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Integral p-adic Hodge theory (2015)

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been so you are in own
oral are also our arms and so far I think you can think of instruction thank you very much to the envision this figure it's a really great honor for me to use the thing that and for this conference in honor of Arthur so 1 of my maturity summoned as a graduate student at his determined chapter face of fearful of this and 101 explained today is some joint work with the matter more in the initial so much so that through uses the construction sector overflowed with an official in Sulligent the determining at there I'm so I guess join me for nothing more than the usual soaps and a set of US I wanna talk about it said local quality varies and relations between them so the set of politics once and for all of the following summer season some complaints analytical close extension of keeping and so for example Siegel CPE on Jose's arrearages and located relative illiteracy so this evaluation and the perfect field and then go to the end of adventures K and then finally the sort the main object is profits Over OSI Our saturate everything on already works in the context of formal schemes so if you like you can work in the context but it's not interesting enough in the case of smooth projected asking says things are good production so so in summer of father a certain goal while you there is a minimum of found that eventually but not Ltd said it in here however is based only in history of the game the memories and Robertson right now said that I was a promising formal schemes please area and already has a paper mentioned no possibility at ecology there is associated to so this pictures others that 3 of them that focus on survivors from the top and so by the alcohol do not Ge with another Texas and the Gulf region during the Games and so Muslims in the world of finance at the margins and send the other rate case the bag at its finest schooled in the falls in cases but and then there's a gal action all construction in Gallagher and of if there is a girl in get a like that are so this is a very coming from the generic Viagra the theory going from the special fiber which is dressed like a montage heard among the previous talk this is Bill Kristol Uncle Monty special value relative to W and then the acts from the special Barber isn't an officer of this said this was in the world of of the finite the modules were certified model during with letters and has an amorphous and again Romanians which will called the and then the 3rd 1 is sort to have generic the special vibrant and I'm using a lot of his strong so this is the Bronco modules and so this is again a finite dimensional find the modified Jose Montilla has infiltration equivalent of attrition that the finite was the model so these are the 3 terrors on a focus on and then we know that there is an embarrassing Paris-Nice more
relating on different thoughts and noticeable the a like for example a of drunken conjecture of till the ANC are essentially the same information offered you sense there was to be and India's across likened the chairman B and C is the birth of Augustin waiting for so long that the wrong so the goal for what I wanna do today is on a solo try and explain a single picture or a single quality area which all 3 of his realized all 3 the specializations went Saint of a single and already it's good if you wanna do this you need something hot so in each of the previous cases the reign of the Lord knows it is the POW Rosie's so the dimension wandering the valuation ring and you want something that's especially the evaluations and history at least two-dimensional arms and this ranges of our men to the plate on the stock so sometimes rainy day and on and on and on and the the obdurate everything with a but said that Italy with others and to the definition of proceeds in 2 steps so 1st to redefine what I guess now illegal housing flats it's high-definition the ring of images of CD producer market and since Mario in excess of 1 perfection in the sense of Congress limits so this is an instrument of Romanians because the money back I so it
turns out by an untrue and that this is actually itself a really nice objects the evaluation reminders EP with another record goes of fractions the seat but the the construction what and
although it's happening is Avenue saluting evaluation ranges on the use of a loser dimensions as the national ring but has tons and tons of milk ones so many possibly 1 barriers the no buttons Libyan accident that's so was the flattest and then the ring in the definition of those 2 cases there so arrangement after posting flat and this is a perfect raved there's a key so I think that was a really nice things tentative and local 5 known for brains together by the neighbors little perfect and so this is going to be the basic objects really working and I wanna explain how it's related to and the three-ring appearing on the 1st part of the itself in order that manages coordinates and this is not strictly necessary but it just makes and construction this year so I'm going to choose line I he To embattled equipped sequence of the virus to people this is just a matter of seconds of the province of the in and this gives the annulment of businesswomen which of all the flights are and then biting cyclists will forget the element practically flat willing and aims and then the basic slogans which portrait is that in this sort of it's a scandal at international fora regular local ring in the took the PNP plus of the analyst said and by air water right now but what I want to it's completely nonsense but what's what's a slowed and the International regular local residents and parameters copy and that sort pressure from practically and the author of like during but for example is not two-dimensional but had not regular causes lung ovarian and was to resume parameters and reasonable since but news of the philosophy of being in the reason this is related to the previous levels of the because of the joys of corners you can define these 3 exquisite little rank 1 cautions so you get 3 devices 1 and so the first one is so that they could not deliver figuring in the ideal .period does go back to the ring had earlier said of the plan the 2nd 1 is guilty philosophy parameters and serrated the library famine back property under 1 arm so I and another chili will you kill to get here but here is the fact that they would voted instructions from Torrealba and is now proposing flight is residue which escaped and surpassing the with the Trezeguet's the caution it is the case that the solvent in the colonel but for example saw all those people routes are so this element is not under the current and those being worse things in there and is the head of the Jewish yes of Madison within a band of the trees and destroyed it down from their the map as well as that is the point relative and then there the 3rd just one-tenth that the year Joseph and here you kill the difference of the rawness of sort the horizontal direction the vertical direction without injection so jokes which is being 1 going on and this literally is true and that this agenda the handed his 1st to just so the matters a better choices this is just 1 can the of representatives promising the colonel was called in our you can define for example using the content formally In phosphorylated always Evian market there is such a mess and therefore there are more explicit definitions OK so I want to work with this Syrians Alan actually drop picture for what it looks like and so the cartoon of stacking and also if you see in the cartoons shouldered the drawing in Berkeley a year ago I warn you that this is different from the 1 trying I prefer this because that losses on future development to me what I wanna talk about so this is really a picture respect and something rather generic .period so here is a generic .period physicals .period and heroes of the street "quotation mark height 1 point but I'm interested in and I will leave all the points with the corresponding residue feels so where extensions of residue feels so the residential calls .period escape at this point corresponds to the faction killed on November the W . 1 clean this point so that's the generic point of this cautionary here the point in the middle of the generic point of receipt of scene and then the loss on the sea floor and then there specializations awaiting them some drawn Arellano others specialization and I ideas and labeled as not .period soaked and other generic .period sits inside of me to run through labeling by the the 3rd a rough picture I also want to go further I want not only will the points although 1 label the specializations so for example this specialization corresponds to the end of meaningless this quotient in the we've got the specialization corresponds to the rehousing flat which is the first one we here and the other 1 is the other 1 some of those things OK and so in terms of this picture what's going on and so that sales are gonna look at this time
maybe only 1 more point to more and so this specialization But I can think of it as being WC meaning that the functorial happened only oppose flight obviously flat and the quotient of the special .period there was the feel of special 1085 so this is where the ways if I come the picture and this specialization here after completion is worried with Colombian around so this is a valuation ring and this fact it was before and so the only thing missing is the sky and does and we're Salomon it's so of course related to the fact the colonel is not generated by just before I was walking on junk in the area but so injuries of this picture was going on Crystal Uncle Monty's living away here on underlined the need that's because like don't you but Durango volatility literacy and it's not all you all don't know that there's a pretty nice with the new letters living over here on which all explained when I write on affair there we will get it so this year the existing 3 theories a living and what I would like to explain his teacher at Sellafield in this and so strong construct something that lives over all day and it's going to have the correct specialization In this it is likely to close the plant has a very interesting itself they are common among the very ones are renowned for their results that's about the following revenue information hysteria in itself the point is the label the specialization by the complete local ring at that point then this guy just turns out to be Delaware 1 already the has the kernel of the snap satisfied that any equal them square on so instead of where but you personal overture because I have to figure out of the race so here is the main result I think this section to it buyers of section 3 it should be free of the missionaries for employment it is also amended that what I said we're gonna do we can do so let me so saying that and rather precise and maybe slightly long-winded way so I again I remind you that are ourselves X's or OSI is Provost moved and to this day that associated with Clinton associated Perkins from Doralia attached a complex which local on arguments today Our and people so this is to approve a complex of modular strained and LA has the next structurally from Romania's surplus a map OfficeMax from the complex itself which is 4 minutes when you so nothing they then the answer I think says he's a millionaire so far with respect to the CNN's added that isomorphism after work is all and that I called CSI earlier and that is not so important announcement will collect literally in the market and an isomorphism after converting misalignment side which I remind you was generator of the colonel this With the following realizations so satisfying but is so minor that the toll 1st so the realization is the fact that this construction because this topological the way does it as we have to go to will flat and then extracted the Piemonte lot of and years of work of the canonical Asimov isn't putting this complex scalar extended to W. so restricted to that I want specialization over there and they talk almost the negotiations of extended the same rank which is compatible with minutes so the prevent is a lot and I coming from 1 of the founders of menus and each factor and the information right and 7 stupid remains on right answer and ways flat and what this means is that you can recover they don't want itself has the Americans for the week by Thurmond had taken so did initial quality not just a scalar sentiment you can recover by the following formula that to take a somewhat Iran's extends Gillis W. C 5 and then sending the equals 1 end of the season were given you really do vehicles on quality of otherwise is the the drivers of the construction the
placing primarily as long as the subject would be that this to grab the throughout the state this was this is not to say that right construction for soldiers to use them yes I just want to be saved yeah and so cats as their owners that if you have any perfect ring of the city as the the local systems like a battering are the same as a model that would better the ring with the Gies marketed themselves up after public confidence and so I guess the other the about selling point out that I want to make this killer mentioned the song see becomes inaudible because remember of this picture their lockers this season we hear so innovation doing here there is no 0 locus so the program is actually has more to on the knows not up and running something and say get universe crystal on the receipt flat in the city sponsor OK so the other more direct so the christened realizations exactly where you might expect so we take our gamma ray that many scholars tend to communicate tend to get across lines of again as the models and so for example what does this tell you so we know that on the left-hand side of rebelliousness and ice morphism often rodents nite is there the picture the could succeed Italy here so that I restrictive media that does mean that I saw was often wording of away from the coastline which is the same in the 4 minutes and I sat in on this language ,comma and then the wrong 1 so then on dominated acts considering and another choice so the island with the announcement there's no 4 ministers but I'm interested so basins along the 1st and then specialist OSI and then I get argument to bomb of tax receipts as Fulton modules and I will explain or maybe not on the filtration comes about later and I that 1 emphasized musical entitled that everything is in a on the nose so get some statement about forging from this there is a corollary where'd through them so the first one is that if you're going to get asked the relation is obtained the dimensions of a top-quality but might be divisions and the dimension of dislike along you would want to go efficiency to the grisly quality of a special fiber-optic decay which also is the dimension of the top of uncle promoting because the armistice line and then there will get out of this is that the inequalities now without any assumption that presentation sorry shorts With 1 arm and then there's also little left the statement to the mark the statement units whatever memory and really work because of the following so it the because like psychology stores trees and agree I so the talk alone in the same degree we have to see it In no finances things otherwise it would not be searched that is a very honorable 1 common of 1st of all but the inequality 1 straight to the examples where there generally more coastline along it's almost together expected a better off and this is more or less the only direction that is reasonable because the defamation caricature in mind and that is the case likewise the examples where the dress like a lobbyist with the top award is not invite beer or 1 on a paper it's a threefold interested to are himself this is the only 1 that could be reasonable and they also explain approval 1 of his what lies question goes against his employer should increase their own monetary and in the tyrannical they were thinking doesn't show me where I'm the the might 1 thing at same time and you had a way of incorporating that Fagus assurances no I don't know With the relations like a precise bound for the discrepancy between the 2 I actually wanted I've been asking people if it's reasonable to expect that the drum policy always has left very called toward an increase Lancome that I don't answer any of those questions it this article was person this the last to know this is not the case of case the all the indications between such as most of the hostages those of you in what you will the world this year's hours short of a division told him this was the only and I have a counterexample to the other 1 the corners of his dead so you feel vindicated their view that those who lived there and then he would drop was not sorry said the head of the audio interrupt because of all of those who invest in using the same yes of course there is true karaoke and take on the floor but I think it is true that if all the Rumple Waldegrave said treat that fact us or a little monsters that falls on her I don't know of a single dignity of Armenian and there is no 1 mentioned approval waters is exactly this way there authorized so he could you consider what happened over the new specializes in the Leganes namely the 1 OSI flight and use every continuity the Senate candidate for MySpace so the point is a perfect on with rosy flesh and I really perfect ,comma so honoring the work dimension of the special fiber the imagination special always number 1 for the dimension which of generic fighter and that's exactly what was said this is a survivor none of the own thoughts about its valuation ring of rank 1 of which still is this yeah therefore you have leaders of approximation Oregon introduced it he then mentioned the sports now it's someone made some remarks were there own 1st Amado automakers that that in fact when the because like all distorting 3 in the setting of touring I should say something finer so that Chico distorting trade that this age I have this complex or itself above on every module so we have defined every
module brains together with the South mafia which is an isomorphism after emergency and he's got a 7 so fog call and he Virender Singh Vermont themselves so the term that if you have abroad as a model than this but the coastline specialization is determined by the other information to undergo a dozen wise is that if you're in the 14 3 case and that was like a modern special fiber is a founder of the generic I'm delighted to see from the definition the chairman of the International mostly so she decided remarkable about how the proposed and the way the proposal that you can start a quality vary 1st starting appropriate and technical knowledge except for precisely we construct a complex which recalling a only acts To the complex which an acts of a and modules wrong together with those from areas such that this quality organism Labrador wanted complex we need to achieve a guarantee of its Albright elegance and some limit yes so constant constant years ago coefficient in the and and this complex issues is actually has a very interesting properties so there and that the 2 specialization there please I find interesting so the 1st nationalization is related to what happens but in the drums specialization the term so today's change on the map for I don't see images for twisted data to the same 1 that showed up in the then the complex together with the wrong complex that this was the wrong complex on accuracy In particular accomplices turns again by differential forms and the differential is not always winning this is the narrow the constants into sea but you did do something else it is you get it specialized minute don't twist my feet so if you do that the entries for the interest rate may actually have a complex of quality wearing she's so that you approve a complex that was forwards .period please psychology groups for there is given by coming up with a yellow the reason for the fuel form of you wanted yes so this is the 1st of 5 years so the driver was all the formal the Morrissey and defensive once were false democracy the answer is a cause you're not the defense of the India and so this is the end of this mixture to the wording of the question more than signed together in a specialized boats 2 of the resident killed many Democratic supporters so you don't know how long this is I wanted do so this is the complex at some of those responsible for the highest infiltration Nunavut so the song calls connection between the 2 regions costs for those that are here the and and finally Colorado Wannamaker rather throw the baby 1 fertilization or special edition quoted police as follows Our so I don't know there's an analog remove the fear of a general but what is true is that if you just look at the obstruction of splitting off a 0 for each 1 and the 1 truncation of the complex but that measures the obstruction to lifting the formal skin to a 2 In moxie squares to those fears set 0 0 EPA given by this fair lent to portion events and it's certainly with the provide extension is the extension Russell Street so how do you really think you can live with look at the the Prenzlauer the actual Fulbright scholar I wanted to say there was a call to exit the there's problem 1st of all residents the problem is not only those of the disease of subsidy is what it should realize the statement that the probenecid was short of the Bronco complex in the special fiber has commanded rescued by only guy effects Over the soldier his was where all are getting figured this was left with a get confused about 4 businesses like all the time in a thing about it is quite possible that something of my son right and then the 3rd specialization which I want to mention is that a crisp specialization so in this picture there is yet another appearing that's floating around to sort of good .period which may be not Olazabal which is in spite the delaying Avenue joined about a part of the colonel look-see I to inventory the complete and there is no longer statement over there so Arguello effects and there are so again that produced a struggling with a crest is the Crestline like commodity off-axis relevant interests so this is the jittery that the order new interpolated between the because like a lot of special order on the drunken wanted in a part of the federal model and the terms saying that the summit extended across all things this is this is a popular more doesn't know almost all but so was the result and I like to explain what goes into constructing the subject and so this is the which 1 illegal acts but it's an infinity of their knowledge of so 1 of the men and had tools going into the construction is these days transformation business from August separator L. A. I was called the killing tourism In the drug category and so the basic goalie as the following subsections again abstract unrelated to the attic themselves elected as a community rank and that was an element of a which is among on the the question you could ask sort of a naive question you could ask is if there is a way to take a complex of a modules and systematically kill all the afterward and was promoted and this reservation is a more independent of the quality more dozens of social work at the right level so the goal is to kill afterward and In some complex in giant a major single-market from functorially and this is not really
possible if you try to do it using this Nice exact winters but no all moguls explain why it is possible so the key definitions following round so I'm going to find funded result this job and to define the control 1st specify wood dust nice objects and then we resolve everything my nice things some nice objects in this case are complex and the flat modules were really just need after injury and then you do the following construction just the notice it a about of so example of the infiltration of the college and for the athletic filtration and so you can start a new
complex with German degree I the set of all elements of the tears complex they realized that it was aware after the EIB such that the French or there was a lot of Douglas what to you think conditions in order to get a complex the answer is appointed a new complex and then the term that this recipe comes the from the right chemistry so applied replacements news appointed from the evaded the kitchen local later with suspected the he said that he and his wife you can define and you can think of the input as a folded complex given by the athletic attraction the output has an ear for the complex and whatever known as the extent of the Newfoundland public the number of people it not for this construction but only for all the good news is going to be bonded blowhards is that rebounded and then we went have the day he goes awry I think formally I will be going all out to be negative advises that you these afterward and now that I should do example arising negative results the remark I would like to make is that disappointed not exact this so the fundamental priority categories doesn't victories the exact trials exact Frankel's but and here's the wine so as to his example at stake it was if he and the old enough to BP and then consider the complex case is urges the amount being placed in the reserve so this is obvious to the flat replacement services for the U.S. market To was too drunk complex some obligation McKinsey .period the right reserve and so many apply allocated the latest appeal of carrying this was employed as a feat his replacement but if you applied is a bit to the replacement you think of the indices in museum in the 1st quarter in the 1st Andrea lobbying denominators of apiece and segmented so this looks like the complex 1 PCB nothing was the same differential to Zepeda and this is the for this March because the but if you do this as an obligation of the Marcos goes on 0 the underpinning the market just as everything looks the same as that was too fragile peace squared and so the mopping degrees earrings commodity but as otherwise not exactly those exact wanted kill the Vermont periodicals in what is good but it doesn't America's auditor biased electoral acquitted that allied air is a Laxman idled and undergo takes all the rest of the press and avoid the anthem on direction from earlier this month there are some other uses of the land Vladimir itself under the lights went out with that of a as a canonical not to have a it's enough to make all the risk good adulterous so the construction is going to depend on a choice but I mean the actual construction of the dam doesn't so I'm going to choose so I remind you again that accuracy this is progressing from scheme and the construction of local limits since moving from skin In order to do the construction Gunnison taken near cycles of pointer applied to certain cheapen the modified using this elite of construction so many to choose an element of efforts to derail and for about choose the following so epsilon underlined the compatible sequence the Florida 1 centralization as 1 if you like and like before before we can think of it as an element of the flesh so earlier had been lining up for 1 and 1 and a key element in the beginning of a new designs for months end the nomination In some areas they 1 remark about so 1 thing you can do so I guess I should take the normalization so I think the way I'm doing it I want Epsilon the start at a primitive Pietra 1 rather than starting at once so what this means thing that interfered "quotation mark the compatible taken the volunteer Bloomberg this is 0 along the way so I want Avenue applied this matter to it you get one-liners permanently people of appropriated 1 minus 1 there's not a McConnell beer from knows this closest thing can be the result of that did the view divided by this makes sense and this is actually a generator the kind and this relation to the previous the picture so this could play this is equally good asks the Sonics Seattle area which is the miners general it is I mean if you're familiar with its connotations of a nearby alleging cycles and the generosity across the approach of beautiful things men's here some the Solomons shows up quite prominently on the neurosurgery and removing the inventors of actions and weakened into quality by gamma minus 1 again the generators from waiver resulted is coming from and we're going to do with the following so step 1 Minnesota the constructions in 2 steps in the 1st Avenue get an almost directly and then all corrective 2nd that so this is almost correct derision yes something that Wyoming again so the unit is the nearest cycle maps given and so new this amount that goes from the point of a tell-all approach also cited the generic fiber To it's also formal schemes I just don't like the fact that you can pull back itself said sorry the map of the corresponding to on the bullet under southern colorful things in itself of the fiber but Oregon Minister Khaled against through the fall the the ex-prime because it's almost so on the agenda into on a lost art it was for a long list of but really that should Ibadan on the site so the destruction of and make sense rendering it didn't have to be signal always it is an earring might be best interest of professional information is not in the way that they can perform the construction as this has achieved on the pride sulfide and local Achieve Inc ,comma acts and then you push it forward and again that's complete nonsense it the 1st time you've seen and sorry but I want to give an actual definition of and then this guy sort of not good because for example for Ben is an isomorphism 1 and Superman is an isomorphism on this complex and it's only going to be an isomorphism anomaly the modify using Elliott so that latest new office and before bed is
not ended on the scourge isomorphism now and this is a matter to modernize more than a dozen uses so there's a lot of the right category 1 of the foremost in office and models and I can now so you have this guy is the home the U.S. and the this is the season for us yeah I know To building a mapping of shows from the opera star of this complex to itself and it is over I understand how Aleida works
of essentially reduced of life the universe start with later basically commutes except accommodations off-plan element here is that mutilate a few new and that therefore the call the canonical
matters that have a Coke Colonel rejected by the divided by new showed over there so this is this armed with an arsenal of Alonso tenant and after the company formal calculation based on the fact that the new of a new generation of leaders of the political His something I said If you do 7 little knew of the opera star has the same as now with the "quotation mark I think L. later said if you didn't assertion that the same day later given you the opera star just because he is an item or wasn't understand transport structure and so that he said that by the similar demanding actually grew following so to me Henderson reproduces Mafia boss on the Omega next time to use against times and on the other hand also canonical met here From a leader with the specter of a skull looks C which was previewed lot about you thought to area ex-prime discussions .period complex of things satisfying certain usability properties and there's a canonical Lizemores alike under this told in a precise answer top half farmers numbers from the nice morphism namely is the highest far exceed you need to make this governor's office and that's determined by the number of non-zero commodity groups within the region and in all this the Sizemore feet I think we will be yes there were a few hours later from an is here but it's completely formal based on not the the in I'd also are using it in the book market excellent thinking this year he is under fire from hand the but I guess in their case all 3 of these pieces the the sudden yes thank you L I start which borders again right so this is where the almost correct construction and there will almost recognizes others also supported war we want and to get something that's fine if there's summary fixes almost nonsense I haven't actually done any almost mathematics but was really going on is that this living in the almost all you can think of living the almost world and the modified by something supporter and the special fiber to make it correct is it clear why you needed to kill the Trojan horse it was so if you try computer nearby cycles of in this framework of provide spaces this of the long that Tauzin that shows up in communities near a psychologist so for example but if you do instead of paying just for the structure she thought we saw the Georgian reduce really for like infinite and what will be the observation is simply that whatever that inventories has actually killed by Absalon P minus 1 as amended unicellular disposal yeah and then the 2nd set this fix the almost nonsense so and way do he has something in the almost well and you want to get something in the real world the do reduces the modified by something that was in the quotient of her hearing by the ideal your off almost mathematics so in order that we can do volunteer construct and that while understand you construct a natural map which goes from the drama complex on the special fire part of the complex in the formal schemes throughout this complex skillet standard the dollar so the ideal of almost mathematics is the ideal coming out spike W and sites like in Seoul and images of the restrictive this slice and modified by this man so it was not I'm not concerned with instructions
want to constructivist math because of the fine pale Miguel acts as the homotopy women for the part of the following the hearing Almanac during is prime His LAS prime-time W this is sort of a caution special fiber and then there's the drummer
and I modified soya step through the agent but was worked out what he you have 5 minutes after the season I don't know which the actual of amount market this 1 Of I'm not sure if the latter Georgia discussing earlier so if I have no I don't know how I would like it to be and those of was the instructions but I don't know that almost as much as the right wait sorry which this 1 I of I don't make sense to have almost as long this thing was orderly now that started words this over there we will see where links and I haven't yeah not so maybe I should that we're really doing almost mathematics of respect this for the margin which is vital and hasn't earlier is cut out by peace the underlying all this be are them annual turnover of appear completions on know what I'm saying is that once you even specifies and they here the 1st as something the almost well deserving ex-prime and then specify what happens in restrictive special fiber and the waste as well I was interested to special virus the your arbitrarily modified this His OK on and I just I can write stepped forward 3 area which is consistent some its well happens to Jacqueline specialization and many others say which ones what so do news that Intel specializations right shows that there are inches some marginal problems there comparing or explores commodity that all only and then the other to reject by hands across the line is more or less by construction of the Grasslands little leverage well having the new stricter W and the way I modifying it and forcing it to look like the drummer complex so this is by construction and then the Drummond you'd really have to check the feeling is that they falls on the common the fact that the specialization and along the corridor look-see gives you the wrong complex was the perfect complex and I guess I should have said that the also sciatica great everywhere so there really is no Colonel theater and then many specialize along the developer a perfect complex and prefer ,comma all the it's all forms of media we way the problem is that no more it it was also in community Harris during the summer I and had all these are buoyed hidden in the future but in the same way that I don't think the proof figure would be any different from the 1 that year but things machinery all questions about the president's stories in the waters of the agenda of the talks about you on this issue of importance to all of them will be left with him at his I of which means ended the year the on the day you know we have been I don't think is going to be sold in the fall it is you have 1 the middle of it year on the other hand over there In the course of the trial and the final stage of life for the foundation monitoring of the generation on what about the people who brought the world the they have I don't know the story so I can't really comment on ability alone affair that if there is a legend in I'm getting old and at the only on a measure that if it was like a modern sort through the toward Europe is in fact planetary so you really have a lot of things into the town village and rising inflation in his history of the disease will begin it is illegal and the government of the Republic of violence that has built a national hero in the war on national please give him and his ride I don't think so I think that the complex's constructed on the its localization Richard although our you get if you did not do this modification Indian Bloomberg but if you are down of a scripted shops that some of them were the year the Warriors tubers interest there is following the groups the leader of the situation in the world but so they'll just marry 1 their conservators waited but not and answered a question is that you can ask if there's a way to construct others theory using up this localization picture and I currently do not know they have a lot of players in the use of members of certain groups always so the way you almost as most the recent you in the arises go the way of modifying it a modified by something of what was there the size of their also prospects the almost always again they came under W declared to be almost 0 In the last 2 years after classes before I don't know that we have strongly suspected the U.S. and 1 them Bloomberg so you can do he also the original licensing and you have to be the speech on the this on on the the issue this when you do get is so this madness for various maps specializes to the conversion on our hands and it's inaudible up to the exceed so if your numbers the dimension is small enough then you get some out it yes for example folding of the thereof that said the interviewer that bears a Mexican stocks always inaudible to baited the deed and that's the side of his mother's murder book exceeded how to see if the I'd be ready the dimension of his hillbilly will hold in various cities the aisles of the days are that should be a formal question whether construction and I can't think right now but I would guess no questions the 2 of you and
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Formale Metadaten

Titel Integral p-adic Hodge theory (2015)
Serientitel A conference in honor of Arthur Ogus on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Teil 02
Anzahl der Teile 12
Autor Bhatt, Bhargav
Mitwirkende Abbes, A. (Organizer)
Illusie, L. (Organizer)
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/20236
Herausgeber Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS)
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Mathematik
Abstract I will describe joint work with M. Morrow and P. Scholze on the construction of a new integral cohomology theory for smooth projective schemes over the ring of integers of a p-adic field. The new theory realizes de Rham cohomology as a specialization of etale cohomology (integrally), and thus yields consequences about torsion by semicontinuity.

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