yale thing that this is a square form and that is the following :colon this position bodywork of forming his disease within myself and fact that's because of globalization so this is something special about told making varieties all receiver than this is always the be on this distressing company so I want to feel sorry I still like to see whereabouts of virtually conductor and the end so I just wanted him so why are such the White House experience in search of am at the end of the line mobile the school with so although I think that this pairs the thing about family I have to buy additional 10 once you know that the new I'm very good shape to to strategy you have in Dominion via as well and if you haven't all golden you haven't seen it in the end of the all directional to 1 another at to 5 choices and that's you know to get a contradiction shortly on clay wanted union arguments overseas which which doesn't work as such and others have been registered under his and I think a good reason to expect and this also explained in the book but so 1st said is the result of West had an or else you will so all so it's a little bit like a four-million writers fund-raising you have integrated into the that the line mobile examples of man the organization or resistant varieties of have a synthetic form the look a ranges we have a numerical criteria and verify that the landlords you'll have a lot of section listing of the sections of L to the case Gold like cases of dimensions Of the right so this is a real gem that comes under that comes from collecting anything in this is right this is stored and others to be region him around the loss of civilization but I did not fully legible and think there followers of agents of explains everything this movie the pair the end of the we need a L D section if efforts well you that instead of getting on the general died because the lines of the line all means there's a chemical analysis so this has tripled chemical infected and some chemical bundles a lot there is the which is been 219 what because it allows them before this there were doesn't the commerical bungle intervention would dreams big with admitted that gets so you get and find my rational To add plus a friendship so here you have to be of course of the devil because the amply clear singularities so you have to really careful about what you do with the similarities of the rights that you get that's for synthetic variety is regaining agrees on let me go has shown that and are taken care of him and then wealth will begin at 9 million have results of collapse but gives Londoners for a trial has ended the wants of angle that is as good as ample some fixed power about trying you directional labs who 2 right about agreeing that the solid OK case Serbian nationalist things as of its I wanted to do well that's all I know I'm a little bit the than there but the also like missiles also might take away from this 1 in to explain why kind of result that you can't have failed to gather the people this uses his mother and you have to be careful and the money and then you cannot see France's decided to gather simply at the moment but the you fiber through George of the candidates who can make you can pull mountainous land madam overflights what did so in the final and they have I want to give you 1 last the mothers the the Mount in a rational and of history so this is really the saying that the obvious deals is also mandated that sort of comment on the way we can think about but the substance so but recalls overhearing political net thanks misusing argued the service the agency National so I just want to you a :colon result this and I will explain awareness of how you can translate into got OK so orders with it acts the complex freeing understanding project here well then the next well he is a complex right he's over there c acts on the Phantom mobile of X with hope for the introduction of the general fight about kids surfaces in companies what were the centers are not only does it have a comic factor they have a point on it which is 1 way of so a has without any structure will get so that whether that means Liverpool will battalions items thousand level of access listening to for me imaginary "quotation mark giant on within baguettes a complex such on next what did you choose to go and put on imaginary along 1 wall the square is minus-1 1 so this 1 Museum of addition by this is something that is complex you get almost comic such on engine which is a complex structure all this or other that's so I'll go to got these 2 teams of forming they have I think when refused His work so consider but the Wednesday consider access caused as soon so as to produce billions so this year I mean this is identified with the reserved space of retains rights imagine I couldn't answer imaginary containing along 1 right in this month 2 St well all the fighters of the car and I don't misconducts largesse To think about a tool on the fiery political excited and they must petition medical training and and the Journal so generators the price of space so if you this is the quality of the many this is a mess he 1 of the complex political alliance so 5 guns home the movie is from act to lift the siege 1 and told him of the complex manifold monitoring variety please so that is condition Wallstreet 2 Banks to this is the same and asked for guarantees Joan of Will Gold but results In the Syrians injured on is aware of the so-called the 23 overseas we have here that since the formation space-time 581 we have is complete family of complex cases after it is not something for larger rejected this never algebra and you never for them this not actually never can you never right however it's called this number 5 so the fibers "quotation mark under this consider is absolutely not hold off nite from banks "quotation mark g?aliex to treat and so the size of fibers ice to ride on just a few years the fruits of the novel the fibers off still more features fibers are the 1 With normal bundle 1 1 1 game for the project and doubled Achilles heel is the size of this ,comma trifle is a product the only underlines turn out to be complex curves and his nominal 1 was for 1 a while now if you are major rejected think Well this is a very nice situation I have is threefold I have rational curves in that bundle without global model so this should be rationally connected so this is not the case right because this is not another many fold we don't have any modulation space of rational paralegal having you here the scandal disposal so it's not possible and that fighting to prove that this was speed Russian connected company used its users out to show that's tank well that some fiber I'm sorry some fiber of honey-colored although he has an entire platoon evolving might from scene to well what I want to think that we can do so in effect if candidate To me and I will I want to explain that we can this and other things here and we get a rationally connected space and this is enough to show that it is so used to in the artifice of are that's rationally connected Russian chain connected which is a bit weaker than then we should have been I want give shorts the and his use of the is a world order was a war mission with only 4 years ago official was so this is between image the finest trousseau eggs on a case of singing all this way Georges which they are then denied that all too so the school led by neither such a map of complied or star of new please God they think the the series of events of all so EDF should the government on the ball Nice move Goldstein's was connected components G did so this is how you look at the fall of all global surprising documentaries was pulled by uh often I think that the the form wobble PGA and then this can be added rising away in the standards of this is not just the Folgers in the hole I think what is it now you play with moderate visits to seen as we did before but now you value the ball class according to GAO so for instance has always had a negative vibrations and showing and you marry it it also the and declaration that are part of Friday's G so you get a moving family of forces so get also the kind this is by no means trivial is really the work of initial calls controversial courage on the modest soups and Trabajadores something exists you get eggs 1921 but this morning arrangement all of its forms 12 x this is a wise Virginia they were greatest in Thanjavur anyone "quotation mark now it is owned by a local safaris of youth so as of now we we used to think 1st by with survivors of new OK 3 have potentially good introduction if you want to be Hollywood use the work of the government's model you can who your family acts over a once it so that it has good reduction to dating bobble covers everyone and you can get reductions gets at the bar 41 but the only thing is that this is what we get it all forms of our 53 but the all-time high myself maybe elements of GAM so that the realization that this means that the United Nations probable covered so soldiers and then and there and there none pleasant but agreed the going survival now called some here which place of acts he won 2 thanks "quotation mark so this family history alive after showing the problem office and so they selected this is exactly that it we suspect review had moving family accompanying family of teachers salaries which all itself which turned out to be all formal charter and I have to work well to a universal home yarmulkes and gin joint problem that is covered by its apology the products of the variety and and in a rational and 2 other just want to claim I and I overstayed my time already is that you can using this it's not that hard to prove that the polls based here is rational that's a rational chain connected off has lots of rational curves and during that the to services started with by 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